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  1. Craigslist - Not mocking

    The hull number before this one sold for $10,000 more than the asking price for this one. We assume that someone might want to transport it to the mainland (it would be great in S.D. or the PNW) and took the discount off the top. PM me if anyone wants more information. Yes, we did buy an ad: that's where this pic came from.
  2. Sailors Powerboat

    My wife and I have a rental house in Anacortes that we'd eventually like to use as a base for cruising in the PNW and B.C. This has caught my eye, at least for shorter trips. For ore extended cruising, I'd want to talk to the Maestro about a shower stall, hot water, and a swim step with dinghy davits. These, however, would reduce the functionality of the boat as a commuter. The last thing I'd want to do is screw up a piece of Bob's artwork. http://hunterbaywoodworking.com/gallery_evalena.php To me, this boat looks like nice furniture with a water view. I know it's for sale, but one of my two other boats would have to go (says the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who is the rational one between the two of us) which is a hard task in an island state where no one wants a boat or has a place to keep it. We were in Seattle over President's Day weekend and tried to find Evalena over on East Lake Ave- where it appears to be moored in the photos. It was too damn cold to get out and walk, and we never spotted her from the road. Still, she has kind of a siren call to me.
  3. What is it?

    Isn't a row boat human powered? We've had several rowing regattas from CA to HI in the past few years.
  4. Sailing here in the winter is brutal. Sometimes we even have wind.
  5. What kind of sailboat is this?

    1932: one-third of Americans out of work, standing in soup lines , and others trying to decide on a class of vessel. What an interesting era...
  6. Sailors Powerboat

    Are you telling me that Mr. Hand had a boat? I thought he only taught history.
  7. Yeah- we were lucky that there was no shooting, looting, raping, and pillaging. No multi-car pile ups, no kids running across the blvd. getting smacked by a bus. (Those kids whose dad put them down into the manhole are going to need therapy, I'd think.)The problem, however, is credibility. The next time we get an emergency push, maybe for a more likely catastrophe like a tsunami, folks are more likely than before to ignore it, thinking our state screwed up once again.
  8. Hawaii

    No reports of anyone being hurt. I have several students who were at Magic Island when the emergency push went out. Apparently, they were freaking out, crying and shouting while running across Ala Moana Blvd. to the mall for shelter. Imagine a 14 years running across four lanes and getting smacked by a bus. I am sure that our school, and several others, have some pretty traumatized young ladies due to massive stupidity. I am glad that's all that happened, though.
  9. Hawaii

    Screw up at the Emergency Management system HQ in the Diamond Head caldera. During a shift change a guy was double checking that the system is up and running. Somehow, he scrolled to the "This is not a drill" message and hit send. The computer asked him if that's what he really wanted to do. He hit yes. They've just put a redundancy protocol in place so that second guy has to concur. The even worse thing was that it took 38 minutes for them to get the false alarm message out over the same system-- and a couple of civil defense sirens went off, which they haven't figure out yet. Without the sirens or anything on radio or TV I was more than confident that this was a false alarm, despite the pigeon-speaking security personal at our condo coming over the loudspeaker telling us that a missile was coming to Hawaii (she later told us the missile "trip was cancelled.). I'd heard the siren, which is a separate system, I would have been freaking out. EMS is a state agency and if you know our state at all, it makes very sad sense. Why do I think the guy in North Korea is laughing at us?
  10. Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    As close as we are to Pearl Harbor, the likely site or ground zero, I wasn't bothering. I was actually watching out the window for the last, big show in town. My wife told me to get away from the windows in case of broken glass. My response was if the glass goes we'll be breathing irradiated oxygen resulting in a slower, more miserable death.
  11. Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    So we had an exciting morning. Imagine waking up to a an emergency alert on your cell phone, stating that a ballistic missile is inbound to Hawaii, telling us to take immediate shelter, and closing with the line "This is not a drill." Turns out, as you know, it was our amazingly component state government at work, managing the emergency system just as well as it manages marinas, ferries, and schools. However, it does make me curious: does the US have a land or sea-based system capable of destroying a ballistic missile somewhere above the exosphere? Doe the Barking Sands range on Kuai`i have something along those lines? Imagine my students, at 8AM at Magic Island for a outrigger paddling regatta. Imagine 100 kids crying and screaming while tearing across Ala Moana Blvd. to take shelter at the mall. Imagine if some kid had been hit in the intersection. Imagine of our stable genius in the White House thought the threat was real. Imagine some civil service worker hitting the wrong button, causing panic in the streets at best, or WWIII at worst. We have a saying "Lucky you live Hawaii." We're lucky today, but not because of our government. End of rant.
  12. Oahu Dockage for a big boat?

    Plenty of length and depth at E dock at Waikiki Yacht Club. We have a squadron of SC 70's there every Transpac.
  13. Don't leave Hawaii

    Sounds familiar. Oh yeah, And the Sea Will Tell, by the guy who prosecuted Charles Manson. Only in that scenario, they were coming to Hawaii, not leaving it.
  14. Oahu Dockage for a big boat?

    If we have space, the end tie on E dock at the Waikiki Yacht Club would work in terms of draft and length. I assume someone has reciprocal privileges.
  15. Fresh from Italy...

    Is there any point while they were slowly motoring toward a closed-out channel that they thought to themselves that this wasn't a good idea? What could possibly have been so important?