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  1. Bruno

    Stuck in the mast

    magnet on outside
  2. Bruno

    Stuck in the mast

  3. Bruno

    DIY carbon Bowsprit - best approach?

    Design of corners, anisotropics etc
  4. Bruno

    DIY carbon Bowsprit - best approach?

    Dragonplate square tube
  5. Bruno

    Only in Florida...

    Komodo monitor.. vid looks bs
  6. That shows the quadrant differences nicely, thanks.
  7. Enjoy the boat, trust the rigger's advice, a lighter sprit will reduce pitching but anchoring complications?
  8. Bruno

    Gelcoat - what am I doing wrong?

    If it doesn't could also be surface contamination.
  9. Bruno

    Clear carbon fiber cloudiness

    You might want to clarify about the cloudiness, aged epoxy usually yellows before flaking, LPU turns opaque as it detaches from the (epoxy) surface, generally speaking. Fresh epoxy which absorbs moisture and/or doesn't fully cure turns cloudy or milky. Each of these has a somewhat different cure.
  10. Bruno

    Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Races

    Paddling keeps you from slowing down as much in troughs and lulls (see above note re modernization) but when you're cooking you can't pull water so they help the average but not the top end.
  11. Bruno

    halyard reccs

    Second the 12 braid with added cover, like the sk78 though there is a new flavor in dyneema. Also I like spinnaker halyard stretch, particularly for a nylon kite, though it might a poly one. If you have a zero then reach up on that.
  12. Bruno

    I Need Windows

    You can't accurately price a job without specs. Some portlights are more expensive than others, does the skin need reinforcement, what's the interior finish, cored? So a port might cost 3k or it might cost $200, who can say? I put a hatch in a trimaran wing deck, my calculation is it was a $5k+ job.
  13. Bruno


    Beanbags, must be nice.