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  1. QBF

    Clint Walker - DTS

    Clint Walker, Star of the 1950s TV Western 'Cheyenne,' died Monday. He was 90-years old. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/clint-walker-dead-cheyenne-star-722381
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    Wild Grape Pancakes 1. Collect some wild grapes. You can also use store bought grapes. 2. Wash grapes thoroughly 3. In a bowl, crush the grapes, then strain the juice into a bowl or jar. 4. Use this grape juice as the fluid in the pancake mix. Note: Best served with Portuguese sausage.
  3. For you Florida fans... A woman arrested because her pelvis smelled strongly of marijuana https://www.tcpalm.com/story/news/blogs/off-the-beat/2018/05/16/womans-pelvic-area-smells-like-what/586031002 A deputy stopped the SUV, and a drug sniffing dog “alerted to the presence of narcotics within the vehicle.” Nelsoit, the passenger, had “a strong odor of marijuana emitting from her pelvic area.” Investigators arrested Nelsoit after finding apparent marijuana residue on the passenger seat and floorboard where she was sitting. Nelsoit also reported having pot “stuffed inside of her vaginal area,” an area where items typically are not “stuffed.” At the jail, deputies said she plucked a bag of marijuana from inside her nether regions.
  4. Official Time: Szymon Kuczynski completed his RTW in 270 days, 10 hours and 29 minutes. Comparison records of Szymon Kuczynski and Alessandro di Benedetto Szymon Kuczynski Plymouth, UK to Plymouth, UK Boat: Northman Maxus 22 6.36m (20ft 10.4in)6.36m (20ft 10.4in) 270 days, 10 hours and 29 minutes Alessandro di Benedetto (FRA/ITA) Les Sables-d'Olonne, France to Les Sables-d'Olonne, France Boat: Class Mini 6.5m (21ft 3.9in) Mini 268 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes, 12 seconds
  5. Szymon Kuczynski today as he successfully completed his world record attempt this morning. I don't have an exact time at the moment, but I believe the trip was 270 days.
  6. Solo sailor Szymon Kuczyński is sailing non-stop around the world on 22-feet yacht "Atlantic Puffin". From the Mayflower Marina Facebook page: Szymon Kuczynski, the Polish Skipper of a 6,36 metres long yacht is set to secure a new world record for the smallest yacht to circumnavigate the globe, non-stop with no engine, when he returns to Mayflower Marina, Plymouth early next week. Szymon, who set sail from Mayflower Marina on August 19th 2017, has spent over 260 days alone at sea on board his yacht ‘Atlantic Puffin’ whilst undertaking his adventurous sailing expedition. In an incredible feat of skill and determination the award winning solo sailor has taken a classic sea route round the three famous capes of Africa, Australia and South America, with no outer medical or technical support. Szymon has been living in a space of only 4 square metres for nearly ten months and remarkably accomplished this trip without making any stops to ports. Szymon Kuczynski, who self-funded the single-handed sea journey, is expected to complete his bold round the world trip on Tuesday 15th May, when he finishes the demanding voyage by passing his original start point at Plymouth Breakwater. The Atlantic Puffin will then dock at Mayflower Marina where Szymon will be welcomed by friends, family and supporters of his ‘Call of the Ocean’ sailing projects. Szymon says ‘The Oceans still remain the most impenetrable places on Earth. No more than 300 people have sailed single-handed round the world and only 80 sailors achieved this without stopovers and any outer backing. My boat is a strong and brave little thing; it goes very well with the wind, even in stormy weather it manages to keep course and gain altitude! I am very much looking forward to seeing Plymouth on the horizon as I complete my world record attempt, thank you to everyone for the outstanding support’. Szymon Kuczynski's Website: www.zewoceanu.pl Tracker: https://share.garmin.com/atlanticpuffin
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    Iconic Movie Moments

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  9. The boat was repaired and it is now for sale http://www.cppyacht.com/boat/1960/concordia/masthead-yawl/1056
  10. The Concordia Yawl that sank was Winnie of Bourne, that collided with a Swan 46 and sank at the entrance to Nantucket Harbor. https://www.sailfeed.com/2014/08/various-mishaps-two-abandonments-and-two-boats-sunk-at-harbor-entrances-2
  11. QBF

    Random movie thread

    Here are two where the full-film is online... Fire on the Plain (1959) Le Comte de Monte Cristo (1998) Gérard Depardieu Note: These three combined episodes are 7:21 minutes long!
  12. From Histoire de Shalfs (History of Race Boats) http://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/Histoire des 60 ORMA/M35.htm
  13. How about an Irens design? It’s located in West Cork, Ireland http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2008/Custom-Nigel-Irens-63'-Modern-Classic-2791669/West-Cork/Ireland?refSource=standard listing
  14. This yacht broker in Europe might give you some idea's https://www.devalk.nl/en/Yachts-for-sale.html