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  1. The 2018 Golden Globe Race starts on July 1st in Les Slables D'Olonne. The race is expected to take up to nine-months for the winner to cross the finish line. The number of entrants for the Race is limited to 30. The 19 provisionally registered and paid-up entrants have a remarkable range of backgrounds and sailing experience. Professional sailors and adventurers dominate but they also include an engineer, foreign exchange trader, hydrographer, pilot, tailor and university lecturer. All have considerable short – and single-handed sailing experience, one having logged five solo circumnavigations. 19 sailors from 13 countries: France (4), Britain (3), Australia (2), and one each from Estonia, Finland, Ireland, India, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Russia and USA. Their average age is 47. The youngest is 28; the oldest, 72. More are looking to announce their entries before the start from Les Sables d’Olonne on July 1, 2018, but they and their boats must first meet the strict entry conditions, which include 8,000 sailing miles and 2,000 miles solo. SKIPPERS http://goldengloberace.com/skippers-provisional Note: All skippers are listed as provisional until the race starts. LIVE TRACKER goldengloberace.com/livetracker Website http://goldengloberace.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/goldengloberace Twitter https://twitter.com/ggr2018official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/goldengloberace SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/goldengloberace Instagram https://www.instagram.com/goldengloberace And with a nod to safety and to Donald Crowhurst: SATELLITE TRACKING There are two prizes: DISQUALIFIED OR NOT
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    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Commander Tomy managed to get to some ice tea which was the first thing he has had to drink in several days. From the photo he took and sent to race HQ, he looks better than I expected. Hopefully, rescuers will get to him soon.
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    Loïck Peyron

    "Happy" is for sale and will be available in Guadeloupe after the 2018 "Route du Rhum." http://www.ybw.com/boats-for-sale/6821177?currency=GBP
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    Favourite Boat pic?

    Dinelli held onto that line/sheet for 24-hours before an Australian Aircraft managed to locate him and drop a life raft that he was able to climb into. 10-minutes later his boat sank! https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/how-we-met-pete-goss-and-raphael-dinelli-1262298.html
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    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Golden Globe Race Abhilash Tomy has been dismasted and sustained a Back injury and cannot move. A Press Release and update will be issued as soon as possible covering this and Gregor McGuckin Empowered by Hanley Energy #GGR2018 Both Tomy and McGuckin are some 1,900 miles west of Cape Leeuwin, West Australia https://goldengloberace.com/day-82-breaking-news/ Note: Just saw that r.finn posted about Tomy's back injury some posts before mine.
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    Random PicThread

    That's "Conan the Librarian" from the movie UHF.
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    Random PicThread

    Fun film to watch, Big Man Japan
  8. The Original Score for COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story is now live on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon.com and more! .. find links below. **Gifted** Composers, Jeff Victor and Tony Braasch, left an impressive and impactful mark on the film. We are proud of their work and thankful for the passion they brought to every note. Thank you Brack Herfurth and Grey Ghost Music for leading us to these talented and thoughtful artists! This is a screen shot from their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/coyotemovie/ The actual Documentary is slated to be available for download from iTunes on October 2, 2018. I checked Amazon today but they do not yet list the movie, just the music from the soundtrack. What the &#^%$? Not everyone using Apple products! Thomas Simmons (Director of COYOTE: The Mike Plant Story) seems to have dropped the ball on promoting this movie over the past months...
  9. I just learned about this project today, a documentry about Mike Plant is being filmed. "Project Coyote is a documentary film that traces the daring path of American single-handed skipper, Mike Plant. When Plant went missing mid-Atlantic in 1992, the sailing world held its breath. After only five years of single-handed sailing, Plant logged over 100,000 miles at sea, twice set the American record for the fastest solo circumnavigation and was recognized as one of five skippers in history to complete three solo trips around the world." Project Coyote website http://www.projectcoyotemovie.com Project Coyote Facebok page Thrilled to announce cameras begin rolling this week on the eastern seaboard as we embark on the journey to share Mike's story with you. Humbled by the support we have received to get here.. inspired as we cross the starting line. https://www.facebook.com/pages/PROJECT-COYOTE/1026041180755830
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Here is a video published today by Le Telegramme of François Gabart sailing his newly modified Trimaran Macif https://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/route-du-rhum-gabart-vole-deja-13-09-2018-12077078.php Un mois après sa remise à l'eau, le maxi-trimaran Macif, doté de foils plus performants, a effectué plusieurs sorties et avalé pas moins de 3.000 milles en vue de la Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe. François Gabart, son skipper, se dit très satisfait des performances de son Macif, nouvelle version. MACHINE TRANSLATION One month after its release, the maxi-trimaran MACIF, equipped with more efficient foils, carried out several outings and swallowed no less than 3,000 miles in view of the Route du Rum-Destination Guadeloupe. François Gabart, his skipper, said he was very pleased with the performance of his MACIF, the new version. Sorry, but you'll need to click the link to view the video https://player.myvideoplace.tv/?v=TELEGRAMME_OFF_120918
  11. Moto2 rider Romano Fenati was penalized, then fired after grabbing Stefano Manzi's brake lever during the MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix. https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a23066637/fenati-fired-grabs-brake-motorcycle-race/ This clown did this at 140 MPH! This weekend, Moto2 racer Romano Fenati made the unfathomably boneheaded decision to reach over and grab competitor Stefano Manzi's brake lever during the San Marino Grand Prix. Immediately, the move earned Fenati a black flag, a disqualification, and a two-race penalty. Now, Fenati has been fired effective immediately. Fenati's jerk move came as he and Manzi were battling for position in Moto2, the second-tier racing series below MotoGP. Fenati and Manzi were running neck-to-neck when both riders overcooked a corner and briefly went off-track. Both riders maintained control and got back onto the racing line when Fenati reached over to Manzi's motorcycle and squeezed his brake lever in an apparent attempt to cause Manzi to lose control. Manzi stayed upright, but crashed not long after Fenati's meddling. Immediately, Fenati was penalized by the racing organization, but the full repercussions came today: Fenati's team, Marinelli Snipers, ended his contract effective immediately. In a statement published on Facebook, the team said Fenati's "irresponsible act endangered the life of another rider and can't be apologized in [any] way." The after-effects didn't end there. Fenati was slated to compete for MV Agusta in Moto2 starting in 2019; today, that company's president, Giovanni Castiglioni, published a post on Instagram stating that he will do everything he can to oppose Fenati joining the team, calling it the "worst" and "saddest" thing he'd ever seen in a motorcycle race.
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    Worst Sportman of the Year

    Well that didn't take long... Romano Fenati lost his license and has been banned from racing. After he was banned, he retired from motorcycling racing. Romano Fenati has a history of bad behavior on the track https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/motogp/romano-fenati-misano-brake-lever/ Disgraced Moto2 rider Romano Fenati has lost his license and been banned from competing in all events by the Italian motorcycling federation for grabbing a rival's brake during the San Marino Grand Prix. The 22-year-old Fenati had earlier announced he was retiring after being sacked by his Marinelli Snipers team and the Forward Racing team he was due to join next season. 3https://au.news.yahoo.com/disgraced-fenati-loses-licence-pulling-rivals-brake-140126425--spt.html
  13. Legendary Colorado climber Jeff Lowe dies after long struggle with degenerative disease. He was known as a visionary who had more than 1,000 first ascents on rock, ice and snow. The American climber was widely recognized as one for the strongest alpinists of his generation. Two of Lowe's famous climbs are: * 1979 Ama Dablam, Nepal: Solo first ascent of new route up the South Face. * 1991, Metanoia, Eiger North Face: First ascent, solo, winter, nine days, no bolts. Jeff Lowe’s legendary route “Metanoia” up the north face of the Eiger. In a life crisis Jeff had come to Switzerland in the winter of 1991 and had opened the extreme Eiger route in nine days – solo and without using bolts. It was not until the end of 2016 that a team of three, German Thomas Huber and the Swiss Stephan Siegrist and Roger Schaeli succeeded in repeating the route for the first time. Thomas Huber stated: “We were three, Jeff was alone then. During every pitch, that I led, I tried to imagine how it was for him climbing alone. He must have been totally stressed. But he did it!” Huber said afterwards “I have left the route with a great deal of awe.” Jeff Lowe climbing Metanoia Jeff Lowe climbing Metanoia In recent years Jeff Lowe had been bound to a wheelchair and needed care. He suffered from a rare, still incurable illness, with similar symptoms like MS or ALS. When, in 2017, Lowe was awarded the Piolet d’Or, the “Oscar of the Mountaineers”, for his lifetime climbing achievements, he was unable to collect the trophy personally.
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Building a new giant trimaran is a hell of a challenge! So, where did she come from? With Thomas Coville, discover the scenes of the site ultim' 3 Construction Site, which is scheduled for the end of 2018. Screen capture image of a float for Sodebo Ultim' 3
  15. On Augest 12, 2018 Danny Thompson (69) set the World Land Speed Record for piston driven vehicles of 448.757mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is the same car his late father, Mickey Thompson used while trying to break the same record 50-years ago, before he was murdered by two hit men in 1988. Previously, in 1960, Mickey Thompson set a one-way speed of 406.6 MPH in his LSR vehicle, the Challenger I. It was Mickey Thompson that sparked my life-long interest in Land Speed Record cars. When I was 11-years old a friend had an album called "The Sounds of Speed" that had a track of Mickey Thompson warming up his four-engine Challenger I. My friend loved to put his record player speakers in the windows, turn the volume up full blast, and play the Challenger I track for the delight of his neighbors. From the ThompsonLSR website On Sunday morning, eight years of hard work culminated in a 450.909mph return run. Averaged with yesterday's speed of 446.605mph, we achieved a new two-way AA/FS record of 448.757mph, enough to make us the world's fastest piston powered car. This is the video from Danny's viewpoint while make the final record pass, including the moments he had to maneuver out of a slide at 430mph
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    Village Voice DTS

    The "East Village Other" was vastly superior... WikiPedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Village_Other Memorial site for the EVO http://eastvillageother.org/
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    Climbing legend Jeff Lowe Passes

    This is how Jeff Lowe spent that last years of his life.
  18. That would be Ken Warby, who broke the Anglo-American domination when he piloted his Spirit of Australia to 288.6 mph (464.5 km/h) to beat Lee Taylor’s record. Warby, who had built the craft in his back yard, used the publicity to find sponsorship to pay for improvements to the Spirit. On October 8 1978 Warby travelled to Blowering Dam, Australia, and broke both the 300 mph (483 km/h) and 500 km/h barriers with an average speed of 317.18 mph (510 km/h). http://www.speedace.info/water_speed_record_history.htm
  19. Congratulations, Mr. Perry!
  20. I understand that SA has had a problem with spammers. But why do I now need to login before I can view the forum? Is SA now a closed, members only forum?
  21. MACHINE TRANSLATION When Alex Pella was born, the internet still did not exist and everything was read on paper. He was not a good student, but he did devour any book that told sea stories. One of the ones that most impressed him was Antonio de Pigafetta on the expedition of Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastian Elcano around the world . Undoubtedly the greatest maritime feat of all history. That expedition left Seville on August 10, 1519 . It consisted of about 237 men divided into five ships. Three years later, 18 survivors returned to the same port aboard a single ship, the Nao Victoria. They had completed the round the world. A feat that empirically set the measurements of the Earth and that was a giant step in the opening of knowledge , communications and exchanges of all kinds on a worldwide scale . That great adventure marked the beginning of globalization. Today, Alex is one of the best sailors of his generation and is in the best moment of his career . In the last four years he has added to his extensive palmares the absolute record of the round the world (Jules Verne Trophy) in 2017, the Record of the half way round the world (Tea Route) in 2018, the victory in the last edition of the Route of the Rum regatta (Crossing of the Atlantic in solitary) in 2014, obtaining the record of the test and the victory in the Transat Jaques Vabre (Crossing of the Atlantic to two) in 2017, also establishing the record. Now he has decided to make a parenthesis, to focus on a unique project within the framework of the V Centennial of the first round the world. He tells us from the Marina of Denia, while preparing the GALVANA, his classic sailboat. Alex explains where the idea comes from: "This event is a unique opportunity to connect Spanish society with the sea, and this is achieved by using the history of the first circumnavigation of the world, 500 years ago, and bringing it to the present. a type of very fast boat, in which I usually sail to break ocean records, but following the defeat of Elcano and telling it live to a global audience ". Alex has an undeniable divulging desire: " You have to tell stories of the sea, the journey of Magallanes and Elcano was an incredible epic that served to unite what were then four worlds: Asia, Africa, America and Europe." It was the beginning of globalization And as Magellan and Elcano did 500 years ago, we will use the force of the wind, the currents and the waves to carry out the plan, which is played on a playing field, which represents 72% of the planet: the oceans. All that and much more is what you have to tell ". Álex is clear about his plans and how to carry them out: "By 2019, I want to establish reference times in special stages, joining the places and cities of the original route, at each stop there will be a program of hospitality, institutional events and sponsorship. In 2020 I want to attack the record of the round the world solo and nonstop to the west, baptizing it as the Juan Sebastián Elcano Trophy . Technically, I am clear about the type of boat and what boats are available in the market. with whom I am going to tell, and in sports I have valued all the difficulties well ". http://www.marca.com/otros-deportes/2018/08/14/5b72c9a4468aebc50e8b4771.html
  22. The man that ordered the hit is Michael Goodwin, a former business partner of Mickey Thompson. A state appellate court upheld the conviction Monday of a man serving two life terms in prison for the 1988 killing of racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-conviction-upheld-mickey-thompson-20150126-story.html However, the hit men have never been found.