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  1. Tyson0317

    NMEA 0183 Gateway for Pelagic tiller autopilot

    Guvacine - thanks for the links! So for detail: I have the Garmin 7610XSV CHARTPLOTTER, a pair of Garmin GMI 20 and the GND 10 unit. Doing the RTFM, it looks like the power cable does have a 0183 output! Hooray!! I will give this a shot soon.
  2. Guys - I recently bought a Pelagic tiller autopilot on the advice of many here and today will be its maiden voyage! However, I would really like to get it linked to my wind instruments for wind steering. Unfortunately, Pelagic uses only the older NMEA 0183 interface and my boat has the newer NMEA 2000 - based Garmin system. Pelagic's manual talks about utilizing a "NMEA 0183 Gateway" and then gives a bunch of stuff about serial "sentences" which goes over my head. Bottom line, what do I need? Some of my Garmin displays have a NMEA 0183 jack (as well as the NMEA 2000, which is what I am using). I assume this is for input only, right? The displays won't magically translate the signal, right? So I am guessing that I need a converter box of some sort. But everything I am finding on Amazon, seems to go 0183 to 2000. I need to dumb down my 2000 signal to 0183. This thing here says that it "Converts from NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000/CAN bus and vice-versa". So would this work? https://www.amazon.com/Furuno-IF-NMEA2K2-NMEA-Converter-Boating/dp/B00B659BDA Can someone help save me some time in not re-inventing the wheel please?
  3. Looks like my thread got a bit hijacked here, but good info! In the meantime my DST800 setup is almost dead (showing no readings at all) about 90% of the time now. Based on what I read, I just ordered the Garmin GST-43 bundle and this will give me a speed reading. I also looked on Garmin's website and bought a separate GDT-43 depth reading unit. Total cost: $430! Ouch! Will report on their performance after install.
  4. OK - this iTC5 seems like a good idea! However, how do I know which transducers will work with this box? It says "analog" but I assume there is more to it than that! Luckily, my boat has two through-hulls at the bow, which is how the B&G stuff worked - one was speed, the other depth/temp. Im starting to think that you guys are right - packing all 3 functions into one thing doesnt seem like a good idea. Any pointers on which transducers to get? (BTW, I could care less about water temp).
  5. Tyson0317

    Tiller Pilot options?

    I was about to hit "Buy" on Pelagic's site, but then decided to email them with some questions. The email address bounced. That's not a good sign....
  6. Tyson0317

    Tiller Pilot options?

    Hello? :-)
  7. Guys - I do not really care about measuring leeway (I can see it on my plotter quite well and I do get GPS speed/heading). What I am searching for is something that will give me a depth reading (most importantly) and boat speed over water (two units would be fine) so long as I don't have to change them out every 2 years. What I am hearing now is that this is not an option?? Yes - in my experience, the paddle wheel on the airmar sensor sometimes take 1-1.5kn of water going over it to start moving. But that is generally not a huge problem. The biggest issue for me is losing our depth reading when doing close in-shore zig-zags on a competitive race. Here in Puget Sound dealing with currents is a major thing in sailboat racing.
  8. A few years ago I bought about $8k of Garmin gear to gut the aging B&G stuff on my J/35. I am generally pleased with it, but I did run into an issue about a year after installation - the Depth/Speed transducer started to periodically cut out. I checked and cleaned all of the connections to no avail. Contacted Garmin for help - this was an utter waste of time! Garmin uses a company called Airmar to make these things and the two passed me back and forth for hours asking the same questions about serial numbers, receipts and stuff... I dug out all of the information they wanted and in the end neither would honor the warranty. Airmar said Garmin is responsible because it came as part of a Garmin kit. Garmin said that I was 2 months over my warranty even though I originally called about diagnosing the problem months earlier and got the runaround.... Anyway - the new part is available through Amazon for $255 https://www.amazon.com/Garmin-AIRMAR-DST800-Sensor-thru-hull/dp/B001DF9Q6U But reading the reviews, users report that these things commonly last only 2-3 years, which sounds ridiculous to me! My B&G setup had a lot wrong with it, but the transducers were at least 20 years old and that was one of the few things that weren't broken. Pertinent question: I am pretty sure that the Garmin stuff runs on a NMEA 2000 back end. Is there some generic depth/speed transducer that I can buy that will work with the main brain and not require regular replacement? Thanks in advance!
  9. Tyson0317

    Tiller Pilot options?

    I have a Simrad TP-32 on my J/35. The thing does wonderfully well when under engine, but the built-in compass is not gimbaling and does very unpredictable shit when the boat heals under wind pressure. The issue is compounded when heel causes it to steer, it often gets itself into more trouble. Usually it over-steers due to heel, but at times we've had it come 60+ degrees up into the wind and snap-tack the boat... What idiot made a self-steering device meant specifically for sail boats that is utterly incapable of working on a heeling boat, is beyond me!! That said, the instrumentation on my boat is all Garmin (a few years old) and has a NMEA 2000 back end. I read in the Simrad manual that it does NMEA 0183. Im sure there is some translation box I could get to tap the thing into my plotter, which would hopefully get it to ignore its own internal compass and use what Garmin tells it.That said, Garmin's compass comes from GPS, which is a rather delayed method of getting your course. For tacking and such it might not be a great idea. I guess the question here is: are there any better tiller pilot options out there?
  10. Tyson0317

    J/35 Jibing video

    FOUND IT!!! Ok - frat boys they aren't. But you can see why I might have remembered it that way ;-)
  11. Tyson0317

    J/35 Jibing video

    I want to show what a boom can do in an unintentional jibe and the power it has. Show why we center the traveler and sheet in and what happens if we mistime that. Also demonstrate the potential strength of the rig. Really wish I bookmarked that video!
  12. Tyson0317

    J/35 Jibing video

    Hey guys - A year or so ago I remember seeing a video on YouTube that someone here posted. It was a J/35 being crewed by some frat boys in what looked like warm weather and stiff breeze. They jibed the thing 3 or 4 times without sheeting in the main at all - just ducking under the swinging boom. Wanted to show it to my crew to demonstrate how strong the rig really is and what not to do. I just spent about 20 minutes searching for the vid on youtube and cant find it. Hope someone has it bookmarked, or remembers what it was called?
  13. Tyson0317

    What Aluminum Alloy to use for a Spinnaker Pole?

    See Level - they did have the tube in 20ft lengths. Order placed - should be here next week! Thanks for the tip!
  14. Tyson0317

    Pretty floor options?

    See Level - thanks for the tip about Home builders Center on Nickerson. They indeed had it and it was a close match!
  15. Tyson0317

    Pretty floor options?

    The bilge cover board on my J/35 broke this weekend, and then broke again... I don't want to talk about it. But I am now looking to have to cut a new plywood piece to fit, which will look terrible given that the rest of the floor has this striped wood look. Question: Can this type of plywood sheet be ordered from somewhere? Or is this veneer a custom thing that Jboats made? I've always wanted to learn how to do inlay... I'll ensure to be sitting down before reading the replies.