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  1. Nettles

    South Africa Anarchy

    My sentiments exactly. Brutal, but beautiful. I got to spend four months there in '85 -'86, which was towards the last gasp of aparthied. An extremely interesting time to be there and bore pretty much no resemblance to what the US media was putting out. Taught me an important lesson in propaganda and the danger of non-critical thinking. But oh my god the country, especially kwaZulu, was awe inspiring. We were 2 months in Durban, about a month going down the coast, and a month in Capetown, with trips into the interior from Port Elizabeth and Mossel Bay. It was all different and all cool. Did the gamepark thing in kwaZulu and saw everything except leopards, which we heard - as we were standing an unsafe distance from the car - just before the 5 of us broke a world speed record for getting 5 people into a mid size car. Proof positive that God takes care of fools, drunks and sailors. so we had that trifecta covered. Got some good pictures that I thumb through once in a while and marvel that I'm not a greasy spot on the highveld or a composted pile of lion poop. Sometimes Darwin fails. I would love to go back, but if I had a limited time I think I'd stay up North where most of the parks are.
  2. Nettles

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    I could name a dozen or so which I have known for many years (some for more than 30) which have had zero gelcoat issues, and a half dozen which have had minor to major issues but my experience with Carroll boats is limited to only 100 or so. There certainly have been some problems, particularly with certain generations which span a range of construction practices, and Carroll boats seem to have more than their fair share, but I'm calling bullshit on condemning them all. I have a soft spot in my head for the Frers 41 however, purely because of the miles I delivered one for a really good customer. Lord knows it wasn't particularly comfortable or well behaved offshore, and having to wear boots in the nav station while on a starboard tack due to the pitiful bilge got old after a while, but she always got me home safely, even when we tried to stand her on her head. I always thought she sailed pretty well, and that particular boat never had any structural issues despite being sailed hard many times.
  3. Nettles

    Do you have a pet?

    A series of Labs, all chocolate, but nothing like Grabs' horde. Check out Sam in the right hand column of the front page, taking a break from educating the junior assistant dog and flogging off some goods for Mrs Nettles/AKA The Riggers Wife.
  4. Nettles

    Seasickness Remedies

    Mine were pretty mild - a line of print in a book would give a little wiggle or I'd see a quick flash of light (like a flashbulb, usually blue) at night. I was a Deadhead in my college years in the 70's and 80's, I had no trouble seperating reality from fiction. I forgot to mention my usual defense, which was pretzel rods and ginger ale. There were many times I rescued an entire crew from misery by an enforced application. You had to be proactive though, once they started spewing it was too late. At the first signs, like listlessness, I'd break out the rods and ginger ale and make everyone partake. I'd guess it had about an 85% success rate.
  5. Nettles

    Seasickness Remedies

    Only problems I had with the patch were touching my eyes and blowing up a pupil, which kind of messed up vision but wasn't debilitating, and mild hallucinations which were, as Abby Hoffman once said, just gravy.
  6. Nettles

    Seasickness Remedies

    About 40 years ago my family doctor, who was a former Navy doc, wrote me a script for phenergan with an ephedrine chaser. The ephedrine kept the drowsys away and prevented what I think is one of the most insidious effects of seasickness, listlessness. It got a lot harder to get after about 1990, when every pharmacist looked at me as the next meth producer. I suspect any kind of a stimulant would work. For me, the stuff was bulletproof. I was generally OK, but in my delivery days there were times when I needed some help. Being upside down in a big seaway with diesel dripping down your face while bilgewater formed tsumanis under you as you worked on a cranky engine was what this stuff was built for. If you could hold it down for a half an hour you'd be good to go. In retrospect I think some of its effectiveness for me was the security blanket of not worrying about it. It is the only remedy I know of which works after symptoms appear.
  7. Nettles

    Harken Air Winch?

    Because I live in a hole, I just heard about the new (sorta) winch that Harken built for the AC and is now offering for GP racers, seemingly specifically TP52s. As you would expect from Harken, it looks cool as shit. Surprisingly, the only info I can get is from a PR blurb and a couple of youtube vids which are heavy on the "how cool is this?" and lacking details on size availabity, pricing, installation specs, etc. Anyone got the goss? I'm sure it's spendy, and maybe a little fussy, but would like to find out more.
  8. Nettles

    Latest Book Recommendations

    Same gig, most of the rest of the world has bit the radish and the ones left are picking up the pieces in a decidedly low tech world. A bit of a different perspective in terms of protagonists and a fun recurring flashback element which is important, so pay attention.
  9. Nettles

    Latest Book Recommendations

    In the post apocalyptic genre let me recommend Station 11 by Emily St John Mandel. It is nowhere near as depressing as The Road or even Dog Stars, and not as trippy as The Stand, which is one of my favorite books ever. I would have posted way upthread, but I couldn't remember the title or find my copy until yesterday. I have heard mixed reviews of John Matherson's One Second After. Anyone care to weigh in?
  10. Nettles

    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    Were they on the masthead at the time?
  11. Nettles

    If You Love dogs......

    24 years of Labs here as well, all of them chocolate, the first of whom was a double of the vid star. We overlap them, so the older one can break in the rookie and they seem to be getting better as we go. The first one was a great dog, and broke my heart when he went, but was by no measure a good dog, despite my best efforts. He was good at some things that the others haven't been, superb at heeling off leash when he badly wanted to go sniff the other dog, but was terrible about staying put at the foot of a ladder while Dad went up to secure a hatch or halyard. Luckily, I was a lot younger then, so carrying a 90 lb dog down a ladder was feasible. They are all different, and I love them all, even when they are being Labs, of whom it has been said " They can carry an egg without breaking it across the yard, then chew through a chain link fence".
  12. Nettles

    Sobering accident report

    Hey Plaus old mate, Take your absolutist statements and trundle off to PA where someone with a better argument and typing skills than I will fill out your day. Thanks
  13. It looks like summer is well and truly over this week in the Northeast US as the cold air that has been in the upper Midwest slides our way. This means my goal of not turning on the heat in Casa Del Nettles until November will most likely not be met. For a cheap frugal Yankee like me this is an annual torture, as every time the burner kicks on I visualize the dollar bills going up the flue. As we will burn between 6-900 gallons of oil depending on the winter, it is not an inconsiderable expense. Since we bought this dump house 17 years ago, we have greatly reduced the oil consumption. As part of that effort, we put in a programmable thermostat for the main living space, which really heats most of the house, despite being only one of 4 zones (it's fucked up, involving cathedral ceilings and poorly planned additions. You'd have to see it.) We usually have it kick up to 68 at 0530 from 60 then go back to 60 at about 0830. at 1600 it goes up to 68 again and stays there until 2000, when it goes to 60 for the night. The question is: Are we really saving oil? The furnace has to run more to bring the house up the warmer temperature as it heats the furniture, walls, etc etc, which have cooled off as the house has slid down to 60 when (theoretically) it didn't have to run at all. My half assed experiments are inconclusive, probably because this shitbox house burns oil at an rate exponential to the temperature. Any of you Einsteins have any thoughts?
  14. Nettles

    The Series

    1) Yes. Yes he does. 2) Not yet you don't.
  15. Nettles

    Bikes, Deer, Car.

    I'm pretty conflicted when it comes to deer. On the one hand, I narrowly avoided what would probably have been a fatal car accident due to a deer on the interstate. It was only luck that saved us and consequently I don't drive rural interstates at night anymore. Additionally, our original Lab died from complications from undiagnosed Lyme disease. He was not going to live forever, but still. I share some land with my sisters in Vermont which is loaded with deer, and we (or really I, over my sisters' objections) let the locals hunt it, in an effort to keep the population in check. I stopped hunting years ago. But then there are times like yesterday, when I parked the kayak at a Trustees island (think land bank) and hiked up to the summit to have a gander. When I stepped out into the top meadow, there was Mrs Deer about 15 feet from me. We stared at each other for a good 10 seconds. If there were thought balloons over our heads they both would have read "WTF?". Then she snorted and sproinged away along the treeline at a fairly leisurely pace, followed by her fawn who was almost her size. They stopped and looked back when they were about 40 yards away, then trotted off into the woods. I was delighted. Made my day. I don't have any answers to the deer problem, other than not driving at ludicrous speed at night in deer territory, vaccinating the dogs and checking for ticks. I do know my life would be poorer if there weren't any around. I'm just glad those antlers followed by 150 lbs of deer missed that cyclist.