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  1. @Wess - what do you think the price point of a generic boat would be?
  2. In North America I thing we are pretty safe. The good ship LP sailed years ago when they seemingly couldn't make a buck outside Europe. If they weren't making money this side of the pond at $7500 (equivalent) when they bolted, how are they going to do it at $5000? This will likely be a non-issue for years. I yearn for the "old days" - at least around here - when we had the 5 - 6 awesome weekend events when the sailing was only half the fun. Those died down significantly waaay before all this noise. A split? Doubt it.
  3. The bar codes are also part of the QC program. They track the part, the manufacturer, the date of manufacture and so forth.
  4. That is a good point. When you join the association, it seems to me you include your boat number. So you would likely get flagged at the membership process before showing up at a regatta in your LP boat. Note to ILCA - make sure you ask the question during the application process. Speaking of new builders, some may have seen tis in the ILCA website: No US builder, but that's OK. Too much political risk. Our govt will probably tax the hell out of US imported boats.
  5. So if the event is of consequence, chances are there will be a Notice of Race. And in the Notice of Race one would hope it would clearly spell out that non-ILCA dinghies will not be allowed. Note to event organizers...
  6. Do you honestly think that the “Plaque Nazis” are looking forward to turning young (or old) sailors away?
  7. Anybody feeling "the fracture" out there? Our fleet is fine. A couple new folks this season. And I actually can't see any dark clouds on the horizon. The only downside I see is LP's bargain basement pricing isn't sustainable. Clubs and schools should act fast!
  8. Bill5

    How Stupid is That?

    Must be an Opti parent out there whose kid has grown up looking for something to do!
  9. Bill5

    How Stupid is That?

    Stating the obvious, staying upright is the best thing to do! As a new dinghy sailor, my bet is you dump going downwind and after a tack - right? If I am right, oversheet going downwind to avoid the deathroll (just watch your angle so you don't accidentally jibe), and have your board 1/2 way down. You should be able to sit relatively comfortable on the weather side. Just keep steering under the rig. If it's tacking, take your time, and dump off the sail a fair amount as you tack. Adding lead just sounds wrong. Because you will get much better and then you won't want the lead! Plus, selling a boat with a lead daggerboard could be an issue.
  10. Come on up! Where are you - Maryland? I think I read that somewhere. About a 36 hour drive. Non-stop. Come for Thursday Night ILCA racing! $5 entry - $2.50 for the Club and $2.50 for ILCA.
  11. Ok, let's not get carried away. It was one of only a few of your contributions for which I didn't start shaking my head two words in...
  12. I must say some of these are pretty clever. Inaccurate, false or misleading, but still pretty darn clever. I almost gave this a "like". #LessWess #LaserClassHasNoRudder
  13. Bill5

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Written like a draft.
  14. Bill5

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    A ton of miles. Kind of an odd expression, really.