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  1. Tyson0317

    J/35 Jibing video

    FOUND IT!!! Ok - frat boys they aren't. But you can see why I might have remembered it that way ;-)
  2. Tyson0317

    J/35 Jibing video

    I want to show what a boom can do in an unintentional jibe and the power it has. Show why we center the traveler and sheet in and what happens if we mistime that. Also demonstrate the potential strength of the rig. Really wish I bookmarked that video!
  3. Tyson0317

    J/35 Jibing video

    Hey guys - A year or so ago I remember seeing a video on YouTube that someone here posted. It was a J/35 being crewed by some frat boys in what looked like warm weather and stiff breeze. They jibed the thing 3 or 4 times without sheeting in the main at all - just ducking under the swinging boom. Wanted to show it to my crew to demonstrate how strong the rig really is and what not to do. I just spent about 20 minutes searching for the vid on youtube and cant find it. Hope someone has it bookmarked, or remembers what it was called?
  4. Tyson0317

    What Aluminum Alloy to use for a Spinnaker Pole?

    See Level - they did have the tube in 20ft lengths. Order placed - should be here next week! Thanks for the tip!
  5. Tyson0317

    Pretty floor options?

    See Level - thanks for the tip about Home builders Center on Nickerson. They indeed had it and it was a close match!
  6. Tyson0317

    Pretty floor options?

    The bilge cover board on my J/35 broke this weekend, and then broke again... I don't want to talk about it. But I am now looking to have to cut a new plywood piece to fit, which will look terrible given that the rest of the floor has this striped wood look. Question: Can this type of plywood sheet be ordered from somewhere? Or is this veneer a custom thing that Jboats made? I've always wanted to learn how to do inlay... I'll ensure to be sitting down before reading the replies.
  7. A few weeks ago I converted my J/35 to an end-for-end pole setup. I threw this on my crew somewhat last minute (with one practice day and some delivery time) before a 2-leg 65-mile race (Orcas Island RTC). They were apprehensive, but at the end of the race the whole crew told me that this was a good call and jibing (even in 19kt of breeze) was a hell of a lot more comfortable! I could not get my hands onto a cabon fiber stick, as I originally wanted. However, the local Fisheries did have precisely two 3.5" trigger ends and one mast car - I thought this was a sign from God and after some drilling, was able to change out the ends on my existing pole. In the process however, we lost about 3-4" of overall length, as the dip-pole ends and car had more 'meat' to them. Also, the ends of my pole are quite corroded. The boat has a heater, an ice box, a BBQ and other junk that I like - getting a carbon pole to save weight, seems stupid. As far as I can see the pole is nothing more than an aluminum stick and I am certain that I can get one from Alaskan Metals and order the matching wall thickness, then cut holes for the trip lines and stuff on my own. Only question is, I do not know what Aluminum Alloy this thing should be. Anyone see any issue with me doing this? Am I missing some special "metal blessing" that Forespar puts into their aluminum to charge the prices that they do?
  8. Tyson0317

    J/35 Rig tuning question

    I've shown this to a few people over the years (it's been the same since I got the boat in 2013) and it didn't seem to raise alarm with anyone, but never felt right to me. Check out the video and tell me if you feel my shrouds are tight enough. Especially the inside, are super limp when heeled in this easy breeze. On my starboard side, I have a fair bit of adjustment that I could use to tighten them, but over on port, I have less than half an inch (maybe) of tightness left on the turnbuckle.
  9. Tyson0317

    Problems with Propane Fume Detector Alarm

    New sensor installed. $70 pooer, but have zero problems. Hooray! Ohh and while at Fisheries, I spent a $1k on other shit... Hate that place!
  10. Tyson0317

    Where to get a carbon spinnaker pole?

    Foilman, can you send me a PM also? I emailed you guys yesterday. Still no reply :-) Actually email would be preferred to PM.
  11. Tyson0317

    Problems with Propane Fume Detector Alarm

    Thank guys for the link! I know what I'm doing later today...
  12. I do not use my stove often, but we are setting up to go for a 4-day November outing to San Juan Round-The-County race. I spent 2 hours today cleaning out the burners on my stove to get them working right. And just as I got everything working there, I started having problems with my Propane alarm going off. At first, I thought that I had a propane leak, but I couldn't smell anything. I shut off the tank and opened all hatches. Even waved a towel around to move air. Then went topside for about an hour to do some other repairs. Returned, power-cycled the stove switch and still the alarm starts acting up... the red light will come on, then turn off and periodically the audible alarm will go off. I took the sensor off the wall and found some corrosion in the circuitry. Looks like it might be toast! But the annoying part is that the wire doesn't have a plug, so I assume that the new sensor will need to have the wire re-ran (annoying!!) Going to call Fisheries tomorrow to see if the sensor can be bought separately, or if I have to buy the whole damned setup... Question: Is there some way to easily bypass the sensor? I need the oven/stove for this trip. Chances are, the part will need to be special-ordered... I could just remove the magnetic switch and bypass the whole system, but I was wondering what would happen if I just clipped off the sensor?
  13. Tyson0317

    Where to get a carbon spinnaker pole?

    Alex is working up a quote for me now. Fisheries is working on it as well. Looks like there is a long delay to have the pole cut and assembled, but they are able to get me a 3.5" 16ft carbon stick and ends for $2500, delivered in time for RTC. F'n expensive!! But I am tempted... I'd need to learn how to cut Carbon Fiber and epoxy on the ends myself. And the guy above with the $600 stick hasn't returned my PM. Fisheries rep said that the cutoff for a 3" tube is at 14ft. Given that mine needs to be a bit longer, they insisted on the 3.5" version.
  14. After a weekend series crewing on the SYC Grand Prix Regatta with one of the most competitive boats around, I came to a clear decision that I want to convert my J/35 to a carbon pole with an end-for-end setup. The question for you guys is, where would be a good place to get "a deal" on one? I do not suppose that there is much of a used market for these things... Fisheries Supply in Seattle has been my destination for that kind of stuff, but I might need a decent sedative before going in to get a bid. Anything I should look for? Ask for? Recommendations appreciated.