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  1. Sailors Powerboat

    That's 2.4 gallons/hour, or 6.3 nautical mpg.
  2. Fwd/Aft Moving Pedestal

    This thread is about the general question of moving a steering pedestal fore and aft, not about other aspects of this particular boat. I can think of three ways of doing it with direct mechanical linkage, though according to the brochure, this boat's wheel steering system is hydraulic, along with its engine controls, gearbox and bowthruster.
  3. Fwd/Aft Moving Pedestal

    Doesn't have to be hydraulic or "fly by wire" (whatever that means in this context? usually means an autopilot to me). Imagine a loop of chain going around the wheel sprocket with one end lead aft from the base and the other end lead forward to a "turning block". The loop of chain/cable that goes from wheel to rudder is fixed length. When the wheel is moved forward or aft, it turns of its own accord to accommodate the new steering position. Not that hard, really, and just as mechanically reliable as skipping the loop forward. Or a Lewmar Mamba system could be used with a telescoping shaft to allow moving the wheel. Makes sense to me in high latitudes. At a glance, it looks like a quality boat: https://www.devalk.nl/en/yachtbrokerage/300774/GLACER-54.5-PILOTHOUSE.html
  4. stormy petrel

    Not everyone! Small minds still believe the earth is infinite compared to mankind's capacity for environmental destruction. Case in point:
  5. Sailors Powerboat

    Sounds like Russell Brown's "Waterbug". 15 HP, "20 mpg at 11 knots, while loaded AND pulling a dinghy":
  6. stormy petrel

    The trouble is, those people are winning. Greed works. Crime pays. Dishonest appeal to emotions has always been more effective than simple truths that don't serve the powers that be.
  7. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Have to bust your bubble on that one, brother. Not true. Thanks for your demonstration of faulty reasoning, which confirms something... The political responses in this thread, while half in jest, are a direct response to the criteria specified in the OP. Cheers.
  8. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Glad I could help him avoid Houston as he wouldn't be happy there. He probably didn't know that Hillary got 54% of the vote in Harris county (Houston). Nearby Galveston and Chambers counties though, and that entire coastline all the way to Corpus Christi is red so there MUST be conservative sailors there? No reason to move to a blue area if a little research can easily avoid that unpleasantry.
  9. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    what is this garbage? no insight at all about Texas, just shit-talk. Bullshit. That little essay says a GREAT DEAL about Texas that is absolutely true. The OP set the political tone here with his statement about requirements: "I prefer conservative politics. I think the entire west coast is out". Based on that criteria, large parts of Texas fit his bill, provided he avoids the big cities:
  10. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Not anymore, thanks to Marissa Mayer. Worked very well for most of my career and then quickly died a horrible death in 2013, thanks to her.
  11. R2AK 2018

    A flywheel on the prop shaft might be a good idea using a standard (advanced!?) mountain bike "super hub" to handle #2 above ("engagement"): Superhubs: High Engagement, Silent & Low Friction https://www.kappiuscomponents.com/collections/hubs (Kappius: "1.5 degrees over 240 engagement points") https://project321.com/product-category/bicycle/bicycle-hubs/ https://project321.com/new-drive-system/
  12. R2AK 2018

  13. R2AK 2018

    Fascinating. Very insightful. A flywheel is the right idea but to be useful: it would have to be heavy and you need a way to add power to the flywheel from a surging power source (the pedals). The electric hybrid equivalent of a flywheel would be a battery (or capacitor?) capable of driving an electric motor at constant speed very briefly - just a few seconds to smooth out the irregular input from the pedals that charge the battery. For cruising, pedal power could be supplemented by solar and wind.