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  1. S&BJ Day

    Well, it is beef so could be a promising start...
  2. S&BJ Day

    So, who's having steak tonight? Me? Spatchcock chicken.....
  3. Healthcare - when did I turn into a number

    Not having lived in the US for about 25 years, I didn't realise how expensive health care is there. This thread is an eye opener. What I like about the healthcare here in France is it is mostly free. Anything not covered by the system is taken up by top up cover (mutuelle), as my wife and I are self employed we pay about €400/month for the 2 of us. For example, at the end of December I had an issue that required 9 days in the hospital, 5 of them in intensive care, ambulance and 30 days in a cardio rehab facility plus they even gave me a ride home!! Nothing out of pocket. I also get all Dr visits paid, prescriptions, gym, physio and nutritionist all paid. All this comes out of my social charges and taxes, about 40% so there is a cost but nothing additional out of pocket. France can be fucked in many ways but the healthcare is top notch.
  4. sammiches, what you got

    that are mulitple variations around, I tried making my own , using pellets or other things and never could get it lit enough to stay lit.. there are plenty of youtube videos of course.. A maze like that is what I'm talking about. I sell loads of them but ours uses wood dust instead of pellets. Once lit they will burn for about 12 hours. I have friends that use pellets in different types of cold smokers but they have difficulties keeping them lit. Kudos for going through all the effort including catching your on fish!
  5. sammiches, what you got

    $175 for a brisket? Thats about $11/pound, I paid $8.50/ pound for incredible Wagyu brisket in November when I was in the states for the World Food Championship. Time for a new butcher......
  6. sammiches, what you got

    Have you tried cold smoking? It is so easy to do, get yourself a cold smoke generator, fill it with wood dust and away you go. You can put it in your WSM without needing to build a smokehouse. A basic smoked salmon recipe is mix sugar and salt 50/50, cover a piece or side of salmon, wrap then refrigerate for 24-36 hours. Unwrap and rinse then let dry for about 12-24 hours unwrapped. Light smoke generator and leave for about 12 hours. Awesome and easy. You can also cold smoke many other things. Salt, honey, cheese, butter (OMG!!), cream, nuts, paprika etc etc
  7. sammiches, what you got

    NEVER wash cast iron or you kill the seasoning that has built up over the years. "Wash" it with salt by scrubbing the salt with a paper towel then re-oil it and you're good to go. I also like your method.

  9. sammiches, what you got

    One of my favorites is a toasted roast beef, cream cheese, horseradish and onion on pumpernickel. A lot of the others are great as well. As I'm on 1800 calories a day, most of these will need to wait....
  10. Kitchen knife anarchy

    Personally, I have used Wustof for the past 30 years. I would invest in a good set that will last a long time. A good set will have rivets in the handle not moulded. Take the time to hold a few and see what fits your hand. Is the balance right? Is the weight feel good? For example, Sabatier makes good knives but they are too small in my mitts. My wife (non chef) likes them better than my Wustofs....
  11. F1 2017

    From what I've read elsewhere, Hamilton's contract says he needs to be consulted but he doesn't get a say in the final decision. This is just to soothe his ego, other drivers (Alonso for example) actually get a vote on their teammate.
  12. Rick Parfitt Rides the paper plane

    RIP Rick. I was fortunate to meet him in the 90's at a F1 race at Silverstone. Lots of us were camping etc and on Sunday morning he needed to iron his jeans so he laid them on the ground and slowly drove his F40 over them a few times!!! BTW, they came out great...
  13. F1 2016

    Probably will happen but not a done deal (yet). Toto is Bottas' manager so this needs rectifying first plus how much is Williams going to hold up Merc for?
  14. What's your unpopular opinion?

    My father hit me only once (that I remember) and that was because I was not using the fork correctly. I was about 5. I certainly never forgot!
  15. Kickstarter, any experience?

    Ha ha!! Unfortunately, I have a name already but that is good for another project..... After researching Kickstarter, I don't think it's for me or my sauce at the present time. To be successful, it helps to have a bigger social media presence than I currently have although I have someone working on that for an early 2017 blitz. To settle the above debate, it wasn't because I didn't like the sugary shit on the market shelves it was because I started with this recipe 30 years ago because I wanted something different and to my taste. Of course it has evolved over the years but it has a strong similarity to the original, just better. I have been successful with this sauce both in my professional cooking life and more recently in BBQ competitions including the recent World Food Championship where I was 5th. I also have 4 other sauce recipes ready to commercialise but want to start with one for the time being. As part of my quest to bring American style BBQ to the French public, I have seen the need for a homegrown BBQ sauce as there is only big commercial companies (American) selling sauces. If anyone has any other ideas apart from crowd funding, I'm all ears.