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    R2AK 2018

    It's a prototype.
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    R2AK 2018
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    Caribbean 600

    Fujin is discussed at 10:26:
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    R2AK 2018

    Their tracker hasn't updated from their overnight parking spot, but with 25.3 miles to go in six hours, chances are high that they will set a record for the boat closest to the finish who gets caught by the Sweeper. 4.2 knot average required to beat it, if they start moving now (0600 PDT).
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    R2AK 2018

    I saw that video too, a few days ago from their FB page. Very impressive!
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    R2AK 2018

    Maybe "hubris" is a better word for Dock Rat? ": exaggerated pride or self-confidence"
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    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    "Review 2017" - those Dazcats look pretty sweet; some very cool big trimarans in this vid too (Sodebo doing 33 knots in 16 knots of wind, at 8:43)"
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    R2AK 2018 ($2,100) ($835)
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    R2AK 2018

    Without separate classes for singlehanded and human vs. sail power, it is meaningless to call this event a race. P.S. I apologize for using quotes around the word "team" yesterday in referring to Oaracle; I wasn't paying attention and thought it was a singlehanded boat.
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    Asking a designer about changes

    For a monohull sailboat? The first one you've ever owned has to be custom designed and built? Sounds like you have more time and money than good sense. I was referring to actual boats, not plans. If you can't find an existing boat that makes you happy, I seriously doubt you have looked very hard. Which two of Ted Brewer's designs appeal to you? What is your budget for purchase and annual expenses? It's easy to see how a designer could find your questions annoying.
  11. ProaSailor

    Asking a designer about changes

    $1000 won't get you very far either. It isn't trivial to add a pilothouse or switch from a cutter to a ketch rig. As a self-declared newbie, part of what you'll be paying for is an education. But if the designer is offended or put off by your questions, run away! Save yourself the frustration and wasted money by moving on to someone else who is more compatible with your vision and can quickly demonstrate an understanding of what you want. Better yet, just keep looking at real boats until you find one you love. Far better to be on the water sailing than squandering precious years and cash on an elusive dream.
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    R2AK 2018
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    R2AK 2018 07/02/2018 11:41am, DTG: 458.1 mi The "team" closest to Ketchikan now is Oaracle, DTG: 173.97 mi zzz...
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    Dave's perfect sailboat

    As @sshow bob said, voltage (120 vs. 230) is a separate issue from frequency (60 Hz vs. 50 Hz). Don't be surprised if more $$$ are needed to solve this. $90K for the delivery!? Wow, that's more than some pay for a whole boat.
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    Boat sling design-help!

    Those were just examples of the type of geometry that came to mind for me, suitable for the short hoist on the crane and easily rigged with a pair of slings that could be positioned without any compression on the topsides. Far higher capacity than required for @Illegal Smile's ~600 lb. boat. Esp. Option B (or C) in this diagram:
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    Boat sling design-help!

    Three spreader bars - one fore-and-aft and one traverse at each end. Adjustable models are available.
  17. ProaSailor

    PredictWind vs Sail Flow vs Whoever - The sequel

    I'm a bit late reading this and @sailorcherry beat me to it, but yeah, offers ECMWF (9km) for free, along with NAM (5km) and GFS (22km). I have found to be very accurate in most cases but believe it did poorly in this year's R2AK. I didn't check other forecasts much this year so don't know if they did a better job in the Haro and Georgia Straits? Tricky business on that part of the route.
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    Favourite Boat pic?

    Malihini - 35' Shuttleworth Catamaran, Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii (I don't have a good pic of my favorite boat, the 50' Newick trimaran Moxie...)
  19. To quote one of the comments on this video:
  20. Published on Mar 1, 2018
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    R2AK 2018

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    Captain Rick Moore Published on Jun 25, 2018 P.S. The second half of this video is more "personal stuff" and has nothing to do with IRMA damage. Oops.
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    R2AK 2018
  24. ProaSailor

    R2AK 2018

    I wonder if the dick (had to be a guy) who wrote this drivel the other day (here): is the same tough guy genius who thinks a spike through $10K of crisp new bills is badass cool? Regarding the "spineless element of the Internet" pejorative, does he really think there would have been any less "mansplaining" if this team were all men? I think not. And the spiked Benjamins? Dumb idea. Arguably illegal?
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    R2AK 2018

    Dude, they arrived yesterday at 1352 PDT! Their tracker has been stuck since just before they finished: