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  1. He knew what he signed up for

    Dead, 48 hours, 100 degree weather, in the jungle... honestly, I wouldn't let her see any of him, either.
  2. He knew what he signed up for

    ...and Trump responds. But he's not calling a gold star widow a liar, right?
  3. He knew what he signed up for

    Submitted without comment. http://abcnews.go.com/US/fallen-soldiers-widow-angry-trumps-call-couldnt-remember/story?id=50655063
  4. The War on Women, Redux

    Here in the great liberal state of New York, you can get an abortion through medicaid. But the process involves getting a medicaid card for the fetus... I didn't bother to vote for Obama in the general, knowing he'd take the State without me. Trump's so vile, I bothered to vote - because I wanted him to lose by the widest margin possible. I thought it was important that we rub the Republicans' noses in what an offensive choice they'd made. Turned out, joke was on me.
  5. Meli hates men? ...did I miss something?
  6. The serious transgender bathroom issue discussion

    It would really strengthen your case if you could find at least one, preferably a few, more examples. We would save a whole bunch more children, if we just outlawed any straight man ever being alone with any child.
  7. The serious transgender bathroom issue discussion

    Way to miss the point... You found an example of a transwoman child molester. Congrats! Now: - How common is it for transwomen to be child molesters? - How common is it, compared to non-trans - "normal", aka "cis-gendered" - straight men, being child molesters?
  8. He knew what he signed up for

    Oh, great. Trump's got an interview with Maria Bartiromo, set to air tomorrow on Fox Business Network. Who's politicizing this, again? Wilson hasn't said shit for the last few days. On Kelly: "he was so offended, because he was in the room when I made the call and so were other people. And the call was a very nice call. He was so offended that a woman would be – that somebody would be listening to that call.” So... Kelly's offended that Wilson is listening in on the call... that he & others are listening in on. Oh, that makes sense. Wonder if he'll refer to Sgt Johnson, or his wife, by their actual names this time? Nobody associated with the white house seems to have done that yet. "the wife" "the woman" "your guy" Meanwhile - having had to interrupt her grief this weekend, to de-bunk a fake FB post attributed to her - Myesha Johnson's is about to weigh in. She'll be on GMA tomorrow. Whole thing makes me want to puke.
  9. The serious transgender bathroom issue discussion

    No seeing what's wrong with it...? He's saying Caroline Cossey was a woman even before she got her boy-bits turned inside-out. Pretty small - 1.7% of 1.7%. We think red hair's a lot more common than it is; and we think interesex is much less common than it is.
  10. He knew what he signed up for

    Worth noting. Kelly: " I’ll end with this: In October — April, rather, of 2015, I was still on active duty, and I went to the dedication of the new FBI field office in Miami. And it was dedicated to two men who were killed in a firefight in Miami against drug traffickers in 1986 — a guy by the name of Grogan and Duke. Grogan almost retired, 53 years old; Duke, I think less than a year on the job." Reality: the building is named after Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove, not "Duke"; and they were killed in firefight with bank robbers, not drug traffickers. Leads me to suspect this is his honest recounting of what he remembers; human memory isn't perfect. If it was rehearsed bullshit, he'd have gotten the details right. The question becomes, why did he experience that speech as... something so different from what the video of her speech shows? ... And... Jeff... EVEN IF you allow that Wilson was being disgraceful and trying to politicize this - she would have had no traction if the admin had responded in a way that showed any actual respect for Sgt. Johnson's widow - instead of politicizing it right back at her. You find out the grieving widow misinterpreted what you said - what's the right choice, here? I'd be heartbroken, and trying my best to get back in touch, apologize, clarify... just fucking ignore Wilson. Not denying I said it, calling her out as a liar, by extension attacking the actual grieving family we're fucking talking about in the first place. something like, for example: “The president is deeply concerned by news reports that he miscommunicated his condolences when speaking with Sgt. Johnson’s wife Myeshia. He hopes to talk to her again as soon as she feels able, to apologize and make this right. And while he would have preferred that Rep. Frederica Wilson had not spoken publicly about what he intended to be a private call, he appreciates her personal connection to Sgt. Johnson and that she is mourning his loss as well.” It would have ended there. But of course, we're talking about the guy who went after the Kahns, after cynically exploiting Pat Smith. The guy who claimed to have called "most of them", when he'd actually called a handful, and hadn't even sent letters to about the same number. So of course he opted to call Wilson a liar, instead - who the fuck cares if he's calling the family liars, in the process. I don't understand how you, or Kelly, can defend that shit. Accusing Wilson of politicizing Johnson's death, at the same time as they're doing exactly that. It doesn't make any sense. Wilson's supposedly disrespecting Gold Star Families, by sticking up for a grieving widow? And Trump's not, by calling her a liar? How the fuck does that work? And then, when it dies down - on the day of Sgt Johnson's funeral, for fuck's sake - he tweets some more about Wilson. WHAT THE FUCK?!? I'm totally fucking horrified, still. I just can't accept that even Trump can be this much of a scumbag, and I'm completely at a loss to understand how Kelly can rationalize / defend / support it. Trump isn't a member of a gold star family - he's a fucking draft dodger to boot. Most the people in that car are a gold star family, and Wilson's a friend of theirs. Trump is calling them liars. The draft-dodger is calling a gold star family, liars. So, out of respect for gold star families... you call out the family friend? Instead of Trump? WTF. Doesn't make any goddamn sense. /rant
  11. The serious transgender bathroom issue discussion

    I was following the controversy over Playboy's first trans playmate, on twitter last night. A lot of guys saying "that's not a woman, that's a dickless man with fake tits" and such... and other saying how Hefner must be spinning in his grave... Playboy themselves dropped into the thread, to point out it wasn't the first time they'd had a transwoman in the magazine - that was Caroline "Tula" Cossey, in 1991. Anyways, long story short - I got to reading about Tula. This passage in her wikipedia page might give you pause: Cossey was born in Brooke, Norfolk. Through puberty, Cossey was distinctly feminine in appearance due to a variant of a condition known as XXXY syndrome, where, instead of having the XY male chromosome pattern, she possesses the genotype XXXY[1][3] (people with Klinefelter's syndrome usually have XXY). Physical / biological / genetic "sex" isn't nearly as strictly 'either/or' as we think. Intersex individuals are about as common as red haired individuals. But often there's no obvious genetic "defect" - and when there is, it's surgically "corrected" soon after birth. It's not just people, either. Critters, too. I read a book, some years back - Evolution's Rainbow - that basically catalogued all the different surprising gender/sex configurations in the natural world. Cod, for example, are all born female; when a male dies, the biggest most dominant female in the group turns into a male. Clownfish are all born male, and when a female dies, one of the males turns into a female. Female Hyenas have clits as big as the males' dicks. Almost half of all male Marsh Harriers, have the plumage of females & don't breed. It was a bit boring, honestly - the writer's dedicated, but not that talented - but still worth reading. Just the sheer accumulation of examples, after awhile, changes how you think about "biological sex".
  12. Post-Trump de-Nazification

    ...take it upstairs...
  13. More Examples of Fine People

    I'm pretty sure he meant "anywhere with internet".