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  1. rattus32

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    Oh crap, I'm so sorry, didn't see the post above about Ty's passing. May he play on forever.
  2. rattus32

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Exactly. That Lehr (ironically that pronunciation means "empty" (leer) in German) is typical Chinese crap and probably experienced the development interval of same - i.e.none., including questionable metallurgy, outrageous tolerances, and zero QC. But hey, you can probably get a lot of 100 of them for $10K on Alibaba and hawk them yourself, with your own label! The Ajax!
  3. rattus32

    SAILBOAT 35' 1983 CHEOY LEE (PERRY) 35

    The original is better - Green Day:
  4. rattus32

    Kleen Breeze

    OK - you're either speaking Português (You get it!), or Galician (barnacles!). Never having found a tasty barnacle, I'll go with the Português ;-)
  5. rattus32

    E-nav on the cheap

    Mozilla I trust. Anything Android, NFW. Google has lost control of its ecosystem, and really has no incentive to enforce security aspects of it, as it would just hurt its business model. The scary thing is that if there had been a Moz device it would probably have been low-bid by Huawei or ZTE. Go ahead and trace their ownership. I'm not paranoid, just careful.
  6. rattus32

    Kleen Breeze

    Portuguese weed - food! Mariscos: cod, clams, prawns. Sausages. Stews. Any kind of smoked pork. Really reasonable prices, killer portions, and good cheap local wines. Find a family place where avó (grandma) is running the kitchen. Eat yourself into a coma. Sorry you had to spend 4/20 away from home. ;-)
  7. rattus32

    E-nav on the cheap

    Run AdBlock and Ghostery on the iOS devices. Update the lists and kill the trackers regularly. Don't use F*Book. Don't use any Google apps. Turn off location services to any app that doesn't have any business knowing it - I only allow it on Maps and on iNavX and iSailor when they're actively being used. I have not received a targeted listing, or even an ad, in a long, long time. Some sites bitch about it. Fine, I simply don't use them anymore. All I want now is a version of Little Snitch for iOS, and my life would be complete ;-) As far as I know, Apple doesn't share data with anyone, which pisses off law enforcement. That is a very good sign. They make enough money off the hardware that they don't need to do so. It's the external apps that you need to watch.
  8. rattus32

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    I hit the currency conversion button for USD, and got $90000 NZD = $0 USD. Has it really gotten that bad ? ;-)
  9. rattus32

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Far as I can tell, they eat everything they don't release. Having consumed an inordinate amount of seafood in FNQ, I appreciate the efforts of those patient enough to do the job. An Oriental-style crisp-fried coral trout near Port Douglas was one of the top 3 fish I've ever had in my life. Nearly made me think about fishing, but then I realized, naah - I'm not old enough to retire yet, and golf and fishing can wait till after I die.
  10. rattus32

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    Which means you probably made it to God's Country - Wappingers Falls, my home ground in JHS and HS. Used to have the best pizza in downstate upstate NY, having a 75% Italian makeup, 5 pizzerias and 1K population. ;--) Pretty much everyone's Dad was an IBM engineer, and I suffered that fate briefly as well. The Hudson Valley was not a bad place to learn to sail at all either, and maybe the best/most diverse food basket in the country. The CIA (Culinary Institute of America) is in Hyde Park for a reason.
  11. rattus32

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Really like their series - lots of practical info, making do with less, obviously experienced sailors, and a masterclass in fishing. And I hate fishing, just love the end product. ;-)
  12. Avoid the mutton on Air New Zealand (they call it lamb). On Huahine, hit the docks early (shortly after sunrise) and meet the local tuna boats coming in, while the ladies get the baguettes before the local ladies scoop up 20 at a time. (Not to be sexist, but that's what happens there) You'll get amazingly fresh ahi at a great price, and they'll filet it if you ask. Stock up on some fresh coconuts, scrapers, limes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, onion or scallions and tomatoes and ask a local for their favorite poisson cru recipe. (We had 10 kg of ahi to "dispose" of, 3 days of joy steeped, grilled and sashimi'ed!) Also bring wasabi. Check out the pass between Raiatea and Tahaa; if they have a good modern anchor set it near the dropoff towards the Tahaa side in the sand, and be ready for the manta ray parade with the tide. We snorkeled it and it was awe-inspiring; got to gently brush against a few and were thrilled. Ours was near sunset. Bora-Bora is nice in a more developed way, but the reefs are more played out than the 3 above. Bring some comfortable paddings, as the flights arrive at Fa'a'a airport in Papeete in the wee hours, and the outgoing flights to the outer islands don't start until later in the AM. You can get bad food all night, though. Bring all the legally allowed alcohol in that you can, and buy wine in town if you can, as parts of our crew spent precious hours on a desperate search for a few dusty bottles on Tahaa. And get fruit everywhere, it's awesome and cheap. ...and please bring me back an Hinano beer ball cap (canvas); I lost my beloved one to a gust in Grenada last June and will gladly pay for its replacement! TIA ;-)
  13. rattus32

    OK, I sort of get it, now

    If it has "Panda" in its name (excepting Fischer Panda generators) it's probably a Chinese piece of crap.
  14. Only 5 minutes? Nice double entendre. ;-)
  15. If only the critics were literate. ;-)