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  1. That’s almost how we did it many yrs ago. Lagged, bonded with 5200, and glassed over. S&S did the design, I built the mold, Mars cast it and then the real work was so fun. Not.
  2. Wooden boat magazine had an article on doing just this in a backyard many years ago. I called them 2 yrs ago to ask about a baby cradle boat I saw in the mag 30 yrs ago or so. They got me the info I needed. Maybe worth a call. i built a S&S design mold for a Tartan TOCK keel shoe many years ago. It got shipped to Mars and made. Then the fun of lagging it and glassing it on. That was not fun and possibly my last job in the pro glassing field.
  3. DrewR

    Max prop pitch

    ^^ Do you grease it underwater? OP: PYI will do you right, first season 3 blade classic 3000 rpm max wth a Yanmar 3gm on a J/35. 2 notches down after a call with them and now 3200+ is black smoke time but 2800 is the sweet spot at 6.5kts and .75 gal/hr.
  4. DrewR

    Ladders for tenders

    I've tried a webbed ladder for dingys that worked poorly. As I treid to climb up, the rung with the pressure kept going under the dind\gy. It turned out to be useless. I think I got it from Defender but I cant reember the name of it. It ended up in the dumpster. I climbed up over the engine. Now I don't dive from the dingy and make sure the boarding ladder is in the water when I anchor.
  5. DrewR

    Gelcoat not curing

    Yes you can put gelcoat over the tacky gelcoat. Google PVA and finishing gelcoat (I think its called). Normal gelcoat stays tacky by design, this allows multiple coats to be sprayed into a mold and have them adhere to each other. The top coat of a gelcoat refinish needs either PVA to seal it or use a gelcoat that has wax in it. I've succesfully added liquid Johnson wax in the old days to make a 'finishing' gelcoat. i dont know what the formulation of waxes is today so I'd be careful there. As for measuring the catalyst, any small didgital scale will do, I use a Harbor Frieght one, cheap as can be. You really need to measure the volumes correctly. But I have personally put a layer of gelcoat over a tacky coat succesfully.
  6. DrewR

    Solar panel output simplified??

    I'd be interested in buying some but my PM doesnt seems to work, lt me know if you have a pair of 50's and we can go from there.
  7. DrewR

    Nautical Decor

    Nope, Scoot was the name.
  8. DrewR

    Nautical Decor

    Hey, I get to contribute something. I made this winter before last for my first grandchild. I put a lot of work into this, much more than I thought when I started. I remembered this from Wooden Boat magazine from maybe 30 years ago, Eastport pram. Even had the stern gold leafed with the name of my first real boat, a Graves built wooden Snipe, that I had when my son was born. It’s second cargo is due in Aug. I’m going to have a brass or bronze plaque made listing the passengers, this boat will be around a good long while.
  9. Too close for comfort on my ride. VH works just fine for me. I love Tash but it had more and more dumbasses every year. I saw a raft up get tossed at 2am like 3-4 yrs ago. I dont know how they found 3 sober drivers to run them and no clue where they went, but they were outa there. They must have been warned and ignored the warning bcz I was amazed to see the flotilla surrounding the idiots (they were blaring 'music' outside when they were all partying inside). Hard to argue with MA State hard asses manned with machine guns. I afraid things will change for the worse soon. Between $250 Chinesium gensets running 24x7 and shitty stereos clipping crap music til the dawn on A LOT of new boats, well it might bother me if I had one of the waterside zillion $$$ houses.
  10. I don’t know if that’s true any longer. Tisbury messed up dredging permits last year and from what I’ve heard even local boats have been relocated due to shoaling. Also they already closed a good part of the anchorage areas quite a bit, designated eel grass areas are larger and off limits. It used to be true to hug the breakwater, with my draft I could only get in and at high tide +/- an hour or so. I’ve been told til further notice it’s off limits to a lot of boats. Too bad, pretty place that got to popular. Does anyone have more current info?
  11. The move here is to anchor in Tarpaulin Cove on Naushon Island if Cuttyhunk's inner harbor is full. They do allow anchoring in the back. In a decent NE breeze, Tarpaulin can't be beat. Oak Bluffs is a madhouse July & Aug. Not sure if I'd want to bring kids there. Vin Haven is a great anchorage and you can escape the Ferry wakes if you anchor in the right places. THe MV busses are great, you can get all around the island relatively cheaply.
  12. Hardly. Your cycnicism is misplaced.
  13. I've been watching a few YouTube videos (the font of all knowledge nowadays) and there are a lot of people touting the drop in LiFePo battries. They are certainly pushing the drop in factor ro what seems to be an RV crowd. This guys does a lot of vids, he has cut them open to dissect them. Surprisingly the cheap Chinese LiFePo's have pretty sketchy internal BMS's. There's an American company he likes that seems reasonable but I can't at the monent find the link.
  14. ^^ Nope. BB has a lot of good options for sweet sailing. I just don't know of any bareboat charters in the area, sorry.
  15. DrewR

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    No worries, I'm going all B&G I hope.