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  1. rattus32

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    Yup - that's the way to do it - as a kid, we traveled all over NA in a VW Campmobile and a tent for we 3 boys; As adults we graduated to a Eurovan MV (pop-top and bed but no kitchen) w/an Engel cooler, water bladders, 2 kids and a Taj Mahal tent for them. We alternated camping/hiking expeditions with sailing ones, and would never regret having spent quality outdoor time with the kids either way. The key to making the land-based expeditions was to stay the hell away from any "campgrounds" that catered to giant RVs and featured hookups, which got us far into the backcountry (National Forest campgrounds are a good start) and kept us far from the crowds. Solar bag shower, propane cooktop, limited water, etc - wait - that sounds like sailing! Treated ourselves to a real bed and prepared food every 3-4 days to keep from devolving. I could see doing that post-retirement, maybe a bit fancier with a simple Sprinter conversion, but remaining off the grid mostly for a year or so. Alternating that with a reasonable boat in a fine location quarterly sounds even better.
  2. rattus32

    Southerly 38 and other modern lifting keel boats

    Holy shit - *2* axes of rotation? For 2 keels, each? 4 rams in total? I think something broke just sitting on the trailer.
  3. rattus32

    Retirement Planning

    Ouch. May your recovery be rapid and complete. I'm happy you "retired" early, had a massive adventure, and kept many of us entertained, inspired, and informed along the way. Looking forward to more.
  4. rattus32

    Aqua, Superyacht Bill Gates ordered

    I snickered when I saw that; assumed that even posthumously, Gates *had* to outdo Steve Jobs' destroyer.
  5. rattus32

    Cleaning soiled inflatable

    You can get oxalic acid (usually called "wood brightener") dirt cheap at any paint store, and mix it up into a paste if you want. Always wear heavy gloves. Be quick about removing it once it's done its job. Fairly benign on the ground if you dilute it heavily.
  6. rattus32

    Unconventional refrigeration

    Ouch. A thermoelectic cooler, all else equal, will usually consume around 4x the power of a vapor/compression (compressor) type cooler. Built a number of beer-can TE coolers many years ago, but the battery requirements made it impractical.
  7. We like Pasta alla Romana for quick feeds - (2 servings) 1/2 box pasta, boiled up in a wide pot and drained. Wipe out pot. Significant glug or 2 (or 4) of good olive oil in pot; add a big fat tablespoon of minced garlic and cook on low until it sizzles Crack 4 eggs into olive oil, cover and cook on low until whites are just set. Drop 2 eggs each and 1/2 the oil onto 2 bowls of pasta; break yolks and mix; grate 1 ton of Pecorino Romano atop. Pepper generously. I gain weight just thinking about it ;-) The other is pork green chile; I make gallons of it at a time and we freeze up cubes, like 6x6x6" in plastics and let them help keep the cooler cold, and then make breakfast burritos, or serve on steamed soft tortillas (same ol' pot, strainer, lid) in bowls with sour cream and cheese, or...
  8. rattus32

    Over the horizon

    Great song. Hootie (Darius) comes up our way every year to raise money for our orthopedic center,. Nice show; would be even better if he cut the country crap out ;-)
  9. rattus32

    Gunboat 68

    Somehow, I'd feel far more comfortable with a "Die Porsche" driveline than a "La Ferrari" out in the Tuamotus. ;-)
  10. rattus32

    How I bought my boat

    I'm liking the "Minnow" scale, but what would be a Mary Ann toy? A Professor toy ? A Gilligan toy?
  11. You can't resolve RCH's on a tape measure. I'd guess one Albanian Black is about the minimum.
  12. rattus32

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Was the space between "Artis" and "Anal" intentional?
  13. rattus32

    Is Lehr out of business?

    It was Chinese, and you got Chinese quality. You know the drill, profit margin supersedes performance, cost and quality. Quality engineering or production control? That costs money. Suppliers are often chosen based on relationships, familial or otherwise (compromising photos, gambling debts?) Quick hint - if the supplier can't even produce a brochure in an intelligible version of your local language, just imagine the herculean effort expended in clear, unambiguous interpretation of (likely stolen) engineering specs? Why was this a surprise to anyone?
  14. rattus32

    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    Bummer. Wish I didn't have one kid in grad school and another in med school... the mind wanders. Thanks for the stories. May you quickly be afloat again.
  15. rattus32

    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    I just received an email from Maine Cat regarding an MC38, hull #2 for sale in the PNW. Either of yours?