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  1. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Apparently I need to stop in more often, you kids get up to all sorts of interesting stuff... Your harbour doesn't have a live webcam? Hell it isn't that hard or expensive to run, my club runs three, hell even the volunteer Coastie auxillary station runs one. Cost to run only becomes an issue because of vandalism. That has to be the most brilliant solution to make a "meh" swell entertaining. It all went to shit as soon as a real break started...but hey, they were nagverting for the dock company and I'm sure they'll use the hours of footage to more than pay for a few Euro trash surfers a trip. I'm not a surfing guy, but I became mesmerized by that big wave doc. That one is my 2nd fav surfing vid. Actually rumour has it he dumped her, drug use. Says the man from England. The land that invented paperwork. Next time you're trolling kids bouncing between islands, notice their mood changes between landing on a French island and landing on a former English island.
  2. Harvey Weinstein

  3. Harvey Weinstein

    The rumours in Hollywood North was that it was his brother Bob that orchestrated the whole thing as a power play to take over the current company. He was a HUGE Hillary "supporter", now that she's out, so is Harvey. I always liked Bob better anyways. Still won't spend a night in jail, ever. Funny that there's no mention of all the MALE stars he physically abused. Look up a pic of Matt Damon during his Good Will Hunting press tour, take a look at him now, then compare his nose. Harvey liked to physically dominate EVERYONE in the room. Then again this is the same guy this is the same guy that once you got one too many glasses of Pinot into him he would yell out to the room.... "I AM THE FUCKING SHERIFF OF NEW YORK!"
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Not sailing related, but this is apparently how you make a living on Youtube. Hot chick in a bikini, lot's of blood, I'm sure this would be illegal in England if it was a seal. But put enough bucks in her Patreon accont you too can slaughter wildlife with her. Buy A Tag Patreon tag. Dylan I suspect would have less of a bidding war over his "Buy A Mackeral"
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The most responsibility harvested fishery in the world is Alaska.. The land of parodied Vice President nominations..... Alaska DNR is the model for the world on how to husband resources, and make a buck off the. Cheer cheer chin chin. The make or break on a food farm, as in a farm that has been in the family for SEVEN generations, while Napolean was getting his ass kicked in Russia, some dumb fuck in the New World was beating his ass to death trying to clear land on the off chance shit he could grow might sell.... And if he was lucky, he might plug a duck. Dylan you really are a clueless asshole. I actually made a real bowl of proper poutine tonight, no joke. Fries done in duck fat, cheese curds mixed in melting.......and steaming hot St. Hubert's gravy
  6. The Underlying Problem in America

    You got me on the autocorrect on my phone between Alabama & Arkansas. But the rest is pretty much correct. And the Canadian Red Cross had the handling of blood services taken away from them and entirely new Crown corp was created to deal with the monumental fuckup, which was to trust anybody associated with the last name Clinton. Twenty years later, and too many victims later. You don't remember the Krever Commision? I do. It only came out twenty years after the fact, suddenly slick willy playing the saxophone didn't seem so cool. Y'know, right before he started bombing Yugoslavia because some stains were found on a purple dress. Tonights news was Trump vs Trudeau in a news scrum over NAFTA. Trudeau was wearing some catchy Argyll socks in the White House, I'm sure he'll make the cover of GQ....again.
  7. Shit.....I hope at 65 somebody will ask me to launder money for hottie Hungarian blowjobs in the office after hours....
  8. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    We're never going to agree. Ever. I'm a member of a fish & hunt club, and once had an apartment next to a primary school. And was served with an eviction notice because I bodged up a tripod from lumber and dressed out a deer within sight of kids. Oh my. We also planted 1000 native trees this year after clearing out all the Purple Lustrife (gift from England, thanks), planted 100 acres of food plots for deer that will probably starve otherwise in the forecasted bad winter we will probably get, and stocked 536,000 salmon in a lake that would be overrun by invasive species otherwise. And are barred on all sides by ignorant folk, all time, like you. So Dylan, from the bottom of my heart, fuck you. And here's a dirge I bid you adieu I served in a highland regiment of Canada, and my mum is a MacDonald, so we'll leave it as a double middle finger, fuck you.
  9. If I had a choice between Trump & Cruz Or Corbyn & Chavez Seriously, which country would you rather live in? Russia? Meh I always preferred Latvian women.... Oh an btw, wasn't Slick Willy's 2nd term campaign manager the same one that got Tony Blair into Downing Street? OMFG English election tampering! The redcoats are coming the redcoats are coming.....again.......! Meh.....I'm going through pics of the hot Latvian chick on her Harley and wallowing in the tears from the left whenever I hear the word "Trump". It could be worse.....hell Hillary might've been elected, shit the US would be bombing half a dozen other brown people by now.
  10. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Well you've been wearing that schtick on your sleeve for years. Ever heard the phrasing, "Oh he was just born in the wrong century". Half the time when I watch your vids I think you really should've been born a green haired Gucci communist uni student. You'd fit in with that crowd today. Gee just wondering, where do you sit on Brexit? Good on those hunters, and the fishermen you can't stop bitching about. Because yes, they care more about the resources and the environment, and actually DO things to make sure their kids and grandkids and great grandkids can still wake up and plug a couple of birds for the pot. So keep whinging Dylan...I'll be having a bear meat burger and a pint on deck with the couple you chased off Youtube.
  11. The Underlying Problem in America

    The Clintons tried to murder my mother. For all the Canadians over 40, remember the Krever Commision? Red Cross blood crisis? Back in the late 70's the Clintons were kicked out of Alabama state house, she had been kicked off the legal team investigating Nixon because she failed the DC bar exam, they were in the political hinterlands. In Alabama. They needed a warchest of cash, they got it by selling untested blood from Alabama prisons to the world blood system. Fast forward a decade, tens of thousands people infected later, atleast 1,000 dead, the Clintons got back into Bama state house. Slick Willy's 1st term, right around the end of the Krever Commission, they find fault with the Alabama connection, as in criminal fault, hardcore fraud that cost the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. The frontman for the whole blood fraud, the one that set up the shell companies out of Hillary's law firm that was the basis for the flick The Firm...he was Slick Willy's chief of staff for half his first term.... ...until the Krever Commission Two weeks later Steve Foster has a .45 brain aneurysm.
  12. The Underlying Problem in America

    Victoria? The land of the newly wed & nearly dead? It was awhile ago, never felt the urge to visit Canada's Left Coast ever again. Hell it was so long ago the Skytrain ended at the best No Frills in Canuckistan with an insane fish counter that was 100' long. I think now it's a carpet store. Yay Hongcouver. Oh and Vancouver is the only city in the civilized world that tows motorcycles for parking infractions. And if your by-law officers are short on their quota they're not above pushing a motorcycle from it's paid parking spot to a red zone, then get it towed, get their kickback, and go back to their job. Yeah, I don't miss Canada much. Y'all lost the plot awhile ago.
  13. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Um....k. Think we need to stop projecting. (or atleast say no the next round of shots) For the rest of everybody reading...the Wicked Salty crew aren't and have never been the typical rattle the can Patreon beggars. I don't think they even had a Patreon until their $2k Nikon was stolen in the Bahamas and they had the....gasp.....idea that maybe the hours it takes to put up weekly vids to entertain people for free might have some return. Or atleast enough of the 20k a week people that watch their vids might pony up enough to replace their Nikon. They work restaurants, which isn't exactly the easiest gig in the world, and more than a year after working for tips they finally have enough cheddar bankrolled to fund another boat and another trip to the Bahamas and maybe they can make this YouTube thang work and maybe the whole is their oyster..... ...and then they get a text their Freedom is sinking.
  14. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Sonofabitch. Y'know I kinda liked them, their first trip was fun to watch, until they had their camera stolen with a months worth of footage on cards in the bag. They worked hard to buy their first boat, they worked their asses off to buy this boat. Shit I might buy a t-shirt and throw them some Patreon money, that pair of kids were doing things right.
  15. The Underlying Problem in America

    Last time I was in Vancouver I got a ticket from a pair of foot patrol constables. For smoking a cigar. In front of a head shop that had pot smoke BILLOWING out it's front doors whenever they were opened. Apparently it was to ensure the safety of others, y'know the "dangers" of second hand cigar smoke. Vaping weed infront of a pair of Mounties, hell even your Prime Minister is doing that these days. Sparking up a Montecristo #4 within 27 meters of a door was a $179 fine. And cough syrup at the local Safeway was locked up past 5pm. And bananas were $3.59/lb. But ofcourse....I'M the ignoramus. Sure, golf clap. Happy Thanksgiving.