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  1. Bill5

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    A few decades ago a guy in our club painted his Fireball with the same result. He claimed he did it in purpose and called it the “golf ball effect” and resulted in reduced drag. His nose was growing as he spoke...
  2. It’s “have some fun” tea. (Note no mushrooms involved...)
  3. I missed commenting on the Nautivela builder appointment. ILCA now has 4 new builders with excellent reputations. They must all see a future for the boat and have figured out a way to make a buck. It will be interesting to see if the Italians who dominate the Laser Class membership switch sides (which we have seen before). In related news, I hear the Laser Class is going to charge people $50 to not renew their free membership. They believe this will keep their membership numbers up as they continue to chase their dream of becoming a WS and Olympic class boat.
  4. Congrats! Best troll in 9119 posts!
  5. Wasn’t there a video of Tracy talking about the white sails?
  6. I used to be quite interested in kids boats and kids sailing. But now that there are 150,000 parents taking charge, I am leaving it in their 300,000 capable hands.
  7. Do you think the future of the ILCA is in white sails? Is it possible that Tracy is wrong? There are some class leaders (and leaders of countries) that have been wrong about the future.
  8. No - and I haven’t really paid much attention. Kids and small peoples boats don’t interest me to any degree. But all these little rigs look a little goofy to my eye on a 14 ft boat. As does a tiny 95 lb person hanging over the side.
  9. I don’t know. I didn’t. But I didn’t care as it didn’t impact me directly - other than losing some light/women sailors from the fleet. The latter ticked me off a little... But adopting a new full rig would impact me.
  10. Bill5

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    I suppose you could sand it then wax it to recover some sheen. But is the paint itself “unsmooth” or is it the hull? One comment on your colour choice. It looks awesome but know that it will really show scratches and dings.
  11. I don’t agree with ILCA on everything they say or do. Note ILCA have not endorsed any new rigs. And if they desire to do so, it comes to a vote at which time I will vote against. But I would put the over/under on that vote at 4 years.
  12. Why would I want to spend that much money on a rig that only marginally improves performance? It’s a Laser. Leave it alone.
  13. I tried Gouv. But Wess just can’t admit defeat. Hey...wait a minute...