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  1. Been there, done that. Cape Mendicino in the summertime isn't for the faint of heart.
  2. I have two of the Pulse 600's on either side of my runabout (Yes, I have a sailboat, so don't go there...). I have wondered about their suitability for places with actual wind and wave action. I have heard such varying responses as "The boat will need highly experienced multihull sailors," to "Looks like an easy way to have a lot of fun." I am in no way in the market, but anybody have thoughts about this boat for the average Joe or Jill in trade wind conditions?
  3. I know nothing about this, either. But it's hard to believe that if CIC detects an incoming missile that they do nothing unless the bridge calls and asks "What's the long, slender thing in the sky headed our way?" I'm sure that in crowded waters they don't report every vessel in the area. But once another vessel penetrates a certain distance, I would think that the CIC folks would call the bridge and ask, "Uh, do you guys got this?" I'd like to think that CIC's first job is to protect the ship from any threats. How close can you get before someone calls someone and says something? Maybe Sr. Chief can address this.
  4. Forgive my ignorance but I have a question for those in the know, such as Sr. Chief: even if the bride division failed to identify an impending collision, what about the sonar and CIC divisions? It seems like the former would be hearing increasingly stronger/louder propeller turns, and isn't the job of CIC to track vessels, airplanes, and any other potential targets and threats? How do three divisions miss a container ship sneaking up on the them in the dark? I would say that mechanical breakdown is a possibility, but then again, the USS Fitzgerald was making port on its own power after the incident.
  5. We do it both ways depending on the PRO and/or situation. Imagine setting both ends of the S/F line simultaneously from two boats, waiting several minutes the weight hits the bottom. And then praying that the line is still square by the time they get there.
  6. Still floating. And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. (If you get that reference I know when you went to college.)
  7. Yeah- and I always loved the part of Three Day Around near the airport where land is on one side of you and the reef is on the other. It's okay right until the part were the airport runway is right in front of you; now you have no choice but to find a good looking spot to cross the reef. Everybody stay on the leeward side of the boat and lean out as far as you can...
  8. I want one!
  9. We bought our first sailboat (Catalina 22; most fun we've had on the water) when our daughter was an infant. She grew up in junior sailing, went on to collegiate sailing, coached sailing at Brisbane Boys College and now her 6 year old is signed up for the Tackers program at RQYS. I don't regret a thing!
  10. I can: the Left Coast Dart. There are six of them (well, 5.5) in the world, and five of them are in the PNW.
  11. While knowing nothing about nothing, I am sure that it's more complex than simply saying, "Here, take this design but use GRP instead of that carbon stuff." Load predictions, scale, displacement, and much more must come into play. I hope the boat makes it from the virtual world to the watery world in the future!
  12. If Dave (who's not here, man), wanted a CF of Bob's design, and is now thinking of a GRP boat from Sweden Yachts, did he consider the same material for the former? I understand that somebody besides Betts would need to have built it, but it would've been less expensive.
  13. Would a single jib sheet have helped? We run both ends to the clue and then have the rest of the line cross the cockpit. That way, we can banjo, trim from the rail, or, if one end becomes fouled, go to the other side. The sail wouldn't be well shaped but it would work on a beam reach. We go in and out the Ala Wai all the time, with breakers on both sides and coral just outside the channel. We've learned (after a few BIG scares) to always have both sails up in either direction, even if the outboard is on. Personally, I trust the sails more than any outboard.
  14. Thanks, guys. It sounds like I asked a hypothetical question that has no basis in yacht design reality. The only boat I have ever commissioned is the Left Coast Dart. I called, talked to Jim Lee, sent a downpayment, made payment in full, and got a boat. The design, however, had already been paid for by Jim (I think). We all love your boat and soon- to be- boat, Kim. This is been an interesting education for me and perhaps for others. Let's move on to boat pictures.
  15. Gotcha. So if I want a carbon cutter exactly like the four- or say the last one, as it probably has some evolutionary improvements, do I pay for the design work or just the production. Does the designer get a royalty from the builder? Just asking- I have no use for a carbon cutter...