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  1. redboat

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    Is it why early rock rocked and sailing "back in the day" had more characters and personality? I hate feeling this way but perhaps that's the secret sauce that ,being lacking, is leading to sailings demise. There are bright talented people around today but they just don't seem as colorful and engaging. Maybe it's because I don't drink as much as I used to. Probably why I so enjoyed this website in it's early days. It captured some of the character of days past. Enuf. Look forward, be positive and grateful for Mark's spirit, energy and intellect and ART.
  2. redboat

    J22 Cruiser....

    So Gouv, what you you do to cruisify a J22? Adding lead? Why? Relative lightness is the boat's greatest asset. I was thinking reinstall pulpit and lifelines and do a sprit with an asym. I realize the latter has been addressed here before but the boat seems like a proper candidate.
  3. The Mike and Shaggy show...... Shaggy, I'll PM you about the Cherry Creek and Dillon bits. Thanks guys.
  4. Jeebus Mikey, with talk like that I ain't movin'. Had my long overdue shoulder surgery and doing rehab then after tying up a gazillion loose ends i'll bite the bullet and wing westward. Wife staying with daughter in Littleton and we'll figure out where to move to. And what to sail where. Got to get a boat of some sort to mess around in and figure out where to splash. Need another test pilot for the Backpack Barge?
  5. Thanks fellas. Looks like I'll finally be moving out there sometime during the next year. I never buy new cars so no worries for moi.
  6. Every 5 miles you see a body shop that specializes in hail damage, My daughter wants to get a new car and I question whether it's prudent if hail damage is a reasonable possibility. Aside from the other advantages of buying a used car, it would break our hearts to have a new one ruined by hail. She lives in the foothills between Denver and the mountains. I'm sure damage varies from storm to storm but how bad does it really get? Is my concern completely unfounded?
  7. redboat

    EBYRA 2014

    Just checked the EBYRA website/scratch sheet. 14 boats signed up. Really sad to see. A fine place to do some sailing on a Wednesday evening. Guess that's what;s happening to sailboat racing everywhere. Not even any J24"s anymore?
  8. redboat

    HVAC Replacement

    Deciding on brand, Seer rating and now whether to use single speed, two speed or variable speed fan and controllers. Each unsurprisingly accompanied by greater cost. Also no surprise is the more complex and more economical variable speed units apparently braak down or require repair more frequently. Want efficiency andreliability but don't want to be oversold a system that well exceeds my needs. And salesmen tend push what their offers most conveniently/profitably.
  9. redboat

    HVAC Replacement

    Soooo, in my limited knowledge and research I thought it was all about higher efficiency and SEER rating. Makes sense. Newer technologies yield greater efficiencies and larger utility savings. Bid comes in for a Goodman unit with a SEER rating of 14. Goodman also makes units having ratings of 16, 18, and 20. Sure they cost more, But why wouldn't one opt for a more efficient unit if your're presumably making a long term investment and paying for similar installation costs anyway. Calling the contractor and others today. Curious of this unruly mob's opinion/experience.
  10. redboat

    HVAC Replacement

    This is going into a Denver Colorado home. No heat pump currently but might be worth investigating. Not pleased to learn of Foreverslow's experience with Goodman. Hey Mike , this is in my daughter's house. Who do you use for an HVAC contractor?
  11. redboat

    HVAC Replacement

    4 ton York residential AC unit requires replacement. Like all else everyone has different thoughts and installers prefer what they represent. Any experience with various manufactures? Rheem, Lennox, Goodman,etc.? I'm hearing the Goodman units are less spendy but aren't necessarily the most reliable. Though parts are readily available and most techs know how to repair them. Other manufacturers may use proprietary parts which are less ready to come by.
  12. redboat

    Shabby Funeral arrangements

    Good to vent but also proper to rise above and deal with everything with the dignity that she would expect you to. The karma thing is real. Yours is served, the other parties' is not. His mother was probably aware of his lack of interest prior to passing and the spirits remember such things. Someday the child whose school conference he attended might respond similarly to his distress and need.
  13. What happens to it in the winter when the water freezes? Or better yet, during a hurricane? Move along, nothing to see here.
  14. redboat

    Painting a racing dinghy

    I'm refinishing an old rowing dinghy and a Tasar. Dinghy is bare beat up gelcoat and Tasar was beat up hull with old crappy Brightside applied sloppily. Wound up sanding Tasar down to original glass. No guarantee whatever paint you apply will adhere to anything that was on before. Even if you prime over old paint it could lift..All about preparation. Boring and time consuming but if you want a decent outcome, you have to do it. Decided to use Epifanes paints, single part for the Tasar and 2 part for the dinghy. Seem to provide pretty amazing finishes for the roll and tip crowd. Primed the Tasar using a "marine" foam roller. Horrible result. Epifanes sells a synthetic roller that I used for the second coat of primer after sanding out all the irregularities in the first coat. Amazing. Didn't have to tip with brush. Applied evenly with no irregularities/orange peel, etc.. So I'm going to stick with the Epifanes "system" of paints. A great start with them. Hoping it provides a super finish.
  15. redboat

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Fond memories of his inspirational and educational articles in One Design Yachtsman. More importantly inspired by the vid of him still mixing it up in Solings. That's the spirit we all need as age tries to engulf us. Thanks Doc.