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    Whole wheat with cut up cranberries, and real maple syrup. Great combination of flavors.

    Things To Do In London

    When I went from London to Greenwich the ferry was a hoovercraft. Though that was 44 years ago. The Maritime museum is a must see for sure. I don't know if the Cutty Sark is still near there, but worth a visit.

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    I liked it, but it was not great. The 1974 production that I saw in London, and the 2003 road production in Providence were both way better. Judas did a great job when he wasn't being drowned out by the band, and Caiaphas was really good. I saw him play Javier in Le Miz.

    F1 2018...

    This race proved That if you aren't faster than the competition, it pays to be luckier them they are.

    double trouble

    Right now they look like power boats, and slow ones at that.

    NFL 2017

    If you have anybody putting money on the Eagles, they had better be prepared to lose it.

    NFL 2017

    If the non touchdown had happened the other way, to the Pats, They would have just scored on the next play instead of melting down. The rule might suck, but it is the rule. If that play had been on the five yard line it would have been incomplete, so it should be in the end zone as well.

    Best Rock Song Intros

    Agreed. Only a distant third over the horizon.

    NFL 2017

    You have all had your moment to savor the Pats with the worst record in the league. Now it is over. Take a look at all of the years that they started 0-1, and won the Super Bowl. Kapernik should not be reviled for sitting sitting during the anthem, but the pigs in police uniforms on his socks is another thing entirely.

    F1 2017

    It is really great to see things fall into place at the start. Max was correct when he said that the tactics used by Seb and Kimi were totally reckless. Way to go Lewis!
  11. Most of that ($200K) was purchasing an undervalued house. We paid it off in 14 years, and now it is worth almost double. The rest was/is business debt from when I was self employed. Threw away the shovel and stopped digging the hole. During this time we put two kids through college as well. We did not spend much on anything other than what we really needed.
  12. I second the Dave Ramsey approach. Just tune out the religious crap. Following his methods my wife and I erased almost all of our debt in a few years. Just $18K left out of 260K. Mostly common sense, but you have to cut your expenses to the bone.
  13. I too am really disappointed with the cup as it now is. I can remember when there were defender trials, and being very disappointed when Intrepid failed to be a three time defender. Now there is no real match racing, no sail change evolutions, and no real tactics. Just win the start, and drag race through the course. If you can stay on the foils the entire (very short) race, your win. Two thirds of the crew is nothing but a power generator, how glamorous! What did you do in the Americas Cup Daddy? I was a hydraulic pump son. Lets hope that the Kiwis change things around a lot!

    The 50 most important female artists of the 90s

    My age is showing. Most of the women on that list I have never heard of. Give me Patti Smith, or Grace Slick any day.
  15. Harvey pulled my butt out of the lake one late fall day in 1974 when I capsized an Interlake with a non sailing and quite scared Chinese student aboard. I hope that this does not leave too much of a black mark on a generally well run group.