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  1. Red Sky

    Solar panel output simplified??

    Anybody have any experience with the SunPower flexible 170w panels?
  2. Red Sky

    How do you store your tools onboarding? ?

    I must be lucky, three Dr. bag type, zippered, open top bags with more tools than I really need, stored under one of the settees. Other than use them, I don’t do anything to them, no rust, 10 years on the boat.
  3. Red Sky

    Can someone help me make sense of new chartplotters?

    Bought Raymarine eS128 in ‘17, works great, although I use the touch less than I thought I would.
  4. Red Sky

    Show your boat not sailing

    I’m the one on the right. Stake-boat duty at AC 34.
  5. Red Sky

    Detachable Inner Forestay + Furling Gear

    The boat has a furling main, so it’s fairly stout, but I have noticed a little pumping when going to weather in steep chop. I’ve talked to the builder, they don’t theink they're needed, but I’m going to install runners before we leave for Mexico later in the year anyway. However, if I was staying here and generally sailing the bay and near coast, I wouldn’t bother.
  6. Red Sky

    Detachable Inner Forestay + Furling Gear

    I have a Caliber 40lrc, cutter rigged, with a detachable inner forestay/furler. The top of the stay is attached to a car mounted on a 5-6ft. track, the other end is a Highfield lever attached to a padeye that transfers the load through attachment plates to a bulkhead below decks. You detach the Highfield lever and bring it back to another padeye a little off center about a foot from the mast. I needs to be off center to clear the mast mounted radar. Take some tension on the halyard connected to the car to take out the slack and you’ve open the foretriangle up. It’s nice in lighter air as you can avoid dragging the jib & sheets over the furled staysil, as opposed to partially furling the jib when you tack.
  7. Red Sky

    Catalina 30 variants?

    I tried to learn all I could about them when I owned my ‘85 in the mid 2000’s, but never heard of anything like that. Try the Catalina 30 owners group.
  8. Red Sky

    Zhik ZKGs

    I’ve got a pair of the ZKG shoes that look like Converse low-tops, best deck shoes I’ve ever had. 7 years old, the sole is soft and grippy as they were when new.
  9. Red Sky

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    I got tired of having to pack my Dubes for travel. I still use them on my own boat, but traveling with my PFD, it’s associated electronics and foulies was enough. When doing deliveries and such, I now wear Zhik ZKG shoes, the one that look like Converse low-tops, with waterproof Goretex socks. I’ve had the shoes for eight years and the soles are as soft and grippy as they were when new.
  10. Red Sky


    Again ++1
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  12. Red Sky

    Upholstery fabric anarchy

    Ultrasuede is nice, but just got a price to redo the saloon on my 40’. $7000...ouch.