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  1. Next USA Team

    Blair TUKE. Come on man let's get that right to start with. Still, I don't think that he's for sale no matter the salary offered.
  2. Why was TNZ faster ?

    They can rake the boards forwards so they generate downforce as soon as they enter the water. This was talked about at length in the IPENZ "Battle of the Boats" lecture on youtube from AC34. I imagine that a similar technique was used by teams this time around.
  3. Next USA Team

    Tuke isnt going anywhere. He and Burling have been together for many years now, as friends, 49er crew over 2 Olympics and 4 years of world champs, and now a full ETNZ campaign. After what happened to Coutts & Butterworth in the NZ media when they jumped ship to Alinghi for the '03 cup, I'm sure the memories and feelings are still pretty strong. Any of those 3 leaving to a new team would become overnight the most hated people in NZ. Not gonna happen.
  4. Team NZ

    http://emoo.bm/classoform.aspx?moo&catId=9&idr=40&idDoc=1810413&lang=en Anyone in Bermuda looking for a new boat?
  5. Team NZ

    Congrats to all the team! Can't wait till the parade and defence. I still remember being at the parade in '95 as a 9 year old keen opti sailor. NZ back on top of the world. I was working at the Line 7 store in the viaduct during the 2003 regatta, that one seriously hurt. I've only posted a few times on here but have been reading (almost) every word for the last few months. Good to share it with you. Cheers! That was possibly the best tasting beer I've had in 14 years!
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Right under the stars and stripes. Foil looks awfully kinky... From the latest MIHBDA video
  7. Oracle Team USA

    It would explain the schoolboy multiple penalties/cock-ups in their last RR races