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  1. The serious transgender bathroom issue discussion

    I was following the controversy over Playboy's first trans playmate, on twitter last night. A lot of guys saying "that's not a woman, that's a dickless man with fake tits" and such... and other saying how Hefner must be spinning in his grave... Playboy themselves dropped into the thread, to point out it wasn't the first time they'd had a transwoman in the magazine - that was Caroline "Tula" Cossey, in 1991. Anyways, long story short - I got to reading about Tula. This passage in her wikipedia page might give you pause: Cossey was born in Brooke, Norfolk. Through puberty, Cossey was distinctly feminine in appearance due to a variant of a condition known as XXXY syndrome, where, instead of having the XY male chromosome pattern, she possesses the genotype XXXY[1][3] (people with Klinefelter's syndrome usually have XXY). Physical / biological / genetic "sex" isn't nearly as strictly 'either/or' as we think. Intersex individuals are about as common as red haired individuals. But often there's no obvious genetic "defect" - and when there is, it's surgically "corrected" soon after birth. It's not just people, either. Critters, too. I read a book, some years back - Evolution's Rainbow - that basically catalogued all the different surprising gender/sex configurations in the natural world. Cod, for example, are all born female; when a male dies, the biggest most dominant female in the group turns into a male. Clownfish are all born male, and when a female dies, one of the males turns into a female. Female Hyenas have clits as big as the males' dicks. Almost half of all male Marsh Harriers, have the plumage of females & don't breed. It was a bit boring, honestly - the writer's dedicated, but not that talented - but still worth reading. Just the sheer accumulation of examples, after awhile, changes how you think about "biological sex".
  2. Post-Trump de-Nazification

    ...take it upstairs...
  3. More Examples of Fine People

    I'm pretty sure he meant "anywhere with internet".
  4. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Doctors actually tend to make less in a single payer system, sometimes significantly less. From a completely unscientific poll of the doctor sitting ten feet away from me, the idea is appealing because they can focus on patient care instead of dicking around with insurance companies and being forced to practice defensive medicine. To be perfectly fair, isn't that saying pretty much the same thing, using different words? It's also one of the ways single-payer saves money - WAY less overhead & admin staff, at all levels.
  5. He knew what he signed up for

    What are you saying - he fucked up the call on purpose, to create a distraction from questions about Niger... rally the base a bit... like that? I don't buy it, but any RW should have to consider it, considering how they treated Benghazi.
  6. Israel and Anti-BDS bill - Insurance clause

    Like back during the South Africa boycotts - it's not about the (almost nonexistent) products labelled "made in Israel" (or "made in Palestine"). It's about companies who have factories in Israel, or who buy raw materials from Israel, and so on.
  7. Israel and Anti-BDS bill - Insurance clause

    That'd be cooperating, Tom. Uncooperative would be signing it then NOT buying something from Israel.
  8. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Not so sure how "homegrown" you can call it. How much of Fraser Institute's funding is foreign money?
  9. I read somewhere, that the village elders are detaining a few people from that meeting - apparently they'd caused some sort of delay in the team's departure... here it is: https://sofrep.com/91656/arrests-made-of-suspects-involved-in-the-attack-on-green-berets-in-niger-that-left-8-dead/
  10. He knew what he signed up for

    Yeah, the numbers for resident military was 5 or 6 per 100,000 - same as other government service jobs - about a quarter of farmers & fishermen. But LaDavid Johnson didn't sign up as a plane mechanic or something like that - he signed up infantry, in a time of war; then volunteered for Airborne; then volunteered for Special Forces. You don't sign up for SF expecting to stay stateside. He said she "stood up there" and made it all about her. Now he's claiming it was some other comments she made? The video shows she spent - a minute and a half greeting various guests; - a minute and a half talking about getting the naming bill passed - and framing it as showing how all of Congress appreciates the FBI's service & sacrifices, giving credit to other congressmen and senators and the president getting it passed so quickly - then spent - 6 and a half minutes telling the story of the agents who died, and praising them, and praising the FBI in general. (occasionally in a very black-church sort of way, that really didn't work with that audience, at all). I was ready to side with Kelly last night (just as soon as I figured out which convention he meant. If he was commenting on the Khans, pretending Pat Smith hadn't been on the RNC stage...). But after watching the video of her speech, and comparing it to his description, I'm just disappointed in Kelly. Did you register the fact that Kelly confirmed Wilson's account? Trump DID say what she said he said. If Trump was misunderstood, why claim "I never said that"? Any normal fuckin person would have been on the phone to the widow right away, apologizing and clarifying and reinforcing the actual intended message. Not denying, and refusing to even use her name, like Trump did. It IS horrible that servicemen's deaths are being used for political purposes. But republicans bemoaning it as "a new low", comes off like Harvey Weinstein lecturing on women's rights.
  11. Why Trump Won't Talk About Niger

    Someone should have warned him: never work with the French on counterinsurgency; always ends badly.
  12. No, it was supposed to set us on the path towards a system that works, later. Better than nothing. What he could manage to get through, given GOP absolutist opposition.
  13. Stop eating beef?

    That has a more obvious meaning - which is already part of the job.