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  1. A VX travels well. I have been up and down the west coast for events. If you have a race coming up and would like us to visit, show and tell, and rides, let me know. This is a fantastic boat that is a fun sailer and/or racer.
  2. The Burbanks sold 144 to a sailor near the Canadian border last year. There is another VX one at Shilshole. A San Francisco weekend is a lot more fun than going to Heath TX. Although Rod and his RCYC crew are a lot of fun too having just been there for the VX1 NAC. Where did all these Viper hustlers come from?
  3. Hi Checksix I'm near SF and we can sail my VX1 in Half Moon Bay. Fly in and I'll pick you up.
  4. Prestart ROW question

    Thank you for a comprehensive explanation.
  5. Prestart ROW question

    The closing speed is what got my attention originally. I was reviewing row between races to make sure I was not going to do something that confused anyone. When the some of the P boats snapped onto starboard and my path was blocked and I either ducked or headed up. Ducking was not as good because there were more P boats. All in all the experience got me to pondering if there was a rule change I had missed where the P boats would be more willing to take a tacking to close penalty. It seems that this is just aggressive starting tactics in fast boats.
  6. Prestart ROW question

    Thank you Shaggy and 611. You have confirmed what I thought was the rule environment. One can never be sure since the rules change every 4 years.
  7. Prestart ROW question

    I have been puzzling ROW for various forms of this scenario. Competitors In a large OD fleet are reaching quickly on P and S behind a square line at 2 mins. As boats begin taking places on the line, a P reaching boat below the first or second row of boats snap a tack onto S to move toward a gap on the starting line. This forces the nearest windward S reaching boat to either go head to wind or duck the stern of the tacking boat to avoid contact. Since both boats are moving fast, the closing speed is ~15 kts, you have to stay very alert for a tacking P reaching boat. Question- What rule(s) turn on and off when the P reaching boat snaps the tack in front of the S reaching boats? I have also observed the P reaching boats weave above and below the ROW S reaching boats and nobody is protesting this. Is this just a no harm/ no foul deal?
  8. Open 5.70 reviews & info

    Hugh get the 5.7 then come to the races at Richmond YC and sail with the rest of the PHRF orphans.
  9. New Boat Question

    Buy a used VX1 and put a set of reef points in the main. That gives you 3 sail configurations in decreasing power,1. full sails, 2. roll up jib, 3. reef main (shown single-handing).
  10. West Coast RS Aero 2017

    Can you bring one to HMBYC Sail a Small Boat Day June 11?
  11. SASB day at Richmond YC attracts new sailors

    A quick movie of our day taking the public sailing on SASB day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aVKPq7n5nY
  12. Stainless tiller bracket keeps rusting

    Vegas, Duncan, and Overboard got it right. Highly unlikely that the either the tiller flange, bolt, or washer are in danger of stress corrosion driven failure because the rate of cycling is too low, (moving the tiller back and forth). Rust on stainless comes from oxidizing free iron. How much free iron on the surface of a stainless part varies for a variety of reasons; loss of surface passivation, surface contamination, poor part metallurgy, etc. The fix -> clean and insulate. Lot of good cleaning suggested above. Thin insulating nylon washers are available at the hardware store. The yacht construction materials available to the public are not mil spec. I buy a lot of cheap fasteners. When one starts to rust up I toss it and grab another. If I need a high quality fastener I buy it directly from a US mfg.
  13. ORC Sportboat class for SD NOODS

    Here is the response. "they [the VX1s] don't fit the parameters of the ORC class that is being offered. Wish you guys had more boats out there, would love to see a VX fleet on the line." I have no issue with this. We need to build our fleet up in California.
  14. ORC Sportboat class for SD NOODS

    Got a nice response, but no joy for a VX One.
  15. ORC Sportboat class for SD NOODS

    I saw this too and contacted them about including a VX One in the sport boat group. No answer yet.