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  1. Snowkiting?

    If you feel like your kite is a little too stally, double check that your bar is tuned correctly. Front lines stretch a lot under load and when they do the kite won't fly correctly...there are some great youtube videos about this and some brands include easy adjusters to tune line length. If you purchased used gear this is even more important. Light wind kiting requires all your gear to be totally dialed in so it behaves properly.
  2. Kiteboarders v ISAF

    The problem with sailing is that it's really hard to get kids into the sport given the costs associated with it. Even really good community sailing programs charge more than youth soccer or even a gear-intensive sport like hockey. I think kiting has the potential to change that for sailing. All you need is a safe access-point on a beach and about $1200 of gear. Getting a young kid into kiting is not expensive if you know what you're looking for and have a program in mind for how you're going to teach them; clubs that lease kid-friendly intro gear on a contract basis with manufacturers would be a great starting point. You could have "sailors" kiting all around the world for less than the entry price of a sunfish, only they'd have access to a multitude of disciplines and formats to prevent the kind of burnout or stagnation that I saw happen to a lot of my peers during college sailing. Kiting is surfing, flying, foiling, skiing, racing, jumping, boarding, karting, SUPing, etc. But everyone these days starts with an inflatable and a twin tip, that's entry level learning equipment. I know it takes a good stiff breeze to compete on a twin tip, but it's easy and it's a 6-continent discipline. These international organizations are not providing an example for how we can get young people into the sport; there was a leaked Neil Pryde YOG2018 gear presentation that did a really good job showing how affordable this sport can be. If organizing bodies don't focus on that side of the sport, then none of this matters. The 20 and 30 something guys like myself that can afford whatever gear they want don't need to be "managed" by an international body. On the east coast of the US there has been a huge amount of effort from some really talented and dedicated people to help put together a series of events that work just fine without any mention of the IKA: San Juan Foil Cup - https://www.facebook.com/events/708362145932160/permalink/729621520472889/ Charleston F2B Race - Slalom, Course, and Distance Racing April 8/9/10 www.fort2battery.com 2 locally organized races in Tampa in cooperation with some local brands and college coaches who donate their time Shelter Island YC hosts a foil race in the summer Greenhat Kiteboarding will likely host a race this summer in NJ Martha's Vineyard had foiling last year, access may be an issue in 2016 but they ran a successful event in 2015 nevertheless If an international governing body wanted to do something to help, they'd draw up a white paper about developing a grass roots youth program then corral all the manufacturers together to crate sponsorship programs for those movements to reduce their cost of entry. They'd be responsible for 2 or 3 big pro events per year they could call "Worlds" to demonstrate what our sport can do, but that would be about it. This a young sport that should focus on growth, not olympic medals (yet). As far as the whole VKWC freestyle thing is concerned, let it be it's own thing. There isn't some coalition of Olympic cyclists trying to legislate how the X-Games runs BMX vert competition...why should foilboarders and freestyle kiters be any different?
  3. New J designs

    Amen, Navy 44s need a suitable replacement.
  4. Snowkiting?

    Joint protection. Knee/elbow pads, helmet, etc. What kites are you looking at?