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  1. frenchie

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    I also think it's sometimes okay. Obviously. I wasn't talking about morality, I was talking about not getting sued.
  2. Is it still a u-bend when it's empty?
  3. How long you been married? My wife hands me a list for any run involving >2 items. Or, nowadays, texts me.
  4. frenchie

    The Patriot Party

    It worked for Trump... apparently those china trade war subsidies worked out 40% of farm income this year? Too lazy to look it up right now, just got off work. The problem is selling it. It was originally a RW idea... but so was Obamacare. Maybe we should offer to move the Capitol (we'll need a new, bigger one, anyways, amirite?) to the geographic center of the country: Butte County, SD. It already has a federal monument & everything. It's also not far from Pine Ridge; close enough that it was probably theirs, in the Ft.Laramie treaty. I'd oppose that location, on those grounds. But the idea of relocating the seat of the Federal Government to somewhere more central, makes sense. It would appeal to flyoverer pride...
  5. frenchie

    The Patriot Party

    How's that go, again? “If it’s what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer.”
  6. frenchie

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    The other platforms take down content that glorifies violence. Not a perfect job, but enough to protect them in any lawsuit. Parler didn't, and didn't seem likely to start. As a result, they're a lawsuit waiting to happen. Nobody wants to get caught up in that mess.
  7. I don't think anyone said it was incorrect.
  8. If they don't have a second citizenship to fall back on... it's against international law to make someone stateless. It's a recurring theme from centrist democrats, and easily imaginable as Something Joe Would Do. Even without anyone saying it - we all know it's likely - so anyone with a clue about fascist history is bringing it up to warn against it. Thread proves it's a bit of a minefield. Go too easy, you're encouraging a repeat, and bolstering the accusation that we have a 2-track justice system, that treats the right easier than the left. Go too hard, you lend credibility to their victim narrative, and... not sure making them spend time alongside criminals, in one of the most racialized social environments in society, is going to help. (not, IMHO, that it ever does) A lot of them honestly thought that Trump would declare martial law / invoke the insurrection act / do something,. Take over, conduct a bunch of arrests and executions, and then run a new, "honest" election (which he would, of course, win in a landslide). "Re-establish the Republic". And that they'd go down, in the history books, as heroes. Remember: we're talking about a group that thinks NY went red, but a conspiracy of Democrats, Chinese Spies, and Establishment Republicans cheated to makeit look blue.
  9. frenchie

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Oh, sweet - a comedy break. That was their whole shtick. #freespeech. #censorship. The law and the contract are both saying the same thing to Amazon: drop Parler. There's no conflict. Comes a point, if Amazon doesn't drop the contract, Amazon's taking on part of the liability.
  10. frenchie

    2020 Election Fuckery

    Seen on twitter: "Value Village Palin"
  11. frenchie

    Save Amerkkka March

    RE why didn't they open fire... a half-dozen cops, facing off against a mob of thousands? Seriously? Play out that scenario in your head, it doesn't end well for the cops.
  12. frenchie

    The Corner

    Show me the poll where 45% of lefties support blowing up construction equipment. I'll wait. Same reason you bring charges against any other lawbreaker. In his case, also to demonstrate no-one is above the law. Who? Lyn Wood(s)? Sidney Powell? Rudy Guiliani? None of the big reputable firms will work for him. The RNC gave him a standing ovation, Thursday. Letting him get away with it, would be toxic to our system of government.