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  1. My newest project

    I remember the backyard from the 1988 nationals, which i did with the Vulcan group on a borrowed boat "Bumps"... That regatta was a LOT of fun...
  2. My newest project

    I crewed on Vulcan #634 for many years... then I had Onrust #1368 for a few years... In my first Ensign regatta ever, the 1987 Nationals, #710 won the "most beautiful Ensign" award, as I recall...
  3. My newest project

    I know that boat well... we must have met at some point on the Ensign trail...
  4. My newest project

    Ensigns are weird? Who knew? There are a lot of different ways of sailing them well, it seems to me... Some folks always set the traveller all the way to windward (me)... Some center the traveller, and never touch it... Some like to sail with an open leech (me again), some like it hooked... And so on...
  5. My newest project

    Thanks, RKoch - my experience is mostly with Ensigns, which often carry a pretty big bubble just aft of the mast... we always had pretty good luck if we bent the mast (with the forward lowers) just a little more than the sailmakers recommended... when I sailed Hobie Cats, long ago, we tinkered a bit with batten tension, but never really felt like we had it perfectly dialed-in... For this thread, I was just wondering what the differences would be with a mast that wouldn't be bent or adjusted much...
  6. My newest project

    RKoch - maybe this shows how little I know, but I thought that the fullness of sails was produced by "broadseaming"? Am I wrong about that too?
  7. My newest project

    Thanks, Bob and RKoch - I've been fascinated by the whole process, and I'm now fooling myself into thinking that the boat is at a stage that I actually MAY know something about... I could be wrong on that front, too
  8. My newest project

    A question regarding the rig and the mainsail... Is there any luff curve designed into the main? and Is there a way to induce prebend in this mast? I'm completely unfamiliar with carbon spars, etc., but I'm just curious... Also, how much addition mast bend will you get with the backstay cranked on? Thanks!
  9. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    A 24-foot boat approaching the line will be moving at about the pace of a brisk walk... When I was learning to start, I would walk to and from work... And estimate the number of steps to the next lamp-post, fire hydrant, etc. - I did this every day for 2 years... 100 steps/minute... so I got better at estimating time/speed/distance on start lines... For longer distances, e.g., is that competitor boat gaining on us or not?, I would picture hitting a golf shot into his/her cockpit... If at first, I would hit an 8-iron, and then later it would take a 6-iron, he was gaining on me... and vice versa... I know, it sounds a little crazy, but it worked for me... YMMV...
  10. Mark rule question

    Statisticians... "broken down by age and sex"...
  11. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Bob - thank you so much for sharing the progress of this project with all of us... To a certain extent (a small one), I'm looking at these boats as "mine"... Cheers! Wes
  12. Lake Mead starter sailboat suggestions

    nice photo, py26129... many fond memories of Baie d'Urfe sailing...
  13. Lake Mead starter sailboat suggestions

    Too bad... but small-world stories are fun... I was in Baie d'Urfe... you?
  14. Lake Mead starter sailboat suggestions

    This sounds much like the area I sailed in during the early 1980s... Lac. St. Louis just west of Montreal...
  15. Sailing for vision impaired

    I would get in touch with Vince Morvillo of Houston, Texas... an amazing sailor, and a great guy... blind... won the Ensign Nationals against sighted competition about a decade ago...