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  1. frenchie

    Death Row Redux

    Assuming you started this thread in response to my post / link of all the exonerated death-row inmates? You totally missed my point. Which was, simply: Courts aren't perfect. They sometimes convict innocent people. It's not just racism (and if it was, are you seriously claiming we're past it, nowadays? What fucking planet are you on? ...smh.). Take Cameron Todd Willingham, for example. He was white. Are you sure he was guilty? I'm not. THIS. It's irreversible. Unless you have a perfect plan for making courts start being perfect...
  2. frenchie

    Drip Drip Drip

    My bad. I made the mistake of engaging with NotGuilty in that other thread... lost a few brain cells in the process. Oh, come on. This thread would be 2 pages long, max. How boring would that be?
  3. Yup. He says he signed up when he was 17; that means, sometime in 1972. But the last Marine combat unit, left Vietnam in 1971. Of course, nobody can find a direct quote where he claims to have served in Vietnam combat, either. Closest he actually ever seems to have said, is "Vietnam times".
  4. frenchie

    Who will be Democrat nominee in 2020?

    What about though?
  5. frenchie

    Trump’s so vain.

    I dunno, man. He looks like a fat fuck in an ill-fitted suit in both versions.
  6. frenchie


    They don't even seem to realize: the more they attack her, the stronger they make her. Guess who's got herself a seat on the Financial Services Committee?
  7. I'll make this real simple. 1. Do you admit that "racist bully with the drum" was a reference to Phillips? Y/N 2. Are you going to apologize for trying to lie about it? Y/N 3. Are you going to apologize for calling me a lying sack of shit, when it was actually you who was lying? Y/N
  8. I've heard it - up here, in the supposedly uber-liberal bastion of NYC - from a white coworker. Hard to beleive nobody's using it, in less liberal places...
  9. still waiting for your response to this, bub.
  10. frenchie

    Drip Drip Drip

    Puh-leeze. Dog's been posting here a lot longer than you. Sol's been mocking him with the "doggie-styling" thing, probably longer than you've been here. He used to be a bit less extreme in his stretches of logic - but GWB was a lot easier to defend than DJT. Point being, some of us remember the reasonable sparring partner he once was. Trying to claim he's a paid troll or an AI or whatever, just makes you look silly.
  11. frenchie

    Are Walls Immoral?

    devil's advocate: if they'd been torn down, Ernst Zundel couldn't have hired Fred Leuchter to create that bullshit "report".
  12. It's not a huge leap to infer someone wearing a MAGA hat is a racist. At this point, I see someone in a MAGA hat, I assume they're racist. Or doesn't mind people thinking they're racist. Or is beyond fucking stupid. Those are the only 3 possible explanations, really.
  13. I don't have the required level of patience. Comes a point... once a thread gets stupid enough... I'll give up and walk away. Getting pretty close to my limit with this one. The kid released a public statement, identifying himself, through a PR firm. Nobody outed him.