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  1. AlStorer

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Otterbox, did you have inside knowledge of this (via Mark Jardine at Y&Y) when you started the thread?
  2. AlStorer

    DC Designs

    No safety goggles?
  3. AlStorer

    Swede 55

    She's a beaut! How long till you're sailing her with the Anarchy battle flag proudly flying?
  4. AlStorer

    six foot skiffs?

    we'll believe that when we see pics of you sailing it! Get to work.
  5. AlStorer

    six foot skiffs?

    post of the week! They surely can'tr cost too much, mosat of the expense must be in sails...
  6. AlStorer

    six foot skiffs?

    those look awsome!
  7. AlStorer

    six foot skiffs?

    surely a six foot skiff shaped hull would struggle to have enough displacement to flat with three guys on board? I mean, fine, once you're up and planing, that's not an issue, but actually getting going would be I'd have thought.