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  1. redboat

    Daysailer for old people

    Sea Sprite 23, a Carl Alberg design Edey an Duff Stone Horse. A classic comfortable easily handled boat.
  2. redboat

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Hy baby, $300 and I can use your image for life? Sounds like the deal a porn photog would offer an innocent or not so innocent subject. With those goofy oversize aviator shades and his constant hustle patter, I wouldn't be surprised. Real estate, wedding photographer? Really?
  3. redboat

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    What is the likelihood of Gomer finding some other drifter/grifter scamishness to pursue, sneaking back to the boat to remove the one or two things that have minimal value and then walking away from the fine yacht leaving storage charges and ultimately disposal responsibility to a victimized yard? He's a really amateurish second rate hustler. Youtube enables that sort of behavior. We all benefited from the brief amusement. Having said the above I hope he returns and continues this monumentally brave hyperbole fest. Wonder if he'll hook up with another feminine attractant to drive internet interest. Or is it back to living at home with mom and working at the local used car sales lot for our hero?
  4. redboat

    Where would you retire?

    My heart would be with the E22. Sailed for decades on the Western Long Sound and loved them since the day they hammered the Soling in the bogus Olympic trials. If I ever get my sorry ass out there the J22 is the more likely candidate simply because it's more versatile and there appears to be a fleet at Cherry Creek as well. All this talk and I'll probably wind up with a 12 foot aluminum skiff with electric trolling motor and a beer cooler.
  5. redboat

    Where would you retire?

    Drove around Dillon during the winter and saw that Shock 40 on the hard. Completely upset the notion I had about sailing there. Seems like pretty serious overkill. Never having seen a chart of the Lake don't know how much of it is inaccessible because of the draft that boat carries. Just a quick followup to your comment, is the Etchells fleet growing? I thought the Etchells and Stars there were dying out. But I know nothing of sailing there and defer to your wisdom.
  6. redboat

    Engineering Career in Sailing

    Yes indeed, and kudos for doing so. Being an old bastard I've been around for awhile and followed you and your work since way too long ago. You've always been able to self promote, get ink in various sailing publications (pre and post internet) and skillfully carved a niche for yourself in the sailing world. Very few are able to do that. It's not just the NA side and sailing about on your glorious creations. You I'm certain would agree that the business side is the tough bit and where most brilliant designers are weakest. But feel free to comment. I'll gladly defer to your personal experience.
  7. redboat

    Engineering Career in Sailing

    Clearly some enthusiastic sailor/engineers have made a go of it so there are exceptions but the generalization still applies: Avocations and Vocations Don't Mix. You should try while you're young and have little to lose. You can then also look back without regret and say you tried. As a reflective footnote, also gives me pause to think how great it is in this country that you have so many varied opportunities. Yeah, I know you're probably white and not poor , but still.....
  8. redboat

    Model Railroading

    Just remembered, if you're ever in the Boston area visit the Charles Ro Supply store in Malden MA. Supposed to be "America's Largest Model Train Store". I wouldn't doubt it. Place is enormous with every guage imaginable. Worth the trip just to see everything. Makes you feel like a kid again.
  9. redboat

    Model Railroading

    Kept my old o scale Lionel set. Set it up a few Christmas times for my son when he was a young 'un. Most recently set it up for his sons when they came over for the Holidays. In two years my granddaughter will have the opportunity. Girls can/should play with trains too. George Olson was apparently quite a model train enthusiast.
  10. redboat

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Probably everyone else's fault but Gomer's. No sympathy. He two bit hustled everyone he ran into and will no doubt continue to do so after taking his beloved drone and moving back in with his mother. Jess appeared to be a simple easily manipulated soul. Hope she moves on. Boat will probably languish with unpaid storage bills in some southern yard until it meets the scrap heap. Damn that little engine was a trooper. Kept running in spite of daily abuse.
  11. redboat

    Anyone paddle a Surfski?

    I know little other than what I only recently learned. I have a Fenn Bluefish that I bought lightly used. A relatively stable newbie ski but I'm 70 so wanted to start out slow. Many manufacturers, Epic and Stellar also have complete ranges. For first boat would get a popular hull simply because it will be easy to sell if you want to upgrade or conversely run away from the sport screaming. Company called Revo currently has the sexiest kit. Read surfski forums and get some background about whatever boat you choose. Hope you have half as much fun as I'm having. Going to be a while before i get into the ocean runners they excel at but still fun and challenging to me anyway at this point on flatish water.
  12. redboat

    Anyone paddle a Surfski?

    Normally wouldn't follow up and reenergize an old thread but FUCKING WOW. Out a few more times and the thing is a trip. Tons to learn and skills to develop but very technical and requires absolute focus. Responds to every wavelet, slight body movement and energy input. What a wonderfully engaging and responsive link to every nuance on the water. Feels good to have such an absorbing physical and technical challenge. Easy to launch and light enough to throw around with my aging bones. Simple to hoist and store in the top of my garage. Like sailing a frisky responsive dinghy. I'm in love.
  13. redboat

    Wilford Brimley DTS

    He was born old.
  14. redboat

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    Why would any outsider want to buy a share of this heap of chaos and bitterness? Liquidate asset, divide the proceeds after satisfying outstandings, walk away and accept that you've just paid for a semester's tuition in Life University's "I'll Never Do That Again" College.
  15. redboat

    Thoughts on this 27' boat

    Scandinavian/northern european boat type. A friend has a Aphrodite 101 and years ago I considered a BB10. Similarly narrow with good sized frac rigs that were a delight to sail, especially upwind. All well built, easily driven hulls, well mannered and seaworthy. All these boats look like descendents from Solings. Great boats but pain buckets when raced hard. They required droop hiking. I knpw a couple of guys that picked up old Solings for nothing added a minimalist cabin structure and a berth and had a blast doing some singlehanded coastal sailing. You going to splash your new toy on Lake Dillon? WHEN I ever get my sorry ass to move to Colorado I was considering a boat for the area. I don't love them but my money looks to be on a J22. Comfy cockpit, gets up and scoots off the breeze, easily trailered and there are enough in the Denver area to have some decent competition. We'll see. Good luck