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  1. Hey Philo you fucking douche bag,

    I dont make the divisions i enter like everyone else get a fucking life or come out and sail on Fastlane I can get you on board, i even owe you 9 second same boat with an inboard,someone as good as yourself should be able to beat me with that handicap,

    How bout it PUT UP OR FUCK OFF you dumb MOTHER FUCKER!

    Yours truely John

    PS You know where to find me

    I bet your mother is very proud of you.

  2. You know that when I received Robins email, Thanking all those pathetic western LIS sailors and a one line thank you at the end for Bear and myself just twisted m e the wrong way all the tips he received from those guys showed up at the Larchmont NOODS and the Nationals the last 2 years. The guy dont know the difference between feathering and pinching, the crew he has except for BOSI, I have forgotten more about the sport then they will ever know, 16 wed nite they can only win 1 without help Iris would dominate when she came down years ago and the reason she dont is because some of the pathetic sailors would give her a problem when she was picking up her crew off the dock, away to keep her away so they didnt have to race her.

    So, you and Bear could have double-handed and won?


    All sailors from WLIS are pathetic? Isn't that where you and Bear are from?