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    Where Has Your Boat Taken You?

    Just a little delivery.
  2. LB 15 God I have not seen this tread for so long. Yes that is Chris.Where is he? who are you? I am the Kiwi skipper behind the girls ( It was good to be King) This was one of our first sails at PJ's after the launch. In following the treads below I see Cal20sailor had the correct run down on the rig and Offshore spares. I will be in Detroit next weekend. Rod rigging from day one except removable ( hence hydraulic pump )bob stay and runners. Swag fitting was an original stern ringing fitting. This is the first rig we dropped in the SORC Great to see all the sailing good old Lassy has done. If anyone wants early history on her contact me.
  3. Archytec

    shit show (front page)

    Just remember how f---ing stupid you looked when you started to walk!!! Maybe you didn't change. These ducklings will learn.
  4. See these pics I found in a shoe box from when she was new. Out of water pics are from Sassy Marine where we had our own Travel lift. With the first large keel.
  5. I took her out of the great lakes after both Mac races the first summer she was built at PJ's. Dropped the rig during the SORC and then took her back to Sassy Marine for the next years Mac races. Many stories. I will pass this on Peter Grubb who took over from me. Not the fastest, too skinny, heavy rig and a slow keel (13'0"+ draft), but we did have a fun. I will follow up with more info or can I contact me directly.