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  1. sailhmb

    Colored vs white sails

    The new sails are a definite improvement.
  2. sailhmb

    balsa core deck repair

    This was originally described as a soft spot on the deck after a repair. The picture above does not look like core failure. Could this have been a poor bond between top skin to core?
  3. sailhmb

    Colored vs white sails

    One of my favorite paintings.
  4. sailhmb

    Colored vs white sails

    In an era where it seems that every regatta I attend is smaller than the year before, colorful sails are not the cause. Splashes of color on the water add joy to sailing, whether on the sail, the hull, or togs. Let it shine.
  5. sailhmb

    Colored vs white sails

    Hi Winston. I'm surprised that the more knowledgeable sailmakers on the forum have not chimed in on colored sails. The issue is in the numbers. Sails are designed to predicted mechanical properties. Stretching, yield under load, is a very important property. Dyed sailcloth has a wider range of stretch from lot to lot. As a result different colored lots will not have matching properties. This means the different colored sail panels come from different lots and will not have the same shape under load. A less efficient sail. A compromise is to use one color so that all the material comes from the same roll of material. One can also paint a sail, but that is heavier. That said, here is my SF Pelican. and our Cal 20 fleet.
  6. sailhmb

    Whiskeytown Regatta Crew Needed May 25-26

    I'll be there too with a VX one. Game on! Have you contacted the WT race committee about needing a crew?
  7. sailhmb

    Fareast 19R

    The VX One fits your requirements. There are fleets in Toronto and Boston who you contact for a check ride.
  8. sailhmb

    Cableless code 0 design

    Great. Which North office did you contact? Do you have any pictures of your code 0 sail up?
  9. sailhmb

    Cableless code 0 design

    Random thought for a small sport boat sail - Can a cableless Code 0 sail design be retrieved like an asym kite or is it only furled?
  10. sailhmb

    Seascape 18 in Richmond CA

    VX 1 #143
  11. sailhmb

    Seascape 18 in Richmond CA

    Hi Flippy. I did not get a chance to talk last Sunday at Sail a small boat day. Looks like you had lots of interest. Are you coming out to race next Sunday?
  12. sailhmb

    Seascape 18 in Richmond CA

    It raced in the RYC winter series. Next race is sunday.
  13. Can your i550 join us at the Richmond YC winter series? We also have a pursuit race in HMB in July. The prizes are locally distilled Vodka and Gin.
  14. Are you just trolling VX and Viper owners or are you serious? You should quit saying stuff that's not true. Since you are in the boat selling business you can puff what ever you are selling, I understand you have to make a living. I race my VX 1 somewhere on the west coast every month and more if I want. Either PHRF or Portsmouth. NCPHRF does not effect the VX1 race opportunities because the boat is a 19' dinghy not a Coastal or Nearshore+ rated keelboat racing on SF Bay. That does not stop me from obtaining a PHRF cert in other districts. The SF city front venue is not great for an open boat when you have to motor to the start and spend all day in one race, then motor back to the dock after dark. We trailer to appropriate sport boat or dinghy events from So Cal to the San Juans. Fortunately Richmond Yacht Club provides 6 quality local regattas a year for orphans like the VX1, K6, Contender, IC, FD, Seascape 18, M20 and others. Bless their hearts. Don't like HMB? Well you don't surf or sail boats that surf. Folks in HMB and Santa Cruz get the surf vibe. Surfing is not racing. it is enjoying the forces of nature. The VX is great boat for surfing in the ocean. The boat sells because it is; state of the art, a great boat to race, and comfortable to sail or day cruise. I don't race Nascar but I do like driving a fast car. The VX1 is my comfortable fast car. Ovington and McKay are still selling new VX1s the world over. Four boats arriving in the US in January and a similar number in OZ. A VX1 worlds is in the works for 2020. Slow and steady growth, no structural problems and the class will be applying for international class status having its boats on 5 continents.
  15. sailhmb

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Big fleet of VXs in Sarasota, and Evos.