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  1. I was referring to laymen like myself, not the clergy. There are many knowledgeable "amateurs" here. We understand many of the engineering aspects of boats well enough for civil discussion. So obfuscation of concepts like deadrise, planar vs. non-planar sheer, 3D interpretation of 2D drawings, hydrostatics, etc. (as if Bob is uniquely qualified in these areas), along with the knee-jerk invalidation and disparaging personal attacks from Bob and his toadies, set a needlessly hostile and confrontational tone. Unlike Bob, I've always considered deliberate thread disruption very rude. So I stayed out of this thread for a very long time, until the point where Bob had gleefully destroyed so many threads of interest to me that I finally said, fuck it. Why should this thread of Bob's be respected when he shows no respect for anyone else? Chickens come home to roost. Again, don't confuse provocation from Bob with response from me.
  2. Not true. Perry and I crossed swords over his habit of barging into any thread and rudely disrupting it, often to promote his own designs, post endless photos of his boats, boast of his talent and accomplishments and make disparaging remarks about "little guys" who asked tough questions and failed to show him adequate reverence. I have never claimed to be a boat designer. Any idea of being in competition isn't coming from me. At the same time, I'm not clueless about the subject and not always wrong, as Bob has falsely asserted so many times. In high school, I scored 99th percentile for "spatial relations and abstract reasoning", among several other subjects, so 3D visualization and problem solving have always been my strong suits - including computer algorithms and programming. Endless invalidation by Bob and his cohorts is nothing but tiresome bullshit. My simple questions remain unanswered - is there anyone who will answer them instead of spewing venom at me?
  3. There is a long history here... it wasn't always this way. The slander and disparaging remarks started with Bob and has never let up. Whatever unique boat design talents one can attribute to Bob, they don't include all aspects of naval architecture, as he so often claims or implies. (not unique to Bob, that is) Adding a shit ton of weight in the bow may level this boat but there are hidden performance costs involved with that "solution". Simple question #1: Is this boat 2,000 lbs. heavier than intended, as Jody (Rasputin22) has noted? Perhaps more than that if equipment is heavier than anticipated in the weight study, as Bob has stated? Simple question #2: Is it too late to correct the extra lead problem (if there is one) for hulls two and three?
  4. Sacrilege! Be careful, honest questions are often treated as fighting words for Bob Perry. He started this shit fight, not me. Too many people have given him too much slack for far too long. Ignoring his long history of personal attacks while condemning me for defending myself is hypocrisy. (thanks for that one, TwoLegged)
  5. No doubt about it, this is a ridiculous condomaran. A good example of what to avoid in multihulls. I posted that video above because it was Nigel Irens talking about sailing upwind, but was surprised to see his name associated with such an ungainly beast. The Outremer is WAY BETTER.
  6. Good morning Bob, If you weren't such a vitriolic, soul crushing prick, I wouldn't bother with this. But you are, so let me remind you... In reference to this boat: And this: And: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/172650-origami-boat-thread/&do=findComment&comment=5270830 You didn't invent the concept of a weight study, no matter how many times you berate others for supposedly not understanding them. Maybe you need a refresher course yourself, or a better tool for doing one. This guy does a fine job of explaining and using the concept: Balance your Boat with a Center of Gravity Database by Steven K. Roberts, Nomadic Research Labs, April 27, 2002 https://microship.com/balance-your-boat-with-a-center-of-gravity-database/ Or maybe your problem here isn't the weight study at all? Maybe the slope in that B3 ballast slug got lost in the translation from your 2D plans? And isn't it already too late to fix this for hull #2? Last December, you posted images of the ballast for #3: Cheers.
  7. The multihull remains floating, even when holed and/or upside down. The mono sinks. "Modern" multihulls (for decades) have escape hatches accessible in the inverted position, making the boat a viable life raft. The faster multihull reduces your exposure to bad weather. But these are all very old cliches.
  8. No, not all. And the risk of flipping one is greatly exaggerated, provided you understand the dynamics of sailing at higher speeds, know when to reef and the limits of your boat. Nigel Irens: "A lot of windage" - indeed! (in this one below)
  9. When truth conflicts with orthodoxy, severe punishment for stating the obvious is common in tyrannical regimes, religions and dysfunctional families - the key word being tyrannical. The cult of Bob Perry is a combination of all three. Sure, this trim problem is obvious. So why does everyone look the other way and pretend it's no big deal? An extra 2,000 lbs. of lead, in a shape very different from the plans, and nobody noticed!? I'm not saying it's Bob's mistake, but somebody screwed up. Obviously.
  10. You've got a lot of growing up to do, kid. Click the "Position" button on this page and use the slider to rotate the model: http://www.islandcad.com/proa_sketches_Rhino_CAD/spring_equinox_2016/anim3/
  11. Hire me, I'm available. This is a brutal, bloodthirsty, slandering crowd. Anyone who gets a thrill from this gang banging (or poking a dog with a stick) is a twisted, sick puppy.
  12. I don't eat chicken or beef. Veggies and fish for me. The wild salmon being caught around here is epic. Olive oil, turmeric, fresh lemon and cilantro.
  13. WHOA!!! Wait a fucking minute here... That's WAY THE HELL out of line, Zonker. What part of "Don't out members." do you not understand? For one thing, it's irrelevant and inappropriate. For another, I've been a hard core "ninja" programmer all my life, now retired. I created some web sites while transitioning to the web in the 90s, and more for friends since then, but that's lightweight stuff compared to the heavy lifting I've done in my own company (14 years) and working for Jim Clark (Shutterfly), Philippe Kahn (LightSurf), Marc Andreessen (Opsware/Loudcloud) and many others (too many). This ad hominem bullshit must stop. Shame on you.
  14. I'll do that: http://www.jakatan.com/jakatan_012.htm Not at all. Though Jakatan apparently required more like 800 lbs., not 600 lbs.: Oh, there was a tankage problem too: I hope it's clear that if I hadn't found the photo and Boomer's video, everyone would still be waiting instead of attacking the messenger because no other photos have yet been published.