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  1. frenchie

    The Smear of Calling BLM Violent

    If the mods keep this up... I might have to take BB off ignore.
  2. frenchie

    Debate #3

    Maybe worry more about educating this ignorant motherucker, LOL.
  3. frenchie


    Let's not give credit where it isn't due: they were court-ordered to.
  4. thoughts?
  5. There's a guy in a blue shirt - initially arrested with the shooter - he's a producer with the TV station that employs the shooter.
  6. frenchie

    Blast from the Past - Martial Law in Canada

    Dad was deployed for both of those. In the October crisis, he was a company CO. One of my earliest memories (I would have been about 3-1/2) is from when we went out to get him, from a hunting camp in the woods. Mom brought us kids along, because it was all so very sudden. Dad had just shot 2 bears. That's the memory: I remember looking at those dead bears, the claws were bigger than I'd expected. Odd/weird family trivia: one of the people who were rounded up, detained for 2 weeks or so. a journalists who'd written some pro-Separatist articles... later married my aunt, Dad's favorite sister. They became close friends, as well as in-laws. I witnessed many calm, respectful debates about Separation, at the dinner table, growing up; especially around '81... For the Olympics, less interesting: quartermaster.
  7. frenchie

    When President Biden Begins....

    Let me guess: you're white?
  8. frenchie

    Trump Ramblings 101...... He is nutz..

    You're trying to compare apples to kumquats. The President has no role in Congress (except once a year, when they invite him to deliver a speech). The job's closer to that of the Lieutenant-Governor (or the Queen), if they had their own cabinet/government and actually handled the day-to-day affairs of running the country. Congress writes laws; does not form a government/cabinet (if the President chooses a member of Congress for a cabinet role, they have to give up their seat). Congress does not, in any way, shape or form, handle day-to-day affairs.
  9. frenchie

    When President Biden Begins....

    The virus, duh. Have you listened to a word he's said?
  10. frenchie


    I first noticed it back when everyone was arguing about the Iraq war. I was spending a lot of time on a construction-related forum (which, of course, was full of blue-collar small-town republicans). I was still figuring out how different politics are, in the US, than in Canada... anyways, I couldn't help but notice that the people I could have a sane political conversation with, were almost all ex-military. It held true when the topics shifted to gay marriage, or immigration, or whatever. Might just be a side-effect of who signs up in the first place, though. "I'm gonna risk my life for the greater good" (even if/when it turns out to be bullshit) is going to draw a certain type. "I want a life of adventure", too...
  11. frenchie

    Trump Ramblings 101...... He is nutz..

    Um... not a parliamentary system, remember? The party controlling Congress isn't always the President's party.
  12. frenchie


    My impression is that most of those guys would be a lot worse, if they hadn't served. That what you're describing is typical of the demographics they're recruited from; and compared to their non-military peers, they're much less prone to that shit.
  13. frenchie

    Where Is Melania?..... And Rudy?....

    I'm surprised one can survive 3-phase 480v. Aren't you well into arc flash territory, with that shit? Where it blows you apart or sets you on fire? ...then again, if you'd previously been hit with lightning, and survived that, maybe you're immune to electricity, because you have superior genes... that's how it works, right? (Yes, I was just listening to DJT on Fox news, and yes, it's rotting my brain.)