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  1. Dilligaf0220

    Welcome to Australia - we'll have your boat now

    Dull, stupid, narcissistic. What three words could better describe an adult who needs sheltering from the “violence” of sarcastic speech. Raising a generation of emotional hemophiliacs. Oh Australia, waltzing Matilda to an unintentional goldmine. I don't even need to work to find this stuff on the other side of the world.
  2. Dilligaf0220

    Welcome to Australia - we'll have your boat now

    END AUSTRALIAN ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOW! It's amazing to think the state didn't think to seize Johnny Depp's plane.
  3. Dilligaf0220

    Welcome to Australia - we'll have your boat now

    The REAL bottom line is that Australia lost the plot awhile ago, so NEVER go there, NEVER do business there, NEVER do anything involving Australians. Simple.
  4. Dilligaf0220


    HERETIC! Then again if I'm only catching them in warm shallow lakes in Summer, they might suck. Proper Yellow Perch come out of the Great Lakes, and the colder the better. Tonights dinner came out of 30'FOW, but sub 50F water temps. Perch Ceviche was the highlight of the menu. Shame Dylan abadoned his th'd, apparently the Euro Perch is making a comeback on the Lower Thames. Catching dinner along Canary Wharf I would think would right in his comfort zone.
  5. Dilligaf0220


    Tasty too, salt or fresh there is no better eating fish than a Yellow Perch. The US state I economically migrated to has a 15 fish limit, but currently I am back 'home' in the British colony of Upper Canada Ontario, where they have a possession limit of 50. It is almost as if there are people whose jobs it is to monitor fish numbers, do the maths and calculate what is a sustainable level and set limits accordingly. You see a white bucket. I see a sustainable hormone/gmo/farm free lunch. And they are pretty fish to boot. Panko crusted deep fried, with a side of wild greens foraged pesto & pasta. I'll wager my lunch was tastier than yours. I have no problems calling that a "civilized" meal. Eyetalian fishing regulations are some of the strictest in the EU, and they are mostly followed. Eyetalians have a knack for presenting themselves as haters of regulations and self govern until the EU catches up. Didn't La Vag's first billfish come out of Italy? An Eyetalian fisherman would have returned it to the sea to get big and make babies. La Vag ate it. The closest the ocean have come to creating the tablefare that is the freshwater Yellow Perch is the Lionfish. No joke Lionfish & Perch almost taste the same, their succulent white flesh is the same, heck you even fillet it them the same. And filleting Lionfish isn't a trick, just hold the spines up with your off hand, and fillet as usual with your knife hand. They really do look like Yellow Perch fillets, only no scales.
  6. Dilligaf0220


    The Fall Yellow Perch run is on, doing my part. And Alaska is still full of salmon, and England still is not. So who is really doing it wrong?
  7. Dilligaf0220


    Heaven forbid anybody should make a living in one of the most regulated and sustainable fisheries in the world. Don't you know the brainwashed former state employee commie pinko townies ALWAYS know better than you on how you should live your life? Now please have your ration card in hand and queue up for the state approved foodstuffs. So wild game, wild fowl, and now wild fish are out...I was going to make a joke about the British banning wild mushroom picking, but as usual the Brits are way ahead of me in no doubt one of Dylan's favourite rag... https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/sep/04/new-forest-bans-fungi-pickers God Bless America!
  8. Dilligaf0220

    Laser 28

    Ah I just assumed it was because of beam, which these days is the limiting factor in trailering a sailboat any distance. A Pogo 30 is certainly light enough to be towed by a full sized pickup, but it's beam would be a major hassle. Even a Laser 28 would need permits to haul. There was a fully refurb'd Alberg 30 up for sale this season and one of the questions asked was "Why would anybody pay that much for essentially a CCA hull that wasn't even that quick in the 60's?" The ability for an 8'6"/2.6M boat to sail around the cans or even OD races all summer in the Great Lakes or the Chesapeake, then trailer behind a pickup down to Florida has it's merits and rather rare.
  9. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Geese are a pathogenic bacteria laden ecological nightmare pestilence that need to be aggressively culled. Should've stuck with pheasants. Just look at the evil in those dark beady eyes, black eyes, like a dolls eyes.
  10. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Been awhile since I've checked up on La Vag. Heh with a bun in the oven I guess they've been working out their finances for the next year and come up a little short. No worries mate, now for only $20 you too can have access to the wealth of knowledge they've accumulated. https://sailing-lavagabonde.com/guide/
  11. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I wouldn't mind living near there, heck I'd take all the free pheasant they wanted to dispose of. Back when I was a starving student there was one particular backroad where a guy raised & released his own pheasants. Just after dusk if you drove at a high rate of speed you could surprise a gaggle in the roadway. THUMP-THUMP-THUMP...bingo, free pheasant dinner. Mmmmm roast pheasant, slow cooked pheasant, pan fried pheasant, braised pheasant... "WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO KILL ANIMALS!" "Opposable thumbs?"
  12. Dilligaf0220

    Slow news day

    Lawsuit Alleges Mafia-Like Tactics Aimed At A Disneyland Social Club There are a lot of ways to be really into Disney as an adult. You can go on a Disney cruise, attend the three-day Disney convention, or get married at one of the parks. Suddenly, in 2013, a whole new vein of fandom sprouted: Disneyland social clubs. Like an oddly wholesome motorcycle gang, members wear denim vests festooned with Disney trading pins on the front. On the back are patches bearing the image of their club's totem character. Many members own annual passes and visit Disneyland frequently. Some members have tattoos of Walt Disney himself. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/02/12/585192854/lawsuit-alleges-mafia-like-tactics-aimed-at-a-disneyland-social-club
  13. Dilligaf0220

    Sunset pictures

    6 miles offshore on Lake Ontario chasing salmon. And rediscovering it is enjoyable to feel small.
  14. Dilligaf0220

    Sunset pictures

    Inland, 20 miles from the nearest road. 60 miles from a paved one.
  15. Dilligaf0220


    Dogs and children come with responsibilities. If the owners don't meet them in public spaces then I consider it a civic duty to atleast remind them of it. As the owner of two dogs that are more than capable of howling above their weight I've been on both sides of this fence. But I've made sure they've only shit on dog friendly beaches, and even picked up most of it.