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  1. frenchie

    Drip Drip Drip

    Trolling? If so, congrats on luring Raz'r off into the weeds. If not - stop, look at the dates, dumbass. I can only imagine the uproar if, "on or about July 27. 2016," Hill had still been using the infamous server she'd caught so much shit about using during "the time period January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013".
  2. frenchie

    When You've Lost Juan Williams...

    This new guy's funny. Someone's new sock?
  3. frenchie


    The fact that he's a moody, childish, incompetent, rude asshole... that's a feature, not a bug. His ascension to the presidency is basically a temper tantrum. He'd lose most of his support if he suddenly started behaving like an adult..
  4. frenchie


    Hey, now...
  5. This'd be the same report that claims Juggalos are a gang / threat, right? That aside - 100 seven-year-old anecdotes, is pretty damn weak, dontcha think? And how is it anything but racist bullshit, to assume that there'd be more of gang members among foreign-born recruits, than domestic-born recruits? Also, if you dig into most of the reports on gangs in the military, you'll notice most of the stories date back a dozen or so years - when Bush needed cannon fodder for the Iraq occupation, and relaxed recruiting standards.
  6. frenchie

    The Trump cult

    It's not just a cult, it's a death cult.
  7. How many Torontonians does it take to change a lightbulb? One; he holds it up, and the rest of Canada revolves around him.
  8. frenchie

    Black in America

    I am appalled at how ignorant you & Kanye both are. I can understand not knowing that there's a few hundred documented slave revolts in American History. Most of that history was buried untill the middle of the 20th century. But it's like you fuckwits never even heard of the most famous ones. The name "Nat Turner" ring a fuckin bell? Stono? Saint Malo? The slave ship Creole? No? Then how about the names "Dunning" and "Kruger"?
  9. frenchie

    Black in America

    I've been meaning to catch up on this thread & then post, and not finding the time. It's my busy time of year & all that. But I did catch something where BJ recommended the Root to Jeff, but Jeff wanted more specific? And I spend a lot of time reading the Root, and it's crossed my mind to recommend it to Jeff, too. They do a pretty good job covering MSM & Fox's blind spot. Jeff, fwiw - my recommendation is to scroll down and read whatever seems interesting. It's hard to point to any one particular article, or even a small set. Part of the process is going to be when you realize how many stories they cover that aren't anywhere else, and/or their take is completely different from "mainstream", or fox, or even supposedly-lib media. You have to just start making it part of your media diet for a few weeks. The other thing: read the comments. There's an intelligent & articulate bunch of people having some interesting conversations over there. And you'll disagree with a lot of it, but spend time in the threads, and you might come to understand it a lot better. Which was the point, yeah? Don't post - this isn't about you - it's intelligence-gathering. You're eavesdropping, basically. (purely personal, completely subjective opinion - anything by Michael Harriot's a good place to start.) ...gotta run.
  10. frenchie

    Just Another High School Shooting

    at 3x the price, I should hope it's way more accurate, out of the box. Spend that on a FAL platform...? (the question is sincere. I haven't fired the scar, haven't fired a FAL in 34 years, live in no-gunz-landia, and googled the price difference) (This is sorta like: I understand the appeal of a go-fast raceboat, but - people who don't even race, just putter about, or essentially want a dock queen? I have the right, under Noblesse Oblige, as broke-ass poor person, to judge the shit outta them for not rescuing a beautiful old wooden boat, or getting something unique & beautiful custom-built like Kim Bottles did, with that money.)
  11. frenchie

    Feel Good Environmentalism downside.

    All I know is, here in NYC, it's performed glorious alchemy. Car commuters from the suburbs & exurbs try it, on a summer day, and - whether it becomes a regular thing, or not - the way they interact with me (on a bike, in my neighbourhood) on their way home, has been transformed. Shit's turned into gold. (Took about 2 years. Then another year for me to make the connection between the sudden abundance of inexperienced riders on citibikes in Manhattan, and more aware driver behavior in the inner boroughs. I don't have stats to back it up. But I also can't think of any other explanation for why drivers suddenly started acting like they have a clue, after a decade & a half of knuckleheaded cluelessness.)
  12. frenchie

    This explains a lot. Liberals were always bad.

    Jack's been getting abused on this forum since way before russian trolls were a thing.
  13. frenchie

    This explains a lot. Liberals were always bad.

    Jack carries?
  14. frenchie

    This explains a lot. Liberals were always bad.

    Leftist are anti-authoritarian by nature... this is news to someone? ...I'm not sure what point you think you're making.
  15. frenchie

    Just Another High School Shooting

    I just have to say - that is one seriously butt-ugly battle rifle. How could anyone prefer that to a FAL? Kids these days.