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  1. Chicago Mac Race

    Especially this year, that might completely sum up the first afternoon Timbo.
  2. Chicago Mac Race

    I couldn't agree more Jimbo.
  3. Chicago Mac Race

    It'll be the usual upwind slough until you reach the stream, then grab your swim trunks and ease the sails. Oh wait, wrong race.
  4. Chicago Mac Race

    That was Daniel on Jabberywocky (didn't know he raced a Mac with Russ), and Edward was on the 24 during that bucket toss gig. Old times - some things never change. Fortunately the sails have been updated. ha.
  5. Chicago Mac Race

    Holy smokes, I'm actually in parts of this video. That was a fun watch. Thanks for that!
  6. Chicago Mac Race

    I'm actually racing in it this year. I know, I'm surprised as well.
  7. Chicago Area III

    I for one can't offer any immediate answers or solutions - but being a local participant for well over 25 years (cough) and seen the changes we're all speaking of especially concerning Chicago's participation level - I'm glad this is being discussed openly yet again. It shouldn't be ignored. At AYC (Anchorage Yacht Club) they get close to 30 boats racing in Thursdays 'Race for Fun' series way up in Waukegan - if they can consistently get this many boats on a weeknight having a great time, explain the abysmal turnout at some of the Chicago level events. And they don't even have a place for a party afterwords. No physical club, no bar, no facilities, no blue blazers. Just a sailing club where they run their own races. Annually drop their own buoys. Keep it up though. The answers are out there somewhere...
  8. Chicago Area III

    Agreed 12345, but it's still pretty damn exciting none the less for our city. Let alone for our local sailing community. Planning around the same time as the NOOD regatta however, might pose quite a few geographical problems for the RC of the NOOD's, if they proceed with using these same dates as chosen by the AC group. Spithill might have a few words over the black flys he'll be swatting while stuck waiting for thermal to develop in-between races. It is 'NOOD' weekend after all.
  9. ACWS Chicago - June 2016

    "best probability of good winds." ?? They obviously never tried racing a Nood regatta this same time of year...
  10. Chicago Area III

    I know a lot of clubs that could learn a great deal from how well SJRYC has thrown their Tri-State parties. Food is good, and service always comes with a smile. Very nice people, and worth every penny. However, a cover-charge would kinda suck as it's never been in place before. No cover makes getting in and out a lot easier and less hassle. But I'll be there regardless anyway.
  11. Chicago Area III

  12. Chicago Area III

    It's not like they watched movies stag flics and consumed single malt scotch on the Mac race.... Edited for accuracy.
  13. Chicago Area III

    Waukegan? I thought that quit being cool in like, 2008?
  14. Chicago Area III

    ...that's the one we saw half dead, mostly sunk, stuck underneath the CYC dock masters location at Monroe around the tail end of last year. Engine totally submerged. Good news is the fish cooler is probably still full.
  15. Chicago Area III

    x 2 on Blubbs post, and I'll double his donation... $2