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  1. NOAA Ship Rainier crashes in Lake

    I know this ship well. Served aboard as OSD (ordinary seaman, deckhand) for six months in 1975, from the Cook Inlet (Anchorage, AK) to San Diego. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/a-noaa-ship-crashed-in-seattles-lake-washington-ship-canal-monday-heres-what-we-know/ https://www.omao.noaa.gov/learn/marine-operations/ships/rainier/
  2. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    Yo. Since you can't seem to ignore @LB 15 and, even worse for those of us who do, you quote him, I have to ignore you too. Don't feed the troll.
  3. Banque Populaire IX

    If that's the case, the credibility of that system is gone, eh? For racing multihulls, capsize is still a routine fact of life. Race Committee letter to Dick Newick, October, 1967: Royal Western Yacht Club of England (fifty years ago!)
  4. R2AK 2018

    At this rate of disclosure, by the time it's fully explained, it will be too late for any competitors to use this important info in this year's race. (playfully) Not quite. A sketch would help? Which end of the big part is up? Where are the pedals? Does the square or round tube get dragged through the water? What's the winch for? One more question Russel. Why is the big part (the pedestal) asymmetric? It will be mounted transversely so that you can pedal from either side, right? So the angled bit at the bottom will be to one side or the other... perhaps to allow the hinged leg to swing up on that side? And/or a big pulley for "gearing" that is not attached directly to the pedal crankshaft? Some very critical details are missing from these photos of beautiful parts.
  5. Banque Pop capsize

    Translation: Singlehanded. Unsafe and stupid at that size. http://www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr/news/le-maxi-banque-populaire-ix-chavire-cette-nuit-au-large-du-maroc-lequipage-est-en-securite
  6. R2AK 2018

    Found this description back at post #101 to refresh our memories. I'm guessing that the white oval on the big part (in the foreground) is the top where the winch and main sheet cleat will be mounted? And the flange end with holes (in the background) gets bolted to the cockpit floor? And that neither of the tubes drags in the water? The drive shaft will extend out well beyond the aft end of the round tube and into the water, unsupported beyond the hinged square leg?
  7. R2AK 2018

    Not quite. A sketch would help? Which end of the big part is up? Where are the pedals? Does the square or round tube get dragged through the water? What's the winch for?
  8. R2AK 2018

    It's pretty sad. Have you considered using image manipulation software like Photoshop (expensive!) or GIMP (free) to crop/resize images? Also, only Apple folks seem to have trouble posting images that aren't rotated sideways. The modern equivalent of needing to hire someone to write a letter for you. The disappearing tribe of India's letter writers http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-26379747
  9. Gunboat 68

    You didn't make it clear in your post that this text (above) is a quote from the sailmagazine.com article. I see that the article you referred to uses the term "axe bow" but I've never heard it applied to sailboat hulls. The second image @Rasputin22 posted is what I've long understood to be an axe bow - for ships, not sailboats: https://www.shipjournal.co/index.php/sst/article/view/51/186 Here is another quote from that article - Lock Crowther did this decades ago:
  10. R2AK 2018

    The easiest way is to just drag photos from a folder on your computer to the paperclip area at the bottom of the post edit window, where it says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files...". They will automatically appear at the end of your text, or you can use the "+" icon on each attached photo to place it at the cursor location in your post.
  11. Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    No. That was established two days ago: https://regattaguru.com/lesvoiles/100249/entry_list
  12. Caribbean 600

    Original topic was big cats going upside down @r.finn was joking. You are right - after the C600 Race, of course.
  13. R2AK 2018

    Is @Wess Russian? Nah, he's just a pretentious putz who tries to come off as the only adult in the room. @Wess, this is Russell's thread. As in other threads, your interjections of this nature usually derail a thread even further than what you are complaining about. Dredging up Perry's bully behavior in this thread is way out of line; I'll leave it at that. And by the way, you don't know me and have no business using my real name on this forum. To me, that's a hostile act.
  14. R2AK 2018

    It's so easy to say "Just ignore him" when you're not the one being relentlessly hounded by a malicious bully prick.
  15. Gunboat 68

    Excellent angle, thank you. Not an axe bow. Very interesting profile. Very close to a straight line from the bow to nearly half the length of the boat where the belly starts.