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  1. RV64

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Thank you very much,Tom; i understand it better now. i'll try to do one before spring herve
  2. RV64

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Hi Tom, would you have pictures of the systems you build. I very interested in building one myself during this winter... herve
  3. RV64

    SeaRail 19 Folds

    you maybe should use DM20 max no creep after first elongation, a bit less max load than SK78 max but No creep... sorry about your main Tom( I would send the sail back, you paid for it), I hope you can sail soon enough nevertheless
  4. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    thank you tom now i understand it better. I don't think i will use this set up despite it being quite interesting the traveler does not need to be more than1,5 mt altogether . i never had to let the main going further than that the two mainsheet seems a little bit complicated to operate but it might a question of being use to it the load on the boom will be to much( it is only a reinforce all carbon windsurfer mast or though i could add some more carbon anyway you give me to think about it good on you
  5. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    i do not understand what you mean Tom Here is a foto of the bridle and blocks the traveler are not on but go from the bottom bock to the little red cleat.the problem is the length of the bridle where the bottom block glides It is to long 2 meters and the boom to low. I might go for a rail because i did not save any weight there is 2 more blocks on the big bottom one for the traveler and 4 more to adjust the tension of the bridle to the side of the main hull (previous foto) can you tell me more about what you think()i will answer tomorrow ) block
  6. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    there is a traveler but no rail. i am using a DM 20 max bridle (like a Laser) and and 2:1 sheave for the traveler but it is not working as well as it's supposed to be: i find it really hard to tension the bridle as i want without putting too much load on the main hull because there is only 45 cm between the bome and the bridle and i have a 8:1 57 harken carbo for the main sheet
  7. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    no but surely 6 months between designing ,time for "how am i going to to this", finding bits and pieces at the local gumtree or craiglist ( le bon coin for us) and sanding,sanding,sanding... 80 x 4 mmCarbon tube reinforced with 1kg ud carbon top and bottom for the front ones 180 x 74 x 2mm carbon mast of which i cut the gooseneck, add a flange (foam +ud carbon) in the middle , closed it and same as above main hull is 4mm plywood with 300g biaxial glass both sides + ud carbon where it needs floats are Hobby miracle 20 heavily modified( wider, higher minus 13 kg for each of them) all carbon work is vacuum bagged Hello patzefran you are right what i meant was just main hull just kissing . the first time was supposed to be 8-10 KN. in fact 10-15 then 15 to 20, and i called it a day at 16h when the golfe du Morbihan was more white than blue. we never had to be on the trampolines but we were both of us really back the second time 10-15kn and i do feel she is under powered because everything is so easy and not physical. I am thinking of adding 1,5 mt to the mast so it will be around 28 m2 about the stiffness , the problem was longitudinal with only 2mt between the 2 arms so i decided to go split shrouds with 8:1 at the front .this is lifting the amas about 25mm each side and it is very very stiff. Thank you all for your comments , i really do appreciate with no false modesty
  8. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    the TOTAL rigged weight is 300 KG with DM20 max rigging the amas are around 875 lts so about 300% i don't have any video yet and I am currently building the bowspirit so not to soon
  9. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    Hi Tom you are right i should be using a self tacking jib but I wanted to be sure of the balance of the overall design : There is 2 daggerboards on the amas as well and i wasn't sure of their positioning /Sail plan and yes i think she is flying 1 hull because of the "vvvvvvvvv" i can hear suddenly when she kicks off good luck with your sea rail as soon as you get back your sail you are right
  10. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    OH no not a pulse 600 please! but same program No gennaker-screecher? not yet but soon to be 32M2 flat spi and 17 m2 gennaker
  11. Hello everybody After 2 years designing and building I had the big pleasure of sailing my very very square small trimaran (unnamed yet !) 5,8 x 5,8ml ; 300kg all up, sail 21 m2 including 8 ml carbon wing mast she is a joy , stable, fast and easy to pilote )
  12. The attach link doesn't work neither
  13. Hello patzefran i am currently building a 19 trimaran with 5,5 meters long amas ( heavily modified miracle 20) Do you have a foto of the waterstays you use on your Strike 20? thanks from le bono river forgot the foto