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  1. J80 gennaker bowsprit

    Contact these guys in NZ: http://www.c-tech.co.nz/ Good products, good prices and absolutely amazing customer service. They made me a gennaker pole for my previous boat and I couldn't be more satisfied!
  2. Creating performance targets

    Buy Expedition! If you are willing to spend the time to learn the software, collect the data and do the analysis, you will actually realize that Expedition is not expensive at all given all its possibilities.
  3. A single ultrasonic transducer is very linear and has worked perfectly for me. It's located just forward of the mast. Make sure you properly calibrate for heel (if your instruments allow) as the BSP may over-read 1-3% in case of heel vs a flat boat.
  4. Computer wireless remote screen

    The easiest way to create a wifi network without having to install additional hardware is Connectify hotspot. http://www.connectify.me/hotspot/
  5. NKE Ultrasonic Speedo issues

    A BSP damping of 1 is way too low to get any meaningful (readable) data. Somewhere in the order of 10-12 is reasonable. Is the water temp still reading fine at the moment you don't have boat speed? If not, then I would definitely look into any bad contact, probable where the log/depth interface connects to the topline bus. The water temp is hard to really calibrate as the temp at 20cm below the surface (where the sensor sits) can easily be multiple degrees higher than where your body sits when diving. I wouldn't pay much attention to exact calibration. Just use it as an indication if you will be happy to take a dive or not ;-) Hope it finally will be solved as this should really be an excellent setup!
  6. NKE Ultrasonic Speedo issues

    I use the NKE ultrasonic myself and my experience is that it is extremely accurate and reliable. Only when you are berthed you will see some 'noise' of BSP of max 0,1 - 0,3 knots, but once sailing it is very steady and liniar. Far superior to any paddle wheel I have used.
  7. NKE Ultrasonic Speedo issues

    Do you use the Regatta or HR processor? How much damping do you have set to BSP? The sensor also outputs the water temperature. Is this also interupted at the times BSP is? If you have the multigraphics installed you can have a stripchart for both BSP and water temp to help with this analysis. There is an LED on the sensor. Have you checked how the LED is blinking when you see 0 BSP and verified this what the user manual indicates for each state?
  8. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Here are some pics of the setup on my 111. Works excellent!
  9. You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    You can easily build (incl calibration) a baro using an Arduino board and a Bosch BMP280 sensor. Have a look at the data sheet: https://www.bosch-sensortec.com/bst/products/all_products/bmp280 Here's how to do it: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-bmp280-barometric-pressure-plus-temperature-sensor-breakout Works like a charm with Expedition via USB and also works perfectly via NMEA (and Expedition) when extended with a MAX485 board to do the conversion to RS485.
  10. Removing old sail numbers?

    Any experience in using acetone on a laminated sail (like 3DL)?
  11. Expedition Software Weather Routing webinar

    And let's not forget the dedicated Expedition forum. Very helpful and a lot of good tips.
  12. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    A Nacra 17 is already much faster then your 30' sport shit and for sure much cheaper to run!
  13. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    I guess that storing an open cat is way cheaper than storing a sports boat (being it in the water or on the hard). When that is too much: go wind- or kitesurfing. Even less crew needed, faster and way cheaper! (and not to forget: lots of fun!)
  14. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Probably the sports boats will die completely at all! You can't weekend on them. You can't cruise on them for a holiday. And...... for way less money you bye an open cat (foiling or not) which is way faster and even requires less crew!
  15. Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Great video Shaggy! Good to see you enjoy the boat. Two questions: - do you have the NKE regatta or HR processor? - what brand of mast does Pogo use?