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    Nice boats ,bad girls and average weather.
  1. Flap

    New imoca boats

    Nice move man , now everyone's gonna find out and do nothing.
  2. Flap

    Team Vestas grounded

    I like how the grounding nearly pulled the bikini bottoms of the chick in the background.
  3. Flap

    Team Vestas grounded

    Australian news has just picked up the story with footage on 7. This is the first I report I have seen in the main stream media here in Oz. Hard to believe really as one of this countries best skippers is/was racing around the world and had serious incdent and it only now gets reported about . Fucking shameful Ozzy media outlets! The only sailing the news here is Boxing Day S-H , even then they just focus on the seven logo for an hour or so then a shot of MR and BO at the end. Anyway back to the fucking cricket and what the Karshitians are doing for Xmas. Rant over :-)
  4. Flap

    Team Vestas grounded

    Each time you hear that bang, bump, thud, or shudder , you learn somthing. Like fuck, don't do that again. I know there are 101 ways to run aground but there is no point testing them all out eh?That's why some of us like offshore sailing where there is bugger all around to run into ( except those big steel monsters) For some reason I just look at it like this , as many of you will. Rule 5 proper lookout, Rule 6 Safe speed, Rule 7 Risk of collision Rule 8 action to avoid a collision and so on. Then eventually you stop hitting things. Of course ya need ya lucky charms, Red Sox, glass fishing float and that dusty old sextant.
  5. Flap

    Team Vestas grounded

    .....that term can mean different things to different people....in Aus,doesn't it mean a good piss-up!? Ahh you know what ya talking about, a few coldies, good as gold.
  6. Flap

    Team Vestas grounded

    Does anyone have a paper chart for that area? I would love to know the ZOC for that reef. My guess is it is proberbly D or U. Please enlighten me.
  7. Flap

    Team Vestas grounded

    Is this Vor a joke? I find it hard to believe a team could run aground in this day and age. At least all the boats didn't run aground at the same time.
  8. Flap

    Coolboats to admire

    Nothing sub zero here