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  1. Standing the 12-4 watch on radar duty is deathly soporific, sometimes the best way to clear your head is stepping outside for a piss and a smoke. Also gives you a chance to look around.
  2. Bruno

    Laser C5 Rig

    Hurrah for Jay Winberg et al. Don't get me wrong, I like carbon gaff/sprit/gunter rigs in principle and practice. Now if they would just put a couple of bulkheads in...
  3. Bruno

    Laser C5 Rig

    Nice looking rigs, hope they aren't just more made in China. Woukd be nice to see adults sailing it, getting a bit tired of fat old men promoting junior sailing.
  4. Bruno

    Wings on Rudders

    That's a perfect molded solution, typical of your work. Retrofitting, like repairing, involves compromises. A fillet will greatly strengthen the joint but harm the flow, adding external tabbing will degrade the section, grinding out the rudder for a flush fit will weaken it and require reinforcement. It gets to be a series of compromises. Biggest question is are the wings a unit or seperated?
  5. Bruno

    Wings on Rudders

    You could try a doweling jig and carbon rod, what are the design loads? Or insert a double eneded wing in a routed slot, have to imagine some local reinforcement would be needed. 14s use to figure on 80 kgs lift, also the height matters, looks like.33 from tip?
  6. Bruno

    Surf Anarchy

    Surfmats are great. The length of time before the drop amazing.
  7. Rapidly changing mountain conditions would explain a lot.
  8. Bruno

    Glassing a lip into large aft locker

    If bad replace but putting on 3 or 4 coats of epoxy is pretty good waterproofing.
  9. Bruno

    Soda blasting a hull

    Usually a helper helps.
  10. Bruno

    Glassing a lip into large aft locker

    Water level might be easiest way, with boat in water on lines. Gluing blocks on line as mentioned is not a bad way to go, use stiffer ply for shelf then, screw to the blocks for removable. Smart to make template before cutting. Sometimes drainage is desired.
  11. Bruno

    You Get What You Pay For

    Musta been counting on boat not going sailing because some of that would be visible heeled just looking over side.
  12. Bruno

    stick on cam cleat base

    Top skin issues but looks nice.
  13. Bruno

    super dave dts

    Super Dave was super.
  14. I wouldn't mistake hemming and hawing for misgivings, clearly a successful boat. I own a 25' wide tri, finding slips, haulout, some canal entries, berths, fueling, can be a challenge. The further you get away from land the more you appreciate it.
  15. What I like about frac sq top jibs is better matching leeches and wider slot at hounds.