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  1. Marty6


    To blame the renewable energy source, which only make up 10% in Texas, is a political red herring ignoring that coal and natural gas power plants had to shut down as well because of unpreparedness. Surprise, surprise, it can get cold even in Texas
  2. Marty6

    Are You a Socialist ?

    Wonder if they are going to pay it back once their lone star state is up and running again. No high hopes though, back to deregulation and isolation.
  3. Marty6


    LOL, maybe not in the end. But one of his companies, which at one time owned 4 casinos there, went bankrupt three time between 2004-2014. Another example of "The Art of the Deal" or "Master of the Debt"
  4. Marty6

    Rush Limbaugh DTL

    Rest in hell
  5. Just read a german news article that the Cherbourg harbor is also a huge winner of the Brexit since a lot of transportation companies now use this port for direct access to Ireland and avoid border bureaucracy instead of the former routes via the UK. So maybe even more money to spend there for the finish village
  6. Marty6

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    Yeah, those 10 minute update intervals are a pain in the ass, especially in close quarters to land. Don't really know why they went for that since the server load should me much less after deactivation of the automatic updates.
  7. Marty6

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Moot discussion in my eyes. Due the late start he had different weather so no sense to compare to the others.
  8. Marty6

    Vendee Globe 2020

    There is also a very nice 30 minutes docu by NDR in German
  9. And you proove time after time that you are just a bullshitter whose brain, if even there in the first place, got sucked out in the last year
  10. Marty6

    hugo boss already for sale?

    Wow, worst boat possible for charter in my opinion. I once did a day sail on the former VOR SEB II boat, open deck, around 15 people, 1/3 sea sick. With the bat cave i predict 3/4 sea sick and no real sailing experience. Also would be surprised if someone picks it it for racing.
  11. It went down after May because there was summer coming in the most hit regions and the number of infected people had been brought down but as your graph shows it was still well above "normal" (that's what those red + mean). And the spike over the year 20/21 change was not caused by new mutations but by lifting of restrictions and indoor weather coming up. And yes there is vaccination against flu but it varies from year to year and some years it's far from "mass" vaccination. Also don't know what the hockey stick phrase is supposed to mean. Please stop that idiotic comparison to flu, in Germany the worst flu season was 25.000 deaths estimated (based on excess deaths compared to other months but not really tested for influenza, so very likely higher than reality) and now we have over 100.000 deaths in one year which were tested positive for Covid and all that with several lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing rules. And regarding herd immunity: We are still far away from that because if we would have herd immunity the number of new cases would be much, much lower since a infected person would have a hard time finding another person to infect.
  12. With the combination of summer and vaccination the chance for then still being a lockdown are slim in my opinion. There will still be some "social distancing" rules.
  13. Marty6

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Looks like it. But a rather free and useless gimmick since there is nothing to track for a bit
  14. Marty6

    Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!

    Welcome to the new GOP, well done MAGAs
  15. Marty6

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Found it. It was on one of the main German news TV shows (and is German) (Edit: changed the video to the official news TV channel)