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  1. mgs

    Must Have!

    @Rambler towards the end of the article there was a bit about sailors and how they ‘hire people referred to as support persons to assist on the boat’ I know they are giving ‘crew’ a legal right in the situation, but it seems an odd way to go about it. @silent bob only 2/3s count toward employment numbers, I think that is this historical precedent
  2. mgs

    Must Have!

    Sailors have employees?
  3. mgs

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Maybe. A lashing to the shackle would be cleaner though, and I might be able to make a drunken argument about being faster on both tacks as well. personal preference I suppose
  4. mgs

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Am I allowed to say that it looks a little redundant to have a soft shackle going to a stainless shackle?
  5. mgs

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    I’ll second a lashing
  6. It almost sounds like you’re describing parts of the Maine/New Brunswick border...
  7. mgs

    Faster Turnbuckle Adjustment

    Let me know when you find that screwdriver. I’ll take two
  8. mgs

    2020 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta

    I’ve seen a grey SUV with Maine plates that read willin does that count?
  9. mgs

    Faster Turnbuckle Adjustment

    I’ve seen turnbuckle bodies distorted by screwdrivers. I like to use a metric adjustable wrench over the center crossbar of the turnbuckle
  10. mgs

    Splicing: 4 meter endless loop

    You shouldn’t have any trouble doing that splice in sta-set or some other double braid with a 16 strand carrier cover. Might not be as grippy as you want though. Marlows MPG furler 50 would be my recommendation but they don’t have it in a size small enough for your use. you could also get a single braid like the swiftcord mentioned above and remove half the strands from each end for a good distance and then splice the ends together. In that video, yeah they pull the core out of the cover. But if you’re okay with a couple smaller diameter drops where the covers end you can just milk the cover back and cut the core. Even doing that you can make it all one diameter if you focus enough.
  11. mgs

    Faster Turnbuckle Adjustment

    It sounds like there isn’t a furler on the headstay now. If so you could put some sort of fitting on to the turnbuckle to better accommodate a ratchet of some sort. Or you could let the jacks off a bit more and do it by hand. You shouldn’t be using a screwdriver anyway.
  12. mgs

    Cell coverage in Penobscot bay

    Verizon was fine on the dock at Billings a month or so ago, but I’m not sure that’s East of Blue Hill... anyway, I have found some coverages holes on MDI, but it is an island, I knew where I was, if I needed to call I’d just wait in line like everyone else. my wife has T-mobile and hates it everywhere.
  13. mgs

    Cell coverage in Penobscot bay

    I’ve had good coverage with Verizon.
  14. mgs

    Rigging info for Catalina 42

    I find that highly unlikely. Id ask the folks at sparcraft and see what they say regarding sleeving it.