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  1. sailhmb

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Big fleet of VXs in Sarasota, and Evos.
  2. sailhmb

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    How do you get six 21' hulls into a 20' container as claimed in video?
  3. sailhmb

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    Game on!
  4. sailhmb

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    Might suggest you visit the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club in Holland Michigan and try out a VX1from their fleet. Great sport boat, It races on the lake with 2, single hands OK, has a big cockpit. If sailed well can beat a M24. Less expensive than the boats you are looking at.
  5. sailhmb

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    What is your 2 up crew weight?
  6. sailhmb

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    Ragoobabaa? Is he or she related to my patron saint, the great Kahuna? Thanks for the info on the reinforcement strips. Hope the boys can stay in the top10. Tough fleet.
  7. sailhmb

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    Can anyone explain the purpose of the 3 dark ribbons radiating from the main and jib tacks on #1162? @4:25
  8. sailhmb

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    That sounds easier than crawling out on the bow. I'll have to try it.
  9. sailhmb

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    Looking at the day 2 video on vr media shows the asym retrieval line wrapped under the bow. How do they clear that?
  10. sailhmb

    Vid from a day at Viper 640 NAC's

    No joy, Maximum views reached?
  11. sailhmb

    Trailer-able performance cruisers under 5k?

    HMBYC has a Cal 20 on trailer in prime race condition for his price range because owner relocated to Ireland and left this boat behind. Raced regularly on the bay.
  12. sailhmb

    Keeping Boat Clean in Saltwater

    Put it on a dolly with 24” plastic wheels. Roll over to the bulkhead and slide off and over.
  13. sailhmb

    FWBC Dinghy Regatta

    I would like to come just for the cookies, but wife has me scheduled to pull weeds.
  14. sailhmb

    Mark storage

    Any thoughts out there on the best way to store inflatable marks. Leave inflated, deflate and hang, deflate and fold, other? Thanks for your reply.
  15. sailhmb

    Do you grease your pole?

    UHMW tape did not stick to the tube ID. I used jap tape instead. It has been working well.