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  1. Marty6

    VR Route du Rhum

    I think every approach i had to Guadalope in VR showed that hugging the coastline, except for the SW corner because of the wind from the East, was the way to go. There is not enough runway to profit from stronger offshore wind.
  2. Marty6

    VR Route du Rhum

    As long as you were closer to their Rhumbline. VR always seems to take that line into account somehow. Since days my distance to finish in VR was up to 500 NM higher than the distance shown in zezo. It looks like they calculate the distance to the Rhumbline and then from there on the destination.
  3. Marty6

    VR Route du Rhum

    A routing comparison i did a couple hours ago has me more or less dead even with the leader group and sorry to say but i think around 10 hours in hand to Tunnel Rat.
  4. Marty6

    VR Route du Rhum

    Do you see those Highs rolling towards you But yes it's nice to finally go South.
  5. Marty6

    VR Route du Rhum

    The ranking doesn't say very much currently with the big N-S splits. Yesterday i went from well over 100.000 to 1.000 in an hour for my Ultime.
  6. Marty6

    VR Route du Rhum

    I find it interesting that Zezo routed all classes to North of the 1st depression instead of going along the coast and across the Bay of Biscay. This caused big splits from the start. Will be interesting to see which route prevail at the end, especially compared to the real racers out there on the water. I'm in all 4 races with C0 and pro winches on all boats and additionally foils and heavy sails on IMOCA and ULTIME using over 10.000 of my accumulated credits for the fun The prices in credits for the upgrades this for those races were/are immense but no surprise since VR decided to rate this "simple" Transatlantic a VSR 2 instead of the usual VSR 4 for similar race an thus increasing the prices for real money full packs and credit bought upgrades. Marketing at it's best.
  7. Marty6

    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

    Sad how many houses and businesses have been destroyed during Micheal. But looking at those pictures and videos i still can't wrap my head around the building materials that remain as trash. The bricks i saw of destroyed properties in the videos are no more than ornament quality and it looks like most of those kind of wooden structures simple have no place in regions were those kind of nature disasters occur frequently. We have saying here: Build cheap, build twice. So i guess fitting homes in region like these need to be build more robust. Granted, they most likely would be more expensive and not everybody would be able to afford their own house.
  8. Marty6

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    In the live video he said that he went between coast and rocks and not between rocks. At least that what i understood.
  9. Marty6


    Hopefully it was the kick in the bud which they needed for parts of the international community to free themselves from the "World police" and create own, stronger and reliable alliances. Otherwise the whole shebang only strenthend China and Russia. BTT: Saw a map yesterday with water levels of rivers and it confirmed the mean threat of this hurricane regardless which Cat it had before/during landfall. The rise of the water level in rivers was dramatic.
  10. Marty6


    Comment by Weatherchannel regarding fake weather man video: ROTFL, they manage to make it even worse which is hard to do.
  11. Marty6


    The insert "livecam highlights" would suggest old stuff and sunshine doesn't really match 10:30 am. I would say: not back on.
  12. Marty6


    What is the over under for that pavilion and the pier?
  13. Marty6


    Indeed. And even so if it looses peak strength there is still a lot of the Cat4/5 energy in there due to the size and "time over target". Hope everyone i the area stays save.
  14. Marty6


    No doubt there are scenarios where this can happen. First of all the track is mostly for the eye only. If the speed of the storm near the coast slows fast and the strength weakens the influence of other weather systems around grows. In abstract view: So you have two factors (storm/around) going in opposite direction thus doubling effect. I know the that all of it is more complex and thus the prediction days ahead is so hard.
  15. Marty6

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Unfortunately VR already cheated you out of checking any overall rankings with their idea to have leg 11 as a standalone leg and not announcing that fact. You could have checked the overall rankings after 10 legs when leg 10 closed and before it disappeared. Now you are left with the hope for a time travel machine to go back in time. I guess that is called customer binding to a brand in modern marketing. @Your Mom had an rather interesting (and sadly quite probably true) explaination in the Zezo forum for the standalone leg 11: The prize for the overall winner of the VVOR was a trip to the finish of leg 11 in Scheveningen. I think you get the drift of the implications that such a winning prize presents