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  1. Port Townsend Dash

    When do we leave?
  2. My newest project

    His boat. By now, certainly that's our boat. What a minute: then he'd expect us to kick in for expenses. Never mind; it's his boat.
  3. Five months "adrift"?!?

    She did this keel modification in what yard? We have two. Anyone see her doing this work? It would have taken weeks, even if it's possible at all. And what rigger downsized her standing rigging? We have one sailboat rigger on the island; I can guarantee he didn't do it as he is very professional and likes to be paid (with money) for his work. We do have a few competent FEMALE general, all-purpose boat fixers, one of whom has a lot of sea miles as a delivery crew and skipper. I can't see any of them being involved with this project. They liked to get paid, too. What electrician helped her out? We have exactly zero working recreational marine electricians- other than one retired guy who works on the bro schedule. There are some who service commercial vessels but recreational boats can NEVER get one of those guys to come out.
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    We have very tough laws to keep us rabies free. importing animals takes a lot of paperwork to avoid a lengthy quarantine period. I don't know what the authorities would say about dogs at sea (did they keep up with their vaccinations?), but if they touched land somewhere, they will likely be sent to the quarantine kennels for a long stay.
  5. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    1. They said that bad weather flooded the engine. The weather's outside; the engine's inside. I suspect a clogged filter that they didn't know how to clean or replace. 2. The could only make 4.5-5 knots under sail with limited maneuverability. If the spreader's broken, which it doesn't appear to me, roll of the genoa and point the boat downwind in the trades. Sooner or later you're going to hit land somewhere. 3. Does Tahiti even allow dogs to be imported? 4. They had food for a year? 5. The sharks were working together in a pack and could hear them. Basic sharkology would dispel any of that. 6. The boat was going to sink in about 24 hours. If that's the case, then why tell us that they want to make repairs and sail back to Hawaii (upwind!). How are they going to repair a sunken boat that they couldn't repair during five months at sea. 7. The owner worked on the boat at night so "some man" wouldn't come along and tell them how to do it. Enough said. Kind of makes you go "hmmm" doesn't it?
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Funny: that occurred to me as well.
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    There is what looks like a wind generator on the stern. Is that a picture of the "rescue?" If it is, I'm curious why they didn't deploy those Dacron white things attached to the boom and forestay. Do people really sail from Hawaii to Tahiti with a "year's supply of food" on board? I heard this story on our local news this morning and immediately thought to myself that a lot of this just doesn't add up. Does anyone have more on this?
  8. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    It's hard to imagine the number of things that could go wrong on this voyage. Can infinity be squared? This thing looks more ridiculous in reality than in the photo. I'd say good on 'em for giving it a go.... but someone, somewhere will be coming to their rescue, likely causing someone else (a steamship company, taxpayers, you name it) to spend a lot of money on an ill-advised venture. I hope they have a life raft on board.
  9. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    My wife and I saw this monstrosity while heading out the Ala Wait Sunday. It doesn't look like it could make to the Johnston Atoll, let alone Kiribati and beyond. Delamination and duct tape abound on this monstrosity. What's its history, anyway? I don't recall seeing it in Keehi Lagoon, home of all marine monstrosities.
  10. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Now, what's this about, "No Movie tonight?"
  11. My newest project

    $100.00 is what is says on the receipt from 1963. I looked on Ebay and Craigslist and found them for $100.00 in 2016.
  12. My newest project

    The Curta is about the size of a soup can. It's neat, but my Dad got it in 1963. By the end of the decade, thanks to the Space Race and NASA, digital calculators were on the scene. The first I remember seeing in mass was the TI. Like the first cell phones, it was the size of a brick. I remember asking my parents to buy me one. My dad tossed me a spare slide rule and told that it was all I'd ever need.
  13. My newest project

    I have my Dad's Curta Calculator, which he bought for his engineering work at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA. It's a hand cranked, mechanical calculator that performs just about any operation by manipulating dials and buttons. There's no plastic, so it weighs a ton. The man who invented it, Curta, designed it in his mind while in a German Concentration camp, and then built it after his liberation. The machine is in it's original box, with the receipt included. My dad bought it for about $100.00. Today, it's worth about $100.00. I imagine that he tried it once or twice, then realized that his slide rule was ten times faster and put it on the shelf until he died. I have shown it to some of my colleagues in the math department asking them if they can tell me what it is. The response, essentially, is WTF?
  14. On our side of the island, we're lucky to have 3-5 boats for a one day regatta, once every other month or so. My Dart, which rates 114, ends up racing against one other boat, a Ranger 33, rating 150. We're not even close to being on the same stretch of water; both of us are simply delivering our boats around the track as fast as possible. We've tried many, many things (free beer!) to get folks out; meanwhile, we're quietly fading away into the long goodnight of sailboat racing. As a certain guy in Washington D.C. would say: SAD.
  15. My newest project

    Damn beautiful boat, Bob! On a beautiful Fall day in the PNW, too. I hope you had a fine tankard of ale in LaConner on the way home.