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  1. Did you check to make sure both units were both either reporting magnetic or true headings? The Nexus also has a manually set local deviation calibration that needs to be set to get correct heading.
  2. From the NYT article..." A woman is 10 times more likely to get raped in Rio than contract Zika" SCARY!
  3. What is used boat ownership without dealing with a little core delamination?? My experience is it is more a matter of how well a boat was maintained than how it was built. It's all those places where hardware was mounted and the bedding was not maintained that create the water intrusion. Very few builders seal the core every place a hole is drilled. Most of us who have had to deal with rotted core seal it religiously when we drill a hole through core. (from a guy who had to re-core most of the deck of my boat)
  4. I have a system similar to what grr posted on my S2 9.1. 6:1 gross tune with an aditional 4:1 fine tune. However I used 57 mm doubles in stead of fiddles on the gross because they have higher load capacity and anchored the fine tune to the cockpit sole and then routed to the cockpit sides so it can be trimmed from either rail. Used 3 40 mm singles and a 1 double for the fine tune. Very happy with it, the fine tune is 24:1 and can easily get the main exactly how we want up wind. The one draw back to these arrangements is it reduces the effectiveness of the travleer because 2 of the 6 legs of the mainsheet are locked on center. Not a big deal on my boat because it has a long traveller but something to consider. In light air if we are trying to get a lot of twist we let the fine tune two-block which reduces the system to 5:1 and with only 1 leg on center.
  5. Got the Windex replaced last night. Instead of trying to get the Windex off the cover it made more sense to have the man aloft remove the whole cover/windex assembly and send down to us on the deck. There is no way someone could replace this at the top of the mast. On my cover the set screw was a 2.5 mm socket head. It took a fair amount of tourque to break it loose but it came out cleanly. The really tricky part was getting the Windex shaft out of the cover. Either they are not the same grade alumnium or just the presence of the SS screw had it corroded firlmly in place. We had to put a vice grip on the shaft and have another person work the base. This really chewed up the shaft as it slipped in the vice grips becasue it was so firmly welded to the cover! We also sprayed penetrating oil in the hole the set screw came out of to help. After a while we got it out but it was not easy. Then we had to clean the hole in the cover with some bronze wool. There was still corrosion in the set screw hole and had to put the screw back in and screw it all they way in to break that corrosion loose. Once it was all cleaned up we put it back to gether. I didn't have tefgel with me but put some dielectric grease on all the surfaces hopefully will slow down corrosion.
  6. We've had some interest but still looking to add some good crew to our list. Please PM me if interested.
  7. Roll the boat over and let gravity pull it out
  8. I have to send someone up the rig this weekend. Among other things, they need to replace the Windex attached to the top of the Lopolight tri-anchor fitted with the 400-008 adapter. Does anyone know the size of the socket head set screw that holds that in place? Hoping to send him up with just the right tool instead of a bunch of hex keys to drop in the water.
  9. Wow you actually got it open and are fixing it? Damn, I tossed my old one in the bin. I am the "fellow anarchist" mentioned by WHK. I spoke to Garmin today and they are sending me a replacement. Definitely some kind of QA issue since WHK and I both got rotten tomatos. FYI if you want to save yourself some headache when talking to Gramin, the old Nexus Wind transducers are referred to as NX2 Wind and NX2 Race Wind. nWind was an interim product by Garmin that was similar to gWind but with a different cable connector. (old Nexus connector vs. new Garmin connector) The old Nexus transducers send an analog signal down that is processed in the server. The new Garmin transducers send a digital signal that goes directly to the Nexus Bus (not the Wind input) If you call Garmin, try to talk to Jason, I found him most helpful. Been a month of headaches for me since I got my Garmin replacement. Hoping the replacement-replacement works.
  10. CD jewel cases are great for storing the little red straws
  11. Race a competitive S2 9.1 in local PHRF fleets. Mostly Tuesday nights and a few weekend events. Have had a little turnover and looking to fill a few crew spots this year. Good core group, lot's of fun, always compteitive. Experieince is great but not necessary. Willingness to learn and commitment go a long way. Contact me if interested.
  12. agree been there done that on both the little brother and big brother! I owned a 6.9 the only had wet core near a few stations and have had a 9.1 for 13 years that I had to record most of the coach roof on when I bought it. You really need to pull hardware in the areas with highest readings. At some point the the balsa turns to mud if it is saturated long enough. Most of the boat is balsa cored but you should find it has marine plywood under the winches. Because of the transom hung rudder, be sure to check the integrity of the transom. I agree, unless you can get it for a song or like doing a lot of work, look for a boat in better shape.
  13. How to keep that ride.... After you get asked back a few times don't stop doing what got you the ride in the first place.... number one way to lose a ride.... be late or no-show a few times