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  1. Got the word this morning that the boatyard will be closed for two weeks starting at noon tomorrow. THAT'S going to affect some people's sailing.
  2. Nettles

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    I had just gotten rid of my last two chooks this fall thanks to a visiting dog, and had planned on a little hiatus, at least a year. Let the rats scrounge their own food for a while. But with the current state of the world, I think I'm going to restock in a fairly big way. I won't get any eggs until September, but you never know, maybe that's when we'll start to need them.
  3. Nettles

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    On the social distancing challenged: I had a visit this week from a customer dropping off some parts for his spar. I was looking at the manual when I smelled his incredably putrid breath and looked up to see him six inches away. I think I said "Whoa!" and stepped away, then continued to read. Out of my peripheral vision I could see him closing in again, so I kept backing up, eventually putting the spar between us so I could get some distance. When he started to come around the spar I put up my hand and not very nicely told him to stop. When he looked at me curiously, I said something like "Have you been living in a cave? maintain a little distance." I was pissed, he remained clueless. While there are signs asking people to stay out of the sparloft, which are funtionally useless, (they don't mean me) Monday I'm putting up a string with a sign on it asking for a little social distance - like stay the fuck out.
  4. Nettles

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Thanks for making me laugh for the first time in days.
  5. Nettles


    Well... That blows. With our bags packed and literally by the door, 5 hours from pickup, 10 1/2 months from booking, we get word that the undisclosed Caribbean Island will in all likelihood effectively close it's borders today, which means we could (probably) get in, but getting home in the next 6 weeks is pretty unlikely. So after a couple of hours on the phone with American, who were remarkably sympathetic yet not forthcoming with actual policy we bailed. Fuck. So close. It's not that I don't understand - they have no cases yet, they flicked flights from Europe a few days ago and cruise ships Friday in an attempt to keep themselves safe- and I have had some serious misgivings as to the ethics of travelling anyway, but this one stings a bit. Ignoring the financial hit we are probably going to take, circumstances will likely prevent us from ever doing this kind of thing again. Put in perspective of possibly infecting a previously virus free island versus a couple of weeks of pleasure? Boo fucking hoo. On the positive side, we don't have to mingle with thousands of people, my blood pressure is down 30 points, and if the wheels do fall off I've got it much more covered.
  6. Nettles


    If our luck holds, Mrs Nettles and I will be on a plane Monday morning for a small undisclosed Caribbean Island which has yet to record a case. We have had this booked for almost a year, and while I have been watching the situation closely, i'm not overly concerned with the health aspect. The logistic aspect is another thing. Being stuck there for an unexpected couple of weeks would be a pretty large problem. However, postponement is not an option in chunks of less than a year, and a year down the road will have its own set of problems so fuck it, we're going. A couple of interesting things have happened in the last week or so that I thought I'd share with y'all. The first is the way Mrs Nettles, who is a highly educated woman, with a great deal of practical knowledge and common sense (except her choice of husband) has changed her view. She has been following along and discussing the pros and cons until the orange douche went and spouted off the other night, then she lost her shit. I was flabbergasted. She loathes the nitwit, but something in the delivery got to her, and she is only now getting back to rational thought. And she is not the only one. Here in the make-believe world that is the snowglobe of Mumbledead, all was calm until Thursday, when the local supermarket was emptied. It was worse in surrounding towns, but the teeny tiny local markets still don't have bread or frozen veggies in them. Again, no one panicked until the prevaricator in chief "reassured " the country. The other issue was at work. We go through a lot of dustmasks. Like maybe 1-200 a week when the lads are really cranking. Typically we have a couple three cases in inventory, and the purchasing agent figured he'd better keep the stock up, only to find that the normal supplier was out, with nothing in sight and possible alternatives were many times more expensive. So he puts a sign in the stockroom asking everyone to conserve . The next day aproximately 150 masks were missing. It's not a big deal for me, I only go through about three a year, but the fact that my coworkers -some of whom I have worked with for over 30 years - could be so selfish shows me a bit of their character I wish had remained hidden. Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it.
  7. Nettles


    I think it smashes through the border and pisses on the immigration authorities.
  8. Nettles

    J80 Hall Mast Parts & Pieces

    Try calling Cara Reid at the old Hall Number, 401-253-4858. It is now Southern Spars/Rigpro, but she may be able to help you out. Good luck!
  9. Nettles

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Hitchcock's "The Birds". The guys with the pecked out eyes - (shivers). Freaked me out for a couple of years. Jaws of course, Really put a crimp on late night skinny dipping. Thanks a lot Spielberg, you douche.
  10. Nettles

    Deck hold-down @ Mast

    Instead of stainless wire and turnbuckles, this is a really good place for dyneema lashings (no chafe, no UV). Cheap, easy and effective.
  11. Nettles

    Deck hold-down @ Mast

    I have never seen a deck tie down on a deck stepped boat, but I've only stepped a few hundred decksteppers from 25 to 65 feet, so WTF do I know.
  12. And if you start with a left hand bit, sometimes you'll get lucky and it will spin out.
  13. I'll take the compression load in an aluminum or carbon mast section over a plastic or aluminum luff foil any day, thank you very much, but wtf do I know, other than the first two are good points. The integral Harken TB in the drum was last done in the Mark III, and thousands of mangled and deformed locking rings rested more easily in their graves. For my money, the adjustment process is no more difficult with the MarkIV and eliminates the torque tube fastener loss. Takes about the same amount of time,
  14. Afaic. the Mark IV is well worth the extra dough. I would choose the ESP over Facnor and maybe Profurl. I'm not a big fan of the ESP, one of the few products from Harken which doesn't get my unqualified endorsement. Jud, the drum will go around the turnbuckle, so you only lose 6-10 inches of hoist, which you may not be using anyway. The last time I had a loft put a tape on a hanked sail, it was only a couple of bucks a foot. It was a few years ago though.
  15. The Eldridge is step one for me when planning any transit from Cape Ann to Cape Henry. I've been a devotee for nearly 50 years. It is even better now than it was only 10 years ago, though I still can't get used to the tides arranged geographically as opposed to Boston first, The Woods Hole section has taken some of the chagrin of being six hours wrong out however.