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  1. That's a fine sentiment, and one I support. But in real life, there's a caveat: you have to survive, in the meantime. You have to survive long enough to organize, you have to survive while you organize. I have a ton of respect & admiration for MLK; but I also have a lot of respect & admiration for these guys. Nonviolent confrontation is necessary to effect social change. But it isn't sufficient; you also need self-defense, (which is NOT the same thing as violence) as a backstop. Also: some would even argue that nonviolence depends, in some part, on there being a militant alternative option, also visible, as a carrot/stick sort of persuasion. That MLK wouldn't have been so effective without the implicit "or else" of the Panthers. I'm not sure about that, but I'm not about to dismiss it out-of-hand, either. What I'm objecting to is this notion that King thought people should just lie down and take it, when their nonviolence was met with violence. The historical record shows that it's the NAACP that backed off when someone advocated or practiced self-defence, and King who would defend their right to defend themselves. Examples: "After the Klan threatened to murder movement leader Dr. Robert Hayling, he declared he would defend himself. When KKK night-riders attacked Lincolnville — St. Augustine's Black community — residents returned fire and a Klansman was killed. NAACP activist Rev. Goldie Eubanks and three others were indicted for murder. Disturbed by Hayling's militancy and his support for self-defense, the national NAACP removed him from office. Hayling, Eubanks, Henry & Katherine "Kat" Twine, and other freedom fighters then left the NAACP and contacted SCLC for assistance. (See St. Augustine Movement — 1963.) Dr. King answers St. Augustine's call and the St. Augustine Chapter of SCLC is formed." http://www.crmvet.org/tim/timhis64.htm#1964staug "After returning to North Carolina from military service in WWII, Robert F. Williams organizes the Union County Branch of the NAACP. After a Black child drowns in an unsupervised swimming-hole in 1957, they ask that Blacks be allowed to use Monroe's city-owned swimming pool one day a week. The city council refuses on the grounds that if Blacks use the pool the water has to be drained and replaced before white children can use it. Williams leads a group of Black children who attempt to integrate the tax-supported pool. Monroe is a center of Ku Klux Klan activity, and they threaten to kill the parents of the Black children. Williams organizes Black military veterans into armed self-defense teams. KKK night-riders attack a Black neighborhood but are driven off. (...)Because he advocates armed self-defense, Williams is suspended by the NAACP. He responds that he is calling for self-defense, not acts of war: "We as men should stand up as men and protect our women and children. I am a man, and I will walk upright as a man should. I will not crawl." Though he's an advocate of nonviolence, Dr. King acknowledges that Blacks have a right to defend themselves against attack, "When the Negro uses force in self-defense he does not forfeit support — he may even win it, by the courage and self-respect it reflects." http://www.crmvet.org/tim/timhis57.htm#1957monroe When you paint MLK's non-violent resistance as pacifism... in my eyes, you're doing something very similar to that Fox News commentator, last week, who argued that MLK day shouldn't be "politicized", that's it's a day for "national unity" not "political division" like kneeling during the anthem, or BLM.
  2. Cadet Bone Spurs

    disagreeing with the draft is demonizing draftees? I don't think so.
  3. I know this about Trump

    You first. Are you, or are you not, the same poster that used to post here under the handle "Happy Jack"? Are you, or are you not, the same poster that used to post here under the handle "Killery Against Man"? Are you, or are you not, the same poster that used to post here under the handle "Nailing Malarkey"?
  4. His Aides call it "Defiance Disorder"

    That's kinda what I'm saying, yeah, exactly. To be labelled defiance disorder, as opposed to just regular ADD, it'd have to involve him raging a lot, as well as pointedly doing the opposite of what's suggested.
  5. This Non-Violent Stuff Will Get You Killed

    That's a post by you, not him. You mean the quote inside that post? How the fuck does that qualify as "proclaim"ing "that Mosteller's isolated mention of the second amendment was the new identity of the SCLC"? All he said was he'd take Mosteller's word over yours. You claiming to be the old identity of the SCLC, or something? You seem to be contradicting yourself... just sayin. LOL, hell, no. Not in a million years. Like that guy needs a fuckin spokesman...
  6. I know this about Trump

    A true Democrat (not the shitholes in DC) believes in a level playing field for a fair competition between ideas, producers, and labor. Government is just supposed to be the referee who keeps the game fair. There should be no predetermined outcomes in life. ...Like I said: Fuck off on outta here with that tired-ass one-sided bullshit.
  7. I know this about Trump

    And republicans have a conflict of interest in appealing to racism, a divided working class kept in poverty, nativism and cheap disposable labor. The company store is open, come on in and sell your sweat to the bosses. Fuck off on outta here with that tired-ass strawman bullshit.
  8. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    pretty sure I read 20B, somewhere. edit: my bad. That's an estimate on the cost of the whole wall, in a totally different context, by Trump.
  9. His Aides call it "Defiance Disorder"

    If true, that suggests the rumors about him raging all the time are also true...
  10. Evidence of collusion?

    LOL, how many pages was the Benghazi report? How about the other one? How about the other one? How about the other one? How about the other one? How about the other one? How about the other one? How about the other one? How about the other one? IIRC, just one of its addendums, alone, was 48 pages.
  11. Trickle down

    C'mon, at least put quote marks on it: "free" markets. They're #111 out of 180, for fuck's sake. https://www.heritage.org/index/ranking Hong Kong is not subject to the same set of rules as the rest of China, silly. (and is #1 on the Heritage index)
  12. Pending US Govt Shutdown

    That's 65k per day... and I'd take that bet, if I wasn't broke. Why do you think he'll pull back the money this time? From what I read, he didn't, last time; cost the state a quarter mil.
  13. DACA

    I gotta say, I find it amusing how often you get totally misinterpreted, just because people expect "100% rightwing ideologue, all the time".
  14. Cadet Bone Spurs

    I only just read it myself. All I did was google "youngest soldier to die in vietnam" - knowing that, like any other war, it'd be some underage volunteer who lied about his age. Always is.
  15. Fire and Fury - WW II Version

    We Americans have a few too many Wars of Choice under our collective belt to use that line. (the bolded bit) Although I agree most western generals don't go looking for it... you can't say the same about a lot of our politicians. Or, sadly enough, for that matter, a lot of civilians / voters ("la-Z-boy division" armchair warriors & the like).