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    Stoopid or not

    Tip & Shaft is originally a french newsletter, only recently being offered as an english translation. It is not the same thing as Scuttlebutt at all. Pierre-Yves Lautrou and Axel Capron are two real journalists, writing their own stories and doing their own investigations. The news you get from this newsletter are often exclusive. And Lautrou is also a mini and a Class40 sailor, with several transats under his belt. He had a nice offshore-racing oriented radio talkshow a while back: Le café du Large. So that’s that for credibility. Their newsletter targets people in the industry, rather than armchair sailors. So it also provides industry-related PR and classifieds, but within a specified section. And yes, the title is a bit puzzling, not to say cocky. But FFS, why so much hate before anybody had a chance to taste the tip and the shaft ? :-)
  2. sombrenouille

    what are you?

    This hull shape is already used on Carac, class40 #150, with a different deck, and although it hasn’t won anything yet, it seems to be pretty fast.
  3. sombrenouille

    what is it?

    So what is really this thing ? Does anybody know ? Does the Ed know ?