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  1. I suspect the numbers will change with a builder. Plus - what is much more significant (especially for us grass roots guys) is the number of sailors who bought used Lasers and are getting active! No sense in comparing to Aeros - I hope they keep growing.
  2. And then there is the flip side...
  3. Very similar format in our district as well. I used to run it in the '80s for a few years when things were really hopping. It has certainly slowed, but a very keen bunch - noting a half dozen made the trip to Florida for the East Coast Masters mid-winters. We get 12-20 Thursday nights at our club. Anyway - speaking as a grass roots sailor, I don't have a problem supporting ILCA and am a member. The boat I have now I bought used two years ago, and therefore did not pay the plaque dues. I bought a new sail and paid the button dues. It never occurred to me to fret over ILCA getting or not getting a cut. With my previous Laser, I bought an Intensity sail as a second sail. Didn't even occur to me that as a result ILCA was not getting any money. Don't care. I may or may not buy a new top section, but probably not. ILCA presence has no bearing at all on my purchasing decisions. So - not all grass roots sailors are on the same page.
  5. So the author just made up the second and third sentences?
  6. Any consensus on what constitutes a grassroots Laser sailor? I was super keen "in the day", but now I race as often as I can on Thursday nights, and try to get in a couple club regattas. I have been to 2 nationals in the past 20 years - they were both within 3 hours. What am I (easy, now...)?
  7. bill4

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    7 Western Canadians. 6 from the same fleet. None bitching about ILCA.
  8. First time I have seen this: "Meanwhile the International Laser Class Association is proceeding with the selection and issuance of new Building Licences, and is working through a short list of Builders around the world. New tooling from master moulds held by the class have been created and sent to the short-listed builders who will have to make their own jigs and then build a sample of ten ILCA Lasers which will be scrutinised by measurers for compliance with the Class Construction Manual before their licence application is approved or declined. It is expected that process will take "a few weeks" after which new ILCA legal Lasers will be able to be supplied under a competitive model without restriction as to territory or prices."
  9. I don’t think Wess is a dick. The New York Times bestseller - “Assholes: A theory” - offers descriptive narrative on all types of assholes we encounter in life. I believe Wess is a hybrid asshole, combining the characteristics of both the “boorish asshole” and the “smug asshole”. But not a simple dick.
  10. bill4

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Oh I get it! And I respect your views. But it gets to be like every channel being the same on TV! And seeing reruns of Wess on every channel is just wrong...
  11. bill4

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    There are several other threads dedicated to ILCA/Laser bashing, which is good sport for some. This is the rogue thread for those who want to toss in the odd compliment, thumbs up, prop, or generally other positive comment about the boat.
  12. bill4

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Philipp Buhl is the world champion of whatever anybody wants to call this boat, ILCA or Laser. Do not deny him of this incredible athletic feat or tarnish it with all this petty bullshit.
  13. bill4

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    He actually donated the design. I am sure he would turn in his grave if he saw what that class has become. All those dollars from maniacal parents missed out on...
  14. bill4

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Yep. He missed the boat.
  15. bill4

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    A Laser by any other name would smell as ILCA