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  1. Bruno

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    I left a pretty decent 37' mast at Tripps a few years ago, bet it's still there, for the taking. Shipping is a big cost, catching a ride is nonnegligible. I went with a thin wall alu extrusion, it was about 50 lbs heavier than a thick walled carbon and much much cheaper. As in I found it really cheaply, rented a pickup and drove it back, 42'er. Carbon doesn't like lightning, saved some of the weight by going synthetic with lashings. The change from masthead to frac didn't help an already heavy helm. Still sorting it out due to lack of water time. Rigging the bare tube is costly. You're Bay area, something Bay area seems like the best call. Maybe Thiel can help you find something.
  2. Bruno

    Best Airless Paint Sprayer

    Graco makes pretty good airlesses.
  3. Bruno


    I have a somewhat smaller (6.5m), less beamy (now about 2.8m, planning on maybe 3 or 3.2m) tri for which I am about to start building floats (5.2m). I have thought about adding foils, either as you have, angled conventional, or vertical in case A class style. What would you recommend now? Bare boat is about 80 kg. rigged.
  4. "the´╗┐ Swiss have a habit of using a layer of eglass between´╗┐ metal hardware and carbon "
  5. Bruno

    Where is the limit on an f27/f28?

    Some reduce sail a bit after dark.
  6. Bruno


    I thought the 18" tiller length was required for most til,er drives? 12" is ok for hydraulic?
  7. Bruno

    Is this the Figaro III?

    Both the Bretagne boats are reefed in the above video. I would think that foils are especially sensitive to heel.
  8. I think that I read that some are going for more low end lift/stability at the expense of high end performance, many came back from Iceland talking about sailing more like multis, backing off for seastate.
  9. Bruno

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    Interesting about T2 glue, I've used epoxy and contact cement but looking for alternatives, was going to try formaldehyde glue.
  10. Bruno

    Self steering trimaran

    Very interesting to read the differences between the Farrier designs. Kleppar, you might want to check the mounting instructions for whatever autopilot you settle on, some of the tiller pilots might be a challenge to mount on that design and it looks like there isn'rt a quadrant below decks. Lerouge should have an idea what works with his designs. Another issue is accounting for a rotating spar, been wondering if it isn't simpler to mount the windvane away from the mast.
  11. Unless it's the new epoxy foam I wouldn't rely on it. Plexus is not that flexible. If you remove a bond liner then you should reinfo4ce the revealed scantlings.
  12. I thought there was a multihull addendum that didn't require stanchions other than a pulpit? If you have nets, and as noted above, don't have to walk on hull decks/amas to go forward and some kind of enclosed cockpit. 1 reason I added back a pulpit. My lifelines fan out to the ama decks, also less chafe on jibs.
  13. Bruno

    Self steering trimaran

    Multis tend to lack the same cockpit mounting points as small monos.