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  1. Those performance numbers are pretty impressive for a 35000 lb 43' boat! Cool.
  2. I've used 3d printing for parts and tooling for my model boat projects. It is a lot of work to finish it smooth.
  3. Yikes. Where's the eye bleach?
  4. I'm a hard dinghy fanatic. The Portland Pudgy works well with a motor and tows well, but is a little too small for more than two people if you want to stay comfortable and dry. I'd personally recommend something like the OCtender, which can plane with a 4 hp motor. I met the designer in New Zealand, he has some good ideas in the boat. It weighs very little as it is made from cored composites. I'm not sure if they sell them in the US or not. Both these boats are also more expensive than a soft floor inflatable. https://octenders.com That being said, a hard floor inflatable works just fine and is easier to purchase. Our 10' aluminum AB does 22 knots with me in it and a 15hp motor, and can carry a lot of weight.
  5. I agree, that was appalling behavior from Brent. There was hate behind those words.
  6. Unfortunately I don't recall. If the boat is at the show this year I'll let you know. I assume it was a small turnbuckle.
  7. With my limited experience I have found almost any boat I've sailed can surf briefly. I've done 7 knots in my Portland Pudgy with following waves and 30 knots of wind, and that boat has a D/L of 419 when I'm in it .
  8. I got to see the winner 9 up close at the Southampton boat show two years ago. She was the only boat that size I could stand up in (I am 6' 4") that I also found to look "sleek". The design meets the right balance between performance, comfort, and aesthetics for me. I aspire to own one someday.
  9. I haven't seen it suggested here, but the Winner 9 is one of my favorite small performance cruisers, due to the classy lines and "yachty" appearance. They sell a performance version with a reduced interior as well. http://www.winneryachts.com/winner/winner-9/
  10. How about a Tayana 37 vs a BS 36? I'd bet on a winner...
  11. The cat is a model of a boat that already exists. The powerboat is not my hull but I modelled the details. The pocket cruiser is 100% mine though, and is an 8.5 m cruiser. I can't share the drawings publicly due to rules at Solent, but I can show them individually if you send me a PM.
  12. I get paid for what I do. I probably made more this summer than Brent did. I can draw a passable boat in CAD in 20 minutes. Brent hasn't drawn one in 20 years. Brent would't know a fair hull if it sailed up and dropped anchor in his cockpit. To copy Bob, Brent can't do this: Or this Or this... Or any of this.
  13. HIN is on the starboard side of the transom. My 2009 laser had one in the same place.
  14. HIN number ends with 77
  15. I grew up racing dinghies, stopped in 2012 when we left cruising. My old laser was new (in 2009) with carbo blocks and spectra control lines all running to cam cleats in the cockpit. That one I raced seriously every day in the summer. Different world than this boat. No matter what I do I won't get the same performance from this boat as I did from the other one, and I'm not looking to. This was just a random purchase that I made after spotting an opportunity. Normally I don't buy boats on a student budget. I'm planning to take my last sail on it tomorrow. Even set up as it is now, it's still faster than a Portland Pudgy...