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  1. Bruno

    Gelcoat - what am I doing wrong?

    If it doesn't could also be surface contamination.
  2. Bruno

    Clear carbon fiber cloudiness

    You might want to clarify about the cloudiness, aged epoxy usually yellows before flaking, LPU turns opaque as it detaches from the (epoxy) surface, generally speaking. Fresh epoxy which absorbs moisture and/or doesn't fully cure turns cloudy or milky. Each of these has a somewhat different cure.
  3. Bruno

    Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Races

    Paddling keeps you from slowing down as much in troughs and lulls (see above note re modernization) but when you're cooking you can't pull water so they help the average but not the top end.
  4. Bruno

    halyard reccs

    Second the 12 braid with added cover, like the sk78 though there is a new flavor in dyneema. Also I like spinnaker halyard stretch, particularly for a nylon kite, though it might a poly one. If you have a zero then reach up on that.
  5. Bruno

    I Need Windows

    You can't accurately price a job without specs. Some portlights are more expensive than others, does the skin need reinforcement, what's the interior finish, cored? So a port might cost 3k or it might cost $200, who can say? I put a hatch in a trimaran wing deck, my calculation is it was a $5k+ job.
  6. Bruno


    Beanbags, must be nice.
  7. Adrian Thompson is a clever guy, forgot how radical that boat was. It's hard to do good work in those long narrow hulls, essentially you build the halves, glue them up and hope you never have to go there. I seem to remember there was extensive forensic on that and the problem given most weight in the failure was not debulking/cooking the many layers enough. 1999 was a whi.e ago in composite terms. CW's hulls are mpre capacious, the laminates less comp,ex, I suspect.
  8. Bruno

    Tethers that turn into pulleys and ladders?

    It looks better than nothing, I think the lifeline may just be a mis-translation, from their website they seem like clever, experienced chaps. The technora elastic rope section is pretty neat. But as they say themselves, training, so buy one and practice with it, see if you can make it work and report back. BTW your concern is non trivial and shared by many, the issue of sailing with crew that are unwilling to learn is a problem others face. My solution is to try to set it up like a solo mission so you never rely on them in a pinch, the onus is on me to make it work, it reduces the tension that way.
  9. Bruno

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Too wide a range, many good ports there, jus want to avoid S facing ones, wonder if Plymouth/Duxbury is good? Not Green Hbr. Buzzards gets the surge, maybe Warren or Fall River side? Probably nothing on the Cape or Elizabeths? Sandwich? If you can get in the Annisquam that's probably good, Salem? Merry Meeting? Yarmouth? Rocckland? Belfast? Supposedly the Deer Island side is good. Fox Is thorofare?
  10. Bruno

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    1 threaded rod through the tube with washers under the shrouds, gets the compression right.
  11. Bruno

    Fairing SC27 rudder

    Cardboard (sealed) makes a reasonable palette, scraped clean each time. Vinylester is good but stay cool. If going to gelcoat why not just fair with that, how much build are you looking for? If you can afford a 1/2 sheet sander that's a reasonable sub for a handboard, checking with batten or longboard as you go. Think indicator coats. Using templates or eyeballing? Changing section? What's goal?
  12. Bruno

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    Poor design, doesn't appear to be a bearing structure in the way of the bolt, might consider glassing in a FG tube and throughbolt instead. Insulate and surface looks weathered. Of course wall zipper require repair.
  13. Bruno

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    Previously a 1048 (14%) section was recommended as a good low drag section due to the forward max chord location of 27% allowing a larger post to fit in the rudder. Anyone with real sailing experience with that shape? It is described as an acrobatic suitable shape, presume that means it doesn't stall too soon at the expense of a little extra drag? But it has a pretty sharp entry, to my eye.
  14. Bruno

    Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Races

    Camera is in 5, heard it was a windy race, fleet could use some modernization given the crossing they undertake but big sack to go for it.