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  1. Bruno

    Ditch the rig

    Might consider spray chines.
  2. Bruno

    Where to move?

    Though I have never lived there I think that N Fla, both coasts, has affordable sailing. East coast would make for easy Bahamas training before going further. Downside is hurricane exposure and the summers. And the Floridians.
  3. With swept spreaders the main only goes out so far. Cold water.
  4. Bruno

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    If you self quarantine for 3 months on a boat I suspect that would suffice.
  5. Bruno

    Boat Refurb - old bog delamination

  6. Yes a good tri will self support.
  7. Bruno

    Boat Refurb - old bog delamination

    Though I don't like polyurethane foam much supposedly the higher densities are ok, it is easier to shape usually. Glass panels flex.
  8. Bruno

    Sngle handed head sail arrangement

    Sk99 or heat treated sk78
  9. Bruno

    Tripp 47 In Seattle- Good Deal?

    Dodger envy
  10. Bruno

    New Moore 33

    Misunderestimated is how good a good hand layup is by a good experienced glasser, of whom there are fewer each year.
  11. Bruno

    New Moore 33

    There isn't much difference with sandwich, tends to have thinner skins, but monolithic I wouldn't be surprised to see 10% or more compaction. Depending on how much mat is used.
  12. Bruno

    Boat Refurb - old bog delamination

    While you're at it might consider putting in wider bulkheads to increase volume.
  13. Bruno

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Is that a Waterrat? Looks good, agree that I'd go with a lashing but your way is also good. Oversized rings are smart. As much as I like climbers webbing I'm always nervous about webbing in uv long term but in your neck of the woods probably no big deal.
  14. Bruno

    New Moore 33

    One thing that I've wondered about is if, as open molding fades away, there is a change in strength due to compaction, if a well glassed part is slightly thicker than a bagged part.
  15. Bruno

    New Moore 33

    Infused parts typically are lighter than not terribly precise wet preg but bagging can make up for that. Due to the resin channels its usually heavier than prepreg. CP.