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  1. A.M.S.

    Can't cure Stupid .................

    Looks like we found the GZ for the angle of vanishing stability.........
  2. A.M.S.

    wiper blade anarchy

    How about “Wildfires”. Know that one....?
  3. A.M.S.

    Screw the health care industry

    Natasha Richardson got free care in Canada too...... https://people.com/celebrity/natasha-richardson-tragic-delays-after-her-fatal-fall/
  4. A.M.S.

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Electric furlers all around.........roll it out, roll it in.....
  5. A.M.S.

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    They have just accepted that these damn things are so wet, just turn it into a semi-submersible! I'm guessing he puts up the snorkel when he gets into the Southern Ocean......Alternatively, this is essentially a Reaper drone boat, with Alex controlling things from his Lazy Boy at home......
  6. A.M.S.

    Sun Fast 3300

    Thats a 3200 R2...... Nigel is the 3300 substantially wetter than the 3200.....?
  7. A.M.S.

    Transpac 2019

    Did Maserati hit this?
  8. A.M.S.

    Random PicThread

    "Below glide slope, left of course.....correcting......."
  9. A.M.S.

    Sun Fast 3300

    Can I order one of the 3300 sprits to mount on my 3200?
  10. A.M.S.

    Building a cunningham

    Thanks to all.....I am single-handing so running it back to the pit probably makes sense. 4:1 for cunningham duty, then just hook it up and lower the halyard, tighten it up and hoist...should do the trick.
  11. A.M.S.

    Building a cunningham

    Looking to build a cunningham in to my 32 footer. Want to use it for the reefing hook too. Can I get away with a 2:1 on friction rings, or do I need to get some more purchase? 3-4 mm line work? Not really sure of the loads involved.....Any help appreciated...
  12. A.M.S.

    Hearing aids

    Buying hearing aids is like buying a piano: The most expensive Steinway in the world will sound like crap unless properly tuned. The folks who do the tuning are audiologists. You will pay a bit more, but then you should get more use out of your expensive little computers. Costco etc sell name brands, but you won't get the programming and that makes all the difference.......
  13. A.M.S.

    2019 Islands Race-Looking Sporty

    Come join PSSA for a nice, real, winter offshore race......MDR to Bishop Rock and return next week. The hitch is that there are only singlehanded/double-handed classes http://www.pssala.com/upcoming-race-2/
  14. A.M.S.

    Pukers United – For those that have

    The OTC meds like dramamine and meclizine work quite well.....when taken far enough in advance. Combos like phenergan and pseudophed are probably pretty good, and close to the mixture we were givng space shuttle astronauts too. Zofran works to shut off the part of the brainstem that allows you to vomit, so if you need that in your combo, it means your vestibular surpressant.....isn't surpressing the vestibular! Try starting meds like dramamine or meclizine (or preferably dramamine at night, and meclizine during the day) for up to 48 hours prior to travel.....most will find that they aren't sedated any more and they are much more resistant to Mal de Mer.......For a days sail, just take take a dramamine the night before and meclizine in the morning before travel