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  1. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Not that the IC has anything to do with the conversation.
  2. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Strange that rowing and canoeing aren't lumped together - on the water, propelled by paddles... And technically the IC is part of the International Canoe Federation.
  3. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    OK - we know the one-person dinghy possibilities. What would be serious contenders for the two-person mixed? Just to get the juices flowing: 470 (incumbent), RS500 (modernish), Tasar (just a boat I really like), Snipe (international). I can certainly hear the groans now about the old boats. I am not saying an old boat would be right, but outside the skiffs, what is really new in the 2-person boat world that would work for a mixed crew? And, honestly, short of a foiling boat, no choice will increase the TV market - and even then sailing won't ever be a big sell on TV. Anyway - I have no dog in this fight, just wondering what people think.
  4. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I am sure RS will make a pitch.
  5. bill4

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    Seriously. As mentioned a few times, the 505 is simply way too much boat for high school fleets. I doubt the boat in 62nd place was crewed by a couple 14-15 yr olds who took up sailing 2 yrs ago. For children with limited experience racing around the buoys on short courses, the 420 or FJ remain the most appropriate. For older teens, one would assume their sailing interest goes beyond what goes on at school and they are involved in sailing at the club/regional/national youth level anyway. Too bad the days of "crewing for dad" are long gone. Also - the 420 was not designed as a step up to the 470. The 420 came first. It just turned out to be a good stepping stone.
  6. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Have candidates been determined/stated for the mixed two-person dinghy?
  7. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Dumpster Fireunknown 1. A complete disaster. 2. Something that gets progressively worse even when you're sure it can't possibly go any more wrong. 3. The Trump Administration WS Dinghy Selection Fuck dude, I don't see how Trump and his minions WS could make this Dumpster Fire burn any hotter #trainwreck#clusterfuck#trump administration
  8. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    So? Laser, Aero or Melges?
  9. bill4

    Endeavour Trophy

    US Sailing has the Championship of Champions. It is for National, North American or World champs in one design classes, so you do get some small keelboat participants.
  10. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Any thoughts on the topic of this thread? What's the Kiwi take?
  11. bill4

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    Are you putting a jib on it?
  12. bill4

    JS 4.7 Sailing trials, Downunder

    Just now I am noticing that appears to be a Radial. Pretty easy pickings...
  13. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Just an attempt at a little conspiracy theory humour. Satire if you will.
  14. bill4

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Quality group. All highly intelligent with a great blend of skills, experience and knowledge. All on Rastegar's payroll...
  15. bill4

    JS 4.7 Sailing trials, Downunder

    It is a strange thing. The Laser takes a beating on a regular basis in DA. Shit rig, old school Fiberglas/foam hull, shit fit out, shit foils, etc etc. 40+ years later, along comes the Aero. Great looking sleek hull, half the weight, carbon spars, great looking sail (although Dacron) - as good as it gets, and I really like the looks of it. Net result? The Aero 7 PN shows it is less than 3% faster than a Laser standard. So that is a pretty small differential. The fact the Laser rig can drive an overweight, old school fibreglass pig hull at a pace less than 3% slower than than the completely up to date Aero is interesting. So - maybe the Laser rig is a pretty good benchmark after all and the JS folks are smarter than one may think. Ugly but effective.