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  1. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-u-s-navy-faces-a-reckoning-after-two-disastrous-an-1820067583 The sequences described leading up to the collisions are all too believable, but proper training and practice/experience would have prevented these issues.
  2. Core materials... lighter than Air!? <;~O .....

    Just stumbled across aerogel insulation, that is some amazing tech, good product for those with a spare autoclave.
  3. Staysails

    Agree, jibtop is high clew.
  4. Finn sailing

    He -= Dave Watt
  5. Staysails

    Has anyone got polars on adding staysails?
  6. Pretty sad, the conclusion that both of these fatal collisions were the result of incompetence, avoidable, must be bitter for the families. Might be better to have 300 well run ships than 400 poorly run ones.
  7. Yeh I thought the boat looked sluggish, that looks like tidal overfalls, maybe off to the side is better. Where was the break? If you are driving through through the lineup thats usually a bad sign.
  8. Finn sailing

    7500 for a 21 year old polyester boat that cost 10k tops new, sure thats fair.
  9. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    The pair said they thought about turning back, but the islands of Maui and Lanai didn't have harbors deep enough to accommodate their sailboat. At 50 feet long, the vessel is relatively small, and both islands have harbors that would have accommodated them. Plus, the Big Island -- the southernmost island in state -- has several places to dock. 6.5' draft, hmmm.
  10. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    No delams to my knowledge, very solid glass work.
  11. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Crossed on a smooth night, went fine, decks are a bit slippery though.
  12. Anyone else jumped today?

    If he's so desperate he could sell boat, just another asshole, file charges before he files against you. Then you have leverage.
  13. Anyone else jumped today?

    Sucks, who drives the nicer car?
  14. Pyewacket T-Boned at Campbell Cup?

    That's what I thought, so if Pyewacket bore away inside the circle then she gets the bills.
  15. Rotary cutters

    +1 on the Olfa system