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  1. Thanks for the ideas above. I have some either in place or can rig. Also I have my own system which uses an electric winch. Involve a fair bit of set up both going in and out, some of it in rather choppy water,. So I was scratching my head looking for a way with minimal set up and take down, hence the curiosity about whether the boom itself could be used as the hard point. However, the opinion so far is not optimistic about that. Thanks, however.
  2. R22 #15 lives here on the southwest coast of Florida. To reliably and predictably get into home channel, the keel needs to come up about 2 feet or so. (I hear they are thinking of deepening the channel, around 2100AD, but even that does not last long.) I have all sorts of ways to raise the keel, part or all the way, but the various methods, differ significantly in weight and complexity of set up. The absolute easiest, lightest, and least complicated would be to have the hard lifting point be the boom. Does anyone know if the rather substantial carbon boom on the boat would probably handle 800 lbs at 2 feet from the gooseneck; and / or has it ever been tried? Sorry if the question has been asked somewhere over the course of history; I tried multiple searches but with no results.Thanks.