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  1. willp14335

    The Graduate

    The really stupid thing about the policy is that students can access past dissertations through the library anyways. There is a whole database of them online.
  2. willp14335

    The Graduate

    I can't share my work, but I can throw up a few renders. This is my dissertation, a 47 foot well performing livaboard cruising boat. VPP results suggest 220 mile days in 16 true on a reach.
  3. They roll more, but it is a longer roll period, which is considered more comfortable.
  4. willp14335

    Hard dinghy oars & oarlocks - what works best?

    I have a set of 6.5' Carlisle 2 part alloy oars with SS oarlocks on my Portland Pudgy which work very well. They are much lighter than wooden oars and still very stiff and strong. Mine have a nice PVC bushing on them with rubber stoppers for the oars, which I don't see in the link from the company website. https://store.carlislepaddles.com/dyn_prodlist.php?k=453555
  5. willp14335

    ClubSwan 36

    The 125 is very interesting from a design and engineering perspective, but it won't be able to compete in some races like Sydney to Hobart, which I think kind of defeats the point. It will be cool to see it though.
  6. willp14335

    ClubSwan 36

    The US is not the only sailing venue in the world. They have sold many in Europe.
  7. willp14335

    ClubSwan 36

    Sounds cool. Judging by the success of the 50 it will probably be a Juan K design.
  8. willp14335

    Floating architecture

    This^^^ Also, what will happen in 25-50 years from now when all these boats being built now are decrepit and ready to sink? I feel like places such as Dubai will not want a zombie fleet clogging up their coastline.
  9. willp14335

    Radio controlled sailing

    There is no cut. The bow is a foam plug sanded with a glass skin laminated on top. It was sanded and faired before filling and sanding again with epoxy and car filler. Then it was all painted over.
  10. willp14335

    Radio controlled sailing

    I plan to reduce mast rake and am putting a bigger jib on the boat. The factory version needs a lot of mast rake to balance without lee helm in light conditions.
  11. willp14335

    Radio controlled sailing

    It was sanded initially, then sprayed in four coats. I'll be doing a final sand to get rid of the small bit of roughness remaining.
  12. willp14335

    Radio controlled sailing

    Now that I've finally finished my dissertation and final exams I've had some time to work on my model boats. I've been refitting my Northwind 36-600 with a new bow and just repainted the hull bottom. I think she is starting to look good.
  13. willp14335

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    That is probably what happened. The rudder does flex a bit under load, with the plates it flexes a lot less.
  14. willp14335

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    I rowed the 8 in a dead calm. I can imagine in wind it would be difficult to track, it is a little skittish feeling. In the light stuff I could easily get to hull speed though, and it tracked easily. The pudgy rows well through waves and chop and tracks well but takes a little more effort to get moving because it's almost twice as heavy. I wouldn't expect it to row as well as the 10. When I sailed against the WB 10 it seemed to have a tendency to sail bow down in heavy wind. The other sailor seemed to struggle to control it when it gusted over 15. I usually reef at 20 and will sail in wind up 30 knots in. After that it feels like I'm straining the boat for no good reason, and it's usually more pleasant to have a beer on the mother ship when it's that windy anyways. One thing I'd be interested to see how the boats fared under against each other under power.
  15. willp14335

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    To clarify I sailed against the WB 10 but rowed the 8. The 10 is faster than me in light wind but not in heavy air.