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  1. Coyote is being shown on both East and West Coasts this Weekend! COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story will be screening on both coasts this weekend, featured at Sonoma International Film Festival (Northern California) and Annapolis Film Festival Note: To anyone who sees this film, lease a review so other people will know what you thought. It would be nice to see other reviews besides the three that were post4ed on the Front Page http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/10/30/the-best-sailing-movie-ever
  2. Alien Invasion Movies

    Full Movie
  3. WASHINGTON DC: Annual Environmental Film Festival - Sunday - March 18 From the Coyote Facebook page: COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story is coming to a screen near you this Sunday - March 18 - as an Official Selection of the 26th Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital! We're proud to know Mike Plant's adventure will be included in this premier showcase of environmentally themed films and want to see you there! Tickets: https://dceff.org/film/coyote/ Sun, March 18 - 6:45 pm AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center Tickets: $13
  4. Sailing Books for Children

    Scuppers, the Sailor Dog is also available as an audiobook
  5. Forbes reviews "Coyote The Mike Plant Story:" A True Film 'Coyote' Tells About Changing Life To Chase A Dream Forbes writes: "A quarter century after his disappearance, Plant’s legacy continues to impact those seeking to modify their lives. [Director] Simmons' film, as well as his own life, reverberate with that theme." Forbes review https://www.forbes.com/sites/tmullen/2018/03/08/review-true-film-coyote-tells-about-changing-life-to-chase-a-dream/#5b54848a4499
  6. Ultime / G-Class Development

    I couldn't find the video but here are two others:
  7. Ultime / G-Class Development

    I thought that myself, but it seems to flip as readily as a MOD70. Four of the seven MOD70's have capsized, and four of them are for sale. I was half expecting the Prince de Bretagne company to change skippers after the second capsize. There was one video I watched during the 2014 Route du Rhum where the boat was going 42-knots, so the boat is certainly capable of winning races. The screaming sound on the video was unreal and extremely loud. It sounded like a machine shop at full volume. * First capsize: January 2014 * Second capsize: October 2015 * Dismasting: 2017
  8. Ultime / G-Class Development

    Prince de Bretagne ends sponsorship of their Maxie 80. Lionel Lemonchois : « Je remercie chaleureusement l’ensemble des producteurs de la marque Prince de Bretagne qui m’ont apporté leur soutien inconditionnel ces huit dernières années, que ce soit dans les succès comme dans les moments plus durs. Ensemble, nous avons écrit de belles histoires et de cela, je suis extrêmement fier. » Investis depuis 2009 dans le domaine de la course au large, depuis 2010 au côté de Lionel Lemonchois et depuis 2012 avec le maxi trimaran de 80 pieds, Prince de Bretagne choisit aujourd’hui de réorienter sa communication. En effet, après neuf années de sponsoring voile, levier de communication puissant qui a permis à la marque de développer sa notoriété en France comme à l’international, le leader en légumes frais en Europe change de cap afin, d’une part, de mettre davantage en valeur les pratiques durables et responsables de ses producteurs et, d’autre part, de s’adapter au contexte économique légumier. Certains destins sont taillés pour le succès à la manière d’un navire dont la construction a été soigneusement étudiée. Le parcours de la marque Prince de Bretagne, forte des valeurs qui lui ont assuré de grandes victoires sur le plan commercial (dynamisme, fidélité aux gens, au territoire, goût de l'excellence…) et dans le milieu de la voile compte parmi ces belles histoires. Sur le plan purement sportif, d’abord, avec de formidables aventures mais aussi de belles victoires, à commencer par celle décrochée dans la mythique Route du Rhum, en 2010, dans la catégorie des Multi50. Toutes ces réussites rencontrées par le skipper Lionel Lemonchois sur les plus grandes courses à la voile ont permis à Prince de Bretagne de multiplier par quinze en cinq ans ses retombées presse puis de développer sa notoriété tout en portant les valeurs communes à la marque et à ce sport (complémentarité terre/mer, défi humain, capacité d’innovation, développement durable…), en France comme à l’international. Reste qu’aujourd’hui, après neuf années durant lesquelles le sponsoring est resté leur principale action de communication, les 2 000 producteurs de la marque leader en exportation de Fruits & Légumes frais, fiers que Lionel Lemonchois demeure toutefois l'un de leurs ambassadeurs, décident de changer de cap. Un choix motivé par le contexte économique légumier, mais aussi par la nécessité pour elle de faire évoluer sa communication en l’orientant sur la mise en avant de sa nouvelle charte d’engagement de marque et sur les valeurs et pratiques durables et responsables des producteurs Prince de Bretagne. Le maxi 80 Prince de Bretagne ne sera donc pas au départ de la Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 2018, mais la marque reste dans les fidèles partenaires bretons qui relayeront le 40èmeanniversaire de la manifestation au travers de ses actions de promotion et de communication. Lionel Lemonchois : « Je remercie chaleureusement l’ensemble des producteurs de la marque Prince de Bretagne qui m’ont apporté leur soutien inconditionnel ces huit dernières années, que ce soit dans les succès comme dans les moments plus durs. Ensemble, nous avons écrit de belles histoires et de cela, je suis extrêmement fier. MACHINE TRANSLATION Lionel Lemonchois: I warmly thank all the producers of the Prince of Brittany brand who have given me their unconditional support over the last eight years, whether in successes or in the toughest times. Together we have written great stories and that, I am extremely proud. » Invested since 2009 in the field of offshore racing, since 2010 to the side of Lionel Lemonchois and since 2012 with the maxi Trimaran of 80 feet, Prince of Brittany today chooses to reorient his communication. Indeed, after nine years of sponsorship sailing, powerful communication lever that allowed the brand to develop its notoriety in France as internationally, the leader in fresh vegetables in Europe is changing course in order, on the one hand, to put more in value The sustainable and responsible practices of its producers and, on the other hand, to adapt to the vegetable economic context. Some destinies are carved for success in the manner of a ship whose construction has been carefully studied. The route of the brand Prince of Brittany, strong of the values that ensured him great victories on the commercial level (dynamism, fidelity to people, to the territory, taste of Excellence...) and in the midst of sailing is one of those beautiful stories. On the purely sporting level, first, with great adventures but also beautiful victories, starting with the one picked up in the mythical Route of rum, in 2010, in the category of Multi50. All these successes encountered by the skipper Lionel Lemonchois on the biggest sailing races have allowed Prince of Brittany to multiply by fifteen in five years his impact press then to develop his notoriety while carrying the values common to the Brand and this sport (complementarity between land and sea, human challenge, capacity for innovation, sustainable development...), in France and internationally. It remains that today, after nine years during which sponsorship remained their main communication action, the 2 000 producers of the leading brand in export of fresh fruit & vegetables, proud that Lionel Lemonchois remains one of Their ambassadors, decide to change course. A choice motivated by the vegetable economic context, but also by the need for it to evolve its communication by directing it to the development of its new brand commitment Charter and the sustainable and responsible values and practices of Producers Prince of Brittany. The Maxi 80 Prince of Brittany will therefore not be at the start of the Route of Rum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018, but the brand remains in the faithful Breton partners who relay the 40th Anniversaire of the event through its actions of promotion and Communication. Lionel Lemonchois: I warmly thank all the producers of the Prince of Brittany brand who have given me their unconditional support over the last eight years, whether in successes or in the toughest times. Together we have written great stories and that, I am extremely proud. https://www.voile.princedebretagne.com/fr/actualites/702/changement-de-cap-pour-prince-de-bretagne.html
  9. Ultime / G-Class Development

    I've attempted to email the "Powers That Be" to merge my thread into this one. Not sure they got my email, but you're right, my info belonged in this thread.
  10. Annapolis Film Festival Coyote: The Mike Plant Story is an official entry at the Annapolis Film Festival (March 22 to March 25). http://annapolisfilmfestival.com For those who live in the Annapolis area, such as Ajax and Beth & Evens, here is your chance to see this documentary.
  11. Review from the Sail In Film Festival in Bilbao, Spain From Voiles et Voiliers FRENCH Plus traditionnellement le Sail In Festival s’ouvrait jeudi soir avec la projection d’un documentaire inédit en Europe consacré à Mike Plant et réalisé par Thomas Simmons, neveu du marin disparu en mer alors qu’il convoyait son bateau depuis les États-Unis vers Les Sables-d’Olonne pour prendre le départ du Vendée Globe 1992. Un remarquable travail, un peu long néanmoins, avec des nombreuses interviews – dont celle de Philippe Jeantot qui accepta pour l’occasion de se rendre aux États-Unis à la rencontre du réalisateur – et qui retraçait la carrière d’un marin talentueux et atypique, sans occulter ses heures sombres de trafiquants de drogue et de son incarcération au Portugal. Avec cette projection, le Sail In Festival confirmait son rôle d’initiateur, dénichant toujours des productions inédites ou presque et ne se contentant pas, comme d’autres événements de ce genre, de diffuser des films qui passent de l’un à l’autre. Lors du débat qui suivait, outre le réalisateur, participait Don McIntyre, ancien rival de Plant lors du BOC Challenge, et initiateur de la Golden Globe Race qui s’élancera des Sables-d’Olonne le 1er juillet prochain. MACHINE TRANSLATION More traditionally the Sail In Festival opened on Thursday evening with the projection of a documentary unpublished in Europe dedicated to Mike Plant and directed by Thomas Simmons, nephew of the sailor disappeared at sea while he was transporting his boat from the United States to Les Sables-d'Olonne to start the Vendée Globe 1992. A remarkable work, a bit long nevertheless, with many interviews - including that of Philippe Jeantot who accepted for the opportunity to travel to the United States to meet the director - and that traced the career of a talented sailor and atypical, without obscuring his dark hours of drug traffickers and his incarceration in Portugal. With this projection, the Sail In Festival confirmed its role of initiator, always finding new productions or almost and not satisfied, like other events of this kind, to diffuse films which pass from the one to the other. In the ensuing debate, in addition to the director, Don McIntyre, former rival of Plant at the BOC Challenge, and initiator of the Golden Globe Race who will start from Sables-d'Olonne on July 1 st .
  12. An old race is on again: The Renaissance of the Multihulls Trophy (August 28 - 31) The Renaissance of the trophy From the first edition of the Multihulls Trophy in May 1980, they were twenty-two to take the start of the four races run in three days in the Bay of Quiberon. The multihulls are divided into five classes: giants of more than thirty meters (group 1), the ex-ORMA, the MOD-70 and assimilated (Group 2), the multi2000 (Group 3) and the Diam24 (Group 5) in Trinidad/Mer, as well as the small flying catamarans installed in The ENVSN (Group 4). Note: The race site has really nice photo's and info on the winners of each edition. However, at the moment, the English version of the site does not have a lot of information. To see all info go to the French version of the site. FRENCH VERSION http://www.tropheedesmulticoques.com/fr ENGLISH VERSION http://www.tropheedesmulticoques.com/ Présentation Trente-huit ans après le premier Trophée des Multicoques organisé en baie de Quiberon, l’évènement recréé fin août 2018 a volonté à être pérenne : toutes les saisons en fin de période estivale, les multicoques de course vont se retrouver à La Trinité/mer et au Beg Rohu durant quatre jours de courses intenses, mélangeant un parcours de 24 heures pour les plus grands trimarans, avec des parcours côtiers, des runs de vitesse et des parades dans le port. Si l’objet est de participer à la préparation des bateaux et des skippers aux épreuves automnales (Route du Rhum en 2018, Tour du Monde et Transat Jacques Vabre en 2019…), ce rassemblement est aussi l’occasion de découvrir toute la diversité du multicoque en France et à l’étranger avec des unités de plus de trente mètres, mais aussi des catamarans de sport à foils, des Diam 24, des bateaux des années 80 (Golden Oldies), des voiliers océaniques, des classes qui ont fait les beaux jours de la course (ORMA, MOD-70, Formule 40…). Le Trophée des Multicoques 2018 devrait ainsi regrouper une cinquantaine d’unités de toutes tailles qui vont sillonner la baie de Quiberon, mais aussi enrouler les îles du Morbihan, de Hoëdic à Groix, de Belle-Île à Houat et avaler les milles à plus de trente nœuds, pour que le public puisse en avant-première avant la Route du Rhum, observer grandeur nature ces multicoques qui vont pour beaucoup, traverser l’atlantique en solitaire. Ce mixage des tailles et des types doit aussi permettre aux équipages d’échanger et de comparer la validité des innovations développées ces dernières saisons sur ces engins de plus en plus sophistiqués. Et le Trophée des Multicoques est aussi l’opportunité à la fin de l’été, de côtoyer ces marins au sein d’un village sis au cœur du port de La Trinité/mer et de découvrir la variété des produits du terroir breton et des entreprises locales. Rendez-vous du lundi 27 août au samedi 1 septembre pour cette nouvelle édition du Trophée des Multicoques ! Machine Translation Thirty-eight years after the first Multihulls Trophy organized in the Bay of Quiberon, the event recreated at the end of August 2018 has the will to be perennial: All seasons at the end of the summer period, the multihulls of race will find themselves in the Trinity/sea and Beg Rohu For four days of intense racing, mixing a 24-hour course for the largest trimarans, with coastal routes, speed runs and parades in the harbour. If the object is to participate in the preparation of boats and skippers in the autumn events (Rum Route in 2018, round the world and Transat Jacques Vabre in 2019...), this gathering is also an opportunity to discover all the diversity of multihull in France and to Abroad with units of more than thirty meters, but also sports catamarans with foils, Diam 24, boats of the years 80 (Golden oldies), ocean sailing ships, classes that made the beautiful days of the race (ORMA, MOD-70, Formula 40...). The 2018 Multihulls Trophy should thus bring together some fifty units of all sizes that will travel through the Bay of Quiberon, but also wind the islands of Morbihan, from Hoëdic to Groix, from Belle-Ile to Houat and swallow the miles at more than thirty knots, Pou A that the public can preview before the Rum Route, observing life-size these multihulls that go for many, crossing the Atlantic alone. This mix of sizes and types must also allow crews to exchange and compare the validity of innovations developed in recent seasons on these increasingly sophisticated gears. And the trophy of the multihulls is also the opportunity at the end of the summer, to rub shoulders with these sailors in a village located in the heart of the Port of Trinidad/MER and to discover the variety of products of Breton terroir and local businesses. See you from Monday, August 27th to Saturday, September 1 for this new edition of the Multihulls Trophy!
  13. When a four-year old design just won't do... MACIF has announced that they will build a new class Ultim 32/23 trimaran for François Gabart to be launched in 2020. After the 2019 Round the World Race, the present Ultmi Tri will be sold. From LeTelegramme: Macif. Un nouveau trimaran pour François Gabart en 2020 Ce mercredi 28 février, le Groupe Macif a annoncé "le renouvellement de son engagement dans la course au large aux côtés de François Gabart au-delà de 2020". Un engagement sur la période 2020-2024. Le communiqué précise également que "la poursuite de ce partenariat se concrétisera notamment par la construction d’un bateau de toute nouvelle génération". Rien n'a filtré mais ce sera très certainement un maxi-trimaran volant puisque le marin le plus rapide de la planète en solitaire (42 jours 16 h 40' 35'') souhaite "s'appuyer sur le programme de la Classe Ultim 32/23". La mise à l'eau est prévue en 2020. "On n'en dira pas beaucoup plus aujourd'hui si ce n'est la décision du Groupe de poursuivre le sponsoring après l'arrivée du tour du monde début 2020. C'est une décision stratégique qui s'accompagne d'une construction, d'où l'anticipation de notre annonce de façon à lancer des études maintenant. Tout cela va prendre du temps", explique Jean-Bernard Le Boucher, directeur des activités mer du Groupe Macif. Ce qui est certain, c'est que François Gabart disputera la Route du Rhum 2018 et la course autour du monde au départ de Brest fin 2019 avec l'actuel trimaran Macif, actuellement en chantier à Lorient pour l'ajout de foils plus performants. "On ne conservera pas deux Ultimes" "Le trimaran actuel est déjà léger, puissant et rapide et on veut continuer à travailler dans ce sens mais pour le nouveau bateau, la nouvelle feuille est blanche pour l'instant. Mais le nouveau bateau sera forcément dans la jauge de la Classe Ultim 32/23. Nous n'avons pas arrêté notre choix. Sur le plan technique, nous sommes dans la réflexion", ajoute Le Boucher. Inévitablement, après le tour du monde 2019, l'actuel trimaran Macif sera vendu. "On ne conservera pas deux Ultimes, c'est certain. L'idée, si possible, est de pouvoir mettre ce nouveau bateau à l'eau en 2020". MACHINE TRANSLATION Macif. A new trimaran for François Gabart in 2020 This Wednesday, February 28th, the MACIF group announced "The renewal of its commitment in the offshore race alongside François Gabart beyond 2020 ". A commitment over the period 2020-2024. The communiqué also states that "the continuation of this partnership will be realized in particular by the construction of a new generation boat". Nothing has filtered but it will most certainly be a maxi-trimaran flying since the fastest sailor on the planet in solitary (42 days 16 h 40 ' 35 ' ') wants to rely on the program of the class Ultim 32/23 ". The release is scheduled for 2020. "We will not say much more today if it is not the group's decision to continue sponsoring after the arrival of the round the World Start 2020. It is a strategic decision that is accompanied by a construction, hence the anticipation of our announcement in order to start studies now. All this will take time , explains Jean-Bernard Le Boucher, director of sea activities of the MACIF group. What is certain is that François Gabart will dispute the Route of Rum 2018 and the race around the world departing from Brest fin 2019 with the current Trimaran Macif, currently under construction in Lorient for the addition of more efficient foils. "We will not retain two Ultimates" "The current trimaran is already light, powerful and fast and we want to continue working in this direction but for the new boat, the new leaf is white for now. But the new boat will inevitably be in the gauge of class Ultim 32/23. We have not stopped our choice. On the technical level, we are in the reflection ", adds the butcher. Inevitably, after the 2019 world tour, the current trimaran Macif will be sold. "We will not retain two Ultimates, for sure. The idea, if possible, is to be able to put this new boat in the water in 2020 ".
  14. For those in Spain or Europe, Coyote is an opening night featured film at the SAIL in Festival in Bilbao, Spain. From the COYOTE Facebook page: "We are fast approaching an exciting European premiere of COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story in Bilbao, Spain as an Official Selection of SAIL IN Festival (March 1 - 4). Humbled to know Mike's story will be included in this annual celebration of cinema and sailing culture and honored to be the **OPENING NIGHT FILM** on March 1st! Director Thomas Simmons will be in attendance to present the film. See you soon Spain!" BBK Hall - Bilbao, Spain Thursday, March 1st - 7:30pm Details + Tickets: http://www.sailinfestival.com/en The Coyote documentary people were also asked to show the film for the Golden Globe 2018 Race before the start. I saw the request by Don McIntyre on the Coyote Facebook page which is now a buried comment for non-Facebook members, which I am not. For those who have not yet seen this film, it will be well worth the wait. I saw Coyote at the opening showing at the Twin-Cities Film Festival and I look forward to seeing again, regularly! Hang on, it's happening, just at a slower pace than many prefer.
  15. It's Facebook, not the film producers that are the problem with my previous attempt to post the official trailer. Here is the trailer from YouTube