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  1. rattus32

    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    Bummer. Wish I didn't have one kid in grad school and another in med school... the mind wanders. Thanks for the stories. May you quickly be afloat again.
  2. rattus32

    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    I just received an email from Maine Cat regarding an MC38, hull #2 for sale in the PNW. Either of yours?
  3. rattus32

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    Please no - not the NPR "Fake Calamari" story again! "This American Life" Doppelgängers episode: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/484/doppelgangers Go down to Act One - "Dead Ringer". Be prepared to laugh.
  4. rattus32

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    Not to turn this political, but this is yet another reason to vote the current US administration and its erratic trade policies out of office in 2020. Now more compelling than ever ;-)
  5. rattus32

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Or 1678 and just say FU to teef?
  6. rattus32

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    These things kick ass. Not costly at all - something like 9 bucks for 20oz., and the vast majority of the fat is cooked out already so it's kind of like being half price. Given that room-temperature fresh eggs have a pretty long shelf life as well, we can keep a good run of breakfast scrambles going for a month. Rehydrate dried onions and wild mushrooms (Costco as well) to take it up a notch. Freeze-dried cartons of hash brown potatoes that rehydrate in like 10 minutes help too. Sundried tomatoes. Pasta, quinoa, tinned sardines, tuna, chicken, beef. Sealed bags of tortillas. Hot sauces. Really good powdered mashed potatoes. Cheese is a hurdle. Every now and then they even feature giant packs of Mountain House freeze-dried backpacking foods; pretty tasty as well. UHT milk cartons, freeze-dried fruits. Sealed dried fruits. Jerky. Nuts. Dried seafood/soups/weird stuff from the Japanese market, in the absence of fishing luck. Euro fruit juice concentrates. Overproof rum. Seltzer water maker, or we just lug along our Sodastream cheapo gaserator - cylinder good for a month. Itching to try one of the low-wattage ice cube makers. Time to plan an outing! Webb Chiles has done a ton of taste-testing of freeze-dried foods on his site. Think it's inthepresentsea.com
  7. rattus32

    Jammer Six has left and taken it all with him

    Even better without the butternut (yecch) squash. Barely brown cooked pancetta or sausage and chopped garlic in olive oil, crack two eggs (per person) in that, when eggs firm slightly, slide on to al dente pasta or spaghetti squash, grind a generous amount of pecorino romano and cracked pepper on top. Break eggs to coat. My kids' favorite pasta dish while they were still here :-(
  8. rattus32

    Over the horizon

    FWIW, we've chartered a few larger multis, have goals similar (but post-kid) to those of soma, want to try all the variants mentioned, and find this one of the most informative threads of this group in a long time. Totally agree with Mark M. on the Catana 471 (we ran the Carbon version for a few weeks) in that it was labor-intensive if you wanted to achieve the best performance; we also felt the construction details were "meh" but on a well founded hull. Systems were a cluster-f but it was an 8 y.o. boat with aircon and a watermaker that could have used some better maintenance. Good work all, and Thanks for all the Fish.
  9. We had a less-than-positive experience with a Catana Carbon 47 and Dream Yacht Charters out of Grenada. Sailing equipment was in good shape, but systems (generator/air/nav) were basically toast from lack of maintenance, bottom was half clean. Check the boat's age. Stiff, fast boat, though.
  10. rattus32

    Mold in the wood?

    Keep in mind melamine sponges are somewhat abrasive, and surfaces may need some (high-value) wet-or-dry touchup afterward.
  11. rattus32

    Dragonfly 40

    That's Lower Fart. The worst of the Farts. ;-)
  12. rattus32

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    At least they're discussing it, not ruling by fiat. That's the typical Australian hypocrite view - you have *no* leg to stand on when it comes to environmental crimes, be they against the sea or air: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-02/coal-vs-coral-at-australia-s-great-barrier-reef And yeah, Bloomberg is a lot more credible source than all Aussie journalism combined.
  13. rattus32

    Dragonfly 40

    It's even worse in Nederstefart.
  14. rattus32

    little River SC YC & Marinas ?

    My daughter is serving internship time in Charlotte. Counting the days to when she returns to grad school in a civilized state. That said, NC is a bastion of propriety compared to the White Trash nexus that is Myrtle Beach. Choose carefully - it ain't sailboat country. Now a Sea-Ray with a cooler full of Bud Keystone Light and a drunk "captain", you'd be right at home.