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  1. mgs

    Reefer by Cruising Designs - Help!

    How olds the boat? I've got some old CDI paperwork here. some have a cleat on the torque tube. taking the drum apart may drop the furler a little bit, picture shows vice grips holding things up.
  2. mgs

    sourcing phenolic or g10 bushing?

    mcmaster-carr has lots of g10 tubing
  3. mgs

    Yale Cordage, PHD Racer

    I've used a brummell splice. The weave is open enough its pretty easy. the directions say to bury the tail and it works. the splice always looks big and bulky, but I'm sure it's just me.
  4. mgs

    Navtec Backstay Cylinder Question

    If it's a dash -10 cylinder it will be a -6 (3/16) hose fitting. if the swivel nut on the hose fitting is tight there won't be any play between the swivel nut and the rest of the hose fitting.
  5. mgs

    Carbo Foil Installation tips?

    not really. a little if your going to adjust the turnbuckle, but if not it should be pretty close. how much slack?
  6. mgs

    J 105 Sailtec Backstay adjuster

    Sent a couple back to sailtec. One turn around was pretty quick, the other took a little longer. Both were during winter. I have no idea what spring means them.
  7. mgs

    Boom vang loads?

    It looks like Selden isn't too concerned about friction. You might be able to get away with a car that has delrin sliders, but that would be t-track.
  8. If you really want to over think it: self-amalgamating tape over the cotter pins and then rigging tape over the s-a tape.
  9. I saw a Contessa 26 getting a hatch out in by the boatyard for access to the engine. Yeah it was a complete custom job, but I think they just cut the cockpit deck out and re-used it in the hatch. May be more involved than your looking for...
  10. mgs

    Vang setup advise

    Where's that pic of a tp52 vang, just a carbon tube the boom settles on when the sail is down... A rigid vang should hold the boom up where you want it when the sail is down, topping lift is just for safety, but I have more experience with hydraulic vangs. I agree with the above about an excess of up. are you looking for numbers or a chart that describes forces and boom heights?
  11. mgs

    Length loss for HS Eye splice 7mm core

    Why no lashing? a nut on that t bar aught to work, but your fear of running out of adjustment seems appropriate.
  12. mgs

    Length loss for HS Eye splice 7mm core

    why no lashing? as said above, mark the rope, splice the rope and measure the difference.
  13. mgs

    Going up the Mast

    Of course not. Because it isn’t done or if it happened then there wouldn’t be a debate about it. Well that’s what I heard...
  14. mgs

    Buying a J/80...

    What’s with the J80 uptick in Maine all a-sudden? must be more than some big event coming to town...
  15. mgs

    Harken cam cleat rebuilds - 150 only?

    I wonder if it is an age/design issue then. If the 150 kits are only good for cam cleats post ‘93, makes me think the larger ones are made the same way the pre-‘93 150s were...