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    Australian Sailing

    It’s been a while since I studied this but I pretty sure in Qld every decision made a by a decision maker of a government or quasi-government body can be subject to judicial review. I would say the AS is a quasi government institution. In this case the review would be before QCAT the other party would either be compelled to attend or the matter could be heard in their absence. In any case the ruling would be legally enforceable. Any legal opinions?
  2. Sorry to steal your world beating idea Zen. If any one wants a free QDPF email me at If this is deemed an ad I’m happy to pay the ad price.
  3. It was a close call but I wasn’t convinced I had broken the rule. The lack of a hail or flag convinced me I was ok. See above Easy right Good point but Impulse was the protested boat. the protester could be protested if it could be proved that they decided a long time after the event to protest then lied in the protest room.
  4. Yep!! They did a good job in defining reasonable at 3.4. Hopefully it will provide some guidance for the future.
  5. I am tempted to answer yes to both, but because you seem so sure of yourself yet so ignorant at the same time, the temptation to bait you is irrestible. So Before I answer that can you explain what makes one rule a technicality and another rule, when in breach, foul? Also can you confirm that you would prefer that rule 61(a) did not exist? Oh and do me one more favour, google the "Dunning Kruger Effect" and let me know your thoughts. Have a great day!
  6. Here it is appeal decision 2019-10 Southport Y.C. Another Painkiller v Impulse X.pdf
  7. The appeal was successful! I’ll post the ruling here as soon as I get to a free moment. The disciplinary went well. All in all I think it was a worthwhile exercise.
  8. Thanks for al your replies sorry I didnt respond to all. but it was educational, edifying and fun.
  9. Didnt make a post anywhere else TJ never been on sail net ha ha ha. No that wasnt me. but I wont be hard to recognise! I'll be the blue boat doing circles every time another boat comes within 2 boatlengths of me Ouch!!! Impulse was not the protesting boat
  10. Is there a requirement to be trained?
  11. I thought your use of the word vociferous was mightyly impressive but I think it would have been more fun if you had used a large font, caps, bold and underline like this VOCIFEROUS it really stirs the blood VOCIFEROUS . However I am concerned and alarmed that you seem to have completly ignorned the itallics font option. How does reflect upon your attitudes to inclusivness. Is this how you treat ALL MINORITIES??????????
  12. Next time, if we can ever persuade you to come again, just raft up next to me.
  13. Its not too hard for the protesting boat to show a flag imediately. The whole idea is that the flag is flown while the boats are in close enough proximity to clearly see it, then the protested boat can make a choice to take turns or challenge the protest. All you need is a protest flag velcroed to the backstay. The PC can make allowances for genuine reasons for delay. But of course nobody can make a case for a delay of 15 mins in the circumstances of this protest.