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  1. Hi, i have connected my gwind race to the h5000 cpu using N2K, now does anyone know if and how to connect directly as analogue input in stead? My theory is that it would provide faster updates and better calibration if I connected directly... not sure wow to connect or calibrate though... /B
  2. We set a target speed for upwind, we try to consistently hit that speed. We also look at vmg% to make sure we point. On the downwind we try to hit our target twa. As we sail asymmetrical, the speeds jump a bit up and down depending on puffs and pressure. The goal are to sail as deep as we can without loosing to much speed, however target twa is our main info on helming downwind.
  3. I guess the main reason we are only using twa is that in a gust, your awa moves forward, so you pinch, and also in a lul the awa moves aft as the boat accelerates slower than the wind. Also it’s easier to compare true and targets
  4. I have a Mumm/Farr 30 we sail it under ORC. The first few years, really frustrating, now not so much These boats are harder to sail than a 5 knot shit box. The require structure and patience. So if the goal is to sail once a month, its the wrong boat for sure. For a weekend worrier its a great boat. It rates fine once you crack "how to make it go". The boat requires great starts and you cannot do much errors because the penalties are much higher due to higher rating. I believe compared to the broader more modern boats they rate great in light airs due to less wetted surface. This thread to me is wining for being poor, sailing is unfair. in this sport, spending more resources, makes you go faster....
  5. I would guess by the company name - Northern Playground, the problem they are solving is not for tropical areas?
  6. its backed by former olympian sailers https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zipshorts/zipshortstm-padded-never-again-cold-and-wet-butts?ref=hero_thanks
  7. Hi, This spring i refitted my boat (farr 30 ) with a garmin system. I did consider a B&G H5000, being used to the H3000 quite a bit, but 3X $ in comparison - i just figured that Garmin was a way better deal - and i could spend more on sails. I have a GND10 connected to my gwind race transducer, some issues with the GND10, turns out it does not convert every N2K sentence, and for some reason i cannot use the advanced calibration since the nexus race software is not able to connect for some reason. I guess it expects the nexus server, however after buying expedition and Actisence i have all the info and much more on deck on the gnx 7" displays. And its actually great some stuff still with calibration but we are getting there. The TWD, TWA and TWS is a whole lot better and jumps around a whole lot less. Drawback is complexity and the fact that i need a computer in a rather wet boat As for compass, i bought a Maretron SSC220 on ebay - its fantastic compared to most other compasses I have ever used (b&g and raymarine). I have been used to the heading jumping up and down a lot, especially in waves, now without any damping its just totally stable and helming +- 1 or 2 degrees is quite easy while keeping the update rate at high The bummer is that Garmin dont support the attitude sentence in N2K so i use expedition to send alternating heel and target heel. I would actually say - garmin system paired with expedition is quite powerful given that you use expedition to process data.
  8. Melges 20?