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  1. Helmets on kids on Opti's is just silly. Some hi/perf sport boats maybe, AC, yes. Everyone else, DUCK! My kids wore helmets on dirtbikes. That's it. Bicycles? Not so much bcz I knew once they turned the corner they were gone anyway.
  2. 10,001 posts in this thread? Wow.
  3. I don't know, in that pic it's moving along at a good clip. On a trailer.
  4. ^^ I've sailed both and I agree. But I went from a J/24 to a J/35 and there is a linearity to their sailing qualities. I hope to soon sail a shoal draft J/42 if it doesn't sell before I have a chance. I think the Sabre's are better built and have fewer issues, but I love the way the J sails. I sailed a wing keel Sabre so it's not really a good comparison, but I see they are different animals. It will be interesting to sail the shoal J.
  5. There aint a whole lot to do/see. I spent too much time working there. A couple of years ago I was able to score Braves tickets after the 1st pitch for next to nothing. Traffic sucks. But I wouldn't say there's a whole lot more to see than what Max saId.
  6. So...not being a fan of TPI you were gonna trade up to another boat built by TPI?Well surveyed by a local TPI expert? Yes, possibly.
  7. Somewhere I have a pic of the mis-placed mooring backing block. The yard manager called me and said "you gotta come see this before we bag it up..." My friend had a '01 J/46 and the teak toe rails, stem to stern, p & s, had ZERO bedding compound. None. Zero. Nada. The same yard I keep my boat suspected it after varnish lifting so quickly multiple times, they did a destructive cut in the toerail, and lo and behold no bedding. Jboats, well TPI did reimburse him but it took years and he just made it under the wire before TPI ceased to exist. I still can't believe that one.
  8. Plywood mooring cleat backing block off by 6 inches so that all 4 thru bolts went thru balsa only, not the plywood block. This led to many thousands of dollars in repairs to make right, soaked core. Which coincidentally, to bring this full circle, caused my J/35 I was trading in on a J/42 to flunk survey and the deal fell thru. Zero bedding from the factory on the aft dorade vent leading to more wet balsa. 1/2" plywood teak and holly sole that lasted for shit. Custom made (non-standard size) Bomar opening ports in main cabin that have no drain and the draft angle of the cabin sides is too steep for the ports chosen that leak ALWAYS. (this was from Bomar, they said, and I quote "we told them these ports would not work". Leak in transom due to the exhaust hose being poorly installed. I could probably go on if I thought harder. Not a fan of TPI.
  9. Usually yes, but in TPI's case I'm not sure. I know a 2001 J/46 well that is crazed like made (hull and deck) and the yard checked the gel coat thickness and it was correct.
  10. I've heard so many stories and theories on TPI's crazing issue from surveyors, yard manager, brokers, and any and service techs who've worked on them. I take each boat I look at separately and any story about the crazing with a grain of salt. Some have it some don't. If the boat is built in Bristol by TPI in or around 2000-2005 I expect some crazing. I've seen 105's with mad crazing and hull #'s seperated by less than 50 with none. I don't think it's cut and dried and I do think SCRIMP had a positive effect on the crazing. Hey, but what do I know? I just go look at them and then sail my old 35 with no crazing (but with many other TPI induced issues).
  11. Boston Globe reporting he hung himself and was found dead at 3am. Good riddance!
  12. I like the fold up main table and layout ofn the 42 (and older 42) Sabres. I think the build quality is higher that TPI built J Boats. Altho Sabre did have issues with the 42, the chainplates had a factory recall after some problems with the first few hulls. Since then tho, I think the quality of the Sabres is a cut above TPI built J's. The crazing is an issue, but the broker I talked with Sat about a J/42 said it's limited to a few years and it affects the 42's and 46's built by TPI. He had no idea why. The very first thing he told me when I inquired about a 42 he had was "the crazing on the deck is slightly above normal" not after I asked him about that specifically but when I told him I had looked at and had made an offer on one a few years ago and he deduced I knew alot about the boats. I really do like the J/42L (liveaboard) version. Seems ideal for me, but I'm in semi-dream mode at the moment. But who knows?
  13. Funny topic those are 2 of the 3 on my 'list' (the other being the Sabre 425). I've owned J';s, a 24 and I now own a 35 so I am aware of the problem but what I've seen on the 4 J42's I've been on is deck crazing of various degrees. One boat I looked at 2 years ago had crazy crazing beyond anything I had ever seen. I would say 100% of all smooth gel coat areas had crazing. Coaming sides, next to the non skid everywhere, cockpit. But the worst was around the primary winches which seems common on every 42. I want to like the J42L more than I should having fixed TPI's mistakes now for 20+ years. I'm told it's not structural but I wonder. I do know it's ungodly expensive to remedy.
  14. ^^ This. I put a 60 watt solar panel on last season, boat is in NE. All LED's from mast top down. I can run the reefer when the boat is unattended on low. When I'm cruising and want colder beer, I run the diesel for 1/2 hour a day at most which is perfect for getting the water hot for a shower. I have a Balmar high output setup and 240Ah house bank. Works for me and the combo of solar and LED's and the high output alternator works great.
  15. Having sold a house in Nov. which involved a divorced wife living there far too long I would have gladly paid for this type of service. As it was, I ended up at the last minute hiring 2 random guys off CL that worked out fine, luckily enough, that advertised as handymen. But because I hadn't lived there in 4 years and I had limited to the house, the amount and value of the items that were just thrown away at the last minute was way too much. My ex NEEDED organizational and prioritization help badly so this type of service would have been a godsend. FWIW.