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  1. A buddy of mine has a cherry Moore 24- with the low rise cabin house and transom cut-out- that's been in shrink-wrapped and in storage for about four years now. If someone's interested, PM me and I will make the connection. I believe he'd like to sail. Not buying an AD as I don't have any stake in this other than helping a friend out
  2. I emailed Scott as well, though it looks like Brent was expelled before I got to it. That was the worst innuendo and most callous lie I can imagine. Bob, you can go ahead and have two glasses of wine. I know it's not much, but here's to Spike.
  3. Keeping things simple means more time on the water. I think Kim Bottles knows something about that.
  4. Dram Buoy?
  5. Mabo? What do the Australians have to do with this?
  6. I doubt this owner where's about somebody scratching his four anchors.
  7. Thank you! This is just what I've been looking for. I will check out steubenpress.com.
  8. Perfect! I'll give Johannes Gutenberg a call. I hope he's finished with that Bible thing.
  9. He's become kind of a stick in the mud lately.
  10. During the summer, I've written a book of short stories for my grandchildren. No one other than the two of them, their parents, and my wife and I, would ever want to read it. Still, I want to get it edited, bound, and have a decent cover. It's not suitable until they're older, but it's sort of my opus. There are hundreds of self-publishing firms on the Internet, but I suspect a lot of them are rip-offs or do sloppy work. Does anyone know of a reputable firm that might be willing to proof-read and publish four or five copies? I don't want to spend a fortune. Heck, I could just use my printer at home and clip it together. However, I want it to be memorable for them. Any help?
  11. In my experience, when clubs have a membership drive with deep discounts on the initiation fees, or eliminate the fee altogether for a period of time, the people who join are uninterested in sailing, racing, fishing, or any other kind of boating that might take them away from the subsidized ( by dues) drinks at the bar. They complain that the regatta awards ceremony interferes with summer league basketball on TV. They're the first to shout opinions at the annual meeting, rant about juniors hanging out on the lawn (Get off my lawn!) and sailors in salt-crusted clothing. They run away when dues are increased, drink prices are raised, or an assessment is called for because the roof is falling down. In other words, they tend to be the biggest PITA, have no loyalty and make the least contribution to anything water-related. A cynic would suggest that this sounds like life-members, too, but I would never go there.
  12. Unless it's Bob's custom carbon cutters, in which case it's fourdeck.
  13. Waikiki cannot really be seen, other than the beach. It is one martini to the left, but out of sight. The buildings at the base of Diamond Head are in what we call the Gold Coast, just past Kapiolani Park. The airport would be to the right, also out of view. GSR is heading approximately 180 degrees, toward the Ala Wai Entrance buoy. Back in the day, he'd be turning to the Honolulu Harbor bouy, rounding and returning. Nowadays, the Friday night "race" is to around Diamond Head buoy and back. I always wondered about the formula on Shark's main: square root of energy x 33=? And where am I in that picture?
  14. This is a disgustingly low blow. Don't drag a nice, talented kid into murk and mud of your life.
  15. Halfway across the continent? Was somebody building a BS boat in Manitoba? Was it a corn field or a wheat field?