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  1. PropGlide vs. Velox

    I've had very bad luck with Velox. The past season I did in ideal conditions to letter of the instructions. It sucked. Worse than Tri-Lux. YMMV
  2. J40 build files

    2 people I know found their 105 build files at the auction. I couldn’t make it and they couldn’t find mine or any of the J35 files, so the older ones were probably gone.
  3. J40 build files

    Coming soon to the Warren Landfill.
  4. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    Good info, thx.
  5. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    The rep I talked to was not a salesman but a embedded developer and we had a good geek talk since that's what I do in another industry. He said the Vulcan is a different hardware platform from the Zeus 2 & 3 and he knew of no plans for any enhancements. Both the Zeus products are built on a similar platform so are likely to be enhanced for a while. He said they planned on a 2 year cycle, but with Raymarine offering seemingly lifetime updates for their eX line that is still not certain. But basically he talked me out of the Vulcan from any consideration at any price.
  6. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    At the NPT Boat Show in Sept. I was told by a B&G rep the Vulcan series is end of lifed and there would be no additional software updates whereas the Zeus 2 & 3 models will still be updated.
  7. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    There were 2 models, the regular Ty and the Ty Daysailer. The Daysailer was an 'open' boat and had an entirely different deck and cockpit and did not have a self bailing cockpit. It was filled with expanding 2 part foam from the same supplier as Boston Whaler. It had a liner that created gap the foam was filled in. These boats are very nice. Teak seats (the latest ones used Angelique as a substitute). There were a few of the Daysailers behind the building in Tauton MA that had a distorted hull shape, the story I was told was they were overfilled with the expanding foam and were either warranty swaps or ones that never made it to the dealers. I've only seen one Daysailer in all the years since and I still live in the area they were made. Nice boats tho.
  8. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    ^^ OK, I'll bite, what makes it better? Is it available in the US? I'm past the point of being a guinea pig for any new product. Kiwi Grip has at least some years in actual use. Tell me why the GripeLast is better. Oh, and if you're affiliated with them, buy an ad!
  9. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    OK, so I'm looking at a non-skid redo. Is Kiwi really bad? The yard I keep my boat at has stop applying it. Not a good sign. I plan on DIY so I initially liked the idea of using it. But I've heard some horror stories. I really don't want a 60 grit grinding wheel-like finish so what's the real deal from people who've gone with Kiwi Grip? Very interested...
  10. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    I used to build Typhoons and have sailed them. Great little boats. Look for cracks around the cabin top where it joins the deck and soft spots on the deck. The older ones did not have the post inside from the mast plate and are more prone to cracking. Knees and the post were added sometime during production and help out with the mast compressing the cabin house and cracking. The plywood used as backing plates was shit. The hulls are solid glass and are like tanks. I've heard of some deck to hull leaks and it doesn't surprise me as when I worked there the deck was set on a resin bog and then thru bolted to the hull. They really are great boats.
  11. Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    ^^^ That's odd, I had no trouble at all. One call to Dubarry US and picked up the 1/2 price pair at the Newport Boat Show in 2016, zero hassle from Dubarry. The rep at the show said they had issues with the soles and here ya go...
  12. Looking to get the Bluechart Canada east data card for my garmin 276c. Any advice would be appreciated.

  13. Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Mine did the same, they were like ice skates, but were older and not able to be re-soled. Dubarry sold me a new pair at 1/2 price. I bought them bcz the 1st pair lasted ~15yrs. Was disappointed they couldn't be re-soled and they admitted the sole material hardened over time, but I do like them.
  14. Binoculars ?

    I don't think that's true. mine were repaired (light in the compass failed). Steiner has the the best warranty I've ever encountered, lifetime and they mean lifetime. https://www.defender.com/pdf/Steiner-Heritage-Warranty.pdf
  15. Garmin buys Navionics

    I'm positive it's a bad thing. Garmin is not known for it's 'openness'. Ask anyone with a 3000 series plotter or before about the proprietary Garmin chips they used that are no longer able to be updated. And now Garmin controls one of the largest map makers that's is competitors use. Yeah, that's going to work out real well for everyone. Provided you own Garmin stock.