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  1. I am waiting on the movie. Or at least the 3 part TV mini series.
  2. So does that mean there were 5 plus 1 potential person rescued? How crazy were they to do this with a mom-to-be aboard? 1I fucked up my attribution. Thanks to MaxHeadroom for the correction. If this "Valery tozer" is for real, this is just incredible. It confirms all the speculation here about the intelligence level of HR . . . and his friends and "first mates." Effing unbelievable. There may be a Valerie Tozer in Sausalito, California. If all of this is true, Hot Rod certainly assembled an interesting crew. Ok after further information I take back my original comment no I would not invite these people aboard my boat…. Wow maybe the meth comment was not too far off…..
  3. First, Hot Rod Lane.. You survived and you did not kill anyone. You made many mistakes and ignored guidance offered. Wish you would have invested all that money in one of the many boat building plans and kits or one of the boats in need of restoration but you had to do it your way I really hope you have learned a valuable lesson from this. Keep chasseing your dreams don’t ever give up nothing wrong with asking for directions along the way learn from the people who have already made these mistakes. Best of luck to you. This thread has taught me a lot about my fellow sailors. Some of you reached how to HR and tried to help him not just criticize him. That is the sailing community I have always enjoyed these are the type of people I have found in most marinas around the world. One of the reasons I love this lifestyle. Most pointed fingers, slung insults made wild accusations (meth really?). I would invite HR, Rebelheart and remis or are any of the others you have belittled on my boat over you pompous arrogant assholes I would bet they are more entertaining and fun to be around.