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  1. Hawaiidart

    My newest project

    Which yard is that?
  2. Hawaiidart

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    Yep- the outer edge of the rain band is here. Funny who people "take care" of their boats. Across from mine, is a depilated, unseaworthy piece of crap (that I have complained about for years). Someone tied a brand new bow line to the dock cleat. Had they walked around the side of the boat, they would have noticed that the cabin port, about 2x3 feet) is in pieces on the side deck. Pieces of ammunition aimed at my boat. I took those away and did the best I could to cover the port with a garbage bag. With the rain we're hearing about, that boat is headed to the bottom... I'd say I hope so but I don't want to be mean. Others have surf board laying on their decks, pieces of wood on the docks, you name it. Projectiles that can be launched into surrounding vessels, the swimming pool, the dining room. The only safe place is behind the bar. I suspect we'll have at least a couple of denizens"hunkering down" in the bar, which is BYOB because WYC is closed. For those folks, there's no place like home!
  3. Hawaiidart

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    Plus a king tide along with the swell surge. I've tied the boats to the dock as best I can. I can't do anything about tying the docks to the ground.
  4. Hawaiidart

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    Any boat in the Lahaina roadstead will be lost if Maui gets hit.
  5. What do you think about surge/swell in the Waikiki Yacht Club area of the Ala Wai?  Any concerns?  I have our boats doubled up but can't do much if the docks decided to go walkabout.



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    2. Hawaiidart


      Thanks.  I can do and have done a lot for the boats.  I can't do much about the docks.  Where's your boat moored?


    3. weightless


      My boat is in Kewalos. Surge is just starting to pick up here.

      Glad you've got the boats made up. It is what it is. Hopefully, it's just an exercise. We'll know by Sunday...

    4. Hawaiidart


      I live at Harbor Court, overlooking HH.  It is already bumping outside Keehi Lagoon more than I've seen since we moved here twenty years ago.  The last container ship-Pasha- left about a half hour ago.  All Coast Guard assets are gone, except for the RIBS. The spill cleanup ship and barge has left.  Most tugs are gone; a few fish boats remain, perhaps due to problems.  Headed to WYC in a few minutes to double-check things.

      Actually, predicting this is kind of easy: listen to Guy Hagi.  Whatever he says, it's going to be the opposite.



  6. Hawaiidart

    Dude steals a plane

    Air National Guard commander told me that they always have a ready-five plane. Is that not universal for land based air defense US military?
  7. Hawaiidart

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    Advertised here in Hawaii and on the mainland. Crickets. I kind of feel badly for the boat- it's like not being chosen for basketball in gym class.
  8. Hawaiidart

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    That's 005 in Bett's front yard. O04 is in Honolulu, awaiting a new caretaker who wants to adopt a really nice, fun, fast boat. We're asking $45,000 but will consider reasonable offers.
  9. Hawaiidart

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I don't know about the design, but it was produced for the 1933/34 Chicago World's Fair. They thought it was the ground/taxi/car portion of what would become a flying car. But it never took off (sorry). Apparently it was very hard to steer- by the third wheel in the rear- and only specially trained employees were allowed to test drive it.
  10. Hawaiidart

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    And we're STILL waiting for the flying car. It's too bad Fuller and Burgess never got around to adding wings to that thing, as they originally had in mind. Now that would have been something!
  11. Hawaiidart

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Holy Molly: the geodesic dome founder had this angular beauty? He liked shapes!
  12. Hawaiidart

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Wow-- after years of racing, now I know what sailing is all about: having fun. Your bride looks beautiful and happy. What could be better? Congratulations!
  13. Hawaiidart

    1st post, need help understanding Westsail 32

    Yeah, they're automatic...systematic.....hydromatic...
  14. Hawaiidart

    Coolboats to admire

    I agree with that, for sure- no thrusters needed for that guy. I'd have to have really good ear protection if I had to listen to that engine chug and sputter all day, everyday, as he probably does.
  15. Hawaiidart

    Adrift Movie

    No, but the real boat is here, fully restored and very active. The owner is a retired lawyer who bought her from salvage. She's just outside the gate of the Hawaii Yacht Club and bears the original name.