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  1. DrewR

    Looking for a toy convertible

    Interesting. My local Porsche independent shop has had great luck with the L&N kit. I had my '01S done at 85K miles along with clutch, throwout bearing, RMS, and axle boots. Tranny out service and nope, was not cheap. But it does make the car sellable in the future, that's the first question anyone asks about the car now, well anyone, who knows Porsche's. It not just the Boxsters btw, it also affects 911's of the same era. The shop who did mine said mine was pristine and could have gone the life of the car. He's done a few of them and some are really bad, some are not. YMMV. As I told my friend earlier in the week who is contemplating the same thing, a summer roadster toy car, you should at least own one Porsche in your life...
  2. DrewR

    Fridge lid seal

    The sticky back foam fit my purpose exactly. Ease of use and a tight seal on a top loading ice box - fridge conversion. Cheap too. Contact cement in a wet environment? Nope.
  3. DrewR

    Fridge lid seal

    I went to McMaster and used something like this for the same purpose, stick on EPDM strips with adhesive: https://www.mcmaster.com/gaskets/foam/ultra-weather-resistant-epdm-foam-sheets-and-strips/backing-type~adhesive/ 3 yrs later, it has held up.
  4. DrewR

    Anchor comparison opinions.

    I've only used the Manson Supreme, 35# on my J/35. It really is a game changer. I can feel the boat stop when it grabs, something the CQR it replaced never did. It held in Cuttyhunk in 40kts with higher gusts. That's all I know about the subject... Works well for me.
  5. DrewR

    Sludge in the tank

    </s> Oh, and wear your best clothes when performing this, you'll want to look good </s> Seriously, I ended up chucking everything I was wearing when I was done. The smell was horrible. I remember the ride home and getting in my car the next day, awful...
  6. DrewR

    Sludge in the tank

    I used one of these to pump my tank dry when when my single Racor looked like your fouled one: https://www.amazon.com/Rule-iL500PK-Marine-Submersible-12-Volt/dp/B000O8D0A0/ref=psdc_3397971_t3_B002MBP10E Pump tank dry and clean with rags and flush with fresh diesel from the rubber hose attached to the tank to the motor. Complete bleeding to injectors. Good to go. Btw, opening the take access plate was like opening a full septic tank, talk about smell.
  7. Was heading there Fri. Damn. Not now...
  8. DrewR

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    Agreed. But for a lack of pennies at the moment
  9. DrewR

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    I have used Zenni & 39Dollars in the past for progressive lens glasses. The 39 dollar ones were worth that, not a penny more. I just got a pair of progressive polarized sunglasses from Coastal.com and so far I like them a lot. They replaced a pair of Maui Jims that were also progressive lens's, but after 10+ yrs they are just too scratched and beat up. Maui Jim wanted $600+ just to replace the lenses and I had to go thru an approved dealer. I have a current prescription but to re-lens the Maui's is just too much. A local optometrist who did my eye exam said I could get non Maui lenses for them, but they would not be as good (of course) and still cost $350. I still think Maui Jims are the best but the cost for new ones with my prescription thru a deal is over $800! The Coastals are not bad and were only $170. For that money I figured I'd give it a shot. So far, they work fine. As for progressives, once you get used to them, they are fine, I also have single prescription glasses I never use any more because I can't read with rhem. Didn't take long to get used to them and now I wouldn't use anything else.
  10. DrewR

    Gelcoat discoloured by sunblock

    ^^ Same here, It will disappear. Caused a HUGE fight with my ex over who I had on board, turns out it was her ultra expensive designer sunscreen. It didn't show up right away, but a long weekend on the boat in the sun added a bunch of new 'stains'. From her. Case closed.
  11. DrewR

    Water heater on 1984 Tartan 3000 Y/N?

    Unfortunately its not that uncommon on production boats. My factory installed hot water heater had a hole cut in the vertical bulkheads supporting the cockpit the exact size of the water heater almost to the millimeter with a nice removable cover. I can just picture the designer 'hey, whats the outside dimension of that thing?' and making a cutout for it. Except there was no way no how it was coming straight out thru that hole weighing a ton (all stainless and heavy). A friend and I wasted a day trying to get it out. A jack and boards underneath, suction cup grips, you name it. Not a chance. 10 min with Fien cutter to enlarge the hole and it was out. Some West, a little bit of cloth tape, and some white paint, good as new. And ~75 lbs in the dumpster.
  12. DrewR

    battery monitors which one?

    ^^I did. Multiple times.
  13. DrewR

    battery monitors which one?

    So I have a question about the Balmar SG200 that I bought new last year at the Defender sale (very good rep at the sale was VERY persuasive). Anyway, all last year it always said 90% SOH. This year I put 2 brand new Interstate batteries. I was very careful selecting the batteries (luckily days before Covid), matching date codes and voltages within .1 vdc. I went thru the Balmar reset procedure from the ground up. After it did it’s learning cycle thing it read 100% SOH. For like a week. Now it’s back to 90% SOH. Slightly annoying because I keep these batteries topped up with a 60 watt solar charger and a Victron MMP controller. So I know the batteries are good. I’m just wondering if anyone knows how the SOH is computed and should i gaf?
  14. DrewR

    J/35 - Best offshore racer of it's time?

    The ones on the J/35 are huge, it makes a HUGE difference. The airflow inside is excellent with the oversized port lights open.
  15. DrewR

    Fake USCG Documentation Renewal Scam

    Me too. $450 to be exact. Plus the $75 I already paid in my attempt to renew. I knew I was late and just past the 30 day grace period. My fault entirely. But with Covid, etc, I thought maybe they'd give me an exception. Nope. Again, my fault. They did however grant me a 2 year renewal after initially telling me tough luck, we cannot refund your $75. I should say they said via email when I escalated it they would give me 2 years, but I have yet to receive the reinstatement in the mail. They are waaaaaay backed up in processing.