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  1. Bruno

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    My point is that you have some unknown but finite number of cycles for a material, where would you choose to experience that failure? If you have been doing 80m coastal races then that's a good test, H18s were built better than H16s but, as noted above, alot of times its the connections and small parts that fail leading to larger problems. If you just plan to sail 1 or 2 days then it's probably fine, beach cats finish the Lahaina return often in the past. But I would always plan for a breakage or two. A 20'er sounds better over that course to me.
  2. Bruno

    V15 Bow stiffening

    Cheap optical probes now available to i spect tanks.
  3. Bruno

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    Look up the number of flex cycles for different materials. Then factor in offshore.
  4. Bruno

    Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    They claimed it was cheaper than a steel barge and would fit under a bridge.
  5. Bruno

    Broken CF Mast - Who can fix it?

    Its definitely going to be heavier and probably have different bend. Make an inside carbon sleeve and outside patch, get somebody who has done 1 before.
  6. Bruno

    Leave the dock

    Learning on small freshwater lakes is a great way to get started, many of the best started there.
  7. Bruno

    Heat treating stainless

    I wou,d rather change a spanner than a turnbuckle personally.
  8. Bruno

    installing radar on my C27

    That's what I thought.
  9. Bruno

    Rigging a multi with a monohull mast, why not?

    You just said it's going into charter work, that's a different ball game. Spend the money.
  10. Bruno

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    Peel ply works with poly, if you finish with mat then not much improvement. Well rolled (pro tip, get small mohair or solvent resist rollers and the right size air roller) mat is pretty clean, can always use veil. Mat has a binder, even when stitched iirc, and some binders are styrene soluble and some are epoxy soluble. When the binder dissolves (takes a little time) then the mat drapes bettah and absorbs more resin. Std mat doesn't dissolve in epoxy, hence lack of clarity, but it will stick to it fine just not as workable. Ditto on Vegas re: epoxy for repairs, sticks better, stronger and easier interior wise, can use unbacked biax, just add a layer of 6 oz cloth for bedding maybe then avoid all the extra weight + low strength for mat. Also if 45:45 cloth catches 0:90. Tape has a selvedge edge that can be a nuisance so it may pay to make your own, up to you. Air roller is yr friend. Use enough resin to see through, roll out the fresh layer dry to soak up the excess then wet to clarity, repeat, finish with peel ply to reduce sanding and porosity, as noted, always wash with alcohol or water between coats. Stay clean, especially in b stage.
  11. Bruno

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...
  12. Bruno

    installing radar on my C27

    no can mount to a rotating mast, right?
  13. Bruno

    Stemhead chainplate recommendations

    unpolished if you want to save money
  14. Bruno

    Broken CF Mast - Who can fix it?

    type boat type mast where broken type break desired result
  15. Bruno

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    JGB: nice. Fuit: you have been told a lot of things apparently. suggestion as per JGB was to buff it and see what happens. Acrylics are softer than LPUs and don't have the same layer of "shine", therefore they are often overcoated with clear. Therefore they are buffable, which is a semi-mysterious, laborious process. Awlgrip can be buffed but it invalidates the warranty because it gets too thin and you cut off the "shine" layer so more porous and stainable. if you can get an acrylic to stick to it and it can be buffed/polished to match the surrounding then this is better than having a distinct patch of awlgrip. You might want to consult a pro if this is a valuable boat to you.