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  1. Marty6

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Delay between infection and death. Not everybody dies within 7 days of infection
  2. As expected. Only the best were hired.
  3. Marty6

    The truth about Ivanka

    Ah, sadly no new nipple pictures
  4. Marty6

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Unfortunately probably not the target group of C-19 even though i wish it would be. The more MAGA the better,
  5. Marty6


    Well, i don't think there would have been a very high risk of spreading if you drove alone to the clinic. Assuming that they have procedures to isolate/restrict contact of potentially infected people with others who don't wear protection at the test center/clinic. The part about restricted to house bites with it but lifting your quarantine by the same agency (which put it on i assume) for the sole purpose of getting a test alone doesn't sound so far fetched.
  6. Marty6

    Antifa Arsonists are Apparently Comin' For Ya!

    To throw the Sierra Club, which supports burning vast amounts of trees in bio-mass-plants, in with Eco-Nazis is a little far fetched.
  7. Marty6

    The $50 Trillion Dollar Heist

    Wait for the usual dickheads to show up. They will defend everything since everything The Orange touches turns to Gold Truely Midas.
  8. Marty6


    Yes. For nasal there is an option of swab or fluid, both from the front. I don't know which one is used more often.
  9. Marty6

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Ah, ok, the daily rate.
  10. Marty6

    Police and Military Worship in the USA

    Like you did? Sniff more Agent Orange, sucker and loser
  11. Marty6

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Where did you read that? What i find is India at 83,198 deaths.
  12. Marty6


    Well, he might be on the wrong for that one. Depending how long you are deemed to be along the infection either nasal or mouth swab give better information and therefore both have their validity. Actually in Germany the official guidelines recommend collection of both.
  13. Marty6

    Losers and suckers

    What do you expect from a draft dodger (had something with the feet LOL) whose only goal is to make himself greater?