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  1. Broken cast metal

    As a spinney metal thingy guy, I've seen some fairly gruesome metal machining accidents on a lathe, so alot of this th'd is sounding vaguely familiar. Top 3 in no particular order. 1) The Girl -- Unlike the above day dreaming girl story this one had been a dependable machine operator (button pusher) at a local fairly large tooling shop and had won a "get more women into the trade" Tool & Die scholarship. She was eager, but would suffer occasionally from bouts of uncoordinated movements mixed with lack of experience with a touch of bad luck. After more than a few trips to the trade college nurse (assorted exploding bits on the drill press, burns from hot workpieces, grinding with safety glasses perched on her head and getting a chunk of steel in her eye) the last straw was a lock of hair getting caught into a lathe chuck and popping off a nickel sized chunk of scalp. That was a bleeder too. She gave up and transferred to a GM sponsored auto mechanic course, where she used a set of pliers to pull a brake caliper retaining spring into her eye, blinding her. The course instructor at that time was showing off her latest tattoo. Last I heard she found a niche modelling dinosaur bones. Without the use of power tools other than a forklift. 2) Metal Lathes & Files - I'm just going to make this a segment, because it seems every shop every where has one guy that just REFUSES to use a file handle. For the uninitiated, know the pointy tail on files? When using on metal machining lathes you're supposed to use a bulbous wooden handle that fits over it for a very good reason, there's a good chance that eventually the tip of the file with contact the chuck on a lathe. Which promptly spears it straight back at you with surprising speed. Personal fav was a small fine file around 8" long shot from a toolroom lathe entirely up into the forearm. Buddy was even looking around on the ground and in the bed for it before he figured out he was done for the day and needed a trip to the emergency room. 3) The Ninja - Unpaid coop intern that for some inexplicable reason kept forgetting to remove the chuck key from the chuck before turning it on (T shaped handle used to open and close a lathe chuck. Picture a drill key from an old school power drill, only several pounds larger). The effect of which on this particular lathe was to fling the handle forward at head height across the shop 20' like an 80's ninja star. Now picture working with him behind you.
  2. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    For your average plebe, so far I've found the transaction fees for moving CDN$ to Bitcoin to USD$ into a Wisconsin bank is far lower than wiring directly from a Canadian BMO to a Wisconsin BMO Harris branch. Tens of points lower. With the added bonus of a free supper club dinners worth of upside volatility. Not something I'd put my life savings in, but so far leaving five figures in Bitcoin for a month before converting to USD$ has provided more of a return than any of my Canadian RRSP's have for the last five years.
  3. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I would've said his incompetence has taken the plot over from his dick, but either way he needs Patreon bucks big time. It does look like a nice cruising area, just don't travel in low light.
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    He has solar, and has worked harder to make he sure he still has some form of energy to charge those batteries than he did in trying to stem the first holes in his "home". Maybe it's a generational thing, with other sides of Gen X being the dividing line. Delos ended up on a reef once, the first thing they did was work to kedge their home in between swells munching fiberglass. The other half being this guy filming his diesels being punched up into the hull with a GoPro...."Oh there they go again, oh higher this time...please subscribe to our Patreon to save us from this dire situation..."
  5. Motorcycle Threads

    A very Canadian response. A few guys tried organizing a TT race in Canada, in the last province that had relaxed insurance laws AND the only province actively promoting motorcycle tourism. But after years it died a typical Canadian death, slowly, quietly, and nobody noticed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/isleofman/content/articles/2007/05/22/firsttimevisitor_feature.shtml The editorial excuses are also typically Canadian, which pretty much means a pile of excuses that culminates to "if your babysitter wouldn't allow it, you shouldn't be doing it". So nothing gets actually done. Congrats Canada on your 150 years of bullshit. To actually answer your question, you wouldn't understand the answer. The current fan favourite is a rider named Guy Martin. His greatest fear is dying of old age without winning the big one, the Senior TT. You wouldn't understand.
  6. Motorcycle Threads

    Well your average cruiser would have a hard time outrunning a V6 Accord, nevermind a Crown Vic Interceptor. Those police chases are over before the traffic copter can get there. The real two wheeled nutters are the Corinthian racers that compete on the Irish road racing circuit. Ulster GP, NW 200, and ofcourse the signature event the Isle Of Man TT. Regular public roadways that for a time become the craziest race tracks in the world. The Isle Of Man TT is a cross between Daytona speedweek and Sturgis. On public roads. With elbows scraping stone walls at 180MPH+.
  7. The Zombie Fleet

    Looks like it could pass as a background extra in that tv series Ozark.
  8. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    It may be legal to actually buy & own a belt fed .50BMG Ma Deuce in (most states/areas) the US, but it's prohibitively expensive and the regulations around actual machine guns is fairly stringent. Which is why actual machine guns and "assault rifles" are almost never used in crimes. I'm pretty sure the last murder with a legally owned machine gun was back in the 90's when an off duty cop killed his wife and committed suicide when she filed for divorce. So really you're safer having a neighbour with a belt fed .50 cal than a pot smoking hippy driving a Prius.
  9. F1 2017

    I don't know if you caught that or not, but one of Max's performance clauses in his contract are besides poles, wins, et al; was a nice bonus for setting fastest laps and lap records. "So...uh....guys, my tires are going. No really, I can barely control it.....ka-CHING!"
  10. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    I already found one in Wisconsin. Missed this years Chi-Mac but we'll see if I can find a ride in Milwaukee or Racine next year. BTW the salmon fishing was EXCELLENT in Lake Michigan this season Oh and Mounties were found at fault for breaking & entering 100 homes on the basis of a registry they weren't supposed to have in the first place. $2.5Mil in payouts. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/rcmp-watchdog-raps-mounties-over-high-river-gun-seizures-during-2013-flood-1.2954483 The civilian review board recommends the Mounties come up with better gun seizure guidelines. I'm suuuuuuuure they'll get right on that. Ofcourse the guy that killed a Navy a SEAL with a hand grenade, he gets a $10Mil payout. Your tax dollars at work, keeping you "safe". Well it's not an anecdote, just the most extreme case (so far) of a national police using a gun registry overstepping their bounds and destroying property in the hunt to destroy even more property. An anecdote would be the case of a 22yr-old reservist that lives acoupla blocks away from my parents in Ontario. He dumped his girlfriend, so she phoned the police about his "illegal assault weapons arsenal". He even made the front page of every local news outlet about his arrest. http://www.chch.com/police-seize-weapons-ancaster-home/ Ofcourse every single one of his weapons was legally owned (and registered). But he was convicted of a "prohibited device", in Canadese that means a mag for a semi that was pinned to hold only 5 rounds but you could jam a 6th in if you really forced it hard enough. It wouldn't function, but technically it was a magazine that held six rounds, so he's a felon. And guilty of any prohibited weapons offence means he's banned from firearms ownership in Canada for life. Well, until he ponies up $1000 for a pardon, that he may or may not get. Oh and this ball all started rolling because the local police could prove he owned a firearm from the registry.
  11. This is an example of why we don't trust Gun Grabberz

    Post Katrina the Northwest Territories had a higher homicide rate than New Orleans for a few years. The reasons are the same as they are in the US, social & economic issues drive gun crime, regardless of gun grabber laws. Canada has has racial problems, they just occur in the Arctic where nobody really sees them. Interestingly, the NW Territories & Nunavut are the only places in Canada where you can legally own a semi AK, So gun grabbers go nuts with that one. As a Canadian that's moved to the US I can say this: Canada has had a handgun registry since Al Capone was running Chicago, and a long gun registry for a decade. Amount of crimes they helped solve or prevent, zero. Canada is also the case study in fighting tooth & nail to prevent any sort of registeries. The most egrecious case happened AFTER the Canadian Parlaiment ordered the long gun registry dissolved and records destroyed. A suburban town was flooded and mandatorially evacuacuated a few years ago, and miracously a list of gun owning addresses was produced and the Mounties wasted no time in breaking down doors and ripping apart houses to grab otherwise legally owned firearms. They even kept the town closed a few extra days so they could work through the entire list. Maybe half the owners eventually got their guns back, half were "lost", all ammunition was destroyed. All from a registry the Mounties weren't supposed to still have in the first place. Then there's the hundreds of not thousands of other stories involving ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, or just complete mistakes. You want Canadian style gun laws about as much as you want Canadian style healthcare. Sounds great, until you have to live it.
  12. Motorcycle Threads

    One of my fav things about bikes, who cares about the 1992 MR2 you bought from a teenager as a midlife crisis? Show up anywhere on a bike and you'll find somebody with "that look" on their face. Not to mention you can pickup something loud & fast that makes you think you're a highschool knucklehead for under $2k.
  13. Motorcycle Threads

    I ran into a guy at a gas station on a Gold Wing and asked him almost the same question. "When your bike has a reverse gear, why not just drive across the country in a Miata?" "My trunk has more space than a Miata" You'd be amazed how much crap he had on that bike. All in hard bags.
  14. F1 2017

    It's F1, follow the money but also follow the politics. Kubica has on his management team Allessandro Bravi (longtime mover & shaker F1 hanger on), Nicholas Todt (son of the FIA President), and ofcourse last seasons champion. PDR has a middling record on his Super License, and the ability to fly on everybody else's private jet and not embarass whatever team he's driving for that weekend. If Kubica doesn't get the seat I will be flat out shocked.
  15. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Aside from the gagged vag, the 6 Degrees rule applies because they were looking at a boat that ravaged as hard as the current owner on here. Was an epic, and deserved, th'd. The Sea Witch