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  1. Hawaiidart

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    We'v owned several sailboats-cruising and racing. We've never had more fun than we did in our C22!
  2. Hawaiidart

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    USA nuclear submarines make oxygen by separating water molecules into O and H. I once asked a retired sub commander what they did with the leftover hydrogen, thinking they converted it into some kind of energy form. His response was that the expel it back into the sea as quickly as possible. His remark: "That stuff's dangerous!" We were standing a few feet from a nuclear reactor at the time...
  3. Hawaiidart

    It's coming, (winter)

    And the mildew. Don't forget the mildew. I just noticed I need to change my profile. It still says Honolulu and I'm sitting here in Anacortes near the ferry dock. I don't think we're in Hawaii anymore, Toto.
  4. Hawaiidart

    New Moore 33

    Plus, the damn thing won't surf!
  5. Hawaiidart

    New Moore 33

    And for the love of God, DO NOT sail offshore in a Cal 40 with its death-trap spade rudder!
  6. Hawaiidart

    There is

    a mountain, then there is no mountain, and then there is.
  7. Hawaiidart

    Night Runner is on the market

    Do you know where? Cap Sante or Anacortes Marina perhaps?
  8. Hawaiidart

    Puget Sound Anarachy

    All of the Anacortes restaurants and bars are open in some capacity for dine-in/take-out/dine and drink outside/etc. Dad's Diner included. However, by mid-August who knows? There are three takeaway food vendors adjacent to the parking lot at Cap Sante for a quick al fresco lunch: Mexican, Chinese buns, and a great hot dog/chile/clam chowder place. There is plenty of seating there or at tables scattered around the marina.
  9. Hawaiidart


    "Pandemics do what pandemics do... read history." I have read history. Why do masses of Europeans not have the bubonic plague anymore? The figured out the problem and ended it. What did they do in Shakespeare's time to flatten the curve? They shut down the theaters and public gatherings. Sound familiar? Why would there be no polio anymore except for the anti-vax/science crowd? We found a vaccine. Why would there be no childhood measles anymore except for the same sources of denial? We found a vaccine. Why are people in first world countries not dying of HIV/AIDS anymore? They found a treatment regime. Why are first people in first world countries not suffering from leprosy/Hansen's disease? They found a treatment regime. People used to die of various infections quite commonly; there was a time when wounds were largely death sentences. Instead of saying that infections do what they do we found/invented antibiotics. And why is this pandemic not doing what pandemics do in Australia and New Zealand for example? Their governments listened to the scientists. In history, leaders have emerged in both the government and science community who have changed the course of what pandemics and diseases do. We have the science community-some of the best in the world. So what are we missing?
  10. You might talk to Waggoner's here in Anacortes. One of their reps gave a talk on the virtual Anacortes Boat Show relating his transit in and out of Canada for commercial/business purposes. Also, he indicated that it's possible to transit through Canadian waters to SE Alaska; however, I don't know if that means non-stop or not (few of us have the ability to carry that much fuel and supplies).
  11. Hawaiidart


    It took me a second to figure out "up here in the Pacific Southwest," especially since I'm a few kilometers away in the Pacific Northwest. You're south of me? Ah, relative terms, I get it. I understand why it's not happening, but there are a lot of boats here that would love to get into Canadian waters this season. Of course, we'd all love to do a lot of things this season....
  12. Hawaiidart

    Coolboats to admire

    There's a great documentary, coupled with vintage footage from the original cinematographer brought along on the voyage, on Amazon Prime: Shackleton's Captain.
  13. Hawaiidart


    Still, you are correct about kids in straight rows doing worksheets related got the core subjects without exposure to the arts and humanities- the things humans stay alive for and that some learners turn into a life passion.
  14. Hawaiidart

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Shaggybaxter makes good points. In Hawaii's tradewinds, we often played the traveller instead of the sheet. It's much easier and quicker under a load and less tiresome for the trimmer. I cannot image the ease-hike-trim routine of big breeze sailing in a keel boat by constantly manipulating the sheet unless you have Popeye on crack as crew.
  15. Hawaiidart


    Interestingly, (I'm channeling my inner Cliff Clavin here) the word doctor is derived from a latin word, which means "to teach." It came into use in medieval university's to denote someone's qualification as an academic. It was also used applied to the Apostles and early church fathers. So, it has an academic and theological etymology. Most of the English speaking world referred to MDs as "mister" until not that long ago. Thought about being pompous aside, who has the historical privilege to use the honorific? By the way, I have a masters ("mister") in theology. Biblical Hebrew was hard.