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  1. olsen370

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    @stenfjor check your wiring - on the pictures you send, the plug wiring is wrong!
  2. olsen370

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Hoping this made it easier for you to check the correct wiring and to check the gWind transducer. I did the check with my spare gWind race yesterday.
  3. olsen370

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    @jarcher thank you verry much for the jumper hint - solved my problem with the advanced speed calibration!
  4. olsen370

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Just for information: If you have to replace the original nWind Race from NEXUS with the garmin gWind Race replacement you need the following parts: Garmin 010-01228-00 gWind Race Garmin 010-12117-03 adapter cable Garmin 010-12117-07 bracket With this parts you can reuse the mast cable and you can use the connection as it was before. Don’t forget to calibrate the new transducer.
  5. olsen370

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Some years ago I had a similar problem with my nWind transducer - LED where blinking but no data. I went several times up in the mast, to replace the transducer, to check the cables /connectors - at the end if found there was a problem with my server. The power for the nWind was only about 6-8V between Pin 13 an 16. After replacing the server everything worked well. So to do the check is a easy way the prevent a lot of work up in the mast :-) and yes if you own a oscilloscope it would be better ..
  6. olsen370

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    You can also check the wind transducer / mast cable with a multimeter - disconnect yellow and white (14,15) - connect screen and green (13,16) to cable brown and green you should read with the multimeter set to voltage dc - 12v between server 13/16 - changing voltage between yellow cable and screen (13) - changing voltage between white cable and screen (13) nWind PIN
  7. was anybody able to replace the bearings of a nWind Race transducer?
  8. new link forNexus nWind informations
  9. olsen370

    Tank level sensors - selection and installation

    simarine has announced a n2k bidirectional module, It will be available for purchase in Q2 2018.
  10. olsen370

    Tank level sensors - selection and installation

    the best sensor for black water tanks is an external sensor and if you like you can combine the sensor with a simarine monitoring system.
  11. olsen370

    New Instruments - Calibration

    allene222 Sailmons E4 processor will do the calibration for most of the sensor out in the market. The E4 is also capable to distribute the calibrated measurements and the calculated data to your favorite displays. Sailmon E4 Instrument calibration in detail explained by sailmon
  12. olsen370

    You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    The marine barometer from Bohlken Westerland is my recommendation http://www.bohlken.net/bg/bg1512_en.htm
  13. olsen370

    3Di Endurance experience (other options?)

    North has 3 types of 3Di sails (Race, Endurance and Raw). When you talk about 3Di, which type do you mean? Does anybody have experience with 3Di Race?
  14. olsen370

    Nexus Race software crash on windows 10

    latest version http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=6885 is working on my win10 pc
  15. olsen370

    Nexus NX systems

    Expedition Version 10.4 has a better integration of the GND10: http://expedition.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=246