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  1. Furler: Harkin MK IV vs Fancor STG 3T

    I think the riggers drum height issues may be with a different furler than what your considering. They could be thinking of the long legged version with a turnbuckle, like a Profurl. same ownership, no?
  2. Furler: Harkin MK IV vs Fancor STG 3T

    to adjust the turnbuckle you need to unscrew (or loosen) the clamp that holds the foils to the torque tube, pull the pin that holds the drum to the toggle, raise the unit, adjust tension. reverse. could be done with the sail on depending...
  3. reefing lines?

    Nope dyneemer core with a polyester cover
  4. reefing lines?

    I know of a bunch of 60-odd footers with Endura Braid reef lines. size/purpose dependent I guess. or do you mean a dyneema cover as well? that seems a bit much
  5. A case against colored lines?

    Sounds like the factors at play for lines of various colors are mainly: safety experience (on the boat) and personal preference that seem about right?
  6. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

  7. A case against colored lines?

    Does that include his navigation skill, or just sailing ability?
  8. A case against colored lines?

    Sounds a lot like experience is an issue
  9. having all the lines on a boat be same color: looks cleaner quietly suggests a high level of skill ( or at least familiarality with the boat ) Could be cost effective if one buys in bulk. I realize it is easier to tell inexperienced sailors to pull the red line, but by doing that you aren't really engaging them in the activity. By showing someone where the jib halyard is and telling them to pull the jib halyard, then they would have to actively participate/think. Sure on larger sailboats there are a whole host of colors and patterns, but those class40/open60/etc. after days and nights sailing I bet where the line is plays a bigger role than what color it is. Does a cruising boat with a furling jib need the jib halyard to be different from the main, or the sheets different from the halyards? yes it's the above is a simplified argument. But it's worth thinking about. if someone says they like the looks of different colored lines that's fine, I won't argue with that, but I don't think it helps/simplifies the sailing experience. thoughts?
  10. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Antal makes a hook with a gate and a rope loop, but its probably bigger than what you would need.
  11. What kind of sailboat is this?

    Dark Harbor 20 is 30' long. mast looks a little short to me...
  12. should be easy enough for a hydraulic shop to fix then. I think you can still find the Navtec service center network online.
  13. end of february about 400 should be available from almost rig-rite. other than that ask around and hope someone has one. although, is the gauge leaking or is it the seals behind it?
  14. Halyards

    I've seen heat set dyneema as halyards on larger boats that have the halyards end on tracks or cylinders. why worry about stretch if you can just tighten the halyard?
  15. Nice sharp scissors Instead of the stitching bit could you not pass the ends through them selves?