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  1. I have a property up for sale, a month ago it was sold on condition of buyers financing. I'm thinking this is the peak of our present cycle, ( Thanks Obama!) . Fuck I hate this guy. Its going for a shit now. We could have had years of prosperity.
  2. woodtick

    How to cut a tyre in half ?

    Set the entire tyre on his frond door entry and light it on fire. Chanting will help. Using half a tire is pussy.
  3. woodtick


    Been installing Fischer and Paykel lots lately, a fussy install to say the least, but they look good.....
  4. woodtick

    The Movie and Tune that was popular and you hated

    I know this is gonna rub a lot of folks the wrong way, but when Elvis died, I was so sick of that shit..... I have since softened on his contribution to us but at the time.... ACDC AND AEROSMITH
  5. woodtick

    Hospice vs Standard Of Care

    It does not always go so well up here John. MIL was sent to Lions Gate from our small regional hospital with no appitite. She was in an assisted living home, nice place, minimal care, you must be mobile - able to self evacuate in case of fire, ect. She was getting confused lately, being 95 and also barely able to meet the evac rule, she broke her hip a while ago line dancing. Anyway she ends up in North Van emergency and admitted. The wife goes with her. They do some scans, nice young doc requests permission to do an exploratory surgery, does not give us any more info than that, wife is led to believe it might be something relitively small so says ok, and comes home. Surgery was scheduled for a few hrs later, but an opening came earlier and in she goes. The doc phones and tells my wife her mothers large intestine was dead, so he removed it. Her small intestine was very suspect, he thinks at this time it is most likely not viable, but tied it off and left her open for evaluation tomorrow morning. So we go directly to talk with him, he then says she has extensive cancer through out her body, it is what caused her bowel to die. How can she not have extreme pain leading up to this is hard to understand. The doc sends us home as MIL cannot be seen for a while. Next morning we go back, doc wants permission to see if her small intestine has improved, and says he really needs to close her up regardless. I am becoming increasingly worried he wants to save her. My wife feels the same. We give him the ok to close her up only, no other treatment. My mother in law had extensive discussions with us, and her other children, she would not accept a lingering death. He tries to talk us into seeing if she is improving, we say no. Still tries, and now I know he has already looked, he knows he can save her with a colostomy bag. Save her for what? A lingering death from cancer? He now looks at us as murderers. They call in the head nurse and another surgeon to talk with us. They know the wifes sister and brother are coming, still a few hours away, and maybe they can talk with us. I have been speaking with my wifes sister through out this time, and I know we agree. The surgeons try again when the sister arrives, saying your mother can be saved. The answer is still no. Now I am a bit mad. Then the only son and his wife arrive. Again, we all go into this fucking room again, family, 2 surgeons, head nurse, and a palliative care nurse we have been talking with in the meantime. The son starts to break down with the surgeons reasoning, is nodding his head he would like to see if the bowel has recovered. I speak for the first time now. Tony, if you agree to this, your mother will survive. It is all I said. Now his head is going no, that is not what his mother would like. The surgeons thought of us with contempt. The palliative care nurse was steaming mad at the surgeons for dragging us through this again and again- my wife had full medical accountability over her mothers affairs, in writting. They wanted to save a 95 year old woman, with no chance of any sort of reasonable quality of life. She passed on 12 hours later, my wife, her youngest daughter, holding her hand.
  6. woodtick

    Eastern European folk law comes to The Whitehouse

    Her cameltoe is crooked.
  7. Was standing in the kitchen having a beer after work with a temporary roommate. A few days earlier, she told me," I think there is a mouse in the house, I found some droppings". Of course I looked, and came to the conclusion it wasn't a mouse, and set a couple of traps in the basement. Anyway, yapping with the roommate, this knawing sound starts up, and it becomes quite loud, and I can't ignore this, so I go to where this noise is coming from. I didn't think this through very well before taking action. Standing with a beer in one hand, I quickly opened the cabinet doors, and this fucking giant rat scrambles out of the cabinet right between my stocking feet. The roommate was screaming bloody murder, and I'm wisely trying to corral this rat with a beer still in one hand, and nothing else, no weapon to grab. The fucking rat then tries to run through my legs again, and as I had had just the right amount of beer on board, stomped that fucker dead with one blow. The roommate was still screaming, as there were guts and blood that had squirted out both ends, and an obvious dead rat right in front of her. She was supposed to move out in 3 weeks. Took 2 days and she was gone. I would get one about every 5 years or so, as I lived close to a river, and fields. Never found out how they got in, probably an open door.
  8. woodtick

    Squamish Open Annual Regatta

    The piper on the bow was awesome, up and down the channel.
  9. woodtick

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    This reminds me of a true crime novel I read years ago, same author of the Manson murders, the woman figured out how to use a sextant to reach an anchorage in the middle of the south pacific so her husband could murder a cruising couple. Creeeepeeee
  10. woodtick

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Her tits are deflated?Rimas can't be picky. I don't see a woman spending more than 10 minutes on that boat without saying get me the hell outta here.The only woman that can stand being on that boat is Rimas's female counterpart....homeless, panhandler, simple-minded, and completely lacking any seamanship skills. Such a female would probably find it a lifestyle upgrade, like Rimas.I checked out Maria's fb profile. Lots of pictures of her sailing on 24 to 30 ft boats. I suspect she has more skilz than the admiral. She lives in buenos aries. Not sure if she could go to hawaii. No public reply to her on fb, but im sure hes sending her private messages. Hey , shes offered to share expenses. Rimas has a gf whos got some $$!She likely undrrestimates the state of the boat, perhaps thinking it just needs a cleaning. If she has any experience at all, she'll take one look and realize the boat needs a significant amount of repairs and refitting to be reasonably comfortable and seaworthy. She'll have to do all the work, and pay all the bills naturally. At sea, she'll quickly tire of Rimas's lazy ass Kon-Tiki drifting, so the bulk of the sailing and navigation will fall on her....plus cooking, cleaning, and maintenance. IOW, she'll quickly figure out Rimas is a lazy freeloader.
  11. woodtick

    Shoddy Workmanship Anarchy

    I want to re do my sole as well., the original floor is 12 mm ply with a thin top layer of teak and holly veneer. Happily, l just cut down 3 large holly trees on a reno project I just started. If you think good teak is expensive, try sourcing some holly to put things in perspective. Holly shit it is dear.