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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I'm thinking Appel started her 'Niagra Falls' act, scared the crap out of the fisherman, and they called the Navy for help.
  2. Jeanneau Fun 24 - Anyone with experience?

    I sailed on the Fun brought to Tampa that Ranger pulled their molds from. The boat is pretty quick offwind. Upwind, the speed was good but pointing was poor with the cast iron swing keel. I'd suggest breaking out a heavy duty grinder for some keel refairing, but I'm not sure much can be done. The boat was easy to rig and ramp launch, and the keel mechanism worked well. The cockpit is roomy, but interior very cramped. The hardware that came with the boat was so-so. I wouldn't pay top dollar for one, as there's better boats, both J-type and sport boat type. But if it's cheap and in great shape you'll have fun and there's not much to lose, investment-wise.
  3. RTW on a vintage maxi would be a lot of work for a crew of 4-6. Maintainence alone is a full time job for 3 or 4.
  4. IIRC, the LCS costs about 3X as much as a Frigate. Much smaller crew, so manpower costs are cheaper...except there still has to be mission specialists on standby for the modules. Pretty whacked idea. I think operating costs were supposed to be lower, but doesn't seem to be panning out.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    There is a thread about the building of that tri...a bit of an abortion.
  6. New 1975 FD

    My 470 was good for picking up chicks BITD.
  7. In numbers and technology, USN is far ahead of any other country, even many countries combined. But if a guy on a camel can take down a multi-million dollar fighter jet with a shoulder fired Stinger, then have to assume the USN is also vulnerable to asymmetric war. IDK if enough attention is being given to that. Kind of thinking that rather than pumping money into a few high-tech littoral ships, should look more at many low-tech small frigates...the Toyota HiLux pickups of ships.
  8. Sloop is right. The early Hunters (70s Cherubini) are pretty solidly built and have a cult following. Former boss had a 37 that he sold to get a Lagoon 42. He liked the cat, but grew to miss his old 37. 80s and later Hunters aren't built as solidly. They're fine for daysailing and coastal hops, but not offshore boats. At least I wouldn't attempt an ocean crossing. But a friend has a 335 that sails reasonably well and has a ton of room below. Yes, they're designed to appeal to wives. The Tarten is the 'best' boat you've mentioned. But keep in mind that asking peep what boat to buy is like asking them what woman you should marry. Everybody has a different taste. All you can do is look around until you find one you like and can afford. Boats and women.
  9. Dropping my Cal 20 keel

    I've used 5200 for keel work in the past. The keels were bonded originally with what appeared to be 5200, but a bit of perseverance separated it. I wasn't too concerned about removing the keel 30 years down the road, after I reinstalled them.
  10. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Like Rimas , she spews shit she thinks sounds salty, trying to impress people.
  11. Old NORLAM from North Sails

    That's common in old laminate sails. It's toast, throw it in the dumpster. Cut off any useful bits of hardware, like O-rings, alum leechline cleat, and kevcord leechline if it has one.
  12. Dropping my Cal 20 keel

    The thickened epoxy is to ensure a perfect match between keel and hull. The Mylar is so the epoxy doesn't stick to hull. Make sure the keel is square from side to side. Once the epoxy has set, you lift the hull off the keel, remove the Mylar, and use the bedding compound of choice. It will be between the thin film of thickened epoxy on the keel and the hull.
  13. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    That might just be what ISCA does if they don't prevail. It's a viable and enthusiastic organization. They could just step into another boat.
  14. We're fine as long as we don't have to fight merchant ships and tugboats.