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  1. Ohmboy

    Anchors Astern!!

    Seems like a good argument for something unsinkable, that way it would usually just end up inverted. That boat doesn't have much freeboard when all is well.
  2. Ohmboy

    Best use of budget?

    Bought an F24 mk2 this summer for around 20k and we're having a blast. Kids love the tramps, fast when there's wind and still moves when it's glassy. Wish I'd bought one a decade ago when my kids were toddlers. Bonus that I can put it on a trailer and take it home behind a station wagon. 24' might be too small to overnight a family The 750 has a taller rig than the F24 and the 750 mk2 has more buoyancy in the amas to counteract the bigger rig. Edit:
  3. Ohmboy

    sail drives, worth the hassle?

    Water cooled gearbox. Didn't PYI make a bronze saildrive for a while? I would think composite worth a try.
  4. Ohmboy

    TS5 capsize

    Marsaudon Composites ORC50 (TS5) right-side up for reference.
  5. Ohmboy

    Identify old halyard by cover?

    I know Polyester burns/melts. What does dyneema do? Does it just shrivel?
  6. Ohmboy

    Identify old halyard by cover?

    Maxibraid has been around for decades and while colored maxibraid has been solid for many years with no tracers, perhaps the earlier stuff had this pattern.
  7. Ohmboy

    Identify old halyard by cover?

    Here's the core. Could be early dyneema. Halyards on Corsair F-242. Sta-set's cover hasn't changed in decades and the tracers are in the wrong direction. This also has a tighter angle on the cover weave.
  8. New boat has this for halyards, would like to figure out what it is. I'm sure someone will know off the top of their heads.
  9. I know it's been a while, but if you're looking to replace waterproof connectors, I'd look at Souriau's UTS Hi Seal line. I use them on marine research equipment with great success. The do require soldering and they aren't cheap, but also aren't unreasonably expensive. Quality is much better than anything from Bulgin. Available from Farnell,Digikey, Mouser, Newark, etc.
  10. Ohmboy

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Mine disintegrated after many years of light usage. Uppers look practically new. Sent photos to Dubarry and was offered 20% off full price web order . Not very happy about that.
  11. Ohmboy

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Perhap it's the perspective, but that may be the cutest little 40 footer I've ever seen. I am glad the mini-tall ship look has gone away. Are there any production boats left with those taffrails and aft windows?
  12. Ohmboy

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Do you like Yellow? Westerly Oceanlord
  13. Ohmboy

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Your own Palmer-Johnston for under 20k. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/boa/5378612944.html Check out the head!
  14. Ohmboy

    Ugly dodger collection

    So many ugly dodgers... I've struggled for years on how to make a hard dodger not-ugly yet serve its purpose. It's hard enough on most boats not designed for one. Even more so when you have flush decks and a swan-style companionway separate from the cockpit. Some guidelines: Don't make the dodger's front too upright. Lagoon may have done it but it probably won't look good on a boat not designed for it. Don't make it too tall. Just because it can fit under you boom doesn't mean you should. Make sure it will keep spray out of the companionway when sailing upwind. Here's as close as I got playing around with rhino a few years ago. The overhangs would have handholds at the back corners. Those funny balls are where my head might be. The colors are just bending stresses.