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  1. ZeeZee


    Without a sprit they should not be allowed to call it a J boat...
  2. ZeeZee

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    You can just use the Kindle app on Android or IOS: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amazon.kindle&hl=en https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amazon-kindle/id302584613?mt=8
  3. ZeeZee

    AIS data on NKE-bus

    Correct, mine also has 38400 on the wires (both input and output)
  4. ZeeZee

    AIS data on NKE-bus

    The AIS data goes to the Multigraphics via a separate NMEA 38400 wire (so not via the Topline bus). In 2015 I had an issue with the Multigraphics becoming too slow in an area with VERY high AIS density. With a firmware update this was solved. The Wifi box can multiplex any NMEA input data stream (38400, so also AIS) with the Topline data and send it via Wifi. The input NMEA data is NOT send on the Topline bus. Send me a pm if you want more info.
  5. ZeeZee

    Mellow Yellow...

    No ORC certificate available at orc.org yet but the boat has registered for the ORC Worlds 2018 with a GPH of 608,6 https://offshoresailingworlds2018.com/participants-class-c/ The cruising version of this boat with a full interior is spect at a displacement of 4,95T. So with the 5,3T for the racing version it's either a typo or a fat pig. http://www.waarschip.info/waarschip/waarschip-1095-ld/ The boat does look nice though. But waarschip has made more beaties in the past, especially the Waarschip 1010
  6. ZeeZee


    Is this "grand prix' version actually a better (read: faster) sailing boat or only a (maybe even slower) downgraded version optimized for IRC?
  7. ZeeZee


    Congrates to both of you with the new beauty! I saw the 112 myself this summer and it looks like a great alround boat. I'm surprised to read people have issue with the Nautos vang. On my J/111 the Nautos vang looks like bomb proof and probably the last piece of the rig that will ever break down. @Blur: as the Nautos is quite heavy I also thought about replacing the tubing with carbon. Not sure if standard tubes are available which are strong enough (for compression). Also thought about having a layer of glass on the inside to prevent corrosion on the alu end-parts.
  8. ZeeZee

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The headliner not only looks nice, but also prevents your head being scratched badly on the bolds sticking out of the roof. So also when you are racing only this thing may be a necessity.
  9. ZeeZee

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I can confirm: with the proper tension on the cables the wheel is turning very smoothly and there absolutely no way the cables wil ever come off.
  10. ZeeZee

    J80 gennaker bowsprit

    Contact these guys in NZ: http://www.c-tech.co.nz/ Good products, good prices and absolutely amazing customer service. They made me a gennaker pole for my previous boat and I couldn't be more satisfied!
  11. ZeeZee

    Creating performance targets

    Buy Expedition! If you are willing to spend the time to learn the software, collect the data and do the analysis, you will actually realize that Expedition is not expensive at all given all its possibilities.
  12. A single ultrasonic transducer is very linear and has worked perfectly for me. It's located just forward of the mast. Make sure you properly calibrate for heel (if your instruments allow) as the BSP may over-read 1-3% in case of heel vs a flat boat.
  13. ZeeZee

    Computer wireless remote screen

    The easiest way to create a wifi network without having to install additional hardware is Connectify hotspot. http://www.connectify.me/hotspot/
  14. ZeeZee

    NKE Ultrasonic Speedo issues

    A BSP damping of 1 is way too low to get any meaningful (readable) data. Somewhere in the order of 10-12 is reasonable. Is the water temp still reading fine at the moment you don't have boat speed? If not, then I would definitely look into any bad contact, probable where the log/depth interface connects to the topline bus. The water temp is hard to really calibrate as the temp at 20cm below the surface (where the sensor sits) can easily be multiple degrees higher than where your body sits when diving. I wouldn't pay much attention to exact calibration. Just use it as an indication if you will be happy to take a dive or not ;-) Hope it finally will be solved as this should really be an excellent setup!
  15. ZeeZee

    NKE Ultrasonic Speedo issues

    I use the NKE ultrasonic myself and my experience is that it is extremely accurate and reliable. Only when you are berthed you will see some 'noise' of BSP of max 0,1 - 0,3 knots, but once sailing it is very steady and liniar. Far superior to any paddle wheel I have used.