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  1. johncd3141

    Ideas for soft shacle dogbone

    I like this method if you have some aluminum rod, a bit of webbing and needle & thread available. scroll down to "How to Make it".
  2. johncd3141

    Introducing the "Crown Jewels Soft Shackle"

    Thanks for all the pointers to Brion T.'s button knot. I have learned this knot, although I did have to build a learning/practice tool out of two different colored lengths of 5mm line I had left over from another project (both 2' long with 6" sewn together to form a handle with the remaining 18" used to tie and untie the button knot during my public transit commute). I was curious about the "upside down and tucked diamond knot" AKA the Carbon Knot as my attempts all suffered from inversion under load when used as a soft shackle's stopper knot. I had hoped there was a clever tuck I had missed.
  3. johncd3141

    Introducing the "Crown Jewels Soft Shackle"

    I've been curious about the Carbon Knot, but haven't figured out how to tie it. The last part where "legs that are usually the standing part tucked in on themselves at the end" has me baffled. Would it be possible to post (here or on Imgur) a Carbon Knot tied from two different colored pieces of rope? Or a sequence, starting with a loose diamond knot and ending with the completed Carbon Knot? Thanks