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  1. Actually, they're not one of the ones I usually view. A couple of your countrymen (Roam, Free Range) and Delos are my favorites. Dylan's the only one to whom I've contributed. I did watch La Vag's Outremer factory visit; I like that boat a lot. Once again, if you don't like any of them or what they're doing, don't watch.
  2. They do more interesting shit than you. I don't care about the bikinis/tits ratios, I care about their experiences. Your experiences aren't chronicled, and may or may not even be interesting. Whether they beg or not is irrelevant; no one is learning to sail from their posts, and if they inspire anyone to explore further, then good on them. No cubicle here, I work all over the globe as for some bizarre reason others find my skills useful, I don't watch for tits, just puzzled about your vitriol about other's stories you could choose to ignore if offended. Classic whiner. Or "whinger" if you can't spell.
  3. That, and the "I'm My Own Grandpa" songs are classics that cracked my kids up for years. ;-)
  4. I agree, Ajax, but ferchrissakes, if they disagree, simply don't watch them. Personally, I enjoy seeing Madagascar, the Northern Territories of AUS, voyages about the non-traditional parts of the Caribbean, southeast Asia, but the armchair sailors whining about boob jobs over the stories the OPs tell bug me. Get out. Tell your own stories (and Ajax, Dylan and the like have done an outstanding job) and quit bitching about other's adventures, all of whom seem to be telling stories and enjoying a far less miserable life than you.
  5. Or simply follow the ones you find interesting or valuable, and ignore the ones you don't. I follow about a dozen that interest me; this is not one of them. it's not very hard. Dumbass.
  6. I'm having a hard time understanding the cranky assholes (and yes, many of you are *flaming* assholes) bitching about vlogs put up by cruisers with whom you disagree about their lifestyle/boat/friends/boob jobs. They put up stories about their voyages. As opposed to 95% of you (Dylan probably excluded) they're doing more, spanning longer distances, encountering more cultures, having more interesting experiences, eating stranger foods, exploring more reefs, and generally experiencing more life than you. I suspect jealousy is the main motivator. I subscribe to a number of their youtube channels and blog feeds. Every one of them (except Zatara's paranoid weapon one) has held some tidbit of interesting/useful information. I pay no attention to the appearance of the actors, surgery or otherwise - the stories are what matters. No one gives a shit about passage information; seen one you've seen them all. It's the natural and cultural encounters and difficulties overcome that matter. How about getting off your couches and positively contributing to the conversation? We have a number of folks here that do exactly that and manage not to simply disparage other's efforts, even those that choose (wisely) not to participate in this forum. I'm guilty of not contributing enough of our usually boring (but worldwide) voyages, but for the 3 biologist/med and 1 sociologist offspring in our gang, they've enjoyed the over-and-underwater perspectives of the v/bloggers we follow. Bunch of whiners.
  7. Cat2Fold in its natural environment...

    Maybe one of the greatest humblebrags of all time. You Suck, Brian. I mean that in the nicest way.
  8. Mast or boom furling?

    You meant the cavalry. Calvary is some location in the Middle East they keep fighting over.
  9. We seem to actually be cruising??

    Please set up your blog on RSS, that way it pops up anytime you update.
  10. Craigslist - Not mocking

    Well said. I will use that someday ;-)
  11. My newest project

    Well, Bud is the perfect example of what goes wrong when you mess with the Big Four by adding rice, by a company run by an accountant - a disaster. However, weissbier is a separate category apart from the Reinheitsgebot that allows the addition of wheat, and the type varies as much as "regular" beer depending on the proportions of the ingredients. Just no fruit!
  12. My newest project

    Try the Maisel Weiße. Bast description I can make is that it's an "amber" Weißbier, not a Dunkel or a(n) Helles, pretty malty. It also has a sister, Zwickl, a Kellerbier from Maisel (Weizen-free). Will try to hunt down the Zirndorfer, in DE if necessary. And of course. Never any fruit!
  13. My newest project

    As Mark Twain said, fool a Texan once, you've fooled them for life ;-) Or you could ingest the yeast in a more palatable form - any German Hefeweisse (Yeast-wheat) beer; there's a good serving of the brewing process' yeast at the bottom of each bottle, swirl when you get near the bottom and relieve whatever ails (ales) you. My current favorite/medical necessity is Maisel Weiße from Bayreuth, but any decent (mostly central/southern) German brewer (Paulaner, etc.) will give you your RDA. And you can then banish Vegemite forever from your forlorn existence.
  14. Yep - the Bosch venting was large, but we adapted it into the existing 9" flue for the previous Vaillant boiler and fireplace. The Paloma was only 3", but required the new stainless vent pipe ($$). Forgot to mention we also incorporated a water-water heat exchanger for domestic hot water, as the floor system had "conditioners" in it. Absolute yes on the solar thermal for the next one; I've designed a few commercial-scale control systems for that, so it's a given. My brother in NH runs a 500 gallon storage tank for his + his wood gasification boiler, lasts pretty much through any 3-day cloudy spell. The suggestion for a ferro-cement boat app above was hilarious!