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  1. redboat

    What Paint to Use?

    Just remember if you want to paint over an already painted surface the wonder two part miracle paints don't like going over single part paints or primers. Or so I'm told I too want to paint a dinghy but it was already painted with Brightside. Warned against using Perfection over it.
  2. redboat

    Dieselgate follow up

    Zo, being stupidly partial towards VW's in spite of all their sins I couldn't help but notice the local dealers suddenly offering several TDI Golfs, Jettas and Sportwagons in their used car inventories. Haven't gone in to suffer through a salesman's explanation but wondered if any of you are aware of how the offending vehicles suddenly were made EPA compliant and if the fix they concocted rendered them worthless.
  3. redboat

    Brought On Some Tears

    You're truly a good and loyal friend Gouv. That's becoming harder and harder to find as everyone seems to become more selfabsorbed. Carry on.
  4. redboat

    More for 1000 Days fans

    But wait..................there's more................ After noting this must see AYC lecture I checked to see what our favorite shaman, or whatever, has been up to. Not much, but pushing his art, sprouts and whatever Soanya decides is significant to mankind. Best bit is Soanya's vid infomercial/review of her Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag Whatever, it was fun to briefly recall all that self absorbed artsy silliness. Soooo, is Stowe going to discuss Safety at Sea, preparedness or sprouts and the need to always have a life sustaining supply of parmesan cheese on board?
  5. redboat

    2017/2018 Ski Season

    For all you New Englandahs, this weekend Mad River Glen is having the best skiing they've experienced in years. Or so I'm told by my son who is reveling in it while I'm spending the week visiting in Denver. Oh well.
  6. redboat

    Tasar Specs

    Bearley borrowed my Tasar blades to use as proper templates.
  7. redboat

    Wavelength 24

    Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts and experience on the boat. Nor surprised by structural deficiencies or how much fun they are to sail. Seems like a nice simple all around design for relatively protected waters. Have to see where I wind up in the next 6 months. If inland, it's a strong candidate.
  8. redboat

    Tasar Specs

    Just realized you're in Manchester NH. I'm in Spofford NH. Since I've got so much work to do on my Tasar I won't be using my blades for a bit. Wanna borrow them to use as precise templates? If you SWEAR to return them promptly. I hate lending stuff out and then having to chase it later. Let me know.
  9. redboat

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Wake me up when he calls from the next Starbucks. In spite of the incredible odds his reappearance seems to be a bizarre certainty.
  10. redboat

    Tasar Specs

    I'm also putting, or rather trying to put a Tasar together myself. Between having to get new sails and bunches of rigging bits, all spendy because class specific hardware just IS that way, it's another fucking sailboat money pit. I SHOULD have known better but I'm not too bright when it comes to boats. It should be a fun little boat when it's finished. If I ever finish. Tune in to the next exciting episode of Stupid Is As Stupid Does.
  11. redboat

    Wavelength 24

    I'm not going to Hawaii. Just using Transpac as a standard to consider both performance and construction. Obviously, they surf but do they readily plane? Light enough and the hull appears undistorted enough. And yes, I know given enough wind many boats (even a J105????) will plane. Thank you Herr Koch for your reinforcement insights. Seem to be the usual suspects for an older light boat one might want to stress a bit.
  12. redboat

    Fazisi Front Page

    No boat deserves that end. Ot Other boats have come and gone and been forgotten but as relatively unsuccessful as she may have been, everyone remembers Fazizi. I'll never forget going on board and belowdeck just following her round the world jaunt. I am a minimalist and champion of simplicity and spartan accommodation however even I left in amazement at how cramped, tight and cluttered that hell hole must have been for those aboard. Add the noise of the aluminum hull pounding through the seas. No thanks.
  13. redboat

    Wavelength 24

    I know it's not a Moore 24 but.............could it endure the breeze and chop if used as a coastal cruiser/racer? Most Wavelengths seem to be sailed on lakes, bays or fairly protected waters. Could one if prepped properly even make the sleighride to Hawaii? Would they self destruct if beating to weather in a breeze and choppy sea state? Could one survive in San Francisco Bay?
  14. redboat

    Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Thanks. Costco out of stock now but I know where to look.
  15. redboat

    8 Bells - Chris Wentz

    Sad news. Condolences to his family and all associated with him.