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  1. Halcyon Yachts

    Lagoon 400

    What an amazing trip! A Fantastic yacht and fabulous crew... A journey to remember! I hope you enjoy the film... Pete
  2. Halcyon Yachts

    Young sailor of the year award

    It's not at all about them being poor kids, they're not. They are ordinary teenagers who have developed a passion for sailing. The final 8 were selected from a school of over 1000. They have given up numerous weekends and evenings to practice, all year round. On top of that they have been touring the country giving presentations to yacht clubs and we even had an hour with Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace. They have worked so hard to generate sponsorship and are exceptional ambassadors for the sport. I think they deserve an award... Pete
  3. Halcyon Yachts

    Young sailor of the year award

    Thanks Jack. I sailed around the Fastnet Rock this year with 8 incredible teenagers, all of whom grew up in inner city London and had very little access to sailing. Thanks to one very determined teacher the school now own a 1980's race boat called Scaramouche. The school and in particular those 8 students have done so well and have achieved so much. It seems odd that you don't think this sort of story is suitable for a sailing forum. It's exactly the kind of thing I personally like to read about and am very proud to have been able to help them. Here's what the BBC wrote about the project: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-40898518 Happy sailing! Pete
  4. Halcyon Yachts

    Young sailor of the year award

    The crew of Scaramouche have been nominated for the young sailors of the year award. The boys have done so well this year. If like me you think they deserve to win the young sailors of the year award then please vote for Greig City Academy by following this link: http://awards.yachtsandyachting.co.uk/vote-now/ They were the first-ever state school to complete the infamous Fastnet Race. This is their story: https://youtu.be/p4hxrNpLS6k Many thanks for supporting them! Pete
  5. I think it will be a good one! https://youtu.be/kAIRycQsUhM Pete
  6. Halcyon Yachts

    An unusual hitchhiker...

    This beautiful bird joined us for a couple of hours rest. We were on a yacht delivery from Barcelona to Nice.Does anyone know what kind of bird it is? What's the most unusual hitchhiker you've ever had on your boat? Pete
  7. Halcyon Yachts

    A big project!

    This is well worth a watch. Great film and a huge project! https://youtu.be/dP6p5U6ha9E Pete
  8. Halcyon Yachts

    Whats the best yacht to cross the Atlantic on?

    Yes, some great boats from Scandinavia. We crossed last year on a Rustler 42 - that was pretty nice! Pete
  9. Halcyon Yachts

    Fastnet 2017 - Project Scaramouche

    Fantastic - thanks for all the comments! I'm not sure what will be next. They are talking about the around Ireland Race... Pete
  10. Halcyon Yachts

    Shipping Your Boat

    Have you thought about delivering her on her own hull? That way you get more flexibility and the boat can be delivered to exactly where you want it. Pete
  11. Halcyon Yachts

    Whats the best yacht to cross the Atlantic on?

    Brilliant. I am sure I could do a deal for him. No strings attached!
  12. Halcyon Yachts

    Whats the best yacht to cross the Atlantic on?

    Could be worse I suppose! ;-)
  13. We did it recently on a Hanse 505. Fast, comfortable and seaworthy... Here is the film: http://youtu.be/-XokO3rgp9g What would be your ideal yacht to do it on? Pete
  14. Halcyon Yachts

    Fastnet 2017 - Project Scaramouche

    A team of inner-city teenagers have made history as the only crew from a comprehensive school known to have finished the world's largest offshore sailing race. I am very proud to have been with them from the very start! I hope you enjoy the film: https://youtu.be/p4hxrNpLS6k Pete
  15. Halcyon Yachts

    Beneteau First 27.7!

    I think a lot of people are missing the 360 VR effect. You need to watch it using the YouTube App and then you get the full VR experience... Pete