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  1. Quilbilly

    flattening Perfection paint

    I made the mistake of painting Alwgrip too late in the day and had the dew fall on it. It does make it flat, but it does so by making micro pits in the surface. I think they would be real dirt magnets if left that way. It was an interesting adventure into nano technology in that every bit of the pitted paint had to be sanded off or the new paint just beaded up like water on a greasy surface.
  2. Quilbilly

    Sealant Tubes

    Squirt a bunch of goo into a bottle cap. It hardens there and you can easily pull the plug out after a couple of months. This tube of caulk is about a year old. I have been using dibs and dabs every month or so. No freezer needed.
  3. Quilbilly

    Acme thread lifting mechanism for the daggerboard

    It is a 1/2" stainless rod and a bronze nut.
  4. I guess this is gear. Here's my Makita drill powered acme thread lifting mechanism for the daggerboard on the day sailer I am building.
  5. An average fit person can do about 1/10 of a hp so my pedal drive will be mostly for getting into and out of marinas. In the R2Ak we could do about 2 knots in calm water with a 5000 lb boat. I'm hoping for something better with an 800 lb boat but not even approaching a 2 hp outboard. Like I said the pedal drive is a great motivator for sailing instead.
  6. It is 18 feet long and 6'6" wide. It should draw about four feet with the board down. The board is 210 lbs. I need to weigh the boat but I am hoping to keep it under 800 pounds total. I did the R2Ak last year with a pedal drive and liked the fact that I didn't like pedaling so we sailed every chance we got. So for now this is going to have a pedal drive probably not for R2Ak though. Here'd a few pix that show the hull shape.
  7. It is my design based on a traditionally built Monk design that I built in the 1970s. I had that boat for many years until two kids and a wife meant it wasn't getting used. It sat in my yard going through many blue tarps until about seven or eight years ago I gave it away. The fellow who took it never picked up the beautiful spruce mast and boom. I didn't want those to go to waste so I designed this boat to use them. From the waterline up will look similar to the original but underwater it is more modern shape and instead of a full keel it has a ballasted daggerboard. It is built like a strip built canoe and can live out of the water when not in use. These are launch day for the original back when we were young and beautiful.
  8. Here is one that I am building that fits the topic.
  9. Quilbilly

    R2AK 2020

    No R2Ak this year. Letter from the Race Boss https://r2ak.com/news/?fbclid=IwAR0h4zhK3Cjgn_xnzhP2Rnz-b0zHi5cuV_wgbmMlaNzxs5FwpiQadsNRdEE
  10. Quilbilly

    best pic of the year?

    This is Doug Shop, Team Perseverance R2Ak. Him and this photo capture what that race is all about.
  11. Quilbilly

    R2AK 2020

    We had an oil pool in the bottom of our chain drive with an oil seal around the shaft,. The orientation of the upper part leads me to think it might be chain.
  12. Quilbilly

    R2AK 2020

    For anyone thinking about building a pedal drive, I was in the Marine Thrift store in Port Townsend today and saw these. There are two of them, it leads me to believe they might have been off a trimaran or maybe a cat. I didn't ask about them so I don't the price or anything. They seemed really well built probably better than they need to be for a week or two of R2Ak.
  13. Quilbilly

    R2AK 2020

  14. Quilbilly

    R2AK 2020

    That looks like one of the Mitrpaks off eBay. I bought one for the 18 foot daysailer I am building. I am not using the flex shaft but a chain drive to the prop. After a lot of work on it I noticed that Rick Willoughby (the pedal drive king) had told me that that size Mitrpak is not stout enough for long term use. He says the drive pin on the pinion gear shears off. Some one on this forum also said the same thing. Since I was already committed I took the gearbox apart and enlarged the pin from 3/32 to 1/8" It took some doing as the pion gear was very hard so I softened it in a forge to drill it and then re heat treated it. I have yet to try it out. That's what I know about that gearbox set up.
  15. Quilbilly

    R2AK 2020

    The Santa Cruz is last year's Team Ripple boat.