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  1. Lief Erikson

    Yeah, that's really gotta suck, where everyone is a small businessman, and supports other small businessmen locally. They'd better get a Tim Horton's to supply crap coffee and fat pills in there Stat!
  2. Agreed - but the fiberglass ones are pretty nice too.
  3. Spirit-33' s&s

    There was a great story about her in WoodenBoat back in 2000, issue #156. I no longer have it, but for some reason the story stuck with me.
  4. Lief Erikson

    You're obviously not of Appalachian or Balkan descent. There, grudges do go back (for a - it seems, and b - for real) for a millennium. We made the mistake of employing both Croats and Serbs simultaneously at my wife's restaurant. Never again.
  5. And sadly, the molds will be available at auction 11/11 when the US Watercraft assets go on the block. As will those of numerous J/Boats, Farrs and a bunch of powerboats. Damn - I learned on a J/24 back in the day.
  6. I completely agree. It seems well-targeted for our imagined design brief, it's not a monstrosity, and I bet it sails well. It's not an RTW cruiser, so what? Sail when it's nice, fish a lot, and if a squall or system threatens, "beat it" on home. Stay aboard for a weekend. Lots of cold beer (but please no Landshark or Corona!).
  7. Yacht brokerage owner/director earnings?

    6% RoR on a risk-free investment is pretty decent. And it helps the planet. ...and he gets 13 years (est.) of free power afterward. His were not the cheap Chinese panels.
  8. We are doing it!

    Your production partner might want to lighten up on the apocalyptic soundtrack. Kind of like dropping "Carmina Burana" on a dinghy ride with a kid and a dog. ;-)
  9. Jesus shackle

    I'm not getting any "ambient" from the names Raz'r or Rasputin, but, not to thread drift, I can't stop laughing about "ambient thrash", and imagining what it might sound like. Mellow and apocalyptic? Relaxing, yet deeply disturbing... musical Rolfing, perhaps ;-)
  10. Cruising Queensland? Watch out for the lizards.

    Oddly around here wild salmon costs little more than farmed. (Thanks Costco in the PNW!) No point in supporting the farms.
  11. Yacht brokerage owner/director earnings?

    Holy shit! I never pay more than $50 (of our $), and that's adding the "renewable" elective (i.e. subsidize wind or solar). I have to assume part of yours is for aircon, which we don't need. Heat is by gas. My buddy in Houston (who bore Irma with no damage) invested $7K in a solar array, but as an accountant he calculated that he'd have a 12 year ROI.
  12. Yacht brokerage owner/director earnings?

    Yeah they do. Our older docs, with whom she "tracked" every summer, said they're blown away by the curriculum students follow nowadays, and in the selectivity of applicants - you can't even get accepted unless you've published in a peer-reviewd journal, and you've better have serious social cred in working long term in volunteer clinics in the inner city or the 3rd world. And our country wonders why we have a chronic shortage of doctors.
  13. Chinese stainless; aka "Chinesium". I brought a "stainless" barbeque grill a renter had left behind to our local recycler (we recycle everything), hoping for at least enough return to justify the fuel cost to get there. Fat chance - they first tool they use is a simple magnet. Busted! Absolute crap, got 6¢/lb. And that was generous. No wonder it was rusting in hidden crevices. When we built our previous house, we were lucky enough to score maybe the last old-growth redwood siding available on the market (it was from an old lumberyard's bankruptcy stock in Northern California) which was clear all-heart vertical grain; very corrosive to steel, especially Chinesium. Symptoms are unfixable black streaks on the redwood downhill from the corroding fasteners, and easy deformation. We paid double over 304, and 8x the Chinese ones, for proper 316 from a proper domestic supplier (Manasquan Fasteners). The extra $1K cost saved the looks of $40K of wood, and the carpenters liked the strength of the steel. I have a problem with Chinese metallurgy. You in the Antipodes are plagued by it. Find a reputable Western or Japanese source; the cost will be forgotten long before the alternative fails.
  14. Cruising Queensland? Watch out for the lizards.

    OK - last one for tonight... Dunno, man. Masahiro Tanaka did a pretty outstanding job for the Yankees last night: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/29/sports/baseball/yankees-masahiro-tanaka-strikeouts.html Which probably doesn't matter to you, as you're undoubtedly with the Massholes in Baaaahston. And yes, they won the division. My German/NH transplant forebears beg to differ. ;-)
  15. Cruising Queensland? Watch out for the lizards.

    Bummer - somehow my reply got deleted. You probably could, but I'd be wary of the NZ greenlips; we're good with the PEI (Canada) or PNW (both US and Canada) ones flavor-wise. You'll need more than 3! There are also some great Japanese oysters (*moto). We're attending a seafood show Tuesday, will ask around.