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  1. Chasm

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Here is a link to the spreadsheet by tip&shaft Looks like we are down to 30+4. If the 4 with the least miles get selected everyone still in it could go on November 8th. In that case some still need to get additional qualifying in to get the minimum solo miles.
  2. Chasm

    First Effective Treatment Imminent

    Super high quality you said? I forecast an increased earning capacity for a plumber near you if used as TP substitute. Especially if that blockage occurs outside of business hours... More on topic it very much depends how the trials go. Blind trial or not? Can the results be repeated at another hospital? Time will tell. This is one of the big things that the lockdowns buys, time to find out how to (not) treat the disease.
  3. Chasm

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    There is very little Brexit news. The only recent thing coming close is the UK flying covid samples to the US for testing because the UK labs fked something up. And that is a nice summary of the whole situation. Asking an EU lab is obviously a step too far. (With a bit of planning and given the current utilization rate in Germany [~300k/1M per week] the results could be delivered before a plane lands in the US...) The only other relevant news coming to my mind was that the EU asked if the UK wanted an extension, any kind of extension, because of the covid situation and the answer was a resounding no. Looks to me like we are in "Give them enough rope" territory. With the new post covid financial support scheme in the EU the cost of a bad Brexit went from a lot of money to disappearing into the noise. Heck, the travel restrictions and increased border controls front loaded a lot of expenses and hardship on the EU UK border. Just never relax the rules and it will be an easy transition. The only problem is and remains the NI border. But that is something we all knew from the beginning of the Brexit saga.
  4. When it comes to reinfections there are two major things to keep in mind. - Throat swabs turn negative in most patients one week after after first symptoms. Even if the patient is still obviously sick. (Lung samples stay positive.) - Anal swabs stay positive for a long time. It still seems unknown how long the body needs to get rid of the dead virus. The last part is important, so far virus from anal swabs did not reproduce in cell culture. (PCR tests can not distinguish between live and dead virus.) So the question for reinfection studies is how and when the patient tested positive once more.
  5. Chasm

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    I find the discussion about how and if Covid-19 deaths are counted hilarious. When SHTF in Wuhan China got vilified by the whole world for under counting deaths. Now that the impacts are getting closer and closer counting every case is no longer of any importance to many. Yet at the same time there is increasing talk about repercussions for China since caused all this pain and suffering by under reporting.
  6. Chasm

    US new case rate already peaked?

    The vaccine will take time. There is only so much acceleration you can do without running the real risk of repeating some very painful lessons. The vaccine must work, be safe, and if at all possible it has to be something that can be produced in massive quantities.
  7. Chasm

    Some people aren’t getting it

    There was and still is a lot of BS going on. There are some good signs though. Politicians in the EU27 have learned -usually the hard way- that cooperation is required.
  8. Chasm

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Soooo... Can Grandma Buckingham require a negative test in case a replacement official need to be appointed? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Would not want to do the same thing next week again... Edit: Now we know why there was so much TP hoarding. News along the line of "Intubated entirely as a precaution, he is in good spirits." is a really big heap of BS.
  9. Chasm

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Coronavirus: Only 30 British-built ventilators to arrive in NHS next week, government admits Ain't looking great for that project right now. I thought there were manufacturers in the UK left? The sad part is that all the incompetence will get swept under the rug as always.
  10. Chasm

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    It seems to me that the major manufacturers are already building simpler ventilators in addition to the complex machines. Looking through an EN interview with the Stefan Dräger, chairman of Drägerwerk. When SHTF in Wuhan China ordered ventilators and Dräger build them 400 per week. China wanted a simple type, wall power, integrated oxygen concentration, optional oxygen from a bottle. Chances are that other vendors got a similar order at the same time. The interview goes deeper into the topic. For example Dräger is not selling very complex machines to every hospital. They require specific training and this is not the time to do that. Better to distribute/sell models that the staff is already trained on. Also this: "The parts come from all over the world. [...] If someone decides to disrupt them, there will no longer be any ventilators, for anyone." As previously mentioned Trump had some interesting ideas that thankfully got shut down real fast. That is where the EU scheme comes into play. It is a chance for centralized buying so that there is less of a bidding war. Coordinated sourcing of parts, giving ventilator companies priority over other uses and making sure that parts don't get stuck at a border or even confiscated. But also simple stuff like guaranteed buys. As long as the company delivers as contracted it will get paid. Under the scheme it should be easier to coordinate parts supply between ventilator companies - without instantly running into antitrust laws. After all may not be the best idea to gear up for the mass production of some ventilator models only to find out in week three that several companies selected a type the same part made by a single company. Esp. when other models use different parts. So far it seems like additional companies are brought into the manufacturing process of a existing model while critical processes like Q&A are still within the ventilator company. To me that makes a hell of a lot more sense than developing so damn many new models.
  11. Chasm

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    The Charite (Germany) has developed such a test. It works in the university research lab and is getting rolled out to Labor Berlin on the commercial side of the hospital. (Labor Berlin is major and highly automated commercial laboratory in Berlin.) The usual thing in Germany would be to give the test recipe to the other university hospitals who then roll it out to local labs. The universities have the capability to do small scale testing in their research labs and more importantly the capability to do Q&A work. The goal is to get the test out of the research lab as soon as feasible, they are required for some actual research the commercial labs can't do. Labs in the UK also have developed an antibody test they are currently verifying/rolling out so there will be a working test. Lets hope there will be an accurate, cheap and safe (only showing antibodies if they are really there) test soon after that. Looks like we need a few billion of them.
  12. Chasm

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Similar story in Germany as well. Stefan Dräger (Chairman of Drägerwerk) is saying that everyone has to work together. One nation hording parts means that nobody gets any ventilators. Ventilators get distributed as they get produced. [EN interview]
  13. Chasm

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    It will be more than "just" 5% if the medical system really breaks. 5% are "just" the patients that require ventilation. Many to most of the next 15% who require supplemental oxygen also get real problem without it. Many forget that all the patients that the medical system deals with every day did not suddenly evaporate. Things that were very survivable two weeks ago are now a very real problem in the hard hit areas...
  14. Chasm

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Part 6. Most decisions count, may that be sooner or a few weeks later - and there are a lot of them.
  15. Chasm

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    One more, this time something along the lines of solo sailing means you know who messed up.