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  1. OK, stick with the 4.7 and mail me the radial rig and the new radial full size sail, thanks North.
  2. ssg4400
  3. I find this sequence worth looking at a bit. First shot the frac kite is drawing, leeward float has nearly completely sunk, double reefed main? just below hounds. Then the float is completely immersed up to the main hull, kite is released, main still on. Then float still immersed, main eased but boat starting to rotate on float due to unbalanced plan. As boat rotates the bow of the float is visible as it keeps heeling further, wind catching the tramps. Dumping the main before the kite, given the misalignment, might have helped, mast probably would hold.
  4. Would generally agree with the others: Float rudders would allow a smaller main rudder and 2 hulls flying. Angled daggers would reduce disp. Canting rig helps with righting moment. T foil rudders are nice but increase complexity, if there is good pitch stability and no tendency to pearl then maybe not worth it. Lifting foils in floats will, as noted, increase beam and float loading. Also fragile. Along the light/heavy wind tradeoff, maybe a masthead screecher and CZ with runners.
  5. centreplate keel
  6. Test batch, if badbthen buy fresh catalyst.
  7. How many heads does it for a carbon 68'er to get from A to B? Now we know.
  8. Sliding hatch cover/shelter?
  9. Maybe he doubled the springs and you aren't used to it.
  10. Too bad the Forespar stove is no longer available. I made a semi-stable adaption by riveting a SS stove ring on a Coleman propane camp stove. With the plastic stabilizer it works ok, especially embedded in a hole. But for really rough conditions it isn't enough. The problem with the camp stoves is they are too light, need some hardware to attach to. But I like the various mounts, the jetboil just seems limited and pricey.
  11. Exactly, look at all the different options, personally Mr Perry's looks the most practical. The dimensioning and transitions are perhaps the tricky bits.
  12. Backpack it. Duffel with straps. Double rucksack, all superior options.
  13. Lasers suck, hike out to bear away.
  14. I hate rollies, unless you physically can't carry the load, then you brought too much shit, pay for check in.
  15. Are you sure thats the original dimension? http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=7075