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  1. Just checked the results since 2004, Zana was only one hour behind the leader 30 miles to Hobart when they broke. From 2005 until 2012 Konika/Lahana has finished between 6 hours to 14 hours behind the first place boat. With the new IRC rating, baring any accidents, they should be able to overcome the speed difference.
  2. Rio's IRC TCC is 1.72, its 25 tones, its supposed to be faster than Lahana in downwind configuration, has no water ballasts and no canting keel but a lifting keel. since Lahana, it has gotten 2 tones lighter and sails without the 6 tones of water, has a larger Main because of the new longer boom, its got larger spinnakers because of the longer bow sprit, the bulb is down an extra meter and half. the back 52' of the boat is new and wider. Lahana was already a great upwind boat, Rio should be even better with the new wider and more stable back half. Rio also has new set of sails which it did not have before.
  3. 2 tones plus 6 tones of water ballast plus better IRC rating. It used to finish only an hour or two behind Wild Oats, if it does the same this year, it will beat all the other four on handicap.
  4. IRC, you gotta read the whole sentence, the canters will owe Rio between 4-6 hours I think Rio will be the fourth boat to finish (boat for boat) ahead of Ragamuffin.
  5. Do you know how much time the canters owe Rio?
  6. Betting that the five will end up in this order in IRC 1-Rio100 2-Wild Oats 3-Ragamuffin 4-Loyal 5-Comanche
  7. Here is how the five will end up in IRC 1-Rio100 2-Wild Oats 3-Ragamuffin 4-Loyal 5-Comanche
  8. Unfortunately Sydney to Hobart's overall result is not a very good indicator of the yacht's speed, you might have to track the race segment per segment to see at what point of sail each one excels. I think seeing the results for all five of these 100' boats in Transpac will be much more telling but not all are doing it. Of course only one qualifies for the Barn Door trophy.
  9. Yes, there is talk of it if ORR allows it and rates it, the boat still has to be allowed to race with it. If the theories are true, it can make these boats substantially faster downwind.
  10. 24,950 KGS based on its new IRC cert, but the key is not having the 6 tons of water ballast. She was 27t but sailed around at 33 tons.
  11. In those conditions Rio100 would kill it. 10,000KGs lighter and far narrower at the waterline, looks like a TP100'.
  12. http://www.livesaildie.com/nip-tuck-rio-100/
  13. http://www.sail-world.com/USA/Bakewell-White-supermaxi-designed-to-take-Transpacs-Barn-Door-Trophy/124205 The refit was a very large job, took eight months with 25 people working on it full time, 55' of the old boat was cut off including all water ballasts, the new back end is one meter wider than before, lifting keel and twin rudders added. New boom, new interior, the mast was completely overhauled, all new sails. It weighs 7-10 tons less than all other Maxis. 800 sqm spinnakers and 300 sqm Main. Built for mainly downwind racing of 8-18 knots.
  14. Newest 100'er. September 5th 2014. Rio 100' arrived today in Gulf Harbor/NZ from Cookson's Yachts. Bakewell-White 100' 20' wide, Lifting keel, Manual winches, No movable ballast. 23 tonnes Twin rudders Target; Transpac Barn Door It's being assembled this weekend and will hit water for the first time on Monday the 8th of September.