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  1. sailhmb

    Keeping Boat Clean in Saltwater

    Put it on a dolly with 24” plastic wheels. Roll over to the bulkhead and slide off and over.
  2. sailhmb

    FWBC Dinghy Regatta

    I would like to come just for the cookies, but wife has me scheduled to pull weeds.
  3. sailhmb

    Mark storage

    Any thoughts out there on the best way to store inflatable marks. Leave inflated, deflate and hang, deflate and fold, other? Thanks for your reply.
  4. sailhmb

    Do you grease your pole?

    UHMW tape did not stick to the tube ID. I used jap tape instead. It has been working well.
  5. sailhmb

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    Any updated comments on this product? I saw it at the SF boat show this weekend and it was very interesting. I want to acquire apparent wind data without lots of $$ and wiring a boat.
  6. 100% water in tire is not required to produce negative buoyancy and negative buoyancy is not required to simplify vessel recovery. Buoyancy needs to be depressed to a point where the vessel can be pulled onto the trolly. The tire above will work fine as long as the trolly is not required to cross a soft or sandy launch area.
  7. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    Streetwise- I have followed your data gathering with great interest. Thank you for publishing your work. Since Richmond Yacht club has been rating the sporties for a number of years in Portsmouth. I do not see why that cannot be continued. Is there some problem with PY? The J 70s, M24s, and Vipers are large enough that they have the own starts in the bay area. I'm trying to help out the orphans.
  8. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    I checked with Regatta Network and they confirmed that their platform can use Portsmouth rating for a sport boat open class while using a PHRF for another class. Although it seems obvious I wanted to confirm before stating it. Therefore a new sport boat rating system is not required if the OA is using RN for scoring. Do you think lobbying clubs will lead to adding an open sport boat class? This likely means boats need to show. Hey sporties! Which regattas would you like to go to that you are currently “unqualified” for?
  9. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    I do not have much interest racing slow big boats. They are boring. There are a number of fast orphan dinghies out there that can race portsmouth together. The Richmond YC winter series brings together so many different boats that it reminds me of the old Yachting One-of-A-Kind race. Over the winter we have raced with, a carbon fiber Flying Dutchman, International Canoe, 29er, Melges 17, Contender, K6, Intl-110, Open 5.7, VX 1, Thistle, and Musto Skiff. The Wabbits and U20s start 6 min and 3 min before us. Therefore we are into them by the end of the first lap. The racing is great. Very few of these boats that sail "open sport" have a NCPHRF cert because their keel is less than 400lbs. RYC gets this group every year because the use portsmouth instead of NCPHRF. I believe it is a trend that there be more orphan ODs in the future and a YC would benefit by including them in their regatta planning.
  10. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    Not a bad idea if it allowed light "sporties" to compete in Nor Cal regattas that require a NCPHRF cert. If it just became another rating system it may not be worth the effort because we already have Portsmouth.
  11. You sail a VX1 flat, (optimum heel angle is 6 degrees according to the designers). Hike hard and play the main/jib a lot. Should be able to hold 6kts upwind. In 12-15.
  12. The VX one is still based in Half Moon Bay and sails Portmouth or PHRF in many regattas on the west coast except the big boat events on the bay and the High Sierra. It went to the VX 1 nationals the last 2 years; Holland Mi and Dallas Tx. The Open 5.7 mast is the Hobie 18 section.
  13. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    Nobody else does this?
  14. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    Besides PHRFNC in northern California are there any other US PHRF bodies that will not rate a light sportboat? This is not a knock on the local body. I'm just wondering how common is this practice.