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  1. Show your boat sailing thread

    Thanks Ajax, we're kinda smitten. The windward performance takes a little getting used to though...
  2. Show your boat sailing thread

    The Mighty Pearl, on her way to the barn after her first season with us. Hopefully, that will be the last time that sail sees the light of day.
  3. Fuck you im sick anarchy

    Jesus. Stay away from me!
  4. Fuck you im sick anarchy

    Just go straight to the hard stuff, NyQuill.
  5. Keel Blocks Winter Storage

    Anything. Money, booze, food, even a nice note to the boss saying how happy you are with the way the guys treat your boat. It never ceases to amaze me ,(1) how much difference a little positive reinforcement does for the yardbones, and (2) how a guy who would think nothing of throwing a 20 at someone who brought him his mediocre dinner doesn't recognize the effort of the guys who keep him safe for which he pays 100 times that amount.
  6. Replacing the rod rigging on Southern Star

    Longy, I just looked at the memory in the dangling D2, combined it with the break at the spreader bend and thought it was probably original gear. I'm giving a lot more credit to surveyors blanket "The rod is over 10 years old and should be replaced" these days, following a couple of failures in rod that looked just fine with dye and a magnifying glass. I'm also thinking the OP is lucky he's not picking large chunks of aluminum out of his cabinhouse.
  7. Replacing the rod rigging on Southern Star

    You could try Hood Yacht Systems, there's a remote possibility they bought the spar plans when they bought out Ted. If it is a true one off, the possibility they (or anyone) has the drawings gets even more remote. I'm not sure why you need the plans though. When you go up to secure the broken shroud, measure the lengths to the closest foot, make a list of the fittings at the top ends, and the rod diameters, and fire that off to your local friendly rigger for a quote. Next spring you can unstep the spar, remove the rod, and send it to them to replace with new, because sadly, that's what needs to happen. With a little luck, you can get out of this for under 5 boat bucks and not miss any sailing. If you need your local friendly rigger to do it all for you, or if there are obsolete parts involved, it will be double that.
  8. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Don't forget the cheese and sprouts. Its worked before.
  9. Daylight Savings v. Standard Time

    A big "me too" here. I try to tell myself " Self, you stocked up all that daylight in June, so you can just harden the fuck up and use that supply" but it hasn't worked yet. For me the problem is compounded to going from working 90% outside to 90% inside, and a good portion of that is in a cold, dark shed filled with jackstands to dodge and jackstand chains to run into. The bullshit light therapy was (for me) exactly that, and I felt stupid doing it, which only made the depression worse. I finally had to go the medication route, which literally saved my life but I'm still Mr Crankypants when it comes to this crap of flopping back and forth, and if you think I'm pissed off, wait for the dogs' reaction when dinner is an hour late tonight. Forced to make a choice, I'd take EST yearround. I don't really need daylight until 9 PM in July, and I would dig a 4 AM sunrise when the rest of the world is in bed.
  10. There was that time when I screwed up...

    The first one I was completely responsible for was my first trip down the ditch, in Georgia, with the chart firmly in my hand, parking the little shitbox we were delivering so firmly onto a mudbank that when the tide went the rest of the way out the water was five feet from the stern. The mark I had failed to honor was stubbornly 50 yards on the wrong side of our beam. The most recent one was a week ago Sunday, when dousing the main, the throat halyard slipped out of my hand and the gaff peak got stuck on the wrong side of the lazy jacks. Good thing we had some room, 'cus we were a while unfucking that mess. There's a thousand or so others between the first one and the last one.
  11. Heating the new workshop, options?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I found that so sexy I went back to look at it to see if I could figure out what it was, as my solid 25 year old wood level is more trouble than it is a help. Thanks for the info. A Smith you say? I'm going shopping.
  12. Jose

    Well, the TS watch is up from Cape Charles to P town. Just went out to tie up the main and check on stuff. I'm in a really protected spot from anything other than Westerlies, so I'm not too concerned about Pearl. I'll put the fish/lobster killer on an empty mooring in the lee of the Neck, hopefully way down harbor and hope for the best. I'm sure the next two days will be busy hauling those who are not as fortunate, or who think it may be a little uglier than the forecasted gusts to 30. As it turns out, I had two of my heaviest spars scheduled for tomorrow anyway.
  13. Irma

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one who failed to see the strategy there. Also wondered why they ran chain around cleats imbedded in the concrete, then attached line running over the rough concrete. And what about the dodger/bimini? And all the jerry jugs on the rail? And so on and so forth. Glad to see they got off the boat. Can't help but wonder if they will find more than big to mid sized pieces.