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  1. Yes I looked at the maximarine bags before, not a bad idea, but I think the internal solution is more permanent and easier to plumb. I agree that 3" is much better, the ski tanks and pumps are designed for 1 time static fill or discharge so marginal for a sailboat. And if you are gybing in front of squall then you'd have to run empty and sail deeper. I was thinking of long boards, when you are on the same tack or reach for hours if not days, that would be when they would be most effective. Similar to stacking. Running those 12v pumps would drain the batteries. Being able to fill or drain under way is pretty critical. Probably want to add some kind of longitudinal to contain the bags up under the gunnel, just looking at options for a 30' shorthanded set up. Another way might be to add another gravity drain. But would still need to have some kind of fill/drain setup, the sofosmarine setup is pricey, takes some space, etc. But proven.
  2. So the 1" valves are n.g? Designed for high powered pumps? What about low side drainage with gravity exchange? For distance racing how often would you need to exchange? Upwind and close reaching only. Could use electric pumps to fill, they claim 200 lbs/minute so a 650 lb bag fills in 3 minutes ish using their 12v pump. Seems like an economical, low weight method to add the equivalent of 3 on the rail. Plumb a y valve for draining/transfer.
  3. https://www.wakemakers.com/wakeboard-ballast-bags
  4. Couple remain missing after Maria.

    Sources close to the family said the couple took the risk because they survived a similar storm situation previously on the catamaran and that they were hoping to use the story of their survival after Hurricane Maria as a money-making venture from TV versions of their account.
  5. Dead woman on a yacht abandoned in Sulu

    Interesting article, first they say they bumped into him, then it's they were serving a warrant, then they say they had him under observation as he cased a site for another attack.
  6. Jesus shackle

    Thought it was 1/2 beam
  7. Oracle Team USA

    "Although a CIA affiliation could help Barry on multiple fronts, including making it easier to obtain the agency’s cooperation, it could also inspire criticism. Some experts argue a person with no ties to the agency is likely to be more independent and offer unbiased advice about the powerful spy agency. Barry’s predecessor, Cohen-Watnick, who is in his early 30s, formally resigned from the DIA before taking the NSC position. His critics say that, aside from not having a CIA background, he was too hawkish and too inexperienced for the NSC role. Cohen-Watnick now works for the software company Oracle." - Politico
  8. 24' and yo have a guy weighing down the nose? As said above, practice speed and time runs, afterguard is close enough they ought to be able to figure it out, how big is your fleet or line? Not that big. If you're consistently OCS then you are pulling trigger too soon, end of story.
  9. UD lam schedule

    I'm interested in the schedule also as I will have to make a carbon rudder post soon, sleeve OD is 2". I was thinking along the lines of the 70% 0 axis also but maybe torsion more of an issue and there needs to be more 90d? I plan to make a d-cell core for it, and was thinking about a laminate thickness on the order of .375" or 9-10 mm, does that seem like enough?
  10. Harken Screecher Furling System

    I think that I am getting some of the issues now. SS sleeve has to be covered with plastic to avoid snagging, particularly on top down with a nylon cloth. You can use a wire luff stay in a CZ at about 1/8th the cost of the reflex per foot, also cheaper terminations, but must stay coiled to avoid kinks. Theoretically you could interchange a furler amongst several sails with dedicated torsion/luff stays which would save $1,000s in hardware but slow sailhandling and make it more complex at the pointy end. Sy sunday said elsewhere that he used a sk78 core so something like Dynex Dux, to reduce reflex twisitng (which causes poor unfurls and furls) he covered it in SS sleeve, like Harken. The next step seems like it would be to have a torsion cable that doesn't require a cladding to avoid reflex twisting backwards. I wonder about sk78 in a flexible matrix, maybe a really high mod epoxy? Btw i have a Schaefer CZ furler with wire but I have had issues getting a good roll up with it at bad times. A continuous furler that never bottoms out the spool seems like a worthwhile upgrade.
  11. State of Hawaii DOT giving Tote a dedicated port facility.
  12. DIY carbon A-frame bowsprit

    What type of dyneema is the core, please? Looks like a lot of work, you couldn't leave the SS overbraid exposed? Impressive homebuilt solution.
  13. Quant 17 Foiler

    Flax. Nice looking boat, would be fun.
  14. Harken Screecher Furling System

    Doesn't that require a torsion stay?