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  1. Totally lost...

    'Zactly what I did. From a J/24 to a J/35. Couldn't be happier. The 35's are going cheap nowadays, unforteately (for me). Wet core. some beat to shit, but a really great boat.
  2. Vulcan 7 - Deal ??

    I was told by a B&G employee (a software geek, not a salesman) at the Newport Boat Show in Sept. that the Vulcan series is end of lifed as far as software is concerned. No more updates or enhancements. The Triton runs on a different hardware platform and that's where the new development will be done. He said "what you see today is all you're going to get".
  3. Google Phone plan

    Yes that's the one, fits perfect. I put a Lightning Knight Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector but both in the 2 pack have fallen off. I did get a $8 refund from them tho in exchange for not giving them a shitty review. I may anyway.
  4. My newest project

    That's funny, my son stole ("borrowed") my Super Tacks 20+ years ago...
  5. Google Phone plan

    I went thru 3 skins before I found one that really worked. Spigen from Amazon. The phone itself way too slippery for me. I'm not a phone phreak so perfectly adequate is good enough.
  6. Google Phone plan

    One thing I do like about the Moto over the 5X is that's is water resistant. I had it mounted on my motorcycle last Sat and got caught in the rain. No issues. It'll be fine on the boat.
  7. Sonic hub alternative?

    The Alpine has BT built in. It works great. No additional purchase needed
  8. Garmin Instruments - Any Experience

    That's not entirely true, Garmin hosed a whole lot of people with the 3000 series, I'm one of them, which were not cheap in their day. They dropped support for any chart updates at 2008 or 2010, I can't remember. They used a proprietary chip card (unlike everyone else who used CF or SD cards) and when hackers figured out how to pirate the charts, they stopped updating them. Fuck Garmin, I bought a ton of their stuff in the past but never again.
  9. Sonic hub alternative?

    My gripe with the Fusion is you pay alot more for alot less. With the RF remote, I am really digging the Alpine and it's cheap. And I think Alpine's iPod/iPhone link is the best. I don't BT much, and the USB to Apple cable works very well. Everyone has an opinion...
  10. Sonic hub alternative?

    I put in a new Alpine head year, UTE-62BT and already had a an Alpine amp KTP-445A (it's lasted thru 3 head units, plug and play) and am very happy with it. They have no CD mechanism and it was pretty cheap. Head was ~$150 and amp has been in the boat a while. They have a neat marine RF remote control which is not infared line of site so it works great zip tied to the pedastal. Complete control from the cockpit. And unlike Fusion, it fits where your old one was with no cutting. Bluetooth, phone mic, decent power. And inexpensive. Works well for me
  11. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I get 33 miles.
  12. Halyards

    I went to Robline with SK78 last year. No detectable stretch after they 'set'. Slip like crazy thru the clutches tho, I have to cleat them until I get constrictors, as mentioned above.
  13. Vinyl Graphics/Name

    Ok, how about fake gold leaf? Anyone done that? I'm building a baby boat cradle for my 1st grandkiddy and am getting close to finishing it. Fake gold leaf would be great. And yes I am too cheap to do the real stuff, I'm into this stupid thing waaaaaay too much already.
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    There aint shit in that file. Just 3 days from Oct 23, 2017 to Oct 25, 2017. And some Hawaii points from 2018. Useless and proves nothing. 3 days...
  15. Google Phone plan

    Get the app Signal Spy. It shows who's cell network your on and allows you to change to any of the networks. It works great in marginal areas.