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  1. I think he deserves a BAH participation award. He had a lot of points deducted for being gelded.
  2. Thanks for posting that here. Some people don't follow GA, thus significant naval news like this and the Fitz collision are appreciated. Whiners can just HTFU and not click on it if the don't want to read it.
  3. Kill one cockroach and others crawl out of the woodwork. But we might be narrowing down on who was feeding BS lies to troll BP with.
  4. They would be welcome to post their ideas on budget cruising. Alas, they seem to have none, and are only here to whine.
  5. We used to have a boom tent that went from the mast to the stern to protect lots of varnish on cabin and cockpit. It had flaps in front that extended down to the deck, and went over the lifelines and fastened to the rail. It took a little longer to install and remove than a sail cover. If color-coordinated with boat and nicely made it looks fine. Need chafe patches at stanchions, etc. Will hold up to a normal storm, but I'd suggest removing it if a gale is forecast. UV will take out the stitching before the cover wears out. You often see larger dry-sailed dinghies with a similar cover, called a "mooring cover".
  6. ACX Crystal was following a traffic zone. The course change corresponds to staying in their lane. Not sure what the Fitz was doing, as they don't appear to have been staying in their lane.
  7. Their radio gear was taken out in the collision. They finally were able to report the collision by phone. IDK if it was cell phone or satellite.
  8. Well said.
  9. Oooo, my very own sock puppet. Dance, boy, dance.
  10. Well, don't hit shit and you'll be fine.
  11. two people died on a steel boat in western Carribean several months ago. Hit a reef and keel ripped off.
  12. Rimas bequeathed you his chicken to choke. Have at it, knob-polisher.
  13. CanAm had very few rules, it was 'run what Ya brung' racing. That's what made it so popular. Also led to its demise. Penske built their own version of the 917 Porsche from their plans. Open cockpit, and bodywork designed for maximum downforce on shorter North American tracks. They could adjust the turbo boost wwaaayyy up for qualifying and passing. Every other car was obsolete. The interesting thing about CanAm cars...considering how extreme and fast they were, the relatively crude safety features at that time, and the unsafe tracks of the time; there weren't the high number of bad and fatal crashes that other series were having at the time. They were probably lucky.