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  1. LSCM24

    Melges 24 - Water Underneath Cabin Floor

    Newer boats have the floor cut out so that the problem you are experiencing does not happen. I am sure no one in the class would object if you modified 004 to match, and then got re-weighed/certed to confirm.
  2. LSCM24

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...
  3. LSCM24

    What Is It?

    Finally, someone came up with a worse toerail to sit on, than the old C&C toerails.
  4. I think this thing ticks all the boxes. A nicely performing, comfortable cruiser.
  5. Trump seems to be trying to fight this pandemic from the White House, in the same way that the Johnson-era White House mishandled fought the Vietnam war. Have we learned nothing? Trump should have had the balls to designate a Dr. "Norman Schwarzkopf", gave him a clear mandate, and then stood back and let them work. This thing would have been handled much better. Instead he has bullied his staff into becoming yes-men, denied that there is a war on, blamed the war on scapegoats, given contradicting orders to his troops, he has even come up with his own stupid war-winning strategies (drink bleach, and swallow lightbulbs). The end product is more US dead than Vietnam, in less time. Congrats. I am very glad that this is not a military war.
  6. LSCM24

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    How about this for PHRF cheats. Sailing any boat with a rating based on it being a one design, but sailing it outside the OD rules. Some hypothetical examples: racing a OD boat in breeze with total crew weight over the OD mandated max racing any OD sprit boat with an Code zero that would not measure in under the class rules racing a Melges 20 in breeze with crew hiking legs out, or a J70 with crew at full hiking position
  7. LSCM24

    That's a Sport Boat?

    Not too familiar with the sportboats down under. Which Elliott 7 are we talking about? or this one? Or both? Ans what is the difference between them?
  8. LSCM24

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    Note the topic of using lights for signalling race starts is under consideration within US Sailing. Have a look at:
  9. LSCM24

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    I revised my proposed light tower sequence here. Lights now go on during the sequence, instead of off, to give an improved signal at the start. (All white lights suddenly turn OFF - would be easier to see). Also added a Warning signal ahead of the usual 5 min signal. Constructive comments welcome. RC starting automation idea ver 2.pdf
  10. LSCM24

    That's a Sport Boat?

    Melges did it right when they came up with the 24 back in 1993. 20+ years later, it still impresses. I can't think of another 24ft mono keelboat that would worry it on a race course.
  11. LSCM24

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    I imagine that if the RC boat just posted the start time, "Class # HH:MM:00", say a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the start, and everyone agreed to use GPS timing, then all the flag and horn claptrap could be eliminated. Everyone would know when to start - exactly. All we would need is the RC boat to watch for over-earlys and call them back.
  12. LSCM24

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    Well for W/L regattas, you could use the MarkSetBots to allow you to do it all from the Patio Deck. All you need is $$.
  13. LSCM24

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    Thanks CommitteeBoat, i agree 100% that lights are potentially much better than flags for starting sailing races. Flags were great as a low cost, highly visible solution for many years, but I think modern lights allow a equally visible solution, that will be much more efficient in terms of manpower and accuracy. And yes, I know that higher-end regattas are still going to be using flags indefinitely, and we all have to accept that. What kind of light signal system are you considering? I have come up with one proposal, that I feel could be driven by a upgraded "horn honker". See attached. RC Starting Light Tower idea.pdf
  14. LSCM24

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    Guys, since I am talking about beer can races, and not a National Championship, can we please keep this forum on track? I am looking for ideas on how to make the RC's job of running a race easier, not how to make them responsible for rescuing us if we get in trouble.
  15. Like many sailing clubs, ours makes "Race Committee duty" necessary for all the active beer-can racers. We all take our turn running the races, whether or not we are any good at it. Not many have been trained at any official level, and many make mistakes, most minor, a few majors. But we are all volunteers, and while most of us get nervous doing it, out we go.. The complexity in the work, and the odds of getting called out for every error however, reduces the "fun level" of RC work. Our racing fleet sizes are slowly getting smaller, could this be one reason? We are all racing for fun and camaraderie, and forces that work against that, should be discussed, and reduced or eliminated. I know that there are automated RC systems on the market, like SailBot for instance. They will handle the timing and the horns through standard starting sequences. I wonder how many clubs use these? Any feedback? The next part of handling the starting sequences, is flag handling. The use of flags, does not lend itself to easy automation, and indeed requires another set of hands in the RC boat. Is anyone experimenting with any alternatives? I can visualize for instance, a daylight-visible LED light board or tower on the RC boat, connected to a system like SailBot. This may enable one untrained person to easily and effectively run simple races. I love the idea of the MarkSetBot - a self-propelled Race Mark that can be moved remotely by the RC boat to wherever it is wanted. Great idea, and working well in practice, if bit expensive - especially for weekly beer-can races. To race under an efficient/competent RC is a wonderful thing, and these people deserve as much praise and support as we can give them. However, they are getting harder and harder to find at the club level. What can we do to make this job easier for the RC to do?