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  1. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The whinging of the unfortunate souls in the UK born South of Hadrians Wall never ends.
  2. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I feel triggered
  3. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Continuing with the Friday Night Thread Drift: My Youtube Kyrptonite is otherwise apparently clever people failing at something. And the best of them will let you follow as they fail, and as they figure it out. Or not. But then again sometimes it's nice to see things work out. (Pure Copper is not impossible to cast in a DIY backyard scenario, but Bronze was widespread for a reason, just say'n)
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Hey don't be shitposting about the Free Range couple. They're what La Vag would look like if they both started out with a clue! With less eyebrows & bought boobs from the Aussie Health Services. A marine engineer and his Western Australian girlfriend sail a 70's 30' 4ktsb overtop of Australia trying as much as they can to live off the grid. They do get my respect being one of the few sailors that actually are accomplished fishermen.
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Or alternatively remaster old 16mm footage into HD video and release on PPV streaming platforms for the 30th anniversary of the trip. As a sweetener release previously unseen footage that otherwise hit the cutting room floor in 1984 simply because of time constraints. 2300 people paid US$35k to watch 3 1hr films, not sure what Yves take was but it beats just having film collect dust in a box. I do know one woman that was an aspiring YouTuber until last year when the endless frustrations of Scroogling, fake clicks, Adpocalypse and various other demonetizing ploys became a plague for Google content creators. So would release short 10-15mins quick & dirty vids on Youtube, then 1hr long full length full production value releases on Vimeo PPV. Her first $2.99 Vimeo release made more for her than an entire year of Adsense revenue. There's more than one way to hustle creating online video content than suckling the Google teat. Ever think of running a limited line of KTL hoodies with a suitably grumpy Dylan line on the reverse? It's all about the MERCH!
  6. Adrift Movie

    Yeah watched that awhile ago, and it was pretty good, but there were two dramatized that came out at the end of last year, was wondering if anybody has caught either yet?
  7. Adrift Movie

    Has anybody seen either of the Crowhurst flicks? Worth hunting for?
  8. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Maybe 10 years ago he sailed up into Lake Ontario for an Alberg rendezvous and talked about all the places he's taken his Alberg. He's even been through Dylan's neck of the woods up into Loch Ness. Never got much traction in English Canada over politics (he's always been a bit of a Quebec separatist) which is a bit of a shame.
  9. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Some guys here might find this interesting, a French-Canadian that was an original cruising vlogger talking about the challenges of shooting a trip to fund his sailing in the days before WiFi and digital photography.
  10. Guns on Boats

    Oh and about the UK, Exocet's and arms sales. The most useful ships the UK had left were Type 42 frigates A couple years earlier they had made a successful sale of two of them. To Argentina.
  11. Guns on Boats

    Right along with "there's no such thing as a 'friendly' sub.
  12. Motorcycle Threads

    The kids story was that he hit a donkey not a cow, but yeah. And Vikings story is even crazier, kidnapped at a FARC "toll" stop in Columbia thinking "okay they'll roll me for some cash" but he had a few books published by then so they wanted millions in ransom for him. But they never took his bike key from him, so after awhile he started burrowing his bike key into his nose to draw blood, a little bit later he burrowed it deeper and deeper, so every morning there was more blood, then one of the other captives he was with and released after their ransom was paid spread the story that he had cancer and needed meds (I was shocked, the LaTimes is good for something), and he startled pressuring his captors that "I have cancer, I need treatment or I'm going to die, do you want my death blamed to you?" As far as I know he's the only Caucasian FARC captive released alive with no ransom paid. It is a crazy story, and he's a crazy smart guy.
  13. Motorcycle Threads

    I don't know if you noticed or not, but that has to be the only Harley with a reversed GP shift. (Up for 1st, down to shift up) That shoulda been a hint to the poor squid. Haa haa that's back when then that place was fun, now it's just an AARP Rotary club meeting. I have more respect for guys that take a top shelf bike into ridiculous situations. Like Sjaak, that SOB rode a first gen R1 around the world and the only mechanical failure was a 3rd cylinder rod bearing going out. He still managed another 500km with rod knock, then swapped out the bottom end bearing in a dug out canoe. I put on 186,000KM on my ZX-6 and he makes me feel lazy.
  14. Darwin award candidate?

    I've started calling it the Commonwealth Curse.
  15. Buying a 1988 Beneteau First 285

    Nobody has mentioned the fabric head liners yet? The largest, irksome, time consuming part of fixing the interior. If the Sailboatlistings.com posting above is the boat you're looking at, there's a reason there's no pic of the largest and most comfy berth on the boat, it's because it still has the stock fabric and the glue is failing and it's a large bubble mass PO's haven't dealt with. It's not hard to fix, just a PITA, a weekend with scrapers and a Shop-Vac pulling all the fabric and scraping off 80's French glue. Most First 285's by this point have had it done already, but the V-berth shot shows the fabric still there, with a couple fat wrinkles, so assuming that is the same boat, you're looking at hours contorting is various shapes with a paint scraper to get off the glue and a few millimeters of foam underlay. Aside from the 80's French glue it's actually a fun boat to sail, if you don't care about your corrected finish it's a fun boat to race. They came in a few different keep configs, that one looks like the deep keel which really is the one to have. The wing keel is too light and will grab EVERY bit of weed you see, the lifting keel will leak constantly and is not worth the chance you might one day transport it down to the Keys in the winter. I've sailed on a few 285's, and the only bad habit is that they are sticky in light air. Lake Ontario that's a problem in summer, as I learned a bit about Lake Michigan last year not quite so much. The boat would have no problem reaching to Muskegon or Sleeping Bear for the weekend in 15-20kts, if you can live with the non-popup interior.