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  1. ProaSailor

    Trimaran 39 Objectif Rhum (cruise race)

    Is this a peak in the stability curve at 17.8 degrees of heel? At that point (when the main hull flies?), maximum righting moment (RM) is reached: 17,385 Kg/M ?
  2. ProaSailor

    The Future of Propulsion

    Do you mind telling us what the equivalent would be between "a 5m bottle of hydrogen" and a LiFePO4 battery bank with the same range?
  3. ProaSailor

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Even on such a long boat, that yellow cabin roof is very low and stealthy. Nice.
  4. ProaSailor

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Kill who? Or what?
  5. ProaSailor

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    That's my gut feeling too, that the first coat of epoxy applied to raw wood is the most important for both structural and sealing reasons. After that, it's bonding epoxy to epoxy and there is no more saturation of the wood involved. I understand not wanting the wood to soak up too much epoxy but have this vague memory about "WEST" being short for "Wood End grain Saturation Technique", though I could be wrong about that? In any case, the combination of structural bonding along with encapsulation of the wood to protect it from water are the key features in my mind. I've never considered epoxy to be just another "superglue" adhesive. The Gougeon Brothers On Boat Construction book (free download)
  6. ProaSailor

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I think many people still don't realize that when it gets you, you're really fucked!
  7. ProaSailor

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting I'm no expert but is mixing products/brands (SystemThree sealer and West epoxy) really a good idea? I noticed a few posts back that your fillets are white, which I've never seen before on West epoxy projects. I've always thought that West is a complete system of fillers and epoxies that are made for each other.
  8. ProaSailor

    Pacific Northwest cruising

    My favorite for tides is the NOAA web site with it's intuitive graph presentation and adjustable date range: (mouseover the graph to read time/date/sea level - haven't tried it on a phone) They have several current options too:
  9. ProaSailor

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I haven't watched Nahoa but by far the worst of the other three is Brian on Delos. His interaction with the baby is weird. I enjoy Ran and La Vagabonde (most of the time).
  10. ProaSailor

    Pacific Northwest cruising

    Tides Near Me looks pretty good, for both Android and iPhone. Free with ads. Tide and current data, map lookup of stations but not showing currents and eddies.
  11. ProaSailor

    Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

    Very cool. I noticed though that the image name again misspells "Hullabaloo", despite the name on the hull in your first pic: Cheers
  12. ProaSailor

    Topic disappeared

    Deleting your own posts is an entirely different issue than deleting a whole thread with carefully considered replies by other people. Their good efforts are lost to everyone and it wasn't their choice. The option to delete (hide) an entire thread should be reserved only for moderators, and even then almost never used. It's censorship, loss of shared knowledge and not fair to participants. Very selfish and inconsiderate in this case because the discussion was good and of interest to many.
  13. ProaSailor

    Maryland Open (sort of)

    It's pretty clear to me: "No more than 10 singlehanded boats on the line?" No, that's not what it means. "No more than 10 crew?" Yes, that breaks the rule. "No more than 10 people at an after-party?" Yes, that breaks the rule. It's a safety issue and really not complicated:
  14. ProaSailor

    Topic disappeared

    Good thing you quoted his reply because it looks like he deleted his posts in this thread. He's now on my ignore list. What a waste of knowledge since there were some very well thought out replies in the disappeared thread. Selfish and disrespectful to the max. Fucking idiot.