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  1. I don't really fancy Morgan 30's or spend much time in Cruising Anarchy (or SA for that matter anymore) but his enthusiasm for the boat was infectious and pure. I respect his pride and attention to detail. He didn't need a state of the art racing machine and reveled in the simple joys of sailing. Must say that I've always enjoyed Ajax's contributions as well for the same reasons. Pity. Whatever. Hope they both sail on happily and in Tom's case, good luck with Irma.
  2. Short courses are for pussies says this sorry ass who hasn't done a Vineyard in 4 years and is jealous of all you on the water this weekend. Oh well. Have fun.
  3. Too much load on engine. You are substantially underpowered. Most folks around here typically recommend over 100hp.
  4. Damn. No matter the vintage, his designs flew upwind and were pleasing to the eye. Thanks Doug for consistent excellence. Another great crossed off the Scratch Sheet. Not many left and the industry doesn't really offer the broader support it once did for these sorts of boats and designers.
  5. Don't want to sound like the crotchety old intolerant son of a bitch that I am but this truly is a noobfest lately. Thanks Herr Shark. I no longer feel so alone.
  6. Thanks Harry, You confirmed my suspicions about the easy access of water into the cockpit in a seaway and more importantly the vulnerability of important elements under the cockpit to that water. All the other stuff could be easily dealt with.
  7. Gonna have to take a pass. A classic design indeed. Very easy on the eye. But see too many compromises to accommodate aesthetics rather than the performance offered by more recent designs. Thanks for the input.. Maybe if I chopped off the keel for a strut and bulb, added a carbon rig with a tanbark fathead main,................nevermind.
  8. The lines of this boat have intrigued me for decades but now I'm looking at it as one of several boats to actually consider owning. Will be the slowest boat I've ever owned but is it a dog? How does it sail? Can it be reefed and take a beating when the breeze and chop are up? Can it ghost along in a whisper or does it need 8 knots of wind to get going? Saw one short vid showing the non existing side decks along the cockpit allowing a considerable amount of water to splash over and accumulate on the leeward cockpit seat. Not normally a problem but the engine resides under the cockpit and there appear to be access hatches in the floor. Any firsthand experiences with sailing the boat or better yet, ownership, would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for initiating this thread. Rekindling memories of MSG on New Year's Day seems quite appropriate. Sailing Anarchy, the Providence Boat Show and many people's lives will never be the same without her.
  10. Some of the best sailors I know sail old and slow boats.
  11. I too will proudly stand in the line of his worshippers. Thanks for sharing the picture of him sailing with his daughter on the Tornado. As I recall he was extremely proud of that team. My foggy recollection of him was an old photo of him in the day when Finns were sailed with soaked sweaters . Also was aboard his uber cool half tonner design. Looked like a big Soling with a flush deck and only trench cockpits on either side. He was THE man.
  12. Pretty much any concert at Red Rocks.
  13. What a wonderful story. Funny how we somehow become involved with boats that would normally be extremely unlikely but because they are swaddled in memories or just make you feel good you embrace them and they become part of the family. All good. Looking forward to pics and more importantly reflections.
  14. Make it easier and simpler for Trump and all of us to file returns, eliminate thousands of pages of the tax code and bury complicated exemptions and dodges.Simplify government and reduce the annual cost/headaches associated with this bureaucratic monster. This has been promised or discussed for decades and would certainly resonate with the "everyman" and now "everywoman" that the new administration wants to quicky appeal to. Even Bernie would approve. Hell, put Bernie in charge of tax reform.
  15. Every so often when these threads show up I am reminded of all the loyal and faithful companions that enriched my life over the years. All were different and special in unique ways and I will always be grateful for their existence. I'd like to think that I somehow provided them a life worthy of their spirit. They've moved on and I remain but they each left their indelible mark on myself, my family and many others. I always say I will never get another dog and subject myself to "the final curtain" again. Then some time intervenes, I come across a dog that needs a home and catches my eye and I sign up for the inevitable again. But the intervening years are so damn wonderful. Truly sorry for your loss and wish you and your family the best. But thanks for sharing and rekindling the the memories of all the 4 legged characters that shared their lives with me. Peace.