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  1. The self (aka sponsor/message) imposed rules make it a bit harder for Dee. No real way to just call the list of guys and gals that she sailed with or against for years to create a team. Yet also a bit easier as choices were removed. We'll find out how unprepared/late Team Clean Seas actually is once the remaining teams are revealed. Do they need to recruit as well or will they announce with a basically full set of crew.
  2. Dee said in the WISP interview that there will be 4 old timers and 6 under 30 on the boat. Both age groups evenly split into male and female. Switching crew between legs will be a thing, certainly for the under 30 division. A fun experience and competitive against the other teams is a tall order. Lots of spots to fill and little time left. I wonder if she'll take a page out of Charles playbook and adds single handed / generalist sailors into the mix. Not that there are that many old timer slots. Cheat and add Alan Roura? [Who has other commitments in the IMOCA class.]
  3. Wikipedia has an ok article with track and sources. The thread in SA has a similar track via marinetraffic with transcribed times and speeds on page 1 post 28. All that "erratic driving" happened after the collision.
  4. Reading through current articles the time of the collision has been corrected to 16:30UTC by the Japanese Coast Guard and even the US Navy does not longer dispute that timing. 16:30UTC is the first sharp turn on the AIS track. Someone or several someones were soundly asleep on the destroyer. Unfortunately others paid for that with their life.
  5. As fa as I can tell from articles the time of the collision has been revised to exactly 1:30am Japanese time aka UTC+9, or 16:30 UTC. One page 1 of this thread here is an annotated AIS track in post #28. 16:30 UTC is marked as position 2. There were no sharp maneuvers or erratic driving until the hit. The turn to starboard as result of the collision is consistent with the damage pattern on both ships. After that waking the captain on the merchant, taking stop, turning around and all of the other things that happen when things go very wrong at night.
  6. Were there any updates to the time of the incident or is it still 1:30 am, presumably UTC+9?
  7. Depends on which type of traction batteries, AGM type has also been available for a long time. In an ideal world you have the actual datasheet for your batteries and can adjust your charging system so that you actually charge the way as the battery likes it. (Measuring voltage at the battery terminals, monitoring temperature, charging to 100% often enough.) Lithium chemistry is getting more popular in traction use but is still rare. Going with one of the big names Hoppecke had Lithium products in all their lines (traction, rail, telco, ...) for a while but you can't really find details as an outsider. They are also working on large scale Lithium, hybrid switcher locomotives and 40 foot container class energy storge. That shift in the industry use could get interesting, much of it will be direct replacement. For example they have 24V 40-400Ah modules with integrated BMS and whatnot, central controller via CAN. Now if you could by those second hand in the future.
  8. Who else. Grade 1 fender material. Quite dense and yet still full of air.^^ "Oh! I talked to all those important people!" No you didn't. Otherwise you had something, anything, interesting to say. Official Servus stream still dead. *yawn*
  9. Today the usual size in Germany is 23/12, 23m height at 12m distance. Comes out to ~30m which is more or less 100ft. No real coincidence there. Let's hope that nobody decides to do some real world night time research on the cladding.......
  10. Working live streaming is (at this time) overrated on ServusTV. What I wonder is if anyone else wants to strangle their commentators? Even without much of a clue about the Ac it is obvious that they are trying very hard to talk the action up when there is nothing to talk about - and still manage to miss live action if there is any....
  11. The idea behind the large alternator(s) on the engine is that there is often no dedicated generator. (Ok, you have one.) Next up is that a leading cause of engine death in sail boats is disuse. If it does not run regularly it will die sooner or latter. (Almost the same story for non liveabord stinkpots too.) Another reason is that the generator may be much more difficult to maintain (even less access) and/or more expensive in consumables. This is especially true on stinkpots that need to run the main engine(s) to move in the first place. Some of them have retrofitted really large alternators occasionally with external rectifiers (+battery capacity, +inverters) to solve this issue. Low engine loading can be an problem, less so with large alternators driving into large battery banks. The alternator can take up a sizable portion of the (smallish) engine power and it becomes more a thermal limit on the alternator side. Anyway. At the end of the day the big issue has been identified right away: The charging system needs a complete makeover if the new battery system is to last any longer than the previous one. All components of it need to be looked at. Not to replace them out of hand but to find out if they'll work as intended with the new system.. Thermal limits is one of the funny things. There is no reason for any alternator to burn up, other than being too cheap for a temperature sensor... Same for the external rectifiers. It makes no sense whatsoever to go external and then leave out temperature monitoring.
  12. What is the goal? Match Racing? Sprints? Looking good on TV and the Internet? Stadium feeling for the guests you have flown in? Race village feeling for the B2B masses like the VOR tries to archive? Somewhat even racing? One technological breakthrough to dominate them all? Easy to skew the cup in any direction, as long as everyone involved is game. What I like to see is much higher wind limits, aka a second smaller wing. RC decides which one gets used. No more grinding / cycling into hydraulic accumulators for half the crew or more. That is just boring. Batteries are an option for some systems. Or maybe just outlaw ganged systems like they are used now. Given the demonstrated risk of collisions and the potential consequences I want more protection for the crew. Squashing the competition is just not a sustainable option. If you move them to the centerline they would be much more protected. (Yes, the holy righting moment. Yes, less to look at since they don't have to move.) Something that would have to be mandated for all boats.
  13. Could be a fskup as well. We should find out at the tail end of the AC. Edit says: Or it's a combo deal. What little information there is says that Robert Stanjek (skipper) was training with Bouwe.
  14. I guess there is only one option left. Someone sponsor a full fledged VOR campaign for both of them and lets find out..... In other news, no new news. (germanoceanracingteam.com is down for a relauch, with the current VOR logo. Seems like a hard hint to me.)