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  1. His government only purchased the vaccine, from a private company. Drumpf did fuck all about that, Pfizer didn't accept his terms. Canada did buy back in May, and the fucking orange man is trying to block our pre purchased supply. If I ever get within punching distance of that piece of shit i will happily go to jail for the first time, be out in a day. It would be so worth it.
  2. woodtick

    Bitchen’ Camaro

    This will be worked out, there is money to be made. I love fast cars, I'm looking around for my 65 SS Malibu, 4 speed 12 bolt convertible. Oh man, that car had a build sheet you would not believe, under the rear seat. All columns were filled.....
  3. woodtick

    Computer Programmer Turned Woodworker

    Hi Jiffy B.. I never met Matt, he must have been a very special man. I hope you get some sense of relief from your pain by how respected he was here, as evadent. You yourself must be special too, my respectful condolance, heal quickly, and smile with your memories.
  4. woodtick

    Aliens from space

    I actually do think its very possible, just because Carl Sagan said "It will take Hundreds of Thousands of YEARS, it is bestowing way too much hubris on us to say we know this for a fact. And I regard E= Mc2 as a truth, until it aint.
  5. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    Oh, and Mike, the iron precipitates out when exposed to oxygen, it gets cloudy then. Thanks Tommays for your replies, thanks everyone for helping me out! Here is a shot of the inside, I order all the millwork from the best manufacturer in China (I know, I know) all on email only with drawings, I have never spoken on the phone with them. The site measurements have to be right, or it's just expensive firewood. I try not to make any mistakes..... There are only 2 of us in western Canada that can order from them. Why do these pics load sideways? FFS.
  6. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    I was out on the boat this weekend, away from cell service, I live at the end of North America's southernmost fijord, a beautiful place to have a boat. The well is 4", same as the geo field, it is a closed loop system and would not affect the well. Once it was commissioned we pumped the tank full of clear water, looked at it a few days later and I knew something wasn't right, so I had the water tested. Total iron is 3.75, dissolved iron is 3.15, manganese total .178 dissolved .150, so I'm going to take Tommas advise and pre filter to get the ferric iron out first. They do not give ppm on the water testing up here. I had a very informative pm conversation with a geochemist who is researching how to remove contaminants with bacteria and other organisms, he explained why and how the water is ferrous, due to organisms down there which consume the oxygen, hence ferrous dissolved iron. I actually read a report in the spring that he may have written on the subject when I was researching this well problem. Of course I didn't take the authors name down, but how many people would be working on something like that? I have run the well for over a week 24/7, the contaminants do not change much at all, I needed to confirm the thing would not clear up, it didn't.
  7. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    Thanks for the link! Going to send for pricing, expensive , it's all relative..... Not doing it is even more costly.
  8. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    I was reviewing my water reports, there is some degree of ferric iron in our well, so I'm going to pre filter before sending it for ferrous filtering. What kind of filter is that, is or does it have a micron size, and how much restriction does it impose? best guess is good. Pre filtering should help a bit I'm sure.
  9. woodtick

    Too funny not to share

    Not only that, they have chiseled in stone the umbrage of the orange mans unfortunate squatting on their land, and the forever new meaning of orange man.
  10. woodtick

    Too funny not to share

    Hahahahahahahahaha! No Fucking Way!
  11. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    Ferric iron is much easier to deal with as far as filtering through mesh as it is an actual particle. Ferrous iron is crystal clear, I mean our well water is completely clear, until it sits for hours/days, then it goes cloudy. I don't have the space at this point to install a system to aerate it that I know of, at least. If I would have known the iron problem 2-3 years ago I would have planed a bubble tank, probably 2, but the gate is closed on that. Is your water ferric, I suspect it is?
  12. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    Hi Tommays, I have been neglecting your post, you obviously know what you're doing. How does pre filtering work with dissolved iron in my case? I am sending it directly from the well into the mechanical room, if I don't have the space for an aeration tank will a filter work? Please post you're thoughts on what you think the best way for us to deal with the well water. Is a Katalox filter going to work properly? The supplier thinks it will backwash twice daily, about an hour and a half each time. The backwash goes into the sewer system via a pumped sump from the mechanical room. I am told this is fine to do, and I'm just wondering, will this shorten the life of that pump? I have been told that the well pump will have a shortened life from the iron, and really bad ones can get stuck down there from all the iron. I don't know if that has to do with ferrous iron or ferric or both. Edit- when I took samples for dissolved iron I had to filter it through I believe a 1 micron filter and add some kind of acid to the sample to stop it coming out of solution, there was nothing visible on the filter.
  13. woodtick

    Need some help, and I know it's here.

    Irrigation consultant came up with 6000 usg per day, my initial calculation was just south of 5000 usg per day. The reason to filter the water is soley to protect the drip line, and to a lesser degree stop any potential staining on hard surfaces, it does not take long to stain granite. We have 3.75 mg/ltr dissolved iron, and highish manganese. There are other dissolved elements of course, but nothing alarming from drinking water tests done. The flow rates you quoted above in another post are appreciated, but not the reason for my request for help with the filter system, and please don't take that as an ungrateful comment, it's not meant that way. I did read up last summer an iron content of 1.0 was acceptable for drip irrigation, so I think an acceptable figure to reach is in this case is to shoot for about .65 mg/ltr.