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  1. Dilligaf0220

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Heh I always thought "Euro style galley" was everything lined up amidships down one side of the cabin. Ofcourse I always pictured in Europe it was being touted as an "American Style" galley...
  2. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Well that was a brain fart, got them confused with Four On The Floor. Just to complete the th'd drift probably the best of bunch was Rick Green's sci-fi alter ego Commander Rick and his distinctly Canadian take on the business of science fiction. Small snippet covering the marketing of 90's pop culture with small snippets from just about everybody from a younger JRR Martin (pre Game Of Thrones) to a young Mat Groening just starting to reap the benefits of The Simpsons being a hit.
  3. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Oh lord. If you like that one, from the same crew, of how fur trapping voyageurs are surviving in modern times.
  4. Dilligaf0220

    Dad was a perv, ended up in garden

    Without saying what that evidence was. Guessing some psychiatric report or other "feels not reals" 'evidence'. More like the Prosecution just wanted a quick done & dusted deal that involved prison time.
  5. Dilligaf0220

    College Football 2018

  6. Dilligaf0220

    Songs About Sailing

  7. Dilligaf0220

    Dad was a perv, ended up in garden

    Worse, divorced. Canadian family court has a way of ingraining into you never to trust anything that comes out of a womans mouth without supporting evidence/statements. Signed in triplicate. Then again my home towns more infamous murder trials involved a woman that disposed of her husbands headless, armless, bullet ridden torso off a cliff. She claimed she was abused. Two years after she inherited millions with a falsified Will. I feel bad for the womans daughter, but until there is even a shred of corroborating evidence I'll be looking at the OP's case with a grain of salt.
  8. Dilligaf0220

    Songs About Sailing

  9. Dilligaf0220

    Dad was a perv, ended up in garden

  10. Dilligaf0220

    Flying car anarchy

    Damn social media ruining you kids attention span. With the right wind direction and lack of obstacles aircraft can land these days pretty much in the length of a typical parking space.
  11. Dilligaf0220

    Dad was a perv, ended up in garden

    No mention of what happened to this "box", or any other supporting evidence. Alternatively a useless taker bitch of a woman was rightfully dumped by her husband and decided her near 90yr dad was worth more dead than alive. Plus he had too many rules. 12yrs to cook up a story, I bet she wagered she would be able to walk out of court free. Along with speaking engagements as a feminist icon.
  12. Dilligaf0220

    Flying car anarchy

  13. Dilligaf0220

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    As another Canadian that has always crossed the border on a regular basis for decades, my central observation are the differences in the corporate culture between the two. USCBP - The price of freedom is eternal vigilance on the ongoing war for our borders. Canadian CBSA - Fill your quotas and maximize your fees. Over the years I've had far more problems as a Canadian crossing back into Canada than I've had entering the US, especially at land crossings. Canadian border agents have quotas to meet, and like most gov't unionized workers they'll have moods where they just are looking to check all the boxes they have to that day.
  14. Not sure if that was a typo or not, but I am definitely stealing that. There were some in-laws & family members I am definitely a "Retaliative" to!
  15. Surfing is big on Van Isle, hell you can't even have a wedding on the beach there without the Canadian Prime Minister photobombing you with a board.