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  1. Just a small comment but I think important! I firstly declare that I have an interest in the D-Zero as the person who took the project, in the first place, Punk to production D-Zero to Devoti Sailing. Secondly I run Suntouched Sailboats who are a major dealer for Devoti offering the Finn, D-One, D-Zero and the Optimist, via Rooster Sailing. Until the launch of the D-Zero 80% of our business was outside the UK and now, due to D-Zero UK sales the mix is closer to 50:50. I have read the foregoing and just feel a need to tell the world that all of the professional D-Zero team are passionate about sailing and all of the Devoti classes with a special affection for the D-Zero. I have, in recent times, tried to maintain a low key status on forums letting the enthusiasts do the talking. I have to thank jeffers and the rest of the D-Zero sailors for their public support for the class and, having now looked at this thread, think that I may have been wrong to keep a low profile. Having said that I suspect I will be damned if I do and damned if I don't! So, to clarify, Jeffers is unpaid and a volunteer enthusiast with Class Association responsibility for the website and Class Association publicity, i.e. event reports and other class news but not for the marketing or sale of D-Zeros. The people who can benefit from the success or the D-Zero posting here are Dan and myself, Dan for designer royalty reasons only and me as the principle of Suntouched Sailboats. The whole professional D-Zero team are, as said earlier, passionate about sailing and the D-Zero. There is no limit to how far we will go to support the class with demo sailing, training, events and individual advice and help. We make serious effortsto take care of our customers (hope that's not a rude word ) and pride ourselves on our levels of input to this exciting new class.
  2. Bootscooter, Yes we will be bringing a number of D-Zeros to Oxford Some are taken up for racing but I will keep a couple back for test sailing! From what I hear you have no chance of being embarrassed in your D-One, in fact I am expecting a podium for you!!!
  4. As a general comment, I agree with everyone who has suggested the you try both boats and go for the one you enjoy most. It really is horses for courses and not knowing what 'floats you boat' it would be hard for others to give the best input. There are plenty of opportunities to get a test sail of both the Aero and D-Zero so why not? I know you will enjoy sailing both the Aero and the D-Zero but, for sure, you will find that one is much closer to what you are looking for than the other.
  5. Jerry, We now have a shortlist of options and I will be meeting with the MD of Devoti Sailing later in the month to get some decisions going forward.
  6. Hi Jerry, Email me for progress on this one info@suntouched.co.uk We are still working on establishing viable outlets for the D-Zero on your side of the pond. Having said that we shipped a D-Zero to New York earlier this year so, at least, there is one in the USA already.
  7. Sorry Paul, shorter bottom section. The problem with using same height mast is that there are likely to be compromises in order to maintain the feel and balance of the boat. Everyone has worked very hard, especially Dan, Devoti, North and Compotech to create a boat which sails well and performs to its potential providing the sailor with a satisfying and rewarding experience. It would be a shame if we ended up with a small rig D-Zero which doesn't give the sailor the same pleasure that can be achieved with the standard rig. So, to summarise - shorter bottom section, same top section and same boom and different sail, of course
  8. Good question We are currently in test mode but looking like something between 6.7 M2 and 7.0 M2. Looking like a huge reduction is not necessary but the jury is out for a couple more weeks.
  9. Of course you are right and I apologise. I have also been talking to many people about the D-Zero who are similar weight, or lighter than and did not mean to offend. I am planning to join HISC for my D-Zero sailing which, although generally is relatively flat inside the harbour can get a bit lumpy wind against tide and even more so over and outside the bar. My target weight for next year is around 72 Kgs and I will use the standard rig. Why not test sail a D-Zero? Let me know where you are based and I will try to organise something rodney@suntouched.co.uk
  10. Thanks Chuck, That all makes sense and I, personally, would be happy to race the D-Zero with the 8.1 M2 sail if I were anything between 70 and 110 Kgs and sail, just for fun with no big demand on upwind speed, if I were even lighter or heavier. We have had significant demand for a smaller rig from ladies and youths who love the D-Zero but feel that the 8.1 M2 sail may be more than enough for their weight. Other interest in small rigs has come from guys and girls who would like to race with the standard rig but also have a small rig available for wives, kids or, in one case, a mum to sail with Obviously, for racing purposes we would need to treat D-Zero rigs of different rig sizes as different classes and the indications over here are that by this time next year there will be enough small rig D-Zeros out there to provide proper fleet racing. We always had the intention to introduce a small rig but had planned launch this at next year's Dinghy Show, the UK's premier boat show for dinghies, over the first weekend in March. Due to pressing demand and requests for the small rig we have brought this forward. I guess that we are damned if we do and damned if we don't Below is a 62 Kgs young sailor testing the D-Zero at Clevedon last weekend, first question was is there a smaller rig available?
  11. No problem with a Thornbury demo! I know a few people there want to try a D-Zero there, who to arrange it with? To confirm, all of the tests were wind against tide at Clevedon, so a proper test of the D-Zero I am sorry that we don't have huge marketing budgets or forum trolls (paid or otherwise) but are happy that the boat sells itself
  12. But why would it? Fine bow, yes and makes upwind nice and smooth, full just aft of the bow limits the D-Zero from going down the mine Truth is that I could, probably, sail any dinghy down the mine if I wanted to, but why would I?
  13. The D-Zero Roadshow yesterday was a great success and was, for the first time, at two different venues (Clevedon SC in North Somerset and Restronguet SC in Cornwall). Winds in Clevedon up to 22 knots with steep, sort waves which I am told is typical for the venue. We had about a dozen sailors out in the D-Zeros with sailor weights ranging from 62 Kgs (136 lbs) to 95 Kgs (210 lbs) and everyone returned to the shore with a huge grin Feedback was that they all loved the D-Zero and were amazed at how kind the boat was on all points of sailing. With comments such as 'breathtaking with no vices' and 'unbelievably stable given the performance of the boat' we were happy with our day at Cleveden. Our thanks go to Cleveden SC for hosting the event and also for the free beer at the end of the day A further report on Restronguet (which I understand also went very well yesterday in 15 knot winds) will follow soon along with some pictures from both events.
  14. Yes we will be marketing and selling D-Zeros in the US. I am hopeful that we can make an announcement next week.
  15. 20' container from Hayling Island, UK to NY Port is £1,850.00 (FYI a 40' container would be around £2,250.00). To give some idea a 40' container can take up to 9 Finns and I would guess 12 D-Zeros. Transit time Southampton, UK to NY Port is about 7 days.