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  1. DrewR

    Herreshoff 12 1/2 - feet down

    ^^ Crazy talk. Inexpensive they are not.
  2. DrewR

    yanmar rebuild?

    I have a tired original 3GM30F also in a J/35. Do you remember who you got it from? This seems like a simpler way to go than the newer Yanmars, but a Beta is looking pretty good at the moment.
  3. DrewR

    yanmar rebuild?

    Any parts cross reference? I looked and looked and couldn't find any. Whats a 3GM30F in tractor speak?
  4. DrewR

    Cape Dory 36 Question

    I worked at Cape Dory in 1981. I worked on the 36's and every one I recall had the bowsprit, My memory should never be relied upon, but I don't recall any without it.
  5. DrewR

    Raymarine Low Voltage...

    My Raymarine ST6000+ AP would intermittently show a low voltage msg and then shut off all last year. I pulled all the wire this winter and found a butt splice the previous owner had put in poorly for no apparent reason. The negative side was corroded and crumbled apart when I pulled on it. Rewired it and no more problems. Simple fix. Inject 12vdc into the SeaTalk bus with a wire from the batteries and see if the problem goes away.
  6. DrewR

    Dumb Poweboat Running Light Question

    I have one of these for my dingy mounted with the magnetic mount on top of the engine. I keep it onboard for emergency nav light failures. It's pretty cool, you can do each color individually and combos: http://www.navisafe.com/project/3-navilight-tricolor-2nm-2/
  7. DrewR

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    Huh? We use VMC (WCV) all the time in W/L races, especially downwind, bear off a little, check VMC & boatspeed to see the affect. Useful in distance and W/L. Why would it be less useful in W/L races? Curious...
  8. DrewR

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    ^^ VMG: NMEA 0183 calls it "WCV", Waypoint Closure Velocity. I just installed a Garmin EchoMap 74sv on my son's Grady White last week. He loves it. The CHIRP and Sidescan work excellently. The charts are the standard Bluechart G2. It does NMEA2K and NMEA0183, and wifi. It seems like a pretty well thought out solid unit. I nearly got sick praising Garmin tho... It's geared to fishing but does have some sailing & wind functions. He fishes and he's had it a week, but so far he thinks it's awesome. But be aware the $200 rebate if you buy direct from Garmin is only good if you buy $350 worth of Vision charts, but the Garmin website lets you buy the unit and touts the rebate but only tells you about the chart purchase requirement when you try to claim the rebate. My son is savvy as hell and he was PISSED. I'm sure there is fine print somewhere but the purchase did not make it obvious. Typical Garmin.
  9. DrewR

    Sobering accident report

    I've had that happen accidentally and didn't think too much of it UNTIL a Harken traveller car deballed itself all over the cockpit. I was always fairly careful gybing but shit happens. Buzzards Bay certainly has it's share of good breeze. Now I'm a bastid on the gybes, it's under control (well mostly) 100% of the time or I'm on my main trimmers ass. I don't think a right-sized car is going to take too many slam gybes. I'd be a little more careful.
  10. DrewR

    Psychology of competitive sailing

    I think you have to look in the Abnormal Psychology section, you should find a few.
  11. DrewR

    Fixed VHF with remote and AIS

    ^^ Two 0183 talkers cannot be on the same wire. The data from each will collide and you will get garbled sentences. To do this you need a multiplexer to pace the two talkers.
  12. DrewR

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    I'd love to see a video of that. Seriously. I can''t imagine doing it underwater.
  13. DrewR

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    Decrease I believe.
  14. DrewR

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    Yes, I had to wait until it was hauled in the fall. I went 1 setting and it was better and the following year the 2nd. So it took 2 seasons to dial it in. Fastbottoms here on SA is a diver and does them in the water. There was a diver in Marblehead or thereabouts that claimed to do. I have no clue how unless they dive with a fully stocked spare kit. I swore at mine and had to dig around in the gravel to find dropped parts and it really is a 2 man operation, no matter what the instructions say. Learned that in my multiple attempts. That said, repitching it was the key. Works like a charm now.
  15. DrewR

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    ^^ I had to set my MaxProp 2 settings less pitch than what they recommended to get near max RPM. J/35 wiith a Yanmar 3GM30F. They've sold a lot of J35 props but their recommended settings were way off for my boat. I could not do anything above 2800 RPM without a black cloud behind me. Now I get over 3000 RPM/~7kts no problem. So I would try to repitch the prop before you get rid of it. It's kind of a pain in the ass, but well worth it.