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  1. Just Another High School Shooting

    at 3x the price, I should hope it's way more accurate, out of the box. Spend that on a FAL platform...? (the question is sincere. I haven't fired the scar, haven't fired a FAL in 34 years, live in no-gunz-landia, and googled the price difference) (This is sorta like: I understand the appeal of a go-fast raceboat, but - people who don't even race, just putter about, or essentially want a dock queen? I have the right, under Noblesse Oblige, as broke-ass poor person, to judge the shit outta them for not rescuing a beautiful old wooden boat, or getting something unique & beautiful custom-built like Kim Bottles did, with that money.)
  2. Feel Good Environmentalism downside.

    All I know is, here in NYC, it's performed glorious alchemy. Car commuters from the suburbs & exurbs try it, on a summer day, and - whether it becomes a regular thing, or not - the way they interact with me (on a bike, in my neighbourhood) on their way home, has been transformed. Shit's turned into gold. (Took about 2 years. Then another year for me to make the connection between the sudden abundance of inexperienced riders on citibikes in Manhattan, and more aware driver behavior in the inner boroughs. I don't have stats to back it up. But I also can't think of any other explanation for why drivers suddenly started acting like they have a clue, after a decade & a half of knuckleheaded cluelessness.)
  3. Jack's been getting abused on this forum since way before russian trolls were a thing.
  4. Leftist are anti-authoritarian by nature... this is news to someone? ...I'm not sure what point you think you're making.
  5. Just Another High School Shooting

    I just have to say - that is one seriously butt-ugly battle rifle. How could anyone prefer that to a FAL? Kids these days.
  6. Just Another High School Shooting

    I dunno where Jeff stood on the Patriot Act, but doesn't Tom count as a gun-nutz?
  7. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    The alt-right kids think so, too. They even have old social media posts (under her real name) to prove it. That, or she pulled a 180 in under two years. That's only work if / when men in similar roles (Jeff Session is pretty funny-lookin, and how about that Mnuchin character?) get the same treatment - and generally speaking, they don't.
  8. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    Don't get me wrong, I fucking loathe her. But the fact that she's ugly as sin, inside, doesn't justify bashing how she looks, outside.
  9. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

    Yeah, it's just so difficult to discuss romantic matters without bring up sexual matters... [/s] Consider: Princess Bride makes no mention of Westley & Buttercup's sex life. Jeez, how did they do that? And how about The Little Prince? Doesn't get into how the Prince managed sex with the rose... and avoids the thorny (sorry, couldn't resist) issue of inter-species sex. I mean, a plant? That's even weirder than bestiality! What the hell do you even call that? Phytophilia? Plant-iality? Flowersexuality? Or, consider: just reading the article linked in the OP. The last few paragraphs spell out exactly how they managed this supposedly difficult trick of discussing romance, without mentioning sex... ...just like every other children's book that talks about romantic love, without, somehow, mentioning sex. While hopping through his day as a pet of the vice president, Marlon Bundo spots another bunny named Wesley, and is smitten. “He was a big, fluffy bunny with the floppiest floppy ears and the bushiest tail. He was bunny-beautiful,” Marlon Bundo narrates. “I was standing still. But being near him made me feel like my heart was still hopping.” Marlon and Wesley hopped around all day. At the end of the day, Marlon says, “Wesley, I don’t want to hop without you ever again.” Wesley says back, “That’s funny because I never want to hop without you, Marlon Bundo, ever again.” They decide to get married and hop together forever. The illustrations are beautiful. You see the couple staring lovingly at each other next to a fire. You see them adorably holding hands. It’s love portrayed as matter-of-factly as it ever is when it’s between a boy and a girl in a children’s book, which is important. But there’s a political point to be made still, and the book makes it pretty powerfully. While all of Marlon and Wesley’s friends cheer their decision to get married, the Stink Bug, who is in charge of all the animals and bears a not-so-subtle resemblance to Mike Pence, announces that boy bunnies are only allowed to marry girl bunnies. “You. Are. Different,” he shouts. “And. Different. Is. Bad.” Marlon and Wesley are crestfallen. “But this is the Bunny I love,” Wesley says. Marlon says the same. “Just being next to Wesley made me a little braver,” he narrates, a description of love so simple and true that we defy your heart not to break. Their friends rally around Marlon and Wesley, recognizing that each of them is different in their own way, and they devise a plan. They must vote the Stink Bug out of office so that love can win again.
  10. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

    Where do you get the idea the book makes any mention of anything to do with sex? That's like assuming the Princess Bride describes Buttercup's favorite position...
  11. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

    I don't understand how come Jack's not in this thread, bitching about "the left"'s sexism, and how classless it is to attack someone based on their appearance, and so on. I mean... for once he'd be right about something...
  12. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    I've been saying, for at least ten years now - "privacy is a 20th century concept".