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  1. DrewR

    Need new lifelines

    ^^ While that’s true, lifelines are dead simple to do. So there’s the satisfaction of KNOWING exactly what it is, done to near perfection.
  2. DrewR

    Need new lifelines

    I went with stainless bcz I saw a Dyneema set get cut on some close action. A cotter pin end did-in the lifeline in. So I went stainless. I was all for Dyneema until then. Plus no UV to worry about. But hey, to each his own.
  3. DrewR

    Router Table Jitters

    I've found that I get a cleaner cut right off the bat and there is more meat on tips for repeated sharpening.
  4. DrewR

    Router Table Jitters

    OP. I too find myself more and more skittish when it comes to my router (and table saw). Back in the day when i was in the boat biz and was working flat out, I shudder to think of the stupid things we did. I used to rip wood on the table saw without a push stick and about 1/4" (or less clearance) to the blade. Adjust the blade height this thin piece, nah, too time consuming. I bought a variable speed control for the router and it helps, I have some big router bits that would shake the table uncontrollably at top speed. However I did see a shaping blade go clear thru the shop wall. It was a corrugated metal Quonset type building. nice clean hole 30 ft or so from the shaper. Not much love for the shaper after that.
  5. DrewR

    Need new lifelines

    I went wih the Suncor kit bcz it was easy. More costly than others but dead simple to install. Awesome customer service as well, i mangled one of cones bcz I'm stoopid but they gave me 2 for free just for asking, I was willing to pay but I live 30 mins from their warehouse so i drove up and they gave them to me. Came out great. https://www.suncorstainless.com/quick-attachtrade-lifeline-kit-w-gate-closed-body
  6. DrewR

    Davit Design and Fabrication

    Can confirm that Apogee is still in RBH. I saw it yesterday. VERY gorgeous boat.
  7. DrewR

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    RIP Mark, met him and raced against him a few times. Great guy.
  8. I think Jackson Browne would agree.
  9. Yes it does scare me, god knows what NEB would charge. I can dream tho, thanks! Beautiful boat tho, I’ve been on Quail and this would be a fantastic upgrade.
  10. If you had to take a non-binding wild assed stab in the dark guess on what a custom build for that would cost, what would it be? I need to carefully manage my next big lottery prize winnings. Actually, I am just curious...
  11. DrewR

    Anchor sizing - i.e., bow roller fit

    I can tell you for sure a 35# Manson Supreme fits perfectly on a bow roller that formerly held a 25# CQR. No issue at all. The equivalent Rockna didn’t without some mods. Went with the mason for that reason.
  12. DrewR

    Climacell weather service/app

    When you install the app, the first thing you do is 'register'. This launches your email app to send an email. No demo, no screens, just an email. App: delete.
  13. Any brands you'd recommend? My white alternator & regulator have been problematic, but what should I look at to replace them?
  14. DrewR

    Buzzards Bay at Night

    If your rum is a worry, just head a little farther north near the entrance to Wareham River. Lots of anchorage space and decent depths. Less rum pirates. No issues whatsoever in BB at night. Well marked shipping lane for the big boats and a lotta room.
  15. DrewR


    Many years ago I had a decent rolling suitcase fail on a trip. I happened to be sitting next to a deadheading pilot and he said "One word, TravelPro...". He pointed out 100% of the flight crew on that flight had that brand and he said they are expensive but will last forever. That was maybe 20 years ago and I still have the one I purchased on his advice and it still looks and works perfect. It's an expandable softsided model. And it's been all over the place and back. Buy what the Pro's use and dont look back.