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  1. Bruno

    Traveler strength over span

    I probably overdid it but the calculated loads for multis seem to climb fast, went with 32mm, need more purchase at times for 1 handed ease. About a 24" span, I think, seems pretty solid to date.
  2. Bruno

    cost of glue for 2600sq of plywood

    Right, when I have wanted a more waterproof subfloor I have sealed all edges as the sheets are laid with the subfloor glue, just gets messy, use shoe covers, minimize walking, harder on a roof. Could do 1 course at a time, let set up.
  3. Not sure what all the fuss about language is, for the Hawaiians I know, using the Polynesian name is second nature, if not first. They say and think them automatically and when it comes to canoes it's fine, they fit. For multis with different proportionality do as you please, menefreghismo. One can appreciate different aspects without politicizing it. Newick didn't always get volume, rocker, and clearance relationships perfect, tended to work better with larger vessels. His lines changed over time as he learned more, as did everyone. Some of his solutions still work well.
  4. Bruno

    Surf Anarchy

    Nice how he can make hard cutbacks and keep speed.
  5. Bruno

    Keel bolt maintenance.

    545 is pretty good
  6. If you go with rivnut rather than Fleetwood's method (best), is the deck cored?
  7. Bruno

    How to properly design a rudder cassette?

    Actually it was problematic: post too small, broke, doubled in D and carbon. Also fuse was overloaded constantly, looking to upsize to a 3/8 or + steel pin; total absence of bearings so changed in to a graphite/glass lower and delrin upper; linkage doesn't really like to be tilted even with a couple of universal links: tiller/1/2 quadrant was glued on so couldn't be disassembled/serviced, changed to bolt and key; just replaced the whole thing, hope it works. But conceptually being able to raise it is nice, just think the Farrier design is less problematic and cleaner though I've fixed those, too. Not sure the underslung rudder is worth it, I like the French designs.
  8. Bruno

    West System v. ProSet

    Question for Vegas: any info on relative sensitization between Proset and WEST?
  9. Bruno

    cost of glue for 2600sq of plywood

    Epoxy is smelly? didn't know that. Fill the voids? what voids, thought you were putting metal over it all? Are you planning for what if all the metal blows off? If low profile screwed down metal blows off I'm not sure what you can expect from the plywood substrate.
  10. Bruno

    Single-handed cruising options

    I thought Lightnings had a good record.
  11. Bruno

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    How practical is a ram air kite for a multi event regatta?
  12. Bruno

    RAM air kite?

    Ram air kite for 5 ring circus, how practical is that?
  13. Bruno

    Laser puncture wound

    Redo step
  14. Bruno

    cost of glue for 2600sq of plywood

    Hey, good for you, for others: