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  1. redboat

    Flying Tiger

    I'm certain this has been previously discussed but.............. Has an FT10 ever done the Transpac? Singlehanded, Doublehanded or fully crewed? Downwind flyer and success in coastal races but do structural or design limitations make it unwise to consider the boat for the event? In addition to emergency rudder, solar panels and electrical system redo, what rig or structural modifications would be prudent? .....or just buy a tried and true Olson 30 and work with that?
  2. Thanks for posting about the exhibit. Been a member of Mystic Seaport for years and driven past the Herreshoff Museum countless times but never visited it until 2 years ago and was completely blown away by the boats they have there. Agree with Bull City. Visiting MIT and Bristol in the same day would be wonderful.
  3. redboat

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Sorry, I'm old school. Before I had kids I made certain I could care for them. Before I had pets I accepted responsibility for training, feeding and most importantly medical care. You consider the consequences prior to making any commitment. If Jean wants to walk away from his pet, it's not my problem. He's enabled and now Rimas has come to expect more than any other homeless drifter I've seen. Been a great run up till now. All the public monies spent on his rescues could have been used to help a lot of people, himself included, in more appropriate, albeit less romantic and adventurous, settings. My local animal shelter just had to take in and care for 52 labrador retrievers from a hoarder. I'll send them an additional $20 in Rimas's name.
  4. For one who enjoys "messing about" in all manner of boat I think it's an interesting and relevant idea. Still obsessed with sailing it's not as convenient as it used to be so I often rely on kayaks or a rowing shell to get out on the water. I also have access to a bunch of ponds or small lakes that are stunning but difficult to access with conventional craft. This would be perfect to poke around these small bodies of water. Just hike in and out with it. It's kinda silly looking and not the most hydrodynamic form but it serves a function and that's cool. Then there are the grandkids. Tiny boats and small bodies of water are perfect for exploring, doing stupid stuff and developing an appreciation and sense of the water. Convenient, doesn't take up a lot of space and the price is right. I wouldn't pay a lot for this kind of toy but I think there's some value here. Good luck. I might be foolish enough to buy one for the hell of it.
  5. redboat

    Herreshoff 12 1/2 - feet down

    Always sad. Beautiful design.
  6. redboat

    What's your boat beer?

    Greenies or Brownies. Becks or Amstel Light.
  7. redboat

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Wait a minute.... Is that spin casting gear in the photo? Thought you were one of those obsessive fly fishing types. Last month, while staying in Glenwood Springs my daughter and grand daughter were exploring and wading in the shallows of the Raging Fork . A couple of drift boats floated by with the guide in the center and the clients fly casting in the bow and stern lounge chairs. My daughter's comment was, "looks boring". I had to create a lengthy explanation for the complexities and satisfactions of the venture that apparently had little effect on her. It's OK, after decades, my entire family understands but doesn't fully appreciate sailing either.
  8. redboat

    Classic American Dinghies

    Penguin And of course the Lightning
  9. redboat

    Just a Friendly Reminder

    Yet another reminder why I don't cook. Was in the flavor and fragrance raw materials business for decades. Dealt with goodies like oleoresin capsicum, onion and garlic oil and everyone's favorite, mustard oil. Don a full hazmat suit before handling.
  10. redboat

    Looking Old

    I now know why so many old guys grow beards. They're ugly as sin. I've come to accept my hideous visage. Don't realize it till I see a photo, then have another drink and forget about it. Actually, don't need a drink anymore . My increasing lack of short term memory erases any vain concerns I may briefly have. Declining strength and more importantly agility, balance and flexibility annoy more than anything. Going to the gym regularly and embracing physical activity are the only salvation. The "use it or lose it" maxim becomes more relevant every year. Carry on.............
  11. redboat

    Which Topside Paint?

    Thanks. That was the work of the previous owner that I am trying to undo. I learned my lesson 50 years ago when I took out my fathers drill, attached a circular pad and stopped after 30 seconds. Homey don't use no rotary sanders no mo.
  12. redboat

    Which Topside Paint?

    Doing 2 small boats. First is a classic fiberglass rowboat that was never painted, just abused. Here I will use the 2 part paint Second is a Tasar that had the worst Brightside paint job I have ever seen. Prep for that job had included a rotary sander that left crescent shaped gouges all over. I have already longboarded, filled and faired much of the damage. Because a single part paint had been used I'm told that a 2 part paint wouldn't be compatible. Most of the existing paint is off but getting ALL of it off will be next to impossible. I will prime prior to applying the finish coat (s). Both small projects that I want to do right but they are both small enough so redoing won't be too difficult. I assume I will botch things up a couple of times.
  13. redboat

    Which Topside Paint?

    Interlux Perfection or Epifanes two part Poly-Urethane? I "hear" Perfection is easier to apply but Epifanes is harder and offers a better finish. While I'm at it.... Have another project requiring a single part paint. Always used interlux Brightside. Epifanes also offers a single part topside paint called Mono-urethane that is "supposed"to be better. Any experience with both to offer a comparison.
  14. You're into flyfishing? American Museum of Flyfishing is in Manchester ,VT. Southwest VT. Never been there and don't know if it's a worthless tourist trap but might be of interest.