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  1. Meat and greet! Militant vegan who took her neighbours to court over their smelly cooking brings in lawyers after 2,000 people vow to attend a community barbecue at HER HOUSE! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7425645/Cilla-Carden-brings-lawyers-2-000-people-vow-barbecue-house.html More than 2,000 meat lovers have vowed to attend a community barbecue at a militant vegan's home after she took her neighbours to court over their smelly cooking. Massage therapist Cilla Carden from Girrawheen, north of Perth, has been locked in a battle with Toan Vu, who lives next door with his wife and children, since late 2018. She claims she can't go outside and enjoy her garden because all she can smell is fish cooking on the family's barbecue. Ms Carden took Mr and Mrs Vu to a tribunal in January this year - but the tribunal dismissed all of her claims. The barbecue is scheduled for Oct. 19 — and vegans are not welcome, the page says. Carden’s legal battle with her neighbors began last year. Her complaint was tossed out of court earlier this year, and she filed an appeal. The appeal was also rejected in July, but she has vowed to keep fighting.
  2. I've gotten interested in micro-cruisers, and thought a thread on this topic might be of interest. Matt Layden's Paradox is my current favorite micro-cruiser, and it is all of 13' 10" long with a 4' beam. One version of this design was sailed engineless as far North as the Bay of Fundy in Canada, and as far South as the Exumas in the Bahamas. Yet another toured the island of Hawaii, and a Paradox sailed around Cape Leeuwin in Australia. Couples have even gone cruising in their Paradox. Graduating to a Smaller Boat http://daveskaife.wordpress.com Skippers statement: "The boat is pretty much what I hoped it would be, fun, comfortable, and a totally new sailing experience." "Oddly enough it may be the most comfortable boat to sail I have ever owned. ...the wind started to pick up and it started to rain. All the other boats out headed for moorings and got soaked, I closed the hatch, rolled up some sail and continued on cozy and dry." My Paradox "Johanna" http://www.freewebs.com/paradoxbuild Geoff (Australia) Scroll down to the heading "Then we had a visitor" http://cruisingashiki.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/shark-bay-shelter-bay-paradox.html Geof started his adventure in Fremantle, and arrived in Shelter Bay five days later, a distance of 370 nautical miles! Geoff also rounded Cape Leeuwin in his Paradox. Sean Mulligan racing in the Texas 200 with his Paradox http://www.youtube.com/user/nebwest2/videos
  3. The 2018 Golden Globe Race starts on July 1st in Les Slables D'Olonne. The race is expected to take up to nine-months for the winner to cross the finish line. The number of entrants for the Race is limited to 30. The 19 provisionally registered and paid-up entrants have a remarkable range of backgrounds and sailing experience. Professional sailors and adventurers dominate but they also include an engineer, foreign exchange trader, hydrographer, pilot, tailor and university lecturer. All have considerable short – and single-handed sailing experience, one having logged five solo circumnavigations. 19 sailors from 13 countries: France (4), Britain (3), Australia (2), and one each from Estonia, Finland, Ireland, India, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Russia and USA. Their average age is 47. The youngest is 28; the oldest, 72. More are looking to announce their entries before the start from Les Sables d’Olonne on July 1, 2018, but they and their boats must first meet the strict entry conditions, which include 8,000 sailing miles and 2,000 miles solo. SKIPPERS http://goldengloberace.com/skippers-provisional Note: All skippers are listed as provisional until the race starts. LIVE TRACKER goldengloberace.com/livetracker Website http://goldengloberace.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/goldengloberace Twitter https://twitter.com/ggr2018official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/goldengloberace SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/goldengloberace Instagram https://www.instagram.com/goldengloberace And with a nod to safety and to Donald Crowhurst: SATELLITE TRACKING There are two prizes: DISQUALIFIED OR NOT
  4. Yesterday I received two calls from the fraud division of my credit card company. Someone got a hold of my CC number and was attempting to wrack up a number of charges. The jerk who stole my CC number must be lonely as they tried to subscribe to a bunch of "Dating" services among other things. It seems they were lonely and not horny as the places included Match.com, etc, and not INeedToGetLaid.com. The card company immediately cancelled my card and said they would send me card with a new number. The lady who I was talking with couldn't stop laughing at my responses. She said she expected me to say I wasn't subscribing to dating websites, but she said my responses were great. I think I said something like "Nope, not me, Absolutely not!, No way no how!, etc, etc, etc..." In this case they said there is no way (at least yet) that they knew who or where the card number was grabbed. However, about seven years ago this happened and I knew what company it was as I had made a purchase from them a week previously and suddenly I got notified about someone buying a cell phone, first-class plane tickets to Mexico, etc..." I called that company and discovered they had just shut down. Damn SOB!
  5. The family feud began in October 2016, when, following a divorce, a 40-year old man moved back in with his parents in Grand Rapids Michigan, bringing with him his $29,000 stockpile of porn. His parents admit they dumped the porn, which included titles such as "Frisky Business" and "Big Bad Grannys." https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6921465/Michigan-man-sues-parents-throwing-massive-porn-collection-worth-29-000.html About 10-months later, the man, whose identity was withheld by the outlet, moved to a new home in Indiana and his parents sent him his belongings. That’s when he noticed his pornography pile — which consisted of over 12-moving boxes full of movies and two boxes of sex toys was gone. The man tried calling the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, sending one officer 44-emails listing movies he says were destroyed, but authorities declined to press charges. Many of the porn flicks are valuable and out-of-print, according to the suit. The man emailed his parents, writing: “If you had a problem with my belongings, you should have stated that at the time and I would have gone elsewhere. Instead, you choose to keep quiet and behave vindictively.” According to the suit, his father responded: “Believe it or not, one reason for why I destroyed your porn was for your own mental and emotional health.” “I would have done the same if I had found a kilo of crack cocaine,” his father added. “Someday, I hope you will understand.” The man is seeking triple financial damages of roughly $87,000.
  6. Yesterday, I received a 70th birthday gift from AAA! It certainly came as a surprise as I was not expecting it at all. For my "Gift," my car insurance rate has been increased by $60.00 a year. Naturally, I called AAA support and asked why my rate was increased. I was politely told that at the age of 70. everyone's rate goes up and increases as the person gets older. I joked with the lady that it sounds like at age 85 or so my rates will be the same as a 16 year old. She said pretty much so... One the bright side, the support lady told me that I can go to a AAA office and take a "Defensive Driving Course and test. After I pass, my car insurance rates will drop by $60.00 a year. I wonder what I should bribe the teacher with? An apple? A gift certificate? A box of Depends?
  7. As at least one of the two cars I know of is getting ready to run (somewhat), I thought a thread devoted to the Word Land Speed Record was preferable over a bunch of separate threads. BloodhoundLSR to run at Hakskeen Pan track in South Africa - October 2019 After 11-years, the Bloodhound Land Speed Record team announced that the Bloodhound LSR car will run for the first time on its dry lake bed race track at Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, South Africa, in October 2019. http://www.bloodhoundlsr.com/october-2019-date-set-for-bloodhound-high-speed-test-programme/ Following the successful 210mph (320km/h) UK runway trials at Cornwall Airport Newquay in October 2017, the team will be targeting 500mph (800km/h) – a key milestone on the journey to setting a new world land speed record. The record runs are currently scheduled for late 2020. Will this happen? Who knows, but Ian Warhurst, the new owner, seems to have much better control over this project than did Richard Noble.
  8. The dumb holiday traditions I dislike are the people who denigrate holiday traditions. I've always found them to be miserable people who want to share their misery with everyone else. If you don't believe, than ignore it, and get on with your life.
  9. QBF

    Got My Test Results Today...

    Congratulations, Mr. Clean. You've worked hard to accomplish this, be proud of what you have done.
  10. QBF

    All of These DTS Threads

    Right after he died, the article I read just said he had seizures and that blood was pouring out of his mouth. Not a pleasant way to go.
  11. QBF

    All of These DTS Threads

    Do you read the obituaries?
  12. The World’s First Human Composting Facility is Coming to Seattle in 2021 https://themindunleashed.com/2019/12/human-composting-facility-seattle-2021.html In a move hailed as a positive step by environmentalists, Washington became the first U.S. state to legalize the composting of human bodies in May of this year. And now, the Evergreen State will become home to the world’s first human composting facility in 2021 thanks to Katrina Spade, founder and CEO of Recompose, after the legislation she helped enact goes into effect in May 2020. According to its website, Spade founded the revolutionary company with the goal of offering “natural organic reduction to the public,” a system that converts human remains into soil as an alternative to cremation or burial. * “By converting human remains into soil, we minimize waste, avoid polluting groundwater with embalming fluid, and prevent the emissions of CO2 from cremation and from the manufacturing of caskets, headstones, and grave liners." * " By allowing organic processes to transform our bodies and those of our loved ones into a useful soil amendment, we help to strengthen our relationship to the natural cycles while enriching the earth.” Can Soylent Green be far behind?
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    Random PicThread

    I am William Wallace!
  14. Earlier this year I checked the local cremation society site and they were $1,800 for a basic cremation.
  15. Crab you totally missed my humor. Do yourself a favour and put on on Ignore.
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    Brrrrrrrrrr '19/20

    It's warmer than was originally forecast, but we did get another 4" of snow. Fortunately, it was the normal dry, fluffy kind.
  17. Why would anyone want crabs. I had them once in my teenage years after spending the night with a loose woman. I don’t recommend them!
  18. There was a television series about that back in the 1970’s, called “The Shits of San Francisco.”
  19. QBF

    Land Speed Record Anarchy

    Samuel Hawley, the author of multiple books on the Land Speed Record has created a new YouTube channel where he posts on the various LSR cars and their drivers. I have read his book "ULTIMATE SPEED" the boiography of Craig Breedlove and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading his book "Speed Duel: The Inside Story of the Land Speed Record in the Sixties" that features the duel between Breedlove and the Arfons brothers. Craig Breedlove's Spirit of America SECRET WEAPON!
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    Bow-Cow Fugly

    People having a great time showing off their creations. While it's not for me, I love it!
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    Idiot art and performance artists

    This story reminded me of the "Art History" professor I had in Montréal. She was a staunch Quebéc separatist and was totally in love with artist Mary Kelly's Post-Partum Document. I preferred to call it Mary Kelly's "Post Pablum" as she used the "end result" to to paint her pictures. http://www.marykellyartist.com/post_partum_document.html
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    All of These DTS Threads

    What about those who die who are not boomers, such as the recently dead Juice Wrld who was only 21? https://www.wtnh.com/news/rapper-juice-wrld-dies-after-medical-emergency-in-chicago/
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    Credit Card Theft Anarchy

    I am looking into this thing, "Shop online without using your real credit card number." https://www.capitalone.com/applications/eno/virtualnumbers