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  1. Dilligaf0220

    Galley equipment

    A simple mortar & pestle with 30secs of sweat equity is out then?
  2. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Unless I've missed something they've happily dodged the sticky discussions of breastfeeding/vaccinations/nappies on a boat. Hell the Kardashians could learn a thing or two about using social media from this family.
  3. Dilligaf0220

    Game of Thrones

    You have been outside/unconnected with US entertainment. It's almost as if it is all writing by Twitter poll these days. 10yrs of build up, all the men die, Arya jumps out of a bush and that's it. That really is it for the NK. And Bran's real role. Really, that's all folks. Lame Of Thrones.
  4. Dilligaf0220

    F1 2019 and E too

    I am stupid, I am stupid, I switch off everything. And any thoughts of a Leclerc championship run disappeared. Between Vettel not being able to unfuck himself, and Lewis's haircut. I am starting to pull for F1's smiling Finn. Partly to see Lewis lose ANOTHER Championship to a team mate, and partly because seeing a smiling Finn is always slightly disconcerting for me. Bottas ain't no wingman this season. Bottas for the WDC!
  5. Dilligaf0220

    Game of Thrones

    Find a 1080-4k copy, and up the gamma on your monitor. As for the actual episode, not sure the the statute of limitations on spoilers here are, but frankly I am exhausted by the #METOO generation of entertainment content people. I would have been happier and surprised if everybody in Winterfell before the battle ALL died. And the first shot of the next episode is a smiling Cersei reading a raven message over a glass of wine.
  6. Dilligaf0220

    2019 Fishing Thread

    The sick part is...after moving to the midwest, I was starting to actually like icefishing and a bit bummed the season is over.
  7. Dilligaf0220

    F1 2019 and E too

    Not all manholes can be welded shut, for years now the FIA has allowed some covers to be equipped with latches. Apparently during one of the last checks one half of the latch was left...unlatched. https://ca.motorsport.com/f1/news/azerbaijan-drain-cover-broken-mounting/4376258/ Williams actually have precedent to seek compensation from the circuit syndicates insurance providers. Haas had the exact same situation last season. The Haas Formula 1 team has finally settled the "strange" insurance claim it pursued following Romain Grosjean’s bizarre crash in practice for last year’s Malaysian Grand Prix. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/haas-settles-insurance-claim-over-grosjean-sepang-crash/3184711/
  8. Dilligaf0220

    Saint James Infirmary

  9. Dilligaf0220

    F1 2019 and E too

    Y'know I have been defending the kid, not his fault his daddy is a billionaire, he does actually have skills. But this season Stroll has become a younger Raikkonen. Once you reach the top of the mountain he doesn't realize he needs to perform to stay there in F1. Cudos on Perez, he drove the hell out of that car when he could in the crazy circus that is Baku. Actually ripped a hole in his drivers suit. A manhole cover at 280km/hr shooting through the floor of his car ripped a hole by his knee. Think about that for a sec. And to add insult to injury, the recovery flatbed didn't just hit a bridge with the elbow of the crane, the hydraulic lines were torn and dumped a couple of gallons of fluid almost straight into the cockpit. The F1 Gods have seen Williams balance sheet, and definitely enjoy kicking a deadhorse. Over & over & over & over again. Going to be a long season for Claire.
  10. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That was at 23. C'mon the "firing a crotch fruit out of a baby cannon" line has been one of my go to's for 20yr+ Birth control while cruising is one of those things that deserves more attention, getting snipped would seem to be the easiest & cheapest solution. Frankly I am a strong proponent. Well I suppose the "Support The Hookers & Blow Cruise On My Patreon" would gain zero traction. Probably get demonetized on Youtube (BoobTube?) before the upload was even completed.
  11. Dilligaf0220

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Firing a crotch fruit out of a baby cannon seems to be a trend. Sigh, divorced 46yr-old white men just get no love in the world these days.
  12. Dilligaf0220

    Game of Thrones

    Ever since the TV series has split from the books, really some of the most enjoyable moments in GOT has come from internet memes. And because I am a bannerman to The Pack. Ser Aaron Of House Rodgers, First Of His Name. Lord of Castle Lambeau of Greenwater Bay. The True King In The (NFC) North!
  13. Dilligaf0220

    F1 2019 and E too

    What do all say you on rooting for Hulkenberg to finish ahead of Ricciardo in the WDC standings this season? The Hulk has always been rated high, as a journeyman. This could be his last chance to move up if he can stick it to Ricciardo all season long.
  14. Just for clarification, the English (or in Quebecois Jouale, the 'Hainglish) never settled Canada. It was the Scots. Just look at Poutine, no 'Hainglish would ever develop a potato culture. It was a Scot in Montreal running a pataterie. Montreal actually has a couple of public beaches. Really old shipping quays that were unused, so ship in a few metric buttloads of sand and call it a public beach. They even have bollards. And bullrails. The ankle breaking bullrails were such a danger to the general public, they've even had to erect a fence to keep the populace safe from the scourge.
  15. Dilligaf0220

    Need advice on what pedal kayak to buy?

    There are two kinds of Hobie yak owners, those that have dealt with the PITA of fixing a bent, ripped fin. And those that are going to. I preferred the Outback over the Revo, but either way you want to upgrade the stock fins and add the larger sailing rudder. Just as an aside of what is around these days pushing the limits of what you can a "kayak", the Blue Sky Boatworks 360. A catamaran pedal drive bassboat. They even make a trimaran tandem paddleboat on steroids.